Work Based Experience Merit Copy

Work Based Experience Merit Copy

Work Based Experience Merit Copy


P1.1- Research and evaluate suitable organization that could provide industry experience

Aim:This research has been designed to enable the learners to understand the scope and profundity regarding the learning methods which take place inside an organisation on the context of strategic planning, in-depth monitoring and proper evaluation related to the work experience.

?Work Based Experience Merit Copy,Locus Assignments UK

Objectives of the assignment

  • To provide ample knowledge regarding negotiation through profound industry experience in case of the learners.
  • For understanding the particular needs of place, producing a strategic plan for work experience.
  • To provide a proper idea of format so that monitoring and evaluating the work performance as well as learning will possible.
  • To give recommendations regarding the enhancement of work based experience.    

Reputation of the organization

Reputation of an organization is based upon the overall estimation in which an organization is held by its constituents. World’s largest and leading companies are adapting to this methodology to create their corporate identities. The most important thing for any organization is not just to create their organizational reputation, but to sustain and increase their reputation (Costley, Elliott & Gibbs, 2010).

By relying on to these methodologies, the SMG Corporation builds with their management approach of internal and external activities. Based on the organization’s activities the end result of the above mentioned formulae will be change accordingly. In simple words, the corporation could achieve either positive or negative reputations. The corporation’s reputation is totally depends upon the two pillars that are communication and performance &behaviour. Over the period of time the SMG Corporation can be able to develop the management of the corporate reputation as a discipline of the organization. There are countless of disciplines that influence the reputation of the SMG organization and some of them are Economics, strategic management, accounting, organizational science and psychology (Costley & Gibbs, 2006).

Like every software companies or IT consulter and service provider present in the vicinity of UK, SMG Corporation does the same thing and even better serving their consumers and its employees. According to the researchers SMG Corporation has set up a new height in the software era of UK by giving their employees the flexibility at work, renowned for work placement, resources, and prospects of getting full time job and the list goes on. To achieve the objectives of thisWork Based Experience Merit Copy no one would be better than SMG Corporation for this experiment.  There are many software companies present in the UK market those are providing the work based experience but there is nothing like SMG Corporation whose work based experience can be much beneficial for the aspirants who wants to have a career change.

SMG Corporation

Department:  Software and IT

Job description:

  • Job Location: London, UK
  • Job Role: software developer and IT consulter
  • Job working hour: 8 hours per day
  • Salary: £2500 per month
  • Job type: contractual/ permanent

Having a work based experience from a recognized and MNC would boost the career growth undoubtedly; therefore it will be an advantageous opportunity to get hired by the SMG Corporation rather than getting placed in a middle scale corporation and at the end of the day they may or may not provide the work based experience to the applicant. This is the sole reason for choosing the SMG Corporation for the research proposal. 

Flexibility of SMG Corporation

There are many distinct definitions for the flexibility of an organization exits. According to human resource management, the flexibility can be enlightened as the corporation adapting to the composition, size, responsibilities and the populace. Without their inputs and costs the organization can’t achieve its goals and business objectives (Raelin, 2008). The SMG corporation flexibility includes:

  • SMG Corporation provides flexibility to the employees so that they are being able to take off-time through the day to take care of family issues, for example an employee being able to go every day to catch their children from school and take them home then returning back to work (Morris & Blaney, 2010)
  • Employees from the SMG Corporation can be able to take a few days off in order to take care of family matters and not losing any days off. Example: Taking days off from work in order to go look after a sick member or to go to a funeral or something like that
  • Working in shifts is also available with SMG Corporation, this means employees can work in different times for the corporation. Personnel can sometimes work for longer hours during some days of the week in order to get some days off and in some cases the employees can advance it to go up in their jobs even if they choose their work hours or compress their weeks
  • An employee working some of their daily work hours at home, for that reason the SMG Corporation provide flexibility to the employee that he/ she can either come for the work late in the morning, or else can leave the work early so that he can work at home(Raelin, 1997)

