Human Resources Management Assignment - Morgan Hunt

Human Resources Management Assignment - Morgan Hunt

Human Resources Management Assignment - Morgan Hunt


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Human Resources Management - Morgan Hunt

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Level 5


Morgan hunt is one of the top recruiting agencies in UK with its most of the operations in London, Manchester and Birmingham. The company presently employs around 2000 consultants and works for clients from various sectors including charities, educational organizations, government institutions, NHS, etc. the company helps in recruitment of the best in class employees for these organizations and helps the companies in recruiting for charity jobs, senior managerial positions, education sector, raising of funds, management of finances, policy making, HRM, housing associations, property matters, revenues matters, etc. The human resources management morgan hunt study basically aims to discuss the functioning of the company Morgan Hunt and what led to its success after being started only some 20 years back. The  human resources  are the main reason for the success of any firm including Morgan Hunt and they have identified this thing very well and this helped them to excel in various fields by continuously motivating, improving, training and rewarding their employees.

Human Resources Management Assignment - Morgan Hunt - Assignment Help

Human resources management deals with the management of the most important resources of the organization that is the people. The best efforts to handle these resources prudently can be a win-win situation for the company top management as it could help in making most efficient use of the skills and competencies available with the company employees and also they are motivated to make the effective utilization of the other resources of the organization. Thus the current study aims to develop an understanding of the management of the human resources in an organization through discussing the case of Morgan Hunt. Also the focus is on how the company recruits the best in class candidates, motivates them to perform and how the cessation of the employment is done. The company Morgan Hunt has been awarded by various agencies including the Best Recruiter award by the UK government.

Lo 1 understand the diffreence between personnel management and human resource management

1.1 distinguish between personnel and human resource management

The organization undertakes HRM as an integral part of all the activities of the organizations whereas the personnel management is more over an independent function and more deals with the supervision work of the employees at work. The human resources management deals with the management of the most important resources in the organization and this is done through the use of motivations, recruitment and selection procedures, hr policies, raining, path development, employee grievance redressing, etc. and thus the scope of HRM is considerably broad in case of organizations (Collings et al, 2009). Personnel management has only the work of getting the task work done from the people but taking care of the employees and motivating them to perform or undertaking appraisals is not a part of their regime. HRM constantly deals with making their employees to perform the best out of their skills and deals with the continuous development of their competencies in handling the business situations through the use of training and development programs in the organization. The modern organizations like the Morgan Hunt have realized the reason for their success being the most effective handling of the human resources of the company and thus claiming the leading position in the UK recruitment and consultation services industry.

1.2 assess the function of hrm in contributing to organisational purposes

The main function of the HRM is to enable the recruitment and selection of the most suitable employees, training them, identifying the gaps between actual and desired performance, taking corrective measures, continuously plan to motivate employees to outperform, taking care of the benefits an interests of the employees in the organization, planning their career path, etc. Thus it deals with taking care of the most important resources in the organization which in turn will lead to successful and effective handling of the other resources in the organization. Thus as seen in case of the organization Morgan Hunt which mainly deals with providing the recruitment and other business support services like financing or raising funds, risk management, legal issues, etc, the most important factor is the success of the organization is the company’s own process to recruit and employ the best and most potent employee in itself. The company currently has around 200 recruitment consultants and they help in providing the business needs of around 2000 clients and helps in selection of best employees for charity jobs, senior management positions, finances, etc. Thus role of HRM is crucial in contributing to the purpose of the organization as in case of Morgan Hunt (Geoffrey, 2015).

1.3 evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in hrm

The role of line managers is very crucial and they help the organization in delivering the overall performance in order to meet the needs and expectation of the clients. The role of line managers in the case of Morgan Hunt is important is handling the performance of the employees which are involved in recruitment of talented and skilled employees for clients through the role of recruitment and business support consultant (Buettner, 2015). If these consultants of the company are not able to match the individual employees or the recruits to the needs of the organizational clients such as charities, educational sector, etc then the reputation and the position of the company Morgan hunt will be impacted and thus the role of line managers is related to management of the work done by the front line recruiters. Thus the line managers constantly engage in motivating, training and providing support to the consultants to enable best services to the client needs and sustainment of a competitive advantage.

1.4 analyses the impact of legal and regulatory framework

The law and the regulatory framework entail the protection of the rights of the employees at the workplace and treating them in an indiscriminate manner. It requires the employer to define the work hours and pays for the overtime schedules along with taking care of a fair pay and the pension or other benefits of the employees. The employer must not only be responsible for the employee welfare during the course of job but also after the end of the job period. Also the employer must not discriminate the people at the workplace on the basis of gender, age, religion, caste, etc and must provide equal opportunities to all the employees at work and while the process of recruitment. Also employer must take care of the health and well being of the employees and allow for safe working conditions for all. The company Morgan Hunt is well relevant with the Labor and employment laws at UK and takes due care of its employees and their interests (Mark, 2014).

