Unit 16 MCIK SPL Assignment

Unit 16 MCIK SPL Assignment

Unit 16 MCIK SPL Assignment


Star Printer Limited (SPL) is a printing firm for the stationeries to be supplied in London and London magazines. There are so many organizations entering into one business area and hence there is huge competition and fewer profits. For being a leader in the industry, business has to analyze the market and lay down strategies. The quality of goods and services offered also is a part of the competitive strategy of any firm. The decision making strategies have to be based on the employees, resources as well as communication strategies utilized by them (Schindler and Eppler, 2003).

Unit 16 MCIK SPL Assignment,online Assignment help

Task 1   

1.1, 1.2 Discuss the range of decisions to be taken and examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking.

Each firm has to take different vital decisions, so as to survive and flourish in a competitive environment. Similarly SPL will also need to take decisions for its location, finances, ways of operation, etc. Many decisions are effective and some are ineffective. A business might take many long term or short term decisions. The long term decisions for SPL would be financing decisions; location etc and short term decision would include the printing jobs. The decisions are taken by the business heads or top management, and the same turn out to be the strategy and plans for the middle management and other employees. The business forms decisions with the expectations that these decisions would be beneficial for the business. This positive expectation is sourced on the basis of the information that the business gathers from different sources. This information is gathered and analyzed by the business. The information, as by its nature, is any raw data processed by the organization for its profitable use (Jasimuddin, Klein and Connel , 2005).
There are various sources of information for the businesses, and similarly there are various uses of the information. The business would highly need information regarding its customers, so that the business is able to add value to its operations. SPL would utilize the information in 2 vital manners. It would require info to know what the customers need and at what time they need it. SPL also need to apply the info to effectively place its product in the market, and stay ahead of its competitors. The business can employ past information of its sales to analyze the business trends and buyers’ needs. This info would help in accessing what kind of print, font size, paper quality, or font color is preferred by the clients. SPL won’t be able to finalize on any one form of printing, because all the clients vary in terms of tastes and preferences. To know about the changing preferences, SPL would need to keep itself updated with the latest information assessable.
The business would use different information to alter the productivity, and add these two different things so as to maximize the charm plus effective services of SPL. The business can also attain information regarding the readily available and less expensive resources. Business is expected to take care of clients’ personal information and for this they also charge premium from customers in the form of high prices. In case the personal information of clients is not rightly used or is not kept confidential, then the customers can levy a huge penalty, in Pounds and can also harm the business’ reputation (Dutrenit, 2000).

 1.3. Assess the current operations - internal and external sources of information and understanding.

Information might be gathered by internal as well as external sources. The business would need external information regarding the business strategy formation. In case of analyzing the business effectiveness, there is a need for internal information regarding the employees, their performances as well as their relations. SPL needs to get the external info to know about the external environment, competitors, financing options available etc. The info of the market scenario would help the business to flourish and stay ahead of its competitors.
PESTEL is a way to attain external information for SPL, which refers to the different environments affecting the business. For SPL, this would be the entire political, economic, social, technological, ecological as well as legal atmosphere within which SPL operates. For the internal effectiveness and improvement, SPL would need to focus on the employees’ welfare and also would need the inner info of the firm. The info would be in the form of SWOT analysis of the firm. The internal info will help in assessing strengths and weaknesses of the firm, and the external info analysis would help to find out the opportunities and threats that are faced due to competition.
The internal as well as external environment would the idea to SPL for how to perform and make effective decisions. SPL uses the diverse recommendations based on the analysis as per these sets of information. The business uses diverse forms of information sources to boost its sales and performance. This information collection and analysis task is sometimes outsourced by the firm.

1.4. Explain and justify recommendations for improvement.

SPL provides information to various clients regarding its products and services offered. The marketing firm requires info of the things it is marketing or launching. Before offering a good to any customer, a marketer should also be acquainted with the necessary information regarding the stuff. The clients try to attain information by getting in touch with various representatives of the firm. There are different channels which the business might employ, so as to gather information and to impart it to its clients.
The information should be segregated as per its use. This makes the information put to effective use at the right time. SPL should retain the necessary information and discard the unnecessary one. The utilization of information should be in such a way that it saves cost as well as time (Vaughan, 1997). The SPL is aware of the fact that the information- whether collected internally or from the outsourced information providers needs to be evaluated prior to applying into the business. For this, SPL has to make the employees compatible for use of info. For the maximum output, the regular updating of information is vital.

Task 2  

2.1. You must identify stakeholders for a decision-making process in the company and explain why you think they are important and appropriate.

