Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information Assignment

Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information Assignment

Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information Assignment


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information

QFC Level

Level 4

Task 1: Demonstrate how you understand how to assess information and knowledge needs.


Information technology plays significant role in the organization. It plays the key factor to access information, knowledge and communicating at every level in the organization. All the communication in the organization access momentum with the speed inherited in these technologies to perform enormous task and if organization do not adopt the technology in there working then it may not anchor itself in the organization. As in the case of SPL Pvt. LTD. a London based printing company that prints local magazines, printing stationeries. There employees are not satisfied as company is lacking in making its pace with technology like its competitors. Due to which, it enables to cope up with competition. So it becomes important for the manager in the organization to adopt and formulate information technology within the organization. For achieving this target, manager has to make certain amendment in there workings and policies so that it may able to adopt and achieve desired result in relation for making the organization behaviour well established in the market and competition. Through this, all the imperative measures can be taken into account for establishing good communication network in the organization where working is in decentralized form. Explain how you would assess the information and knowledge needs of SPL Limited, you must include your various sources and types of assessments that can be carried to help that each department. Make suitable suggestions where appropriate

1.1, 1.2 Discuss the range of decisions to be taken and examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking.

It is important for the company to embrace certain amendments for achieving the target of making company profitable and anchor itself in the large competition present in the current scenario. There are various criteria for the organization to adopt with the changes so that sufficient result can be attained. There are technologies that can be used so that a base is created for achieving the targets. For implementing technology in the company, manager has to go depth about what type of technology to be used.

Review current working criteria- Decision can only be considered by enhancing complete knowledge about the current working scenario in the organization.

  • Decision relating to unemployment-  A technology can perform the function of number of employees working in the organization. So it becomes important that decision be taken by considering the loss to the employees.
  • Employees able to use technology-It is also be looked that employees working in the organization may able to operate and cope up with technology.
  • Cost factor- The most important factor that would affect the decision is about the amount that would be spent in the technology and spending the cost would be wise decision in the company’s current scenario.
  • Technology efficiency- It is also be considered that the information technologies be used is working in an efficient manner. It should also be considered that extra efforts are not wasted in using the technology in the company working.
  • Technology implementation- Decision relating to implementation of technology may also create fuss (Zhang, Thomsen & Kleven, 2013).

So it becomes important for the company and its managers to take the decision by implementing their best judgments and knowledge for the achievement of goals. It is important that the employees working in the organization must be legitimate about the concept of new innovation that would be inserted in the organization. So it is imperative that which type of information system to be used in the organization that would not affect the employees and business at large scale in a negative route. Decision can only be taken by considering all the factors that would affect the scenario of the organization. So managers are required to have depth knowledge about the current circumstances and the future goals that are imperative to achieve. Decision would only be effective and efficient when organization is profited at a large scale (Zhang, Thomsen & Kleven, 2013).

1.3 Assess the current operations internal and external sources of information and understanding.

There are certain sources through which information can be accessed in relation to the use of information technology in the organization. SPL Company being involved in printing the local magazines and business stationeries required number of sources to access the information. Sources may be external; and internal. Each has its own perspective and points.

External sources-

  • Print media- This source would help to gain knowledge and understanding about the current innovation and technology that can be adopted in the organization. New and efficient networking technologies information can be achieved from this area.
  • Social media-In current scenario, social media plays the key role for accessing information. All the information can be attained as well as the remarks about the technology by the existing users is helpful in all scenarios.
  • Television-through television all the necessary information about the technology is accessed in a large scale. This one of the best source to gain information.

Internal sources-

  • All the data can be collected from the experts working in the organization. These experts have knowledge about the information technology and the process through which it can be achieved.
  • Other than that some employees also have interest in these issues can become helpful (Zhang, Thomsen & Kleven, 2013).

1.4 Explain and justify recommendations for improvement

  • Recommendation: It is important that current staff in the organization accept the technology with enthusiasm. Otherwise these employees working in the organization may not able to a cope up with technology and information gathered and made cannot be successful mission. So if this problem arises then best way to overcome the problem is to make certain changes in this perspective.
  • Employees must be trained to use the technology.
  • Similarly employees who are not satisfied with the formulation of new technology in the company then company would make them realize the importance of the same (Yuan, Zhao, Liao & Chi, 2013).


This report indicates the decisions taken by the management in the organization to access the information and knowledge needs that are required to be considered for the involvement of information technology in the current scenario of the business. It is observe that information technology would play the significant role but managers are required to be cautious before adopting the technology in the working of the organization. It is also important to scrutinize each decision taken by the organization management before implementing the same. All the sources are required to be investigated and studied properly. Even the employees who may not be able to cope up with the technology be trained with patience and proper guidance. If all are taken into consideration then information can be gathered on this matter by a simple and easy way.

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Task 2: Explain how you would create strategies to increase personal networking to widen involvement in the decision making process


Personal networking is the relationship created or existed among all the interested parties in the organization. Decision making in the personal networking plays the key role for the success of the organization. It creates the wide area in which all the decision and business relationship can be formed and exist.

