Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment Hilton Hotel - Assignment Help UK


Human resource management, is a vast process, where the human resource managers are the pillar of any organisation, in this Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment Hilton Hotel I have discussed about the importance of human resource management. How they can make the staffs properly trained, the measure their compensation etc. Moreover I have also discussed about the need for training and what is process of selecting a person in a hotel like Hilton.

Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment Hilton Hotel - Assignment Help UK

Task 1

1.1 Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford

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In today’s world the  hospitality industry is growing in an fast rate, hotel Hilton with its wide range of varieties, uniqueness has always been able to charm the delicacy of the guest , and make it more appealing in the eyes of the guests.  As a manager of hotel Hilton which mainly comprises of comprising of mainly hotels where it covers almost all the delicate services starting from keep the hotel clean to making proper arrangements, looking after minute details etc. (Boselie, 2010). The role of the human resource department at Hilton is unquestionable. The main responsibilities can be depicted as follows:

  • Focus on service: Hotel Hilton a new formed beautiful hotel has been inaugurated with the focus of providing first class facility to each and every guests. So it is responsibility of the human resource manager to cater the need, the exact skills, so that it can employee right amount of people
  • Teaching: Hotel like Hilton, needs to be maintained properly, it is the brand name , the pride and the services are actually will be cherished . so for the human resource manger should look into tthe skills of each and every staffs and help them to properly boost up their inner morale in order to work in a more cherish manner 
  • Laws and regulation: In hotel like Hilton , it is the HR  manger to proper see that the staffs are being properly [aod , they should protected from any withstanding laws . the staffs should be given a proper written document where the number of labour hors , the schedule of work , leisurely time , option for night all these should be documented.
  • Planned stage: It is the human resource manager who will have to take in the responsibility in organising and plan the duties. The main aspects which should be undertaken by the hr manager at Hotel Hilton are as follows:
  • Making important decisions: It is the hr who is in the top to make and set proper decisions and implement rightfully .to it is of prime duty to make the employees encourage to the core, because without it employees will not able to perform as their expectation .for this the Hr will have to take some time out and should engage the employees in training sessions, providing skills etc.
  • Accountability for the employees: It is very important role of the human resource manager to proper know the skills and ability of each staff present , in a hotel like Hilton , it is very important that the human resource person should take a close look on this  matter minutely

In this regard the Human resource management at hotel Hilton plays an important role:

  • HR as a consultant: It is the HR manger who can properly deal with certain critical issues of a hotel, and delivers easy and fast solutions to it.
  • HR as a auditor: The main role in this regard is maintaining a regularity check on the needs relating to health and safety, proper training skills, proper appraisal system etc that is being in the policy of the HR and its proper adherence.
  • HR as an executive: Hr specialises in dealing with people, in hotel Hilton, the HR managers properly caters the need of the staffs and organises and manages properly.
  • Hr as a facilitator: It is the responsibility of the HR, to properly facilitate the goals and policies as per the company needs . in this regard proper training is being provided in the areas in which it is most important .,

1.2 Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford

The term human resource planning implies the significance and need for finding the right number of employees who can rightly justify the position, and which possesses the right amount of skills and specification. My responsibility as a HR manger is to develop a well established plan for my employees so that there will be adequate demand and supply associated with it .

Need for HRP: Planning is important for nay stages of life , in a newly formed hotel Hilton  it is necessary to build a well concrete plan. The features and need are discussed as follows:

  1. Objectives make distinct: Under hotel Hilton, the HR manager needs to first see what the most important requirement which it wants first is. The Hr manager takes initiative to plan for each employees present relating to their career progression, having expert knowledge, having the right amount of ethics, the present ability, etc.
  2. Determination of the needs of Hyman resource: Hotel Hilton needs to recruit staffs, since this hotel industry is building on quality and strength it is needed that quality persons are being hired for maintaining such benchmark.
  3. Knowledge of the manpower: The Hr resource person should look into the needs of the staffs present equally and acknowledging their needs and how well they are performing.
  4. Creation of proper environment of work: The HR manager should exhibit some recreation facilities and some time for the staffs , so that they feel the  urge or be enthusiastic to work in Hilton
  5. Demand and supply: In hotel industry, there is always need for more amount of manpower is needed. For this the HR manager needs to look into the capacity and maintain proper balance for demand and supply.

Demand forecasting:In hotel Hilton, it is very important to properly concentrate on the needs of staffs for future needs. It is mainly a quantitative approach.( Boselie, 2010). The different methods for measuring demand forecasting are as follows:

  1. Executive judgement: This type of method is mostly applicable for small organisation, where all the people sit at one place in order to determine the need and the gap of the manpower. This is generally a bottom up process.
  2. Delphi technique: Under this process, the HR recognises the human element as the most value source which helps in proper functioning of every element.
  3. Ratio trend analysis: This kind of method, where the information of the past are being thoroughly scrutinised, relating to employee performance, the amount of sale, the productivity etc. After which the estimation of the future is being made.

