Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment Help

Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment Help

Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment Help


To run the business successfully, smoothly and in order to achieve goals and targets managing business activities of business is necessary for the success of any organisation as this helps in carrying on the business smoothly and achieving the goals as well. This is inclusive of tracing the wants of the business and enhancing the process of business. The assignment is dedicated to discuss the objectives, policies as to health and safety, quality gateway of ABC Company.

Task 1

1. Identify all major positions in the departments and draw an organizational chart

The ABC Company is basically a recruitment company and it provides its clients the required tools which they need in order to seek for the most capable individuals in any particular organisations. To describe the responsibilities and to decide the task cried out by each worker the organizational structure of such organisation is very helpful. Hierarchy assists in determining the responsibility of individuals to catering for the company’s vision and also states who is responsible in carrying out the required vision to achieve the goals. For a recruitment company the needed positions if varied department would be:

    1. Agency Director:Agency director acts as the key supervisor of whole of the organisation. Agency director takes care of the daily activities of the organisation, to develop the plans for achieving the organisation’s vision and to coordinate the tasks s to financial management. The director is to be considered under the title ‘general manager’ or ‘president’ depending upon the structure of the said company. Generally director is the owner operator of a business.
    2. Business Development Manager:To bring the clients inside theorganisation manger of the company work with the sales staff.  Business development manager works so the company generate lead, for creation of sales and also involve in strategies of sales staff to build good relationship.

Client suits to the purpose of the company are decided by the development manager. For instance, a company which deals specifically with the construction recruiting would make the recruited clients effective in programming and related aspect related to computers. 

    1. Recruitment Manager:Attracting the potential customers and generating the clients is the role of development manager. But recruitment manager plays role in developing the recruitment process and deploying it. This is also done with the help of recruiters. The goals are set in accordance to the job openings as to every recruiter.  
    2. Support Staff:The support staffs are required to make the operations run smoothly as recruitment company strives in getting the clients and candidates altogether. The legal staff supports by ensuring that the contracts are made legally with safe and favourable terms.  Computers, printers and other gadgets are to work properly and information technology staff does so. To check payrolls, expenses, invoices, accounting staff supports. The entire staff member is required to tackle their respective tasks properly (Hanks, n.d.)

(Academy Recruiters, n.d.)

2. List and identify the relationships between different functions/processes and explain the different functions and processes.

The various sorts of business processes explain the actions of the firm. Such processes are inclusive of business functions assisting in stating detailed activities of a firm as to production, achieving set goals, providing services. On the other hand concern of processes is to procure the inputs as they deals with services which are provided after sale of goods. Precisely, there are eight business processes combined with each other in key process of businesses whilst also in the processes connected to business support, by this they relate the operations and key business of the organisation and together they represent the vital actions of the company. Following five basic processes are there in core business processes:

  • Logistic, Distribution and Procurement: as name suggests them deals with obtaining, storing inputs and transport finished goods.
  • Operations: operations transform inputs into outputs.
  • Service/product Development: These activities are concerned for the new, better improved, redesigned product and the services also. For development they are close to designing, researching, analysing market and engineering too.
  • Marketing, sales and customers’ accounts: These activities include promotion, advertisements, telemarketing, selling as they inform the buyers regarding product and services.
  • After sale services and the customers: once customer purchases the product, after sale services assist support. Instances of such activities are call-centre services, help-desk services, warranties and guarantees.

Support business processes have:

  • Firm’s General Management and Infrastructure which deals with management, accounting, building, administration’s support etc.
  • Human Resource Management, which are concerned with training, hiring, recruiting and providing compensation.
  • Process Development and Technology are the activities dealing with the equipment’s designing, redesigning, software, hardware, automation, etc. (Brown, n.d.)

3. List the key aims, objectivesandmission of ABC Company and draw a process map for any one of the functions.

Basic aims, objectives and mission of the company are as follows:

    1. ABC Company being a recruitment company required to care the needs of clients. It has to assess and developed the consultancy to aid the organisations in bringing competent strategy in regards to human resource. Company is involved in external and internal sourcing to assist the organisation in achieving their objectives.
    2. Such company requires talent and they analyse that and strive to make it available readily to others. The aim of analyses is to screen the candidates and to evaluate them as per requirement of the organisation. 
    3. The primary objective of the ABC Company is to select the suitable candidates and putting them on best job. Successful placement of the candidates shows the sign of being best company.  It also assists in matching the skills, talents and knowledge of the candidate requiring the desired job. 
    4. ABC provides opportunity by job allowing applicants to submit their CVs, resumes and other documents. This is another objective of the company.  The ABC Company also maintain huge database of vacancies as to invite applicants for job.  