Stakeholders can be defined as the parties who are impacted by the business or have a capacity to influence the decision-making in the business. In case of any decisions made by the management, the stakeholders’ reaction and impact on them has to be borne in mind.

  • Proprietors: The sole proprietors are people who carry out the business on their own. They need to be aware of the stakeholders’ impact on the business. SPL is a sole proprietorship, and hence needs stakeholder analysis to be carried out.The stakeholders would include the suppliers, clientele, shareholders, financiers, etc. These people are ones who are closely linked with the firma and have full awareness of how and when to carry out various tasks.
  • Workers: The business strategies, principles and policies impact the employees of the firm. These principles act as guidelines for the workers who are important part of any business. SPL is dependent on its employees for converting the laid goals into actuality. The performance of employees brings in the profitability for the business. The workers carry out various tasks on time and also fetch goodwill to the firm. In case, the performance is good, the products and services will turn out to be of superior quality, thus adding a larger clientele to its bucket.
  • Consumers: The business is carried out on the client needs. In case there is a need, business will be able to attain higher profits. The business can increase its revenues by fulfillment of the client needs and this attracting higher number of clients.The clients are the ultimate source of revenue for the firm. Once the goods and services are delivered, SPL is able to convert its efforts into money. The clients would help SPL in attaining its goals. The work of SPL is such, which it has to take care of various customized request of the customers.
  • Community: The community is also affected by the business operations and has a huge impact on the business. The likeliness, trends and preferences of the general public is the factor that affects the business operations. Community is easily influence by the marketing and advertising, and also has a capability to twist the ways of performing.
  • Government/ Legislation: The laws, government and other influential bodies effect the operations of the SPL. It sets up the guidelines to be followed for the business deals within and outside the organization. The rights and duties of buyers and sellers are laid so as to make the business booming and perform in the right direction.

2.2, 2.3. Explain how and why making contact with those identified and develops business relationships is important.

The stakeholders are the business- supporting bodies which try to reduce all the hindrances on the path of smooth functioning of the business. These are the individuals or professional bodies that lay the importance of the offered goods and services in the minds of customers or other people. These stakeholders are helpful to business operations. The business might contact them and should be open to the communication, so as to carry out the business operations (Smith and Rupp, 2002).

The stakeholder communication is useful in launch of business and its operations. The business investment can be turned into fruitful profits by effective communication and relationship building among various stakeholders. In order to expand the operations and perform better the business has to keep in mind the competition and stakeholders. The association among the stakeholders is not easy to predict however business can aim at maintenance of good linkages. The fair deals are important for the business to follow, because these are more impactful.

2.4. Design strategies for improvement.

The improvement of strategies straightforwardly refers to the strategies for the better relationship building. In order to design an effective business strategy, business needs to carry out a thorough analysis of the stakeholders (Zhang, 2008). The segregation of stakeholders is necessary for choice of the most appropriate strategy. In case, stakeholders are haphazardly stated by the business, they might lose their worth. So, the business has to keep a track of its stakeholders and segregate these as per their roles. In case the stakeholders are not appropriate, these may be a loss for the business. However the business has power to change the strategy at any point of time. Before the project initiation, it is vital to analyze the stakeholders so that the impact can be assessed.

SPL has to let the stakeholders made aware of the vision and goals of the business, so as to initiate their involvement in the strategy building.

Task 3 

3.1. A report on existing processes of communication in an organization based on your findings.

SPL has an easy and simple way of communicating. It implies the business has both formal as well as informal communication strategy. The communication codes are available only with the employees and business heads so that they are able to decode the messages.

3.2. 3.3. Explain ways to improve appropriateness and explain how you would implement improvements to ensure greater integration of systems of communication in that organization.

In order to improve the appropriateness and implementation of improvements, SPL has to go as per the guidelines. The business has to appropriately inform the employees about the strategies formed by the business (Alavi  and Leidner, 2001). SPL has a big number of managers and leaders who have to follow the same guidelines for strategy implementation. In case the different managers follow different strategies, then there would be no uniformity in the quality of services being provided by SPL. SPL applies the communication in such a way that the issues can be solved in an appropriate manner.