2.1 You must identify stakeholders for a decision-making process in the company and explain why do you think they are important and appropriate

All the interest group in the organization possesses the business relationship. These personal always preferred for the profit and growth of the company. These personal comes under the umbrella of Stakeholders. Stakeholders are the personal who works for the betterment of the company. Stakeholders include directors, shareholders, creditors, employees, suppliers, unions etc. There are certain stakeholders who play the key role for taking decision in regards to the company. These included directors, creditor, shareholders etc. each possess its own importance for the betterment of company. Directors work as the representative for the company. They look after each and every aspects of the organization. They also help in formulating the plans for the company. Similarly, shareholders who are the owners of the company also required that company perform as per the policies and guidelines specified in the memorandum and article to enhance the performance of company on a long term basis. They possess the power to remove any director who unable to perform his task or duty. Another being the creditor who lends money to the company in return gains interest. They also required taking part in decision making in relation to the money credited by them (Shehata, 2015).

2.2, 2.3 Explain how and why making contact with those identified and develop business relationships is important 

It is important for these to form and create business relationship with each and every stakeholder in the company. It is also required them to be well connected and communicated. With their effective working only company would walk towards the success path. Like directors are the persons who take all imperative decisions relating to the company. Similarly shareholders requires there company to perform well so that the money invested by them can be utilized in a proper manner. Apart from that creditors are the lenders of the money on which they earn interest. If all of them work in a healthy environment and initiate their interest in only for the success of the company then only personal networking be sustained (Shehata, 2015).

2.4 Design a strategies for improvement

It is important that at regular time interval all the strategies and policies be scrutinized for every aspect in the organization. For improving the strategies in relation to the aspect of increasing personal networking to widen the involvement in decision making company is required to follow the process.

  • Identifying the issue in marketing management 
  • Collection of facts
  • Brainstorming
  • Comparison with the existing one
  • Select the best option (Menec, Means, Keating, Parkhurst & Eales, 2011)

By following this process a better and improved personal networking may be formed for decision making.


If proper analyzing is being performed for the personal networking of the decision making then information, knowledge and communication can be access within the stakeholders of the organization in an accurate manner. To accomplish this purpose an improved strategies be made for it.


Decision making presentation slide 1

Decision making presentation slide 2

Decision making presentation slide 3

Decision making presentation slide 4

Task 3: Explain how you would develop the communication process. Explain how you would develop the communication process


Good communication is the base for success of every organization. If the organization lacks in the effective process of communication then the target of the company cannot be achieved. So it becomes important that company follows an effective way of communication. Also with the use of technology, communication process would be in an accurate manner.  Along with those employees’ communication skills also plays the key role in the success of its organization.

3.1 A report on existing processes of communication in an organization based on your findings

In the existing system of communication, there consist the chains through which all the matter is communicated. This system do not uses the information technology in its working on a large scale. It uses the process in which sender prepares the message then after encoding send the message to the receiver who decodes the message. And after that the feedback for the message is received by the sender. This process is lengthy and creates the problem of miscommunication. So this process requires a modification through which communication in the department and in organization is fast and effective.

3.2, 3.3 Explain ways to improve appropriateness and explain how you would implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in that organization

For the implementation of new communication process a new and reliant design is required that would help the organization and its employs to work in a better manner. Design includes the use of information technology that is the best way to communicate in current scenario. Each and every department would be connected via internet that would help in decision making as well as increases the productivity of the organization. Through the design, communication would be fast. Even the employees working outside the organization may also able to communicate with the company easily (McQueen & Janson, 2016).

Implementing the new technology would create the great impact on the working of the organization as communication would be faster and effective. For implementing the technology, it requires the approval of management on the greater level. Even this technology required to be legal in all aspects as illegal technology would create problem in future. It is also imperative that employees working in the organization able to use the technology and if they are unable to do so then a training session would diminish the problem. Apart from that there are certain ways to improve communications. Like, communication on a daily basis and if required then through various channels.

3.4 Create a personal plan to improve own communication skills

Employees should also be able to improve its own communication skills for the greater good of him and organization. Like, by being specific about the matter to be communicated. Similarly, avoiding the use of ambiguous words as it may create confusion. Apart from that body language and confidence also plays the key role in the success of the employee relation. Even by listening to the question properly and answering the same would be easy (Guzmán, Colomo-Palacios & Stantchev, 2016).


Communication plays the key role in every aspect of the organization. And if organization lacks in the better communication then by designing new process and implementing the same would help to achieve the goals. It is also important that technology that is used is accepted and adopted by all. But if that goal is not accomplished then it may create a serious problem for the organization.


