Unit 28 Work Based Experience Assignment

Unit 28 Work Based Experience Assignment

Unit 28 Work Based Experience Assignment


Work based experience assignment is the term which is used in order to understand the time given by the employee in the organization. Employees work experience in the company is very important to determine the intent of qualified working performance. This helps the employees to gain skills intent to perform work. It is the experience which enables employees to be employable in working environment. Working experience is the most effective in determining how employee performs the work and how they understand the working process. In many organizations there is precondition in hiring employable person. There is always find that person with the good qualified track record perform well in functions and tasks as compare to fresher in the organization.  Work experience teaches student or employee the code of conduct, business culture, the way of organization working and how other process mates reciprocate with the giveninstructions.  It is find that work experience also cover the probation period during which an employee learns many important concept of working style. The work based experience is very essential part in determine the caliber of the employee to perform certain task.it is understand that work experience is the key foundation to perform the real job scenario in the future.

Unit 28 Work Based Experience Assignment | HND Assignment


1.1 Research and evaluate suitable organizations that could provide industry experience?

With the help of data given I could find the best possible industry which could provide the best working experience in different vast areas.
Hospitality business sector-This sector being the utmost emerging industry in today’s fast changing economy provides the best experience in the service sector. A fresher person who would like to serve to the people can join this industry in various fields. There is various work profile which could be chosen by the different type of person in order to make good career (Wang, et. al., 2014)

  • Bar tender
  • Receptionist
  • Front desk manger
  • Sweeper
  • Line manager
  • General manger
  • Team manger
  • Room divisional manger
  • Business associates
  • Process executive
  • Management trainee

Restaurant business industry-This business industry serves the person and provides them the foods lunch dinner and other fast foods. This industry is good enough for the persons or employees who like to serve to the people for their happiness. Sometime this experience is gained by many people in order to open their own restaurant. There are following job profile which could be used in context to gain good working experience.

  • Bar tender
  • Seller
  • Cash collector
  • Accountant
  • Banquet manager
  • Hosting job profiles
  • Waiters

There are following sectors which could be used in order to take the name for the work experience such as tourism sector, travel sector, business process outsourcing sectors online business retailer, cinematography sector. Therefor it could be said there are bunch of options for the employees and student to gain good amount of experience as per their according choice

1.2 Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience?

In order to negotiate with the working department or academicsupervisor I have to make good proposal plan which could showcase my ability, capacity, way of working, how I respond to the given circumstance, mycredibility with the assigned work and furthermore. This proposal will demonstrate following key intent of my career and how I can adapt toward the situations

  • Name of the College- business compromiser and generating enthusiasm college UK
  • Industry to work- Food and beverage sector
  • Organizationname- McDonald 
  • Job specification- Intern at front desk manager
  • Position to support my career-This crew trainer job is the actual thing I want to pursue in my life. It is my hobby to serve for the people with high dedication and enthusiasm. It is also noticeable thing that food chain business is taking next generating step in today’s economy. I being a student and intern find that I could start my best career only from this field. This will give me industry experience and the proper glance regard with how other employees work in the organization. There are following terms which will enriched my career and my way of analytical thinking such as responsibilities, authority, work performance and following orders. This all has provided me various specific intent to boost my career. It is also noticed that in life there are find many real crux and problems. This work experience will not only help in encountered professional problems but also personal problems too
    • Key position in this industry 
    • Handling clients at the front desk
    • Maintain peaceful atmosphere
    • Troubleshooting clients problems and queries 
    • Assistance to the front desk manger in various works
    • There are following other unidentified characteristic which could be found out during the time of working place with the long term work experience.
  • Past experience- I have worked in travel and tour business   named Harried travel and tours Ltdin which I have learned now to negotiate with client with the pleasant behavior. The most important thing is tour and travel business is somehow related with the hospitality industry
  • Request for meeting –   I am glad to tell you that I have received your mail regarding the interview. Accordingly I have booked my calendar of that day. Please note that I am here by making sure that I am coming for the interview and looking for the positive reply soon.

