Unit 2 Health and social Care Assignment Copy

Unit 2 Health and social Care Assignment Copy

Unit 2 Health and social Care Assignment Copy


Social care and rehabilitation work in today’s world has been covered in the mostly required service sector. There are many rehabilitation centers and other required social which are providing their services in most. This is understood that person should not lose the interest of the living life even when he has suffered from any kind of decease. Social care and rehabilitation process is the complex set of activities in handling humans’ body and providing best assistance in the care centers. Many organization and corporation are having their main objectives to provide the best services in handling and caring humans at large. In this report various responsibilities and authority of managing and monitoring health and social care services are discussed and proper understanding is derived as per the required choice of action of the patients. There is also finding that many governments in different economies worldwide are making their consistent efforts t abide various care and social center so that best practices could be offered to patients in order to promote their individual rights. Effective communication and imperative working system in the social care center are used to improve the rights of individuals for the betterment of the body. In this research program different disabled persons and handicapped people are using their different legislative help to contribute to promotions and maximization the right of the users of health and services care (Hide, T. 2012).

Unit 2 Health and social Care Assignment Copy


1.1 As a manager, in order to promote and maximize the rights of Mr. Taz, explain how relevant legislation and sector skills standards have influence on organizational policies and practices?

I have been working in the social care and rehabilitation center where I have to put my efforts in order to motivate patience’s toward the living life and their own benefits steps. In my organization I have been dealing with various cases such as patients not giving their best in their own rehabilitation procedure, having no interest in their life, getting disappointment in their life with the increasing disabilities. Now in this scenario I have been assigned a new patient who is just 18 year old and not reciprocating with the proper treatment procedure in the center. Various benefits and other important factors could be shared with given organizational policies and likewise effects (Henderson, 2013).



Sector Skills

Organization policies/practices

Justify the influence on maximizing Mr. Taz’s Rights.

Rehabilitation Act 1973

Development of impaired part of the body.

Providing required helping accessories and other assets to patients.

Taz will be having complete satisfaction of walking throughout the time in the hospital in without any aid.

The Individual with disabilities act

Provides proper meditation and helping channels to help patients in different manner.

Making adjustment in the services and facilities.

The boy will be getting satisfying environment and will lb using proper organizational appliance.

The disability act 2005

Full treatment and helping doctors at each and every area to help you in work.

Arrangement of nurses, staff member and other required persons to assist in doing daily activities.

The boy could be able to make him happy again.

By seeing other disable person he could feel that he is better than others.

Road Accident Act

Helping injured persons either mentally or monetary or both as per the guidelines given.

No requirement of filling forms or other requirement in critical conditions and proper help to patients.

The boy could feel motivated with his life and could also try to rejuvenate his body not only with the external medicines but also with the inner power as well.

There are other acts and legislation in this today worlds that has different skills and organizational policies and how it will justify the actual influence on increasing the Mr. Taz rights such as Mental Capacity Act 2005, Health and social care Act2008, Medicines Act 1968, and Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

1.3 Analyze how communication between care workers and individuals like Taz contribute to promoting and maximizing the rights of users of health and social care services?

Communication- It is the process of transferring of information or data to each others in order to convey the message and information in better and effective manner. It includes not only words but as well eye contact, body language and other things. This is understood that it is the main moral cum professional duty of care workers to endure the accomplishment of different needs of the patients and it is all coupled with effective communication of different needs (Henderson,2013).
There are different reasons to establish the contribution of good communication between care workers and the boy in order to maximize the real rights of the patients of health and social careservices at large.

A good communication comes with the good choice of language to convey the message therefore social care service providers mostly use local or English language in communication with Taz so that he could drive his different needs and its accomplishment at large.

It is also considered that if a person is disabled or in the example like Taz who is suffering from different impairment in his body social care worker could use different self generated language in order to convey their message to Taz in easy and productive manner.Service users or social care service providers have better understanding or different working experience that helps center to understand the unforeseen needs of the patients.