Renowned for work placement

The human resource management of the SMG Corporation has various activities towards provision of the good working environment, strict observation of rules and regulations, recruitment talent analysis, retaining the employees who have good performance along with that the SMG Corporation keep in mind and equally treat their employees. SMG Corporation better understand the relationship between good quality products and its reasonable price(Adams, 2014). Therefore, it trains his employees perfectly to maintain the ratio. The components of SMG Corporation’s training procedure encompasses the Core Skill program, Excel in the program and knows winning in the Europe that is in UK or other neighbour countries of it.


SMG Corporation undertakes comprehensive recruitment in the process of expanding the size of its human resource. Both the internal as well as external sources of human resource are being considered during the recruitment process to ensure that the firm becomes competitive in relation to the human capital. To ensure that the internal recruitment is effective and operative, the corporation has formulated a talent plan. Internal recruitment also enable that the employees of the corporation are being loyal towards the SMG Corporation since there are high chances of career growth. SMG Corporation also sources the human resource management from the external market by posting the vacancies over the online portals, and various offline mediums (Brennan, 2005). 

The prospect of getting full time job and locations

Recruitment and selection are two different effective procedures present with the HR concept. Universally, recruitment can state as the acquiring job applications whereas selection process is just the choosing the application form the recruitment process and offering the employment. The SMG Corporation’s recruitment process is based on the five specific tasks to prior the commencement of recruitment and selection process

  • Arrangement of the lawful units to transfer it from the workforces from one country to another
  • Choosing the top-most combination of local recruitment conditions
  • Examining how effectively the local jobs should be used and build the social local network and access to the funding form government and other sources.
  • Working with the implications of general parameters and law
  • Comprehend the legal frame work in both domestic and overseas countries

For the organizations like SMG Corporation, the location and efficiency are the prime factors of a conversion process manufacturing system with the help of which the product services are being transferred to the customers. By enlightening this fact, it will include the determination of where to place the plant and facility. The SMG Corporation is suitable placed in the landscape of the UK and is surrounded by many IT hubs. And being as an IT enterprise, the location suits better than anything else to the Corporation (Garnett, 2001). 

P1.2 –Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience

The SMG Corporation gives value to the hard worker and its dedicated loyal employees a tremendous opportunity to grow. By having a work experience from it any personal can be able to crack the MNC in the UK environment or anywhere else. The enterprise not only provide flexibility to the employees but also it offers many other opportunities and facilities like residential, health care, study facility for the employee’s children and many more. The corporation’s foundation and thinking nature much describes that they work as a team to grow not individually but as a team. Therefore, the SMG Corporation negotiates with the work and academic supervisors a proposal for the working experience (Rainbird, 2000).

If a staff member verifies the need for a flexible work arrangements in order to pull off a greater work experience the next step for this should be their personal and work requirements. Staffs that approaches to the supervisors and discuss regarding flexible work arrangements should be encouraged via proper guidelines, negotiate with their flexibility and prior to submitting a proposal. Flexibility to the staffs can result in a win situation. In simple words, the arrangement should benefit the individual staff member and the working unit as well.

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After being on Maternity Leave for the second time it was the time to return back to work because having two children under the age of two was more than just a full-time job in itself. This describes that slowly it would be impossible for me to return to work as full-timer. This was quite concern for me as I was in a supervisory role in the production house of SMG Corporation.

I spoke with my manager and told him that it would be impossible for me to work on a full time basis and that I could only work two days a week. My manager really wanted me to work three days rather than two, but these three days was not just possible for me so I then suggested working for two long days and perhaps additional hours from home. This negotiation of flexibility was agreed to and it has worked well for both, to the unit as well as to me. It’s been three years in SMG Corporation so I talk to my manager about the work based experience and he assures me that it’ll be ready by the time I leave for the day. If something goes wrong then the work based experience would help me in getting a job in future as SMG Corporation has set a big name in the UK market and work based experience from this would provide me a job said by my manager.