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Lo2 understand how to recuit employees

2.1 analyses the reasons for human resource planning

The planning of the human resources in an organization deals with analyzing the skills and competencies available in the organization and analyzing any gap between the needs and the actual in case of the human resources. It analyses any gap between the performance of the employees and actual skills possessed by them and make arrangements for making the most efficient use of these skills and competencies within the organization (Collings et al, 2009). And if the need arises the company may plan to recruit fresh and new talents in the  business organization  to meet the needs. Also it deals with the capability of the organization in attracting the best talents as the rivals of the company may also pay equitably to these talented and skilled candidates. Morgan Hunt is capable to attract the employees owing to its work culture and leading position in the industry. Thus it maintains its services to the clients and plans the requirements of the human resources in the company through the job positions left vacant by exit of employees or new positions created due to expanding needs.

2.2 outline the stages involved in planning of human resource requirement

The various sages are involved in planning of the human resources requirements in a firm and as a part of their services, Morgan Hunt is committed to provide these planning of requirements to the clients from various sectors including public sector, private sector, charitable organizations, educational institutions, etc. the main stage in planning of the human resources at the strategic level involve planning about the company resources requirements and creating the job roles and responsibilities through structure and hierarchy. Also the company must plan the requirements in the future timeframes. The next stage involves an analysis of the current skills and competencies available with the organization. The company may plan to promote its existing employees or may plan to train and enhance the skills of the employees to meet the competencies or skills required by the job at the organization. If it is not possible to bridge the gap between actual and required skills and competencies in the human resources of the company then the company may plan to recruit new employees after estimating the requirements in terms of numbers and skills or quality. Thus the planning for the human resources in case of Morgan Hunt is based on determination of the actual and needed human resources or more commonly the skills and competencies (Paauwe, 2009).

2.3 compare the recruitment and selection process in two organizations

A leading retail organization at UK is Tesco and here the recruits are attracts to apply for the job due to its leading position in the industry apart from recommendations from the company employees or agencies (Buettner, 2015). The candidates are first encountered through a selection panel through a video conferencing method and use of online media. The recruits who qualify the stage are allowed to face an interview with the line managers who aim to check the level of loyalty in the recruit and how far they feel committed to serve at the company and can deal with the business situations or their past experiences. The company Morgan Hunt uses the Greenroom technology which helps the company in the process of recruitment where a single person can have a quick management of candidates and the budgets of the clients in order to make the most talented and skilled personnel to be recruited for the company in the budget and time constraints. Thus the company aims to seek the approvals o the clients through the use of real time tools like Greenroom in the process of recruitment and also it is appropriate in simplifying the case and timeframes for the candidates. The company designs the platform according to the needs of the clients in various sectors though the company is known for its services to public sector organizations and charitable trusts. It is generally consisting of a series of interviews with Morgan Hunt consultant, line managers or general managers as the case may be.

2.4 evaluate the effectiveness of recruitment and selection techniques in two organizations

The process of incorporating fresh individuals in the organization is done through the process called Recruitment and selection deals with the identification and procurement of the best candidate from those who actually apply for a particular job in any organization. At Morgan Hunt, the recruitment and selection process is simple and effected through the use of Greenroom technology which help to manage the budget of the client and timeframes apart from helping in the process. The selection of the individuals which could identify with the nature of the job, with right skills and knowledge and identifying with the brand personality of Morgan Hunt is attained through use of simplified process of screening and interviews. While in case of Tesco, the retailing giant at UK, the recruitment is attracted through recommendations, agencies or directly and faces the video conferencing interview after screening of the applications. The process is followed by an interview with the company’s line manager and thus it helps to gain the knowledge about the interest of the individual in applying for the current job in the company (Mondy et al, 2014).

Lo 3 understand how to reward employees

3.1 assess the link between motivation theory and rewards

The process of getting the work done from the employees in a desired manner and eliciting desired behaviors from the employees is called motivation. According to Maslow’s Theory of motivation as applicable in case Morgan Hunt, the employee motivation is directly correlated to their needs and the needs are divided in to five types starting with the lowest order needs as Physiological which includes food, clothing and shelter which are satisfies by the Morgan Hunt through paying equitable remuneration to the employees and safety needs which is fulfilled by Morgan Hunt through providing safe working conditions to the employees. the next level of needs include Social needs where Morgan Hunt provides for developing a sense of belongingness and group interactions in the company employees; Self esteem needs which is satisfied by the company through use of rewards for good performance and self actualization are the highest order needs of any individual where the company provides chances for development of the employees. The company owns a two star status which entails that it is a favorable workplace as voted by the employees of the company and employees are motivated to perform high. Thus the company Morgan Hunt is successful in growing at such a quick rate due to its motivated and committed employees (Rani et al, 2012).

3.2 evaluate the process of job evaluation

As Morgan Hunt is a leading recruitment service provider at UK, thus the company continuously involves in the process of Job evaluation which deals with analyzing of the various elements of the job and determination of the pay structure in accordance with the needs of skills and competencies for the particular job. The company continuously involves in getting feedbacks from its employees about their views of how they perceive their job situation and how far are they satisfied or they feel that they are paid in accordance with their skills or others. It helps to form a structure of the payment systems in the organization by the determination of the skills and the needs of the job in relation to another, their relative significance and thus payments accordingly. The various factors determining the compensation or pays include individual and group performance, skills, competencies of the individual and contribution to the organization or the group objectives (Conaty et al, 2014).