Service availed or considered behavior of Taz with social are center staff members pose a high threats to maintain a good working atmosphere in the organization premises therefore Social workers has to make a good communication with Taz in order to overcome his problems in  easy way (Filindra, 2013).


2.1 Explain the factors in this case study 1 that may contribute to loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion for Mr. Taz?

There are various factors and aspects that differently contribute in the loss of independence, non participation and social exclusion for the behavior and right of Mr. Taz (Cakit, et. Al., 2011)

  • Loss of independence- Mr. Taz 18 year old boy is being suffering from impairment of hand and other internal problems which is making him mentally disturbed persons and keeping him isolated from other patients in the care center. The main factor is also considered that Physical loss, mental loss, social loss and other problems have shown that Mr. Taz is losing his interest in this life and his inclination toward life have also gone down by the time.
  • Non participation loss- This kind of loss arises when a people in the group keep himself isolated in group activities. Mr. Taz being a young guy has got caught in own isolation problems and keeping himself separate from all the group activities in the social care rehabilitation center. He is also being using foul language with other patients and doctors.
  • Social exclusion- Mr. Taz is finding himself very differently from other patients in the rehabilitation center. This is seen that all the patients in the center are of around 50 year old or more and the boy is only 18 year old alone. He has been seeing things in different manner that kept him alone from others in the care center (Blount & Schuyler, 2011).

2.2 Analyze factors that may affect the achievement of promoting and maximizing the rights for Mr. Taz?

There could be various factors that may be able to affect the right of Mr. Taz in positive manner that could be described as below-

  • Social care and other services- In this complex world of different aspects it is found that Mr. Taz could be rehabilitate with the better level of services in the social and care center. Social care services and motivational methods in the rehabilitation center will help Taz not only physically but also mentally.

Health & Social CAre Act

  • Legislation- Different level of legislation issued by the government in various time set in order to rehabilitate impaired or disable persons in better manner. In U.K. several acts and regulation such as mental capacity act 2005, rehabilitation act, disabilities act has been issued for the time being in force (Stevens & Longson, 2013).
  • Meditation and other activities- Mr. Taz suffering from impairment of body organ right now he needs more support and meditation program in order to overcome his mental problems first. Meditation and moral support from family, friends and other persons could help him to the extent.
  • Technological support- Now a day’s several technologies and support apparels are being discovered by various scientists. Mr. Taz could use some of the technologies in order to remove his disabilities to the limit and it will also help him to rejuvenate his own body and mental conditions at large.

2.3 Analyze how you will manage the tension to enable Mr. Harry to cook his meal safely and your responsibility to ensure his safety and that of others?

Being a good nurse of my hospital it is my official duty to keep my patients feels motivated and comfortable at any time at any place. In the given case Mr. Harry is found of cooking and also suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that caused in the increasing aggression toward the general public around him (Stevens, A.J. & Long son, C. 2013).

  • In order to manage the given problem I could do following management so that his safety in the market and others as well could be managed in the right manner.
  • I need to help him at every point of time so that he could manage his cooking in peaceful manner.
  • I could ask people to clap for him and appreciate his work so that he could be motivated.
  • I more need to focus on his mental condition level than of keeping him safe physically.
  • Being suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder I need to make him feel comfortable at the cooking place ad also has to promote his independence at the same time.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

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Identify the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm in health and social care?

Mr. Philips is an old man who is being suffering from Dementia. In this kind of illness it is found that man behave differently and showing the things which has never happened to him he is been showing that he is being bitten up by his two sons on consistent basis. If his claims proven to be true then being counselor of social services I have suggested him to live in health and social care center so that he could be saved from all the problems and tensions in the following ways.

  • He will be at his full liberty to do any things until and unless he is danger to other patients.
  • He will be given separate room and nurses and other social members who will help him at every point of time.
  • He will be under 24*7 protections of the health and social care center.
  • Health and social care center will help him to rehabilitate his state of mind and his physical strength as well (Marshall, R.J. 2013).