4. Evaluate the elements required to build a quality gateway, which focuses on the output of the process.

Developing and choosing the right individual for the particular job by staff members who are trained for the same is the Quality gateway in respect of the Recruitment Company. To achieve quality in service or product the paths are made. These quality gateways are these paths improving the quality and efficiency of the services provided by the organisation. Quality gateway has certain elements which are given as-

  • Search for professional
  • Talent consulting
  • Outsourcing of Recruitment Processes
  • Global staff
  • Efficient leadership
  • Adequate management (George, 1998)

5. Design a plan to promote goals and objectives for ABC Company to ensure plansisconsistent with legal, regulatory and ethical requirements.

In order to promote its objectives and plans the ABC Company would go as follows- 

    • Determination of goals for recruitment: to attract high criterion of candidates, to seek for individuals having skills not present in the organisation and promotion of the company so that more candidates approach to the company.  
    • Review of the Job Descriptions: review of the job description should be there after last individual has hired.  Job description should be taken seriously and ought to be in legalized manner. The view of previous person should be taken for improvement.   
    • People should be considered to find the strategy. Long-term and short-term techniques should be adopted.  Long-term techniques are to develop relationships and for promotion whereas short-term for spot selection of the candidates. Legal aspects must be kept in mind while giving training to staff. 
    • Use of alternative Labour focus: here right candidate is selected for certain job. It should be done ethically and with fair means while hiring young retirees, co-op student, immigrants, etc.
    • The perception of the organisation by outsider: the organisation should provide varied options as against the competitors. The perception of the organisation by outsiders is the source for candidates to approach the organisation.  
    • Preparing short list: after jobs are demanded, the candidates should be shortlisted from the list of those who has applied. These short listed candidates should possess the required criterion. A list stating criterion on one side and desirable candidate on other side should be made.
    • Effective techniques for interview should be recognized.
    • Thorough cheeking should be done prior offering the jobs (Queensland Government, n.d.)

6. Write recommendations relating to the alignment of people and other resources, in an effective and efficient way.

To perform the specific task SMART goals assist in motivating employees. It has role in aligning resources and individuals within the organisation- as:

    1. Objectives are made to make the people known as to what has been expected from them. To ascertain that who is responsible for the particular task. The time specified and resources required for its completion.
    2. Assessable: after setting of goals the specific aspects should be deployed to measure the progress as to set goals.
    3. Reasonability: easily attainable reasonable goals should be set. They should be such as individuals can be easily motivated to achieve them. 
    4. Reliable: work which is to be performed by employees should be in proportion to objectives so that needed resources and employee remains intact.
    5. Time limit: time limit should be mentioned to attain the objectives. This help in employees being motivated to finish the task as soon as possible (Christensen, n.d.).

7. Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on time, to budget and meetingorganisationalstandards of quality.

ABC Company has developed quality management system, standards of quality, talent management systems, and quality management systems to achieve objectives in right manner and in fixed time. However, Gantt chart is effectively used for their implementation to get the work done in fixed time as to different tasks.  ISO 9000 can provide standard of quality to the organisation. Hence, Gantt chart will implement the system to be effective. Skills and required resources can be assigned depending on particular task. 

8. Carry out work activities meeting the operational plan through effective monitoring and control.

Actions of the ABC Company are that of recruitment. They select the needed candidate; provide appropriating training based on requirements of the job. Then right individual is placed in accordance with the requirement posted by certain organisation. These activities are monitored with a view to trace out any changes which may be required later. The operational plan is of one year only. It involves time limit, objectives, and strategic plan. Such activities are to be identified by staff members responsible for the task and funding business strategy organization should be monitored properly to gain control.  

Task 2

1. Explain the systems required to manage and monitor quality standards of ABC Company.

The production process and other different fields importantly require quality control. It is necessary that there should be a proper management system which should concentrate over monitoring the standards of quality in company, similarly as the company like ABC would necessitate concentrating on the hiring process of the company so that a quality is maintained of the work because of the employee’s standard of working. The below mentioned graph illustrates the system required for the maintenance of quality management in regard with the hiring process. The availability of candidates on proper time can only be done when the manager involved in hiring process is fully satisfied. 

(Yahoo, n.d.)

The rules established under ISO 9000 could be used to maintain the quality standards which can be further used in selecting the eligible candidate. The framing of given system also includes the implied system used for the measurement of performance system:

  • The mapping and understanding should be properly done of all the structures and processes used by business. All the concerned employees in regard with the system used for the measurement of performances are important for making the organisation aware of the same. All this would help in commission of different organisational operations and even influence the quality of awareness among the consumers.
  • “The performance of the business is set of certain priorities.”
  • “Understanding the present performance measurement system.”
  • “Development of the various indicators of performance.”
  • “Deciding the technique of collection of relevant data.”
  • “The presentation of formats of data.”
  • “Adjusting and also testing the systems in concern with performance measurement.”
  • “The performance measurement system is then implemented.”(Acron Live, n.d.)

2. Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluationanddevelopment of the process.

