Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment - Hotel Hilton

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment - Hotel Hilton

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment - Hotel Hilton

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Hotel Hilton - Assignment Help in UK


Human resources management is been formed with mainly three terms such as human which is been referred to the skilled manpower in an organization, resource is the limited availability and management is been concerned with the maximization and most appropriate utilization of the limited resources. Thus human resource management or HRM is been considered as the process of recruitment, selection, training and development and management of the employees with the purpose to make them valuable for the organization. It is a widespread area which covers immense number of activities with respect to the arrangement and management of human resources. The present Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Hotel Hilton is been carried out with the intention to evaluate the role and purpose of HRM in Hilton Hotel Stratford. It would be assessing the current state of employment relation along with the impacts of employment law in the hotel. The report would also be comparing the selection procedures of different organizations. Furthermore, it would be highlighting the contribution of training and development activities in the functionalities of Hotel Hilton. Hilton Hotel is been listed among one of the leading hotels in the hospitality industry all over the world.

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Hotel Hilton - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1           

1.1 The role and purpose of human resource management in Hilton Hotel

Human resource management is a recognized structure formulated to manage peoples within the organization. Today, a big part of our economy is driven by hotel industry which is being more popular with the time. The foremost objective of hospitality and hotels is to provide satisfaction to customers and this quality makes them a major part of service industry. The main function of such industries is to please the customer by providing the right services to them. The term “business” is also getting new definitions as the world is being more modern with the time. Human mind is looking for the new doors to comfortable and deluxe life with increase in income. New standards of life are being set with increase in income. The demands of customers are being changed which is a major reason to make new advancement in hotel industry so that customer’s satisfaction can be fulfilled (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). This is because, people does not desire to spend their leisure time at a place only with accommodation and facilities. Customers are looking for a perfect place enrich in services and facilities to fulfil the satisfaction. Thus, to provide best services including good infrastructure, lodging, food and fun etc. is the major goal of hotel industry.

In the case, Hotel Hilton is in the list of fast growing and reputed hotels worldwide. It provides all the amenities to customers. Comfort to customer is at the top of hierarchy. Hilton accounts a notable presence in many countries with the name on amazing number of assets. Hotel generates the total revenue of approximate 11.27 billion dollars in year 2015.  Head office of hotel Hilton is at Stratford, London. Hilton is opening a new hotel with 50 rooms in Stratford. The main purpose behind the new opening is to ensure the maximum satisfaction to the customers of business and leisure traveller class. Human resource management is the important part of hotel Hilton to perform a variety of task. Business is assisted by management to make it victorious to convey the finest service worldwide (Purce, 2014). HRM plays an important role by recruiting the right candidates with required proficiency and preparing and building up the personnel to work for the organization to attain the prescribed goals. This is the duty of HRM to provide skilled and capable employees and to govern them for the targeted objective. The main task associated with the HRM of Hilton is to observe the workforce and their happiness with decided circumferences, provided guidance and exercise, inspiration etc. Because, an unsatisfied workforce can never lead an organization to success and can never make the customers happy. For Hilton, the dream to be leader in hotel industry with supreme amenities and services is not possible without inclusion of its management in it. Several HRM policies are made to find interests of human resources and the organization (Bratton and Gold, 2012). These policies help to bridge a better working environment.

1.2 Human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand in Hotel Industry

Planning is the primary phase of human resource management that associates the organizational requirement to its tactical plan to make sure the workforce is enough in number and qualification to accomplish the standards set by the organization. For the proper utilization of human resources, it is very significant to study the requirement and available resources. It helps to understand the exact need to execute a task correctly. Needs are classified in two categories- qualitative and quantitative. To achieve the right number of needs, it is required to decide the accurate necessity of manpower and the quality constraints. Planning of human resource helps to saturate the imbalance of demand and supply factors and makes the more value for the company (Langford.et.al.2014). Planning is based on these elements:

  1. A guess is made know what number of authorities, employees and the proficiency is required.
  2. The techniques are chosen to empower the human resource to obtain the improved outcome.
  3. A straight vision is developed to correlate the plans of business and human resource.