Threats to care centers- Mr. Philips is suffering from Dementia his mental condition are also not stable. He is showing consistent level of change in his behavior that could pose a hazardous situation to other patients in the rehabilitation center. Care center need to make proper arrangement of health and safety issue in order to protect the right of other patients.

Safeguarding in health and social care center- There is find that care center needs to maintain a good amount of safety material so that various interest and other matters could be taken into consideration by staff members in the care center. Rehabilitation center needs to comply with various legislation and regulation which have due consideration with the security and health issues of the patients (Schreml, et, Al., 2013)

3.2 As the hospital manager select and analyze 2 health and social care organization systems and policies. You will train your staff to use on Mr. Taz to promote participation and independence. Critically analyze the effectiveness of policies, procedures and managerial approach within a health or social care setting for promoting the management of risk?

In the given case study I being a hospital manger could find the different aspects of working system of health and social care center in order to rehabilitate patients in better manner. There is given below the proper comparison between two health and social care organization system and policies (Pilnick & James,2013)


Eternal and care hospital

Care and keep center.

Working system

All the staffs members are there to work for 24*7 hours in order to give the best look after services to clients and patients in the care centers

There is shown that all the doctors, nurses are available at all time in order to handle the emergency cases

Rehabilitation center

There is provided 2 hours mediations and other program so that patient’s conditions either mentally or physically could be rejuvenated by the time being in force.

Proper workshop of handling patients and providing peaceful environment and healthy working procedure is maintained

Proper counseling and advising committee

There is proper team and management system that provides the gracious advice to patients and their family members so that they could feel motivated and their conditions could be rejuvenated with the better idea and functioning in the social care center.

Separate level of committee who provides good counseling to patients as per their choice their comfort level. Social care center works for providing caring and look after activities so that patients could show their inclination with life.

 Teaching approach and imparting knowledge to staffs in order to keep Taz mental condition better and orderly manner with other surrounding members-

  • Staff members needs to understands and evaluate the behavioral pattern of Mr. Taz with other parsons (Teufel, et. Al., 2014)
  • Cooperative behavior and proper working system of the staff members in proper look after of the Taz needs to be developed.
  • Being hospital manger I could share some legislation and other laws and regulation concerned with social care activities so they staff members could be saved from legal problems.
  • Working ethics and code of conduct are the material factors in defining the real need of serving in the social care center so that best look after provisions could be managed in case of Mr. Taj.
  • Mr. Taz. Is suffering from various problems such as independence loss, social loss, and physical loss. In this case staffs members need to show their proper utmost care to overcome Taz physical and mental problems so that his condition could be rejuvenate by the time.

Health and social care setting for promoting the management and minimizing  risk- Different care and social activities policies and framework has shown the standard level of services in order to rehabilitate the patients conditions either physical and mental conditions. Manger is setting upfront target and standard for the staff members so that they could put their best in maintaining a good look after decorum in the care center. Proper care and strong policies helps in mitigating risk level in the care center and also increases the effectiveness of social security’s in the management of patients.


4.1 Review current legislation, codes of practice and policy that apply to the handling of medication?

This study covers the various matters such as legislation related with medicines and drugs and various acts concerned with practice at work and other required things. Patient’s record and their data protection in the working environment are covered in this different level of legislations (W, et. Al, 2015)

 legislation, codes of practice and policy

4.2 Evaluate the effectiveness of the policies and procedures chosen within a health and social care setting for administering medication?

In order to evaluate the different effectiveness of the polices and procedure of Eternal health care we have to go through the following points as below-

polices and procedure of Eternal health care

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In this given scenario I have understood different aspects of the working system of social and care center in this world. Social ad rehabilitation center works for the tacking care, providing look after services to patients so that their disabilities and lack of complete mental condition could be rejuvenate with the proper treatment. Social care activities and their different center need to mange and follow given legislation by the government. It is also notice that in this research program persons who are suffering from various illnesses find them isolated in this social environment and in order to make their condition better different social care center put their best efforts. Now I would like to conclude this project by saying that social and rehabilitation center in today’s world are playing pivotal role and making precious efforts to rehabilitate disabled person.


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