 3.4. Create a personal plan to improve own communication skills.

For the personal plan it’s essential to make sense of what outcome I am after ahead of I begin the discussion. Expressing my target helps I need to direct the discussion and to stay on spot. What I am planning to perform? Is it true that I am attempting to furnish assistance, resolve a clash, or work together on a task or issue? It is safe to say that I am looking for counsel or attempting to impact conduct? The sought result serves to focus the stream of communication. Getting in touch with is significant. One has to be obliging and not intruding. Nobody prefers being intruded on yet despite the fact that its characteristic to need to hurry into construct a point, it’s extremely insolent of the other individual's musings. I would have to attempt to comprehend the other individual's point of view and keep up a receptive outlook. It is necessary to Figure out how to esteem distinctive perspectives can be an imperative communication apparatus.
Feedback is fundamental for the business. It is better to affirm that there is a shared understanding of what's being communicated. It is frequently surmised that there has been a determination and go to a seeing, just to figure out that there has been totally misjudgment of the other individual's musings. I would request information and input. This not just affirms that I have effectively communicated; it additionally makes the other individual feel that they have been heard and caught on.
I need to be aware of what moves will be made and also need to take responsibility. There is a need to affirm due dates, obligation, and desires. In case significant, I would write down the agreements and records. An acceptable understanding of what should happen next can help dodge a clash afterwards.
I need to continuously attempt is necessary to conclude the communication in a cordial way. Repeating the much obliged words and attempt is to be made to leave the other individual feeling comprehended and esteemed. Profitable communication includes regard, thought, mindfulness, and precision. It is conceivable to be equally immediate and gentle and yet get a hold of the results required.

Task 4 

4.1. A report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge.

SPL has been segregated into various divisions for the successful accomplishment of goals. SPL has the departments based on different roles they perform. The Finance department carries out the finance functions, HR is responsible for Human Resource, marketing is for the advertising and similar other tasks, and operations division is meant for actual performance. There are various other smaller divisions like inventory handling, public relations, etc. There has been a separate division set for information provision i.e. information and communication department. This department collects the needed information, analyses the same and disseminates to the different divisions as per the need. It is a record holding department that keeps updated records and information. It gathers the records from various other departments like sales, HR, etc. The HR department would provide with the information regarding the employees relationships  and their performances. This would help the respective employees in performance management and their incentives calculation. The info from sales team would furnish the needs of management and other departments to be aware of additional stock needed, returns achieved, profits earned, finances required etc (Pfeffer and Sutton, 2000).

4.2. Explain how you will carry out appropriate changes to improve the collection, formatting, storage and dissemination of information and knowledge.

  • Collection:  The collection of information is via different internal and external sources. The collection of the information has to be via secured gateway and has to be made available to only the people who need the same.
  • Formatting:  The information collected hasto flow from one place to another in coded or decoded form. The format has to be proper and as per the guidelines lay by the firm.
  • Storage:  In current World, the storage of data/information can be easily carried out. The stored information might be in a coded form, or might also be in a simple form. The business has to train its employees about the ways to retrieve the stored information, update it at predefined intervals of time. The storage devices can be chosen as per the quantity of data to be stored. The stored data may or may not be encrypted.
  • Dissemination of information & knowledge: The information and knowledge flow has to be in formal or informal manner, and also in top-to bottom and bottom-to top manner.  However, it is on the discretion of the business to make the information public or not. Some of the businesses might charge for the information they supply (Baker and Badamshine, 2004).

4.3. Explain how you will implement a strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge.

Strategy implementation would include seven steps:

Step 1: recognize the Business difficulty

Step 2: get ready for alteration

Step 3: form the KM panel

Step 4: carry out the Knowledge assessment and investigation

Step 5: describe the main characteristics of the resolution

Step 6: put into practice the elements for Knowledge Management

Step 7: bond Knowledge to individuals

It likewise exhibits particular specialized arrangements and capacities that take into account a regulated usage of the Knowledge Management elements said in Step 6. These arrangements are:

  • Right to use active Knowledge Silos to obtain rapid ROI from the current assets
  • put into practice basic Knowledge withdrawal for extra productive right to use
  • Repeatedly sort out to manage latest knowledge
  • assemble a Knowledge storehouse to construct knowledge generally accessible
  • facilitate end-client commitment to permit expanded knowledge stream
  • develop the utilization of metadata and scientific classifications for powerful order of knowledge
  • establish the specialists in the SPL group - make a knowledge repository:

Outcomes have been extremely encouraging in SPL as it has begun to execute Knowledge Management utilizing this building-piece approach. Research data and most excellent practices are imparted, specialists are recognized and cost investment funds are acknowledged as workers invest a smaller amount of time placing or rethinking knowledge and additional time being gainful. Generally speaking, SPL has been more focused and more viable as they incorporate Knowledge Management hones into the fabric of their association - they acknowledge higher worth from the resources and capital they have used to acquire knowledge.


There have been rules for SPL to compelling execution of Knowledge Management. In the same way as other different techniques, there is no "one path" to actualize Knowledge Management - particularly since KM is a mix of innovation, civilization and applications. This paper gives an outline of some compelling, demonstrated approaches to plan, actualize and assess the aftereffects of Knowledge Management to help SPL be more viable.


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