Human resource management at hotel Hilton has observed and studied the human resource plan to find the factors that can overcome the space between demand and supply. In the age of unemployment, it is a tedious task to employ a candidate with the desired proficiency and effectiveness. Thus, a planned procedure is required to employ the exact number of candidates with all the desired knowledge and specialization. For that, a structure is planned to process more. Only a structural plan can help to find the right solution with minimum efforts. The structure will be beneficial for the management to examine the demands and to manage the required resources effectively. Familiarities to the system analysis and guidance to work are also required for the new candidates. This step also helps to focus on the need of preparation and improvement required to build a valuable workforce (Cloke and Park, 2013). The estimation of demands and supply also assists the management to pre-arrange the resource and to fill the post. Such pre-arrangement saves the precious business time taking from the employees. Planning phase of human resource management should be error-free to determine the desired outcome. Misconduct of jobs may appear when there is a vacancy in the organization. An empty post may result in the loss at the end of session. Thus, it is preferable to fill all the post with desired number of employees to complete the target within the time and effectively (Northouse, 2015).

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Task 2

2.1 Assessment of the current state of employment relations in Hotel Hilton

The employee relations is been basically defined as the relationship being shared between the employer and the employee of an organization. It has been identified that it is a way to gain the assistance from the human resource authorities in order to acquire the desired objectives. The concept mainly includes the relationships of employee and the employer with the purpose to carry out the standard practices within the hospitality industry of UK.  It has been observed that the service sector requires effective sharing and utilization of various concepts which could be implemented within the operations of the service industry. It has been found that employee relations is been mainly focused on preventing and solving the issues or problems faced by the employees and which could affect their activities at the workplace as well (Kersley.et.al.2014).

With aim of attaining different business objectives, it is necessary to enrol standards and policies so that employee relations can be maintained in business through fairness and trust (Catalina, 2013). In UK, the hospitality business industry is operated through trade unions, business industry regulatory commissions, labor union, employees’ welfare, partnership and involvement in trade practices to attain hospitality service aims for its stakeholders. Generally, United Kingdom focuses on win-win approach which means that all the contracted parties will be benefited so it can be said that Hotel Hilton follows the democratic style in employee relations and practices for win-win approach. Employees’ relations are directly linked with the job satisfaction, output of the employees, motivation etc. which are important in the service sector. So, maintaining effective relation in the hospitality industry is very important. Hotel Hilton mainly focus on their workforce by providing them motivation and other monetary benefits for better output. For better productivity, company provides effective training and development to the employees. Hotel Hilton measures the performance of employees and then train employees according to their requirement (Wanrooy.et.al.2013). Company circulates proper direction for the employee by which optimum utilization of the manpower can be carried out. Management evaluates the problems among the employees through which effective alternative can be carried out and employees will give their best towards organizational objective.

Employees play a vital role in the growth of Hotel Hilton and management has to create good relations with the employees in order to achieve the goal. Hotel Hilton adopts different techniques to manage the employees. Effective motivation techniques encourage the employees to give their best towards productivity. Hilton maintains their employees through various motivational factors and facilities. Organization creates opportunities for the employees by which they get an opportunity to earn more with higher posts. Management provides good employment schemes to the employees for maintaining the relations with them in the hotel (Van.et.al.2013). Hotel Hilton allows the employees to take the decisions on the behalf of superior which boost the morale of the employees. Company provides freedom in work to the employees by which employees are retained to the organization and contribute more in the success of the organization.

2.2 Impacts of the employment laws on the human resource management of Hilton hotel

Laws are the guidelines which assist management how to manage the activities within the boundary of the law. Every company has to follow the rules and regulation drawn by the government to manage the human resources. The rules are drawn for the protection of both the employees and employers. Employment law are designed for the welfare of the employees. Through laws employees get proper remuneration for the work. Laws help the organization to maintain the good relations with the employees. Employer has to follow the guidelines of acts otherwise government may take legal actions against the organization. Following acts are introduced for the welfare of employee and employer:

  1. Employee Relation Act: Company follows the Employment Relation Act which is introduced to protect the rights of employee and employer both. The acts assist the employer to recruit and select the right person for the job. It helps the management to draw the written proof from the end of employer and employee both (Alfes.et.al.2013). Employee Relation Act helps the employees to get proper training and development at the work place. The main objective of the act is to maintain the effective relation between the employers and employees. The act assists the management to provide quality working conditions to the employees by which they can give their best towards the organizational goals.
  2. National Minimum Wage Act: The act was introduced in 1998 to protect employees in wage. This act covers all the labours of UK which are getting low pay for their work. Hotel Hilton follows all the guidelines of this act and manages the payment of employees according to the guidelines of the act. The objective of act to provide sufficient wage to the employees according to their talent and skills. Hilton divides the wage according to age of the employee like worker at the age of 22 will get higher amount then employee of 18 to 21 will get the development rates and third type of employee between the age of 16 to 17 will get minimum rates of payment (Bamberger.et.al.2014).
  3. Data Protection Act: The act assists management to hold and process the personal data of the employees. Personal information is those which are generated from the individual employee. Processing of data means the data should be obtained or record at the safe place. Hotel Hilton handles the personal information of employees, suppliers and customers (Storey, 2014). Company appoints the data controller which processes the personal data of employee, customer or suppliers. It can be individual or any business entity. The act binds the company to keep the data fair and lawfully processed. The data should be processed for limited purpose and not kept longer if it is not necessary. The data should be kept secure and not transferred without proper protection.
  4. Equality Act: The act has big impact on the employers they have to provide equal opportunity to the employees in the Hotel Hilton. The main aim of the act is to encourage employers to avoid discrimination at the work place. Organization treats all the employees equal either male or female which create good image of the Hotel Hilton in front of the customers (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). Company provides platform to the people in the marketing strategy and prevent them from the cheating. Hotel Hilton is bound to provide opportunity to right person in their company. The act opposes the discrimination in the organization like disability, age, gender etc. Main aim of the act to provide equal platform to the employees in the organization.