Supply forecasting:This generally deals with the current analysis of the human element with the availability in the future.The methods are as follows, Forecasting as per basis of inventory :

  • Head count: this signifies the total amount of staffs which are present relating to departments like payroll, skil, designation etc.
  • Family job: it generally implies to the forecast in relation to same kind like staffs of office , sakes , production , maintenance etc
  • Age: in any hotel , both experienced and fresh people are being welcomed , so there should a balance between the fresh creative talent and the experienced talent .

2. Wastage on the labour: it is looked that there should not be any kind of wastage in providing the right amount of training
3. Model of competency: the HR manger should look into the fact that teach of the staff has the adequate competency to serve and shed their amount of handwork in terms of skills , behaviour , applying prompt decision making etc.

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Task 3

3.1 Discuss a job description and person specification for a hotel industry job

Job analysis can be referred to as the planned and systematic approach of a job which adheres to the specification of the job mentioned and description of the job . as a HR  manager of the hotel it is my responsibility to specify each employee in relation to the job as given to each of the members . And it is clearly specified.( Becker,,2012)

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Job description: it is a list of all details of the work , the details which is mentioned in a written document , and it mainly adheres to the who is applicable for which job and on this a clear report is being maintained.. (.Bharwani, Butt, 2012).  it generally includes :

  • The name of the job
  • The number of hours worked
  • The responsibilities
  • The conditions of work
  • The compensation.

Job specification: It refers to the specification each employee has , which acknowledges the skills , education , time frame required  of the job .in other words it is the characterises of the individual  employee on his qualifications . it mainly include :

  • The credentials
  • Excellence
  • Experience
  • Family surroundings
  • The training
  • Interpersonal features



Work Summary:

  • Work at the front office
  • Must take care of all the front office operation
  • Handling of the problems

Work responsibilities:

  • To greet the guests
  • To make full arrangement of the guests
  • To ensure proper service to everyone
  • Assist the manger in performing essential tasks
  • Performing all the  computer systems  relating work

Compensation :

  • £20,000 - £30,000
  • There are special provision for night shift and extra overtime

Work location

  • Stratford, UK

3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

Selection process start with recruitment, where a need for an position is being identified which is followed by giving and advertisement, after which the selection process comes into play. In this selection process candidates are being slandered down, as per their skills and qualification. Selection is a process will includes certain steps:

 selection process - Assignment Help UK

  • The receiving of the application, under this all the application is being received from the advertisement which is being posted.
  • scrutiny : after which all the application are being thoroughly checks depending on the parameters like skills , qualifications , the type of experience it has , the type of technical knowledge they possess etc . so they are assorted according to these parameters
  • After scrutinizing, only the people who match as per the job description are being informed either by email or via phone, to come down for interview.

Under which, the people are required to undergo which a lot of tests including

  1. competency test
  2. psychometric test
  3. verbal reasoning
  4. quantitative test
  • Selection interview: It is the process, it  starts after the all such exams and written tests are over , the people who have managed to pass or abide in all the tests are asked to come for an final round of interview .
  • Reference process: When among them a person is being selected, they are being verified in the way of cross verifying, the office he has attended, any means of criminal record  etc . After which comes all sorts of medical fitness test
  • Medical fitness test: Under this, the person selected is being checked thoroughly, it is done to ensure the person appointed is totally fit to work under these conditions. Normally after the reference check is done, the fitness check is made in the body.
  • Final appointment letter: This is final stage where after following all the steps , the person is found to be applicable to work for such company , and he is provided with the appointment letter ,where all the details of the work and the amount of compensation along with all the relevant points are being mentioned .

The assessment process of hotel Hilton is as follows:

  • written test
  • which is followed by group discussion where all the candidates are given a topic to discuss and their views are being marked
  • which is followed by interview
  • reference check
  • final appointment

while at British airways , it keeps a closely assessment of all the person it hires and follows a strict process which is as follows :

  • exercising into groups: under this all the members are given a chance to communicate ,m which  helps to mark which is the most skilful and communicating person
  • interview: after the grouping , then the selected persons are asked to come down for interview , in interview the main thing which is seen is how do they handle stress .
  • psychometric test: under this test , the personal way of handling most tactical issues are being detected individually
  • role play: in this method the individual is asked to play a role of a client , in this the interview looks how the person handles a client
  • interpersonal skills: this type of test is generally done to access the way one communicates
  • other methods: it generally includes , test relating to personality , aptitude test, intelligence etc
  • records of criminal check: it is important to check whether the person appointed does not has any kind of criminal background

Task 4

Assess the contribution of  training and development  activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel Stratford.