Individual learning plan and the tools offered for developing it may assist the learner in profiling and supporting the learners with language difficulties. The extent of the learner’s language difficulties will determine which of the processes are used. It is recommended when developing an individual learning plan to follow a specific planning and implementation sequence from the different stages of individual learning plan and those are:

  • Identifying the learner’s needs
  • Determining adjustments that need to be made to the curriculum
  • Completing and implementing an individual learning plan
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Work experience proposal form

Date:                                                       Mailbox Location:

Name:                                                                 ID:


  • I understand that I will turn in a copy of this form with my professional development proposal
  • I understand I will keep the original of this form and when I have completed my work experience I will get my employer’s original and valid signature on this form and turn it in with my report of completion

Name of the Employer:


Nature of Business:

Nature of Supervisor:

Time of Position/Job:

Description of the service to be rendered:

How will this work further my role on work environment?

I have previously received credit for a project work.                        Yes:                           No:

If the answer is Yes, please complete the following (Nature of work experience):

Period of employment:                   from                       to

I hereby certify that I will not claim credit for any other activities undertaken during the period covered by this proposal, except for those credits which may be allowed for the work experience itself.

I also certify that the organization or business enterprise which will be my employment is not self-owned or self-operated.

After work experience has been completed

Please note that the following must be an original signature from the employer, so please be sure to take this form with you during your work experience. Fixed copies are not acceptable.


(Make a copy of page1 to serve as the employer certification which must be attached to the completion report)

This is to certify that                        was employed by us from                 to                     for

Hours per day,           days per week and that the nature of this employment was as represented above.


Title                                                            Signature                                        Date


P1.3- recognize the business constraints on the work experience

Having a work experience from the SMG Corporation, the employees better understand to constrain that reflects a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The SMG Corporation’s performance is directed by the constraints. The constraints of the corporation involve policies, supplies, people, equipment and even information. The corporation is using the theories of constraints and changing its way to overcome from the weaknesses that is preventing its performance to succeed(Garnett, 2001).   


P3.1 Fulfil specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice

The process of placement deals with the success story of the organizational objectives by choosing the most appropriate candidate for the organization via process of recruitment or placement. Internet has become the most effective method of recruitment as it saves time and cost of both the recruiters and the candidates. In order to achieve the objectives of the SMG Corporation, the HR also follows some practices like general ability tests;behavioural based interviews, and also analyses the candidate’s knowledge that is very much required for the respective job(Brodie & Irving, 2007). Initially, the specific requirement involves short listing of those candidates who are eligible for the job role. After the selection process, the candidate is required to present his/her ability and knowledge in front of the recruiter by undertaking the tests which are based to analyse the knowledge of the candidate. Then the candidates are required to undergone for the interview process on the basis of which the skills and capabilities of the candidates are being evaluated. Then after this stage, HR team selects the appropriate candidates whom he thinks will prove to be beneficial for achieving the organization(Garnett, 2001).

The role of the HR function is dual by nature:

  • To participate in the decision-making process by offering necessary information and valuable opinion on each option, including:
  1.    Recruitment costs and Redundancy
  2.    Time constraints
  3.    Reorganization/outplacement chances
  4.    Management requirements
  5.    Availability of trained yet skilled personnel within the organization
  6.   Consequences on morale
  7.   Development/training needs/schedules
  8. Availability of suitable or appropriate folks in the job
  • Dealing with the populace consequences of implementing the decision is to give support to the line managers. Information has been gathered on the basis of the HR plans.

P3.2- produces systematic records of challenges work experience undertaken

The SMG Corporation has developed a systematic record of challenges facing all those who have undertaken the work experience.