Task 3

3.1 Job Description and Person specification in the Hotel Hilton

Job Description assists the employees to get the detailed information about the job. Hotel Hilton provides the detailed information about the job to the candidate. The selection process of Hotel Hilton is pre planned and provides information to the candidate regarding job. Company provide written papers where description are mentioned regarding the job like what kind of job is this, what kind situation a employee will face in the job. In job description company mention the whole detail regarding the job and if candidate is eligible for the defined description then management move to the next step. The elements of Job Description are job recognition, job review, duties in job, designation etc. The job description follows different steps by which company may assign the job to the employees (Jacobson.et.al.2012). Company provides summary of the job and details of the most common duties to the employees. HRM department of the organization describes the supervisory responsibilities to the candidate before hiring them. Management depicts the working conditions to the candidate which helps him to take decision regarding to the job. Job description contains different points like experience required, special qualification of the candidate, Educational qualification etc. Company can easily establish the tasks or functions that are required to be completed. Sometimes job description contains group task into meaningful and challenging jobs. Job description describes the whole picture of the job before joining the job.

Person specification means the requirement of candidate according to the job description. Company hires the candidate according to the requirement designed by the HR department. The specification of the persons contains the qualification of the candidate, experience, special qualification etc. The talent and skills are required in the candidate to complete the task or the position offered by the Hotel Hilton (Dalal.et.al.2014). A specific qualification or educational requirement or training experience is outlined by the person specification. Hotel Hilton mention requirement of person in the person specification. Company mentions the technical, communicative, organizational, creative skills and abilities required in the candidate. Person Specification contains kind of personality required in the candidate which meets the requirement of the job. Company clearly mentions which kind of characters management will prefer that can facilitate them to do the task effectively. In job specification company wants the candidates who have the experience of job. For instance,  Hotel Hilton wants to hire a Receptionist Manager but she should have experience of at least 1 year so company will mention in the person specification that candidate should be experienced (Grøtli.et.al.2016).

3.2 Comparison of selection process of different service industries

Selection is the process which helps the management to fulfil the demand of man power in the organization. Selection process facilitates organization to select right person at the right job on the right time. Different organization follows different selection techniques to hire the candidate. The advantages of selection process are:  it reduces the cost and consumes little time and helps management to appoint suitable person for the organization. Selection process includes selecting candidate of right qualification to fill the present vacancy. Generally managers and supervisors are responsible for selecting the candidate but in some cases HRM department guide the managers to hire the candidates. Selection process involves finding of interested candidates whose profile matches the required job. Company may choose the best and most appropriate in the selection process (Gallagher.et.al.2014). It is the process of selecting best candidate at the required place.

It is identified that Hilton hires the candidate from the different sources like external or internal. Different industry requires different candidates for the management role. Every company has different working environment which affect the job profile of the company. The two different companies are TUI and Hotel Hilton. Both the companies have different culture and working conditions. There are some examples like job roles, demand of job, responsibilities at the work place etc. Hilton searches the candidate of high experience on the other hand TUI find candidate of good communication skills and experience (Zhou.et.al.2012). In hospitality industry, candidates should pass the written test, personal interview and management skills and in TUI candidate are evaluated on the basis of verbal test or communication skill. Hilton selects the candidates on the basis of talent of the candidate and TUI selects the candidate on the basis of communications and information skill of the candidate.