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Training and development  is one the most vital thing that helps an organisation and its employees in improving to perform most efficiently. Training is an integral part for any organisation which helps in imparting more knowledge and skill. Training and development are invincible, without the one, the other cannot function properly. The basic purpose of providing training is due to certain aspects they are:

  • For the newly joined employees:
  • Sharpening the skills of the existing employees
  • Depending on new up gradation of any new technology
  • As per job designation

People are being benefited from training which is as follows:

  1. Helps in boosting the morale of the employees: training is an silent indication to the employees that their works are being recognised
  2. It require less amount of administration
  3. There are possibilities of lesser mistake
  4. Greater scope for promotion
  5. The productivity gets increased.

There are different types of training which can be provided by hotel Hilton is as follows

  • Induction training: this type of training is generally done for the newly employed persons, it specifies the employees with the rules, policies etc . For eg at Hilton a schedule should be made for the newly joined staff which specific two day of training sessions with the higher authority and the management people .
  • Job training relating to instruction: this type of training indicates the persons who are experienced. Further training is being provided so that performance can be increased.
  • Safety training: these types of training are very necessary especially in a place like Hilton, where all safety measures should be adhered carefully. In hotels there can chances of out of fire or any short circuit which can occur for this proper exits, fire extinguishers should be provided.
  • Promotional training: under this kind of training m the experienced people are provided with further training, in order to prosper in further career growth. In hotel Hilton, there exists training for further development for those who have the potential to grow further.( Chand, 2016)
  • Refresher training: this type of training is also known as retraining where the employees tend to gain a lot of knowledge by constant updating its skill with the advanced technology.
  • Remedial training: this time of training is generally provided to those employees who are facing or have faced certain disturbance in the workplace, they are being provided with certain training sessions.
  • Internship training: this type of training is generally for a short term, which is given to either college grads or any kind of people to gather a firsthand practical experience with an organisation or any industry.
  • Vestibule training: this type of training is being provided on the actual job by an employee but it is generally carried out far from the work place. These are generally the special type of training like learning in different restaurant workshops.

Training vs. development





Training is generally provided to the employee with the purpose of making them more skilful, more habituated with a particular service or opportunity. In other words it a kind of extra additional back for the members.

It is a  growth prospect provided to the employees keeping in mind their long term perspective and an opportunity to grow further more


Training is generally for a short duration of time

Development is a long process which keeps on adding.


The major focus of training in on the present requirement. For example if I am unknown with certain computer applications i will like assistance in the form of training, in order to know that particular application for a short duration.

Whereas on the other hand development is long term. For example followed by training, after I have understood the application process , I can readily apply it for lifelong services . and further it helps in the further growth

Main area of focus

Training is generally given for enhancing the quality of job make the person more confident about his  personal and professional skills

The term itself signifies growth. development helps employees in any organisation an prospect to develop its career and for further improvement in the future


The major aim being to increase or sharpen the skills of an employee so that its performance can be improved to a large extent.

Under development it is mainly aims in preparing for the future growth which is necessary in one’s career.

Total number of people

It differs can be one , two or many

It is the individual itself.

The main pilot

It is generally lead by the trainers or the concerned line manager

The individual person leads it on its own.


Role plays, shadowing of job , self study , simulation

Counselling, conference, coaching, rotation of job, different types of case studies.

Benefits of training - Assignment Help UK

Benefits of training: Training is considered to be a rich channel through which employees gets an opportunity to sharpen their skills into the unknown, make they more upgrading and helps in boosting their morale as well. The benefits can be discussed as follows:

  • Better use of financialoperation: If employees are trained properly they are considered to a rich source for a company. Better trained refers to reduced wastages and more productivity. (Boselie, 2010)
  • Less line of control: The people who are always trained, doesn’t needs any kind of supervision, since they re already aware of the process and policies.
  • Innovative skills and ideas: Skills are always important to sharpen the skills , gain more outlook , to get rid of the daily monotonous ideas and creating a new skill which will turn out to beneficial in the line of work.
  • Increasing the morale: A better training always helps to boost the inner morale of any employees. Training inserts a certain amount of confidence which make them realise that they are being recognised and after training the feel the urge to work more in an enthusiastic manner.
  • Standardisation in the processes: It is the use of correct standardisation which will make the employees which helps the employees to increase in its level of work

Increase in production: Training helps in sharpening the level of performance level to its core. It helps in boosting both in a qualitative and quantitative way.
Need and role of training: Training is important for reviewing lots of things related to the employees , organisations and stakeholders as a whole .

1. Identifying the potential competences: Training is used as a parameter to review the amount of task performed and the area where it is lagging behind

2. Performance measurement: One of the most important reason for such training is reviewing the amount of task performed depending on the skills both soft skills and hard skills.

3. Room for self development: It is proper training, which will determine the amount of growth one can actually have for the future. So it is the proper training that should be provided which will give an opportunity to the individual person to grow and learn more.

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Human resource management is the most important aspect in running any kind of organisation. in this Human Resource Management Service Industries Assignment Hilton Hotel i have learnt about the various aspect which is required to adhered while  opening a newly formed hotel . In this being a HR manager of hotel Hilton, it is my prime responsibility to take care of the employees and their problem, which I have learnt in this entire assignment.

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