  • Practical development and challenges as well: The SMG Corporation is developing new techniques to address a wide range of questions which is typical of systematic records.That has been specifically meant for facing up the wide range of practical challenges and development.For example,integrating data from other experimental studies and research with the data carried out from other study types and by conducting qualitative syntheses(Rainbird, 2000).
  • Structural challenges: The lack of infrastructure to support structural challenges in terms of training and sustainable funding has been a second challenge for those who are wishing to undertake systematic records.Systematic records are playing the important role in the research and require staff training and staff time just as for the large primary research of the studies. The SMG Corporation, UK, has a knob in process for the research conducted at its centre of excellence, which contains both research for practical development and an effective training program to address some of the capacity problems (Costley & Gibbs, 2006).
  • Ideological and political challenges: The SMG Corporation to the conduct of systematic records has emerged from those who fear it leads to central political control of the research process rather than its democratization. However, one of the major approaches used in the SMG’s corporate centre is to involve a range of users including members of the public, to move the setting of there search agenda away from simply researchers and policymakers(Morris & Blaney, 2010).Often, ideological resistance is being linked to the confusion present in between experimental methodologies and systematic records that is the myth that randomized the controlled trials is the only type of research evidence that is accepted, and that ‘what works’ questionnaires.In modern era, the flexible nature of the systematic research synthesis has been described with the help of a huge variety of questions that is being answered with syntheses of a broad range of study types.

P3.3- - Revise the initial plan if required

As previously discussed plan may not be used all the time and requires an upgrade all the time.

Some minor changes may be required to upgrade the initial plan that are:

  • Effective team manager can guide the team members with his/her years of work experience
  • Time management is very much essential
  • Selecting the appropriate methodologies and with proper discussion with the team members can prove beneficial towards the project
  • As a IT service provider and consulter, the SMG Corporation should focus on to the software relations and development
  • Team works can help the organization to achieve the organizational goal and objective.

P3.4 makes suggestions for improvement and reviews these with the supervisor

In order to act upon the suitable criteria for suggestion, there exist many distinct issues as it demands high competition by depending on the technical features of the SMG Corporation. The recruitment process has become very much challenging in present days, therefore there is lot of competition emerged in the market and to employ the best personnel, the best practices should be adopted by SMG Corporation. The organization has to take care of the reliability, cost, professional image, validity and candidate reaction in order to make the process a spectacular one(Adams, 2014).

Besides all of these, the recruitment process can depend upon the factors like economic situations, the SMG reputation, its performance, and its market share. If the economy is doing well then there would be more hiring process found in the SMG organization. The employment process can be long and costly as well to give rise to the temptation to take shortcuts, however a rushed employment process can be more time consuming and can cost the organization more in the long run process(Morris & Blaney, 2010). The aim of the SMG Corporation is to get the best applicant for the job in open competition not with spending more finance on the recruitment process. Hence, there should be no shortcuts adopted in the selection process especially at the short listing stage. All of the members of the recruitment panel should have the opportunity to meet all the candidates or applications and have an opportunity to have input into the short listing the applicants/candidates. 


P4.1 Monitor progress against original proposal

The management committee of the SMG Corporation should use reports against its annual operational plans and original proposals to review the progress towards meeting the strategic aims and objectives of the organization. For that reason, they must ensure that whoever is having the liability of the work is keeping appropriate records so that the progress can be assessed easily and effectively(Brennan, 2005). This methodology will involve at the time of functioning phase of the plan, and being clear what exactly the systems and structures are required. The things that the Corporation decides to measure will give an indication of how well the process is going to be carried out, and hence, the name indication or performance measures.

Before completing the plan, SMG Corporation needs to agree upon how and when it will be monitored and reviewed as well as what are the information that the management committee needs to receive in order to review the progress(Morris & Blaney, 2010).

While reviewing the development or growth for achieving the strategic plans, aims, goals and objectives of the SMG Corporation, the management committee should make sure that the activities are being kept within the parameters of the agreed business strategy, objectives, goals and aims. The organization ensures that activities are consistent with the organization’s vision, mission and values.And after that the organization keeps under review the internal and external changes, which may require at the time of changes to the organization’s strategy or affect their ability to achieve the SMG Corporation’s objectives(Adams, 2014).