For hiring a selecting a receptionist manager, Hilton identify the capability of the candidate and his past experience before selecting the candidate whereas TUI analyze the mainly focus on communication skill of the candidate. Through this study it can be answered that service industry requires best candidate for the organization. Both the companies need the suitable candidate for the organization after selection process. The selection process of a receptionist manager for Hilton is easy in contrast TUI selection process is rigid sometimes suitable candidates may fail by this kind of process. Hilton selects the candidates on the basis of their skills and suitability for the job whereas TUI selects the candidate on the basis of their potential. Communication skill plays major role in the selection process of the TUI on contrary experience is the foremost requirement in Hotel Hilton (Formica.et.al.2014). It can be identified through the study that selection process of the both the industry is done on the basis of some unique techniques like Hilton take the written test where as TUI take oral test of the candidates.

Task 4

4.1 Role of training and development in Hotel Hilton  

The main purpose behind training is to address the weakness and to empower the employee’s capabilities and assists them to know their duties and functions inside the organization. On other hand, development process is useful to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. Hotel Hilton provides the training and development on regular basis so that it can helps to achieve more productivity and safety at work and a better health and personal growth at employee level. Training and development contributes an important role in human resource management to beneficiate both the organization and employees (Council, 2012). Hilton hotel considers the training and development process as the most important part of HRM to enhance the services of companies with the better growth and satisfaction of employees by troubleshooting their doubts.

Training plays vital role in the growth of the organization. Training has following types:

  • Technical Training: Technical training is related to covey the technical information and facts with the knowledge of technical procedures and processes to follow. Hotel Hilton prepares the employees by introducing the organizational and functional structure and helps them to understand their role in company.
  • Communications Training: Communication is the most requisite skill in hotel industry. This training helps the employees to build their communication skill stronger. Hotel Hilton organizes communication training to make the services and presentation better at the end.

Development is classified into following categories:

  • Organizational Development: Organizational Development is related to use the knowledge and practices to improve the existing structure of the organization effectively (Ford, 2014). This process focuses to improve employees’ decision making power, communication skill and working within team which finally results in the progress of the organization. Hilton provides better understanding of the present system which helps to eliminate unexpected results.
  • Management and Supervisory Development: High quality at managerial position can be achieved with the help of managerial training. Training related to interpersonal relationship with employees, planning of budgets and goals, decision making and resource management is considered as the part of training for managers and supervisors. Supervisory Development is related to maintaining and observing the organization to improve the productivity and efficiency (Grohmann and Kauffeld, 2013). It focuses to deal with responsibilities of co-workers and relationship with them.
  • Career Development: This process concerns with the career goals, satisfaction and growth of employees to achieve the organizational goals parallel to it. Organization follows a consistent and long term strategy to meet the promises and expectations. Hilton offers a variety of programs for employees to develop and meet their career goals as organizational goals easily.

Role of Training and Development in Hotel Hilton

Training and development plays a crucial role in the growth of the company. The main aim of the training and development is to increase the employee’s capability through which they can give their best towards achieving the organizational goal. Training includes decision making, creative thinking, and managing people etc. Training assists Hotel Hilton to address the employees about their weaknesses and improve the performance of the workers. It ensures the satisfaction of the workers and increased the productivity by providing training to them. Training improves the work quality, decrease the cost and reduce the work load of the superior.

The main objective of Training and Development is to optimize the utilization of human resource in the organization by which productivity may raise (Kang.et.al.2015). Training and development assists management to increase the productivity of the employees by providing training to them. It facilitates management to create good image in the market. It encourages the employees to work in a team and create a good working environment. Training and development helps the management to improve health and safety measures in the organization and prevent the employees from danger. The objective of training and developing is raising the productivity of the organization by providing quality training to the employees of the Hotel Hilton. Development of Human Resource is done for the better performance of employee by which company can compete in the market. Training and development assists management to measure the performance of the employees by which management can aware about the weakness of employees. Training facilitates organization to encourage the morale of the employees (Ford, 2014).

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The Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Hotel Hilton identifies the different role and purpose of Human Resource Management in the Hotel Hilton. All the activities of the organization depend on the HR department. The HR plays a crucial role in the growth of the organization and assigns the task to the employees. Human resource management helps the company to plan the man power requirement in organization. The report evaluates the effect of employee relation in the organization and management follows the law designed by the government for the welfare of the employees. The study assesses the laws like employment relation, equal opportunity law, minimum wage act etc. The assessment depicts job description process of the company and person specification depicts the clear need of the organization. Further the study identifies the selection techniques of the two different service organizations. The report evaluates the importance of training and development in the Hotel Hilton. The study throws light on the types of training and development in the organization. The report analyzes the role of trading in the growth of the Hotel Hilton.


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The present Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Hotel Hilton is been carried out with the intention to evaluate the role and purpose of HRM in Hilton Hotel Stratford, We are posting Locus units solutions so scholars can explore the our Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.