1.3 Recognize the business constraints, focusing on conducting the task within the organization of your choice?

I being the fresher in hospitality business need to put my all the technical and analytical capabilities, capacity and caliber on the work performance. There are following crux I am forecasting that I need to overcome by the time 

  • Business constraints- these are the real crux of the working area. This needs to be encountered by me by the time being in force. Food and beverage business which I proposed to join for gaining a good work experience is associated with the following problems such as
  • Work load with the increasing effect of the season
  • Consistent long hours training in various fields
  • Problems associated with customer satisfaction programed
  • Cost leadership with compare to other market share holder
  • Rivals threats and marketing strategies policies
  • Limited personnel connection and work specification in several departments

Company name

Ethics forms

Recording system in minutes and other formal written documents

Evaluation table

(Marks out of 10)

  • Pizza hut

Fully compliance

4 quarter meeting


  • Burger kings

Fully compliance

3 quarter meeting


  • McDonald

 Fully compliance

4 quarter meeting


This is to note down that the working time in the McDonald will pose the following problems in my career such as it will be hard for me to work in night shift whenever there will be frequent changes in my work profile. Furthermore in the weekend youare find real crux in handling customers. Outlet is flooded with number of customers on weekend. Job satisfaction is also one of the major problems to encounter in the long term work experience.

 long term work experience


2.1 Agree and priorities the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience?

Work experience in the organization such like McDonald is very most effective for the future prospects. In order to pursue a good learning career I need to make a table with a view to priorities the work in an efficient manner (Müller, t. 2015,)

Work/ Task name

 Responsibilities to handle such task

Priorities the work rating

  • Front desk handling

Utmost and whole sole responsibilities


  • Handling and managing kitchen staffs and other crew members

Me and my other crew manager


  • Seeing the cash counter and maintaining the accurate cash management

Me and accountant who is proficient in this task


With the help of above table I can classify my work as per the priorities and responsibilities. It is understand that I being a crew manager at MacDonald have so many specified and non-specified works. Some tasks like checking over the counter and management of staff in best and efficient manner are of routine nature. Whereas ad hoc problems like malfunctioning in kitchen and other system chain are covered in non-routing nature problems. This is important to note that I while doing my work have to discharge all the potential outcomes as per the following code of conduct. The main reason I find doing rationalizing the following work is the importance, need and actual outcome of this task. Being a trainee manager I have to understand the pros and cons of these value chain activities, how I can get everything in the learning process during my probation period and so on.

2.2 Produce a plan for the work experience?

This plan will depict the actual time taken by me to understand the project and work schedule. There are number of works which would be assigned to me during my work time I need to make a suitable plan which will not only aid me to learn in my probation period but as well helps me to discharge my responsibilities in best and efficient manner.

Plan for the work experience- in this I need to generate data of the important works which are assigned to me and this is important to understand the interdependency of work on those of others I have been assigned work of managing kitchen staff and handling counter with the help of other crew member. There is most effective task which is to consistently check with the help of accountant is the cash counter. I need to make a good plan list in order to generate a specific task plan for my academic and work experience.

Task Name

Duration of performing task

Priorities the task in terms of rating

Interdependency of task

1-Handling customer support and front desk

Every day start from 10:00am to 10 pm


On each tasks and other crew members activities

2-Managing kitchen staff and troubleshooting problems

Daily in specific time schedule start from 5 pm to 7 pm


No dependent

Cash counter review and checking discrepancies in the cash counter

Weakly only on  Saturday


Accountant work and his way of working

With the help of this task plan I would be able to do my task in timely and efficient manner. This all kind of work during my probation period as a crew trainee manager at MacDonald will teach me various intents such as quality of doing work, managing task, ranking   the system of work schedule and how we could encountered others problems in sophisticated manner(Kaufman, f. 2012)
In Gantt charts the work could be divided as per the following points-

Gantt charts

2.3 Analyze the benefits of the proposed activities to the business and the learner?

I have understood the various benefits I could dig out of industry in a best efficient manner. It is the fact that McDonald is the biggest franchisee in all over the world and its working style and the concept to showcase the functional system is also marvelous for the stakeholders(Alihodzic, et,. al,. 2014)
There would be following benefits to me during the probation period being a trainee manager at McDonald