P4.2 Evaluate the quality of own performance

Performance evaluation is based upon the measurement and result of the actual performance against the expected performance. The SMG Corporation is providing that tool to the personnel to help them in enhancing the efficiency of the workforce. The Corporation provides an opportunity to the employees and the supervisor to exchange ideas about their job performance. It helps the employees to identify the training and development needs and planned accordingly towards their career growth(Costley & Gibbs, 2006). The SMG Corporation identifies the skills and abilities for the promotion, transfer purposes and along with that reduction of the force. The performance evaluation methodology supports to the alignment of the organization as well as employees individual goals. The crucial part of the performance evaluation in the SMG organization is to provide an opportunity for the open communication about the performance expectations and feedback(Costley, Elliott & Gibbs, 2010).

The SMG Corporation finds many benefits by adapting to the performance evaluation process and those are:

  • Generating more control over the work that needs to be finish
  • Development of the employee commitment, productivity of the organization and employee motivation
  • The SMG Corporation identifies the employee’s individual goals and objectives being in the corporation
  • Process improvement opportunities has been identified by the corporation
  • The performance evaluation process helps the organization to identification of the employee development opportunities

P4.3. analyse the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections

Reflection is not an attachment piece in the work experience. It is the complex process through which the general awareness of the personnel can be judged inside an organization and SMG Corporation better understands the value(Rainbird, 2000). Taking the previous projected work experience into consideration, the suitable reflections made to evaluate it are:

  • Collection of the artefacts that reflects the goals and better demonstrate the process
  • Reflections infused to demonstrate the competencies of the standard
  • Helps to present the outcomes professionally
  • It helps the SMG Corporation to judge the methodological challenges, development, structural, ideological and political challenges thoroughly

There are much similarities will be found out between the supervision and reflective practice, so, many of the problems were being sorted out with the supervision process.

P4.4 makes recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced

One of the more pioneering recommendations is that the evaluation feedback needs to be present in such a manner that it will be engaging the managers of the SMG Corporation to maximize the effectiveness of the interventions. It is also important for the employees to see that how their effort, as well as feedback, has been undertaken on-board as this process can motivate them to undertake detailed future evaluations quiet efficiently(Costley & Gibbs, 2006). The SMG Corporation should focus on to the four major areas that should be considered at the time of the revising evaluation strategies and those are:

  • Type of the audience the Corporation getting in touch with
  • Contents of the training and development process
  • Legal and legitimate framework of the SMG Corporation
  • And finally the organization should more focus on to the size of the company

Avoid the adhering rigidity to a hierarchy of the evidence, since the concept ignores the methodological appropriateness(Brennan, 2005). The SMG Corporation should adapt to the balanced approach which helps the organization in recognizing the strengths and limitations. For the SMG Corporation hierarchy may be proving unhelpful at the time of answering to the questions when it is needed. A post-project review, post-implementation review and observable benefits are much needed, without which SMG corporation will be condemned to repeating any mistakes it may have made and will be unable to make no use of the any lesion learned during the effective process of the productivity. A proper training and guidance should be given by the SMG Corporation’s training and development human resource team to the employees, without whom the employees may face some hurdles during their project and it may cost the organization in a lot. Being as an IT consulter and service provider, the SMG Corporation should focus more on to their productivity, effective IT solutions. The Corporation should give much more attention towards the personnel without whom the enterprise may fails to deliver the required amount of services to the United Kingdom and other neighbouring countries those are joint venturing with the Corporation(Morris & Blaney, 2010).

By taking these effective recommendations, the SMG Corporation can better serve the United Kingdom as well as the surrounding countries who are the shareholders of the organization


Adams, D. M. (2014). Work based learning.
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