Communication process slide 1

Communication process slide 2

Communication process slide 3

Communication process slide 4

Task 4: Explain how you would improve systems relating to information and knowledge


It is important that information and knowledge gathered worked in a proper and sufficient manner. All the information that is collected is properly analyzed so that improvement relating to it may gain momentum. It is also requiring proper study, planning and then careful implementation of the result in desired form as required accomplishing goal. So if any changes that is essential for it may be made accordingly and in a sufficient manner. In this report it would be allocated the ways to improve system in relation to information and knowledge. First it would be observed that how the information is collected, formatted, stored and disseminated. Later it would be observe the ways through which there would be improvement in the collection, formatting, storing and dissemination of information and knowledge. And last stage in this report would be strategies to be used to improve the access of information. Through all these approaches a better and sufficient manner may be created for the information and knowledge.

4.1 A report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

There are certain criteria in which information is collected, formatted, stored and disseminated in a significant manner. They are observation, surveys, experiments; subjective estimation etc. survey is the technique through which views of the people may be seen and then analyzed in an effective and efficient manner. So if information and knowledge are to be collected in a proper manner then operational result may be determined. In this case in relation to SPL Pvt. Ltd a survey was conducted to collect the information in relation to the involvement of information technology in the organization for information, knowledge and communication. All the employees in the organization came up with their suggestions and ideas. Through this approach all the imperative data are collected in an effective and efficient manner. From the questionnaire all the data can be collected and analyzed as per the need. All the data formatted and then analyzed in a better way.  It was considered that information technology can play a significant role for this purpose. There can be dissemination of information like through database, library, catalogues, web resources etc. first the data are stored and then transmitted to the targeted audiences through various routes. Through this there would be increase in understanding, awareness and action. Most of the targeted audiences are interested in adopting the new policies and technologies for better and sufficient result (Jones, 2012).

4.2 Explain how you will carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge

There are certain criteria through which all the necessary changes in relation to collecting, formatting, storing and then disseminating the information and knowledge be made. These changes can be carried out by followings the process as mentioned below-

Identification of the root for decision making- changes can be made only when sufficient root cause is present for the purpose of making decisions relating to the changes to be taken under it. They are not structured so it requires proper time and patience to follow steps to make the changes.

Reviewing the information and knowledge-the decision that is undertaken to then require to be reviewed.  From this step analysis can be made and effective way to achieve the target may be going a further step.

Assess the sources- All the internal and external sources may be assessing by taking cautious steps. Information comes from various sources so it become important that a proper technique should be analyzed and then chose for this purpose. For the effective working of the organization the best way is to pick the best suited option to accomplish the goals.

Selecting the better way-After proper planning, analyzing and decision making the next step is to select the change that to be implemented for this purpose. Selection of the change that can be accepted by the audience at large any become an issue. So it is important that this step be formulated in a proper way (JarleGressgård, 2014).

Implementing the change- The next and the final step is to implement the changes accurately. These changes shall be formulated in accordance with the change in strategies.

4.3 Explain how you will implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge

Many problems arise while formulating and collecting the desired data for the efficient working in the organization. There are certain strategies through which an improved system access in relation to information and technology being made. They are-

  • By formation of comprehensive technology plan- By creating a technology that may enable to satisfy the requirement of formulating technological plan so that system can work in an appropriate manner.
  • By formulating technological usage agreement- by the creation of technological usage agreement in employees the problem if network trafficking may be reduce. As only those sites can be opened that have accessed permission by the employer.
  • Use of free software-Sometimes by using free software facility and up gradation, a new way to save cost is attained (Edmondson, 2012).
  • Maintenance- By proper schedule, maintenance can be done to the system and software. This is the effective manner to eliminate the problem of virus and other infected files. SPL LTD a company whose business is to print local magazines and stationeries requires implementing technology in the organization to make the company’s base strong in the market. So for the success of the company, the information technology may be the best tool to be used.

This can be helpful as:

  • Decision making be fast- Decision making would be fast as all the imperative data would be available in the shorter period of time. It will increase the working speed in the organization.
  • Easy communication- Communication within and outside be fast and more effective. It helps to counter problems in a better way.
  • Work without boundaries- Working in this scenario where working can be accomplished without any boundaries. Employees outside the organization can be easily connected with the company. As in printing business of this company, data can be access and easily transmitted to the organization and employees without any delay and it also would help in the growth of the business.
  • Helps to avoid infringement of copyright- Copyright is the main issue in relation to the printing of matter and then its formulation. If by any chance printing is done on the matter of some other person or owner of that particular work then it may create legal issues in that matter. Suppose if the employee has printed a particular book and the matter on that book has already being a copyright of its original owner then owner may sue the company for that action. But by using information technology in the business issues can be avoided. As employee would easily analyze and check about the matter that is required to be printed (Cortada, 2014).

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Information and knowledge plays the key role in the success of any business. And with the implementation of information technology would increase its scope to cope in the market condition. So it is essential that information should be gathered, formatted and disseminated in a greater quality. By proper implementing the strategies in the information and knowledge in relation to the information technology then there would be less chance in any complication in this scenario. So for the better access of the information and knowledge the best way is that information technology be used in an effective and efficient manner.


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