  • Better understanding regard with how business operates-during my work I would learn how a business is functioning in the society. There are following Code of ethics, corporate governance and sustainability with the help of society are the key ingredient.  This experience will help in future if I ever open my own business.
  • Importance of team work- I have assigned work of perfuming task and also accompanied with many team members who will assist me in various tasks. This kind of process will generate the team work enthusiasm and other cooperative behavior abilities. Team work experience will help me to absorb their qualities and talent and also expand my own capabilities and capacities
  • Identify new measures-I being the trainee here performs task as per my choice. This will unleash my true potential toward the working enviorment. I have realized that true potential in different process of team and my individual efforts will bring down the cost of the process.
  • There would be other benefits to the organization such as these responsive efforts of New appointed trainee will reduce the burden of manger in various fields. It also helps in managing proper monitoring system on all the process which will eventually eliminate negligent cost of the different process. Cost effective efforts and instant responsive behavior will generate the synergy in the value chain activity of the organization(Mcdonald, d. 2012)

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3.1 Fulfill specified requirements of placement conforming to all related codes of practice?

In my work experience and organization premises I am learning various components of tasks. It is not only increasing my key academic knowledge but also it helps to generate my practical knowledge. Work based learning is the true efforts to of planned activity such as exchange information, distance learning skills, practical knowledge. There would be specific requirement of job placement in order to make confirmation with the code of practice.

  • Make a plan to implement the ideas as per the relevant legislation-in this organization I have been assigned so many different tasks. In order to encounter my hurdles and finding the best effective plan I have to consider various points such as handling   and proper compliance with legislation and other statutes e.g. health and safety requirement, proper professional code of conduct, code of ethics at the office premises or outside and maintain the decorum of the corporate with other staff members. There are other key components which need to be amylase for making a good plans (Patru, 2014).
  • Working time in the organization-U.K. law has made possible for the student to work for more than 8 hours in a day so that they can get best out of their probation period. Working Time Regulation of 1988 is the key legislative which focus on these points.
  • Equal opportunity act 1988-  In my probation period I have never faced any kind of discrimination regard with race, cast, gender, age or other factors as my be the case. 
  • Confidentiality –This is the term which is used to define the loyalty of the employee. It is seen that company needs to manage the work and data very confidentiality.

3.2Produce systematic records of work undertaken?

The systematic records of the work undertaken are the most effective manner in order to cross check own work. It contains wide variety of detail and depth study of the task we performed in the business process cycle.

Log index book-it is the book that contains all the relevant information regarding the job profile and employees or student name phone no. address and where he studied. It also depicts the role and responsibilities he has in the organization(Dempsey, m. 2011)
Designation in the employment- Trainee manager at McDonald
Consistent 2 Weekrecord of the trainee manger –    
Week one and two-
Training regarding customers handling
Pleasant behavior and helping activities
Week three and four
Handling customers complain and their queries in different sources.
Weak five and six
Learning cash management and handling issues in staffs
Week seven 
Monitoring action plans and other staff members (Dempsey, m. 2011).

3.3 Revise the initial plan as required?

  • I had to perform the work in very linen manner and in order to make changes in my working style and driving best results it is r required to take additional activates under the schedule. This will make certain changes in my working style and changes in policies and framework of the organization.
  • The starting plan of my work system was concerned with how I manage the department and functional system. But in order to increase the efficiency there is slight changes in my work schedule and further clients handling tasks are added on.
  • I have been assigned some new tasks and for this I need to take proper training which will increase my efficiency in performing other works.
  • More work, authority and responsibilities have been delegated to me who will enhance the actual exposure of my probation training period
  • I need to make assure my work and code of conduct to perform such specified tasks as per the new policies and frameworks
  • I have to make proper connection with my line manger so that other mistake by the time could be encountered.                

initial plan


4.1 Monitor progress against original proposal?

In this report I will have to understand the quality of work I have undertaken in my work profile in the first step I was assigned the following works such as cash counter management, handling customer’s grievances and their problems, helping other staff members in various fields


Original proposal

This wide variety of week 1 work experience has provided me the utmost intent of handling customer in pleasant manner. This will help me to have overwhelming behavior with each and every person.