The main concentration of the organisation should be on programmes related to uninterrupted quality improvement, so that “continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the business processes” is ensured. The process of team development in an organisation can support in this process which is rewarded accordingly as the achievement is made in respect to the quality level. Hence, it will lead to a change in the everyday activities and an improvement is noticed in such system. Along with all this there is a requirement of quality culture which will help the ABC Company in the situation of innovation requirement which has been discussed before. The aspects like, “improvement in leadership, improvement in management, decreased turnover rate of employees, etc.” are the noticeable fields of improvement in such system

3. Recommend improvements which align with theorganisation’sobjectives and goals and which results in improvements.

The given below recommendations are the requirement of application of improvement plans in ABC Company, as they help the organisation to fulfil the goals and objectives of the organisation:

    1. In order to attract the customers, it is necessary that the use of marketing and branding should be done. It includes various the methods used by the recruitment company for advertisement through internet, newspaper, etc. in order to promote their company and attract the people for applying.
    2. An encouragement should be made to the employees for the achievement of fixed goals; this can be done through good leadership quality which will also make the employees to remain the part of the organisation.
    3. For the talent management, the organisation should use the best technology which would further results in improvement of screening and communicating with the candidates. 
    4. It is advised that there should be a strong bond of relationship and a good maintenance of referrals and in order to do so a good technology should be used which will help in screening of candidates. 

4. Write a brief report on the wider implications of proposed changes within theorganisation.

The proposed changes are advised in support of improvement to the organisation and even help in further implications leading towards better branding and marketing of ABC Company. This will results to an increase in applications to the organisation and a motivational spirit to the employees will reduce “ineffective management, ineffective leadership, etc.” along with a noticeable decrease in turnover rate. Even the effective working of “talent management tools” will lead to an effective increase in the performance of the organisation’s employees. Due to this an effective range of candidates could be catch by the organisation.

5. Advice on how to carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulationandorganisationalrequirements ensuring appropriate action is taken.

By the term risk assessment we could conclude that it includes the activities concerned with the care of business in order to find the factors which are unfair along with the factors which are used for the prevention and control of losses. According to the legislation it is the duty of employer to provide proper facilities in regard with the first aid when needed and the employer is bound to take care of their employees and provide attention in regards with their concerns. The HSE is responsible to administered the situations where the work involves risk and the situations where proper management is absent in regard to maintain a standard of taking care in an effective manner of the employees. This is because the employers are held responsible for the risk assessment resulting from the work assigned.The “Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981”bound the employers in order to provide proper equipment to the employees and along with this an effort should be made to provide proper facilities in a situation where injury is caused. HSE does not cover only employees under these regulations rather non-employees also fall under this and these regulations are mandatory for every organisation. (HSE.Gov.UK, n.d.).

6. Demonstrate the correct and effective application of the health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in ABC Company.

The duties imposed during the system of work and usage of various resources by the organisation falls under the ambit of “Health and Safety at Work Act 1974”, which also includes the application measures of Health and Safety regulations. As the approaching candidates to the ABC Company wants their job safety. It simply means that there should be a safety provided regarding the arising risk in connection with the loss of job. This is because of the appearing situation of ABC Company, that the employees somehow facing the problems concerning their jobs and closing services, even a delay is noticed in the operations. All this will lead to the loss of position by the company which would further restricts the candidate to trust the organisation and even the employee is also affected concerning that their job in these circumstances will be secured or not. Therefore, in accordance with the Act, the employer should provide a comfortable environment to their employees by giving them assurance that till they get new job or till the company is facing crisis they are secured at their work place and they will be regularly paid till that time(HSE.Gov.UK, n.d.)

7. Carry out a systematic review oforganisationalhealth and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and complaint.

The reviewing process of the policies and procedures related to the safety and health of a company includes issues like, “unsafe acts, behaviour of the employees is to be noticed, injury rates are lost, having low possibility and major effects of accidents related to industry”. With the help of being certified the organisation reduce the “rate of accidents”, but the basic reason of the employee’s sufferings is the lack of maintenance in regard with the relationship with management and because of this only accidents are faced (Tomas, 2011)

The ABC Company has framed proper procedures in connection with the employee’s safety which provides assurance to their employees regarding their job safety in every circumstances being a good or bad phase of the company. The company seems to be effective because of the strategies adopted by them for training their employees in order to achieve the specified goals and to handle the problematic situation by hiring manager dealing things in such situation keeping in mind the betterment of their employees.

8. Advice on how to carry out the practical application of health and safety policies and procedures ABC Company.

With the help of training the ABC Company is providing “practical application of Health and Safety measures in order to train their employees for the achievement of goals of the organisation, employees are made aware of the facts which make them eligible in order to maintain a balance in their work-life supporting in this by giving them more flexibility in their working arrangements, assistance is given to the employees for their work and even managerial activities are performed in a systematic manner. Due to all these factors ABC Company succeeded to implicate “health and safety policies” in an effective manner (ACAS, 2012).


In this report the policies used by ABC Company for the betterment of the employees are discussed. This is a recruitment company, therefore the strategies used by the organisation has been explained in an effective manner. The issues like quality monitoring, adaptation of legal standards and other health and safety management measures to be adopted by every organisation are explained in this report.


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