3.3 assess the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts

The reward system is an important aspect in keeping the employees motivated and well performing as in case of Morgan Hunt. The company also for the rewards in two different manner, one is through the use of payment in the form of incentives, bonuses, indirect befits in form of health benefits or memberships, etc. and the other include the rewards in the form of recognition through an award giving system at the company which is related to the self esteem needs of the employees and increased responsibility follows. This helps the companies to retain the talented people in the organization and also help in attracting talents to work in such a workplace. Also reward systems help to motivate the individual to improve their performance towards the organizational goals and this also keeps the human resources in the organization functional. Also this helps the company to match the payments to the performance through bonuses or incentives for good performing individuals apart from the basic salaries.

3.4 examine the methods organizations use to monitor performance

The method of measuring the employee performance in case of the company Morgan hunt is through the use of project or client based achievements of a group or an individual as the company deals with provision of services including recruitment help to its clients. This is done through gaining an insight in to task performance by the company’s consultant for the client and getting feedbacks from the clients about the company services (Geoffrey, 2015). This helps the employee of the Morgan hunt to perform effectively within the given resources and timeframes. This keeps track of the employee or recruitment consultant to be according to certain standards of the company and thus help the company to avert the unwanted or unacceptable performance and if the case be to help the employee or the consultant to improve through providing training and other assistances. Monitoring and assisting the employees arm organ Hunt through use of open  communication process  and appropriate help in the time of need or at work has helped the company to perform even better and maintain its leading position.

Lo 4 knowing mechanism of cessation

4.1 identify the reasons for cessation of employment in any organization

An individual may cease to work in any organization due to a variety of factors including better options available, dissatisfaction over the present employer, work culture of the organization, unsafe working conditions, inequitable pays, discriminatory procedures, etc. Thus the employee may place an application to leave the job to the employer in form of resignation. The company may let out its employees due to weak financial position, end of contractual agreements, economic downturn, etc and this is called a lay off. A change in the employer owing to merger or acquisition can be another reason where the employee may leave the job. Also the employee may leave the job due to ill health problems, managing own business, taking up family responsibilities like in case of females for bringing up the children, etc. A poor performance of the employee may be the reason for the termination of the employee by the employer. Thus the cessation of the employment or the end of job may take place due to variety of reasons which may come from employer or employee’s side (Whyte, 2007).

4.2 describe the employment exit procedures

The company must tend to end the employment of a particular individual on a happy note as this can lead to a bad word of mouth about the company. In case of the company Morgan Hunt, the employees feel highly committed to perform in the company and the case of the employees leaving the organization due to reasons like poor work culture, indefinite pays, etc are few (Johnson et al, 2012). The company however uses the documented format in order to avoid any legal matters of the employee exit procedures and the lie managers are well informed about the collection of the keys, documents, company databases, client information, etc from the leaving employees. After acceptance of the resignation letter, the company management or generally a line manager involve in an interview about the reasons for the employee leaving the organization and any grievances are removed through use of appropriate procedures. This helps the company to end the employment relation on a happy note.

4.3 discuss the impact of legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation

In case of the cessation of the employment as seen in case of Morgan hunt, the company must do so through the use of appropriate documents and formats. If the company does not possess the reasons for the cessation of the employment or does not have appropriate documents related with the cessation of an individual job, the individual may sue the company for compensation in the court (Klerck, 2009). The company must keep records of the job responsibilities, performance, absenteeism, status of employee, etc and many employees can make claims on the company based on their length of service but actually an employee cannot be with the company just due to their length of service but they may be developed through use of training but inability to perform better even on assistance and training can make the company layoff the employee on grounds of poor performance.

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The role of the human resources management is of utmost importance in managing the effective utilization of the resources in the organization. As seen in case of the UK based organization Morgan Hunt which is a leading recruiting and consultancy service provider company, the company has identified the best management of human resources and bases its success on the 200 recruitment consultants and other employees. Recruitment and selection of the best candidates has an important role in success of the organization through the use of training, rewards systems and motivating them towards effective performance. The motivation of the employees through the use of the organization motivation theory and techniques including rewards for desired outputs or behaviors of the employees has a profound effect on the performance of the organization. As the company Morgan Hunt is rated in the who star category by its employees hence it is evident that the employees of the company are committed and motivated enough and this is the main reason for their success in serving various client needs like education, financing, property, taxation, charities, housing societies, public sector organizations, NHS, etc. The company effectively motivates and fulfills the self esteem needs of the employees which lead to their high performance as the company has only around 200 recruitment consultants but it owes the leading position and is capable of serving more than 2000 clients from reputed  organization behaviour  in UK. However the employees may leave the job called cessation of employment which may be due to various personal reasons of the employees like illness, family issues, etc or due to cases like merger or acquisition of the company. Also the company may plan to layoff the employ on the grounds on consistently poor performance asking for the resignation from the employees. At Morgan Hunt the company takes good care of the


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