Original proposal was to teach me academic knowledge with wide variety of work experience. In the original work plan I was supposed to learn how to interact with customer at front desk but there are light changes in the working system which provides me how to handle situation in best efficient manner.

Anylitiacal experience has been generated with the help of cross checking in cash department.

Original plan was to generate the analytical skills and sophisticated plan in my work schedule.

Trouble shooting problems  of various field persons and other staff members has taught me to maintain the amicable relation with all the persons in the working system

In this plan I was supposed to get the training regarding how to manage the persons and situation as per the required demand.

4.2 Evaluate the quality of own performance?

In this process I have realized that I have understood the actual outcome of my own potential during the seven week training program. Under which following points I have realized which are as fellows

  • Meeting the industry standards with own performance-during my probation period my senior staffs has set up target standard for my assigned work. It was noticed that I have met the entire industrial standard in terms of quality and quantity of work. Furthermore what I have observed during the whole process is that I have pushed myself to the extent where I want to pursue my own career goals.
  • Own performed work versus the original proposal- with the change in time and increasing effective demand forced me to change my root of working style. This has provided me the analytical skill to judge the things at the spot and encountered the problems before they occur in the process life cycle.
  • Feedback from the supervisor or manager-I have found many appreciations from my managers and supervisor during my working process. My manger has appreciated me so many times after checking my ability to perform the work and the way I get work done by other staff members. I have realized the true potential of my strength and weakness which have enabled me to analysis the various factors (Dimitriu, 2011)

4.3 Analyze the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections?

I have been appointed as a management trainee in McDonald which is the biggest franchisee all over the world. During my probation period I have come to realize that there are following I intent which I observed by the time.

  • Analytical skills- in the duration of first week I come to realize that I had to face so many problems and grievances of the staff members. This all the hurdles have provided me wide variety of analytical skills and quality of working style.
  • Time management skills- In the whole probation period I have gained the knowledge of doing work in a best and productive manner. It has made me to understand the importance of time with the wide variety of set of activities. Organization being the cumbersome process needs and demand proper time and efforts of the employees so that work could be done in efficient manner(Uluitu, 2014).
  • Strategically mind-During the third and fourth week I had to face problems likemanagement of cash and misuse of organization resources by other staff members. Various circumstance and analytical key position has taught me many ways that helps me to develop a strategically mind.
  • Handling authority and responsibilities-   I have observed so many times where I had to discharge my responsibilities and assigned work in a timely manner. During the 6th week I have realized that I was burdened with utmost urgent work and other important task that situation has made me to tackle down all the important issue in best manner.    

4.4 Make recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced?

  • During my time in McDonald I have realized that there could be following amendment in my working system in order to enhance my quality of working experience.
  • I was assigned many multiple tasks but in order to make good synergy in my working performance I should have been assigned the work of only one manner
  • I was very fast in maintaining right data and analytical task thereof I should have been given data for mining and analytical purpose
  • I was engaged in troubleshooting various problems and managing staffs in amicable manner. But the time I spent in holding amicable relation with other staff members could be used in other things.
  • Senior manager was not providing good trading and also not giving full attention on my work experience.
  • If I would have joined business of finance then I could have deployed my true potential.
  • I find myself very comfortable in managing work in efficient manner(Vlachadi, et. al., 2014)

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During the whole study of my work experience in McDonald I have come to the conclusion that this work experience has provided me the best intent to observe things and other activities in good manner. I am employed in the industry of serving to the people in food and beverage sector. In this industry quality of product and service are put on the top most objective of the organization. My true interest is to serve to the people and this McDonald has given me the opportunity to serve for the people in many different manners. I have also realized that I need to allow myself very flexible with the working environment so that best result could be drawn with the increasing efforts. My internship in McDonald has helped to learn various key points such as hard work, focus, adequate efforts, critical thinking, amicable corporate relations and further more. Code of conduct is the course of action which is required to be complied by each and every employee in working environment. I being the trainee in this organization put emphasis upon the learning process and less worried for the monetary outcome. Work experience is the most effective in understanding the values and belief of the people and gathering different intent during the different process. I have realized that I have understood many corporate things and terms which will be helpful in making future very confortable to understand different scenario of the organization (Oker, et. al., 2016)


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