Unit 16 Assignment on Managing Communications and Knowledge

Unit 16 Assignment Managing Communications Knowledge

Unit 16 Assignment on Managing Communications and Knowledge


the business grows on the strength of information, knowledge and communication. The report will present various kinds of decisions those can be taken to enhance the business operations. The information and knowledge will be examined along with their sources to make decision process effective. The report will identify the stakeholders of organization and find the cost effective communication channel with them. Also the strategies will be prepared to enhance the communication and participation with stakeholders. The present structure of samsung like organization will be discussed to determine the possible changes to enhance communications information skills and channels. The personal plan will be presented to enhance the skills in communication. The information system of samsung will be discussed along with possible changes and user friendly strategies to make it robust. Samsung is well known organization for electronic, engineering and chemical products.

Task 1

1.1Different decisions to be taken

The growth and management of organization depends on the strength in decision making of samsung organization. The management of organization takes the different kind of decisions to manage the business as well as to make advantages with market opportunities:

Strategic decision: the top management of samsung determines the strategies to compete and grow in market. Business objectives are defined to accomplish at lower levels in organization so that desired benefits can be achieved. The strategic decisions to product and deliver the new product in market is an example of strategic decision from top management.

Tactic decisions:the long term objectives and benefits may include the possibilities of changeability in strategies. For tactical decision making, the management of organization needs to analyze the current practices and returns from them (hamel and breen, 2013). The advance technological as well as business tools can be used in samsung organization for long term objectives.

Operational decisions:the daily activities and responsibilities are determined by management to accomplish the objectives into measurable time and performance. The organizational operations and flow of resources are considered as the part of operational decisions. The communication and processes to handle the business and customers with a consistent behavior is operational decisions in samsung.

1.2Examine the information and knowledge needed to ensure effective decision taking.

For effective decision making, it is necessary to acquire the information from all the factors those may affect the strategies. For samsung organization, following information needs to be analyzed:

  • Competitors:the electronic market is tightly coupled with competitors. Organization needs to analyze the strategies and products of competitors to sustain in market. Samsung is leading market with own strategies and products but the knowledge of upcoming competitors’ plans is necessary to provide strength to decisions (clegg.et.al.2015).
  • Customer inclination: the management of samsung needs to determine the customer demands and requirements along with trends in electric products and services so that market can be acquired and serve effectively. The buying power of different customer groups along with the quality expectation needs to be known and applied in decision making. Samsung’s separate department of customer relation helps to acquire such knowledge in decision making process.
  • Market:the trends and services in market must be analyzed to serve the customers and to obtain the market attentions with advance quality and product uniqueness. Economical moves and availability of raw material for business processing related information is helpful to strengthen the decisions.

1.3 assess internal and external sources of information and understanding

Internal sources: There are various sources available inside the organization to take appropriate decision in business. The internal data about the overall sales in specific period, the top profit making products and services, customer feedbacks, balance sheets and employees’ details and behavior etc can be used to obtain the required information and understanding for decision making. The financial records and figured of organizational activities are useful to provide the base for decision making. The weekly reports and summery sheets of business can be used to know the business profit and loss in different activities and according to them, decision can be made by samsung uk (roshanov.et.al.2013).

External sources:The websites and social media specific to uk can be used to listen from the market and customers. The organization also can review the research papers and journals to obtain the market conditions and dimensions of expansion. Also the capabilities of social media and newspapers can be used to acquire the knowledge of competitors’ services and customer experience to electronic market. Governmental websites can provide the information about new business decison making rules and policies whereas social media is an effective way to know from customers and trends.

1.4Justify recommendations for improvement

Samsung uk is already delivering an impressive products and services to customer. Still the customers are seemed less integrated in services due to improper customer analyze. Organization may use advance erp system so that customer feedback can be collected and sorted to use in upcoming business services. Also the customer experience can be enhanced by moving on with business to customer relationship (cassar.et.al.2015). The internet based erp system may be a good choice to manage the organizational activities and decisions in real time with complete integration to customer demands. The management can enhance the quality and pricing of electronic products according to economic constraints on customers to make market advantages and benefits along with strong sustainability. The distribution is effective but the relationship after the sale must be enhanced to liability so that customer can trust the services.

Task 2

2.1 identify stakeholders for a decision making process

The decision making process of samsung involves the number of stakeholders so that appropriate information and understanding can be achieved to sustain in market or to enhance the business processing.

  • Customers:the market for new product must be analyzed for target users because customers are key stakeholders in business and needs to be promoted for better services and quality to them. Customers help to recognize the effectiveness of product and services with their perception of buying.
  • Government: the laws and regulation in uk for business processes and employee relations also affect the decision making of organization. Local policies for specific product and marketing along with monitoring and control to business affect the decision power in workplace (webb, 2014).
  • Shareholders: the mismatching of ideas and principles of shareholders in business affects decisions. The contribution of shareholders for investment and new ventures in organization is required to meet their expectations and demands with new product from organization.
  • Employees: the objectives of samsung are finally accomplished with employees. Therefore, the management needs to invite key employees in launching of new product so that they also can motivate for their work and meet their personal objectives also.

Unit 16 Assignment Managing Communications Knowledge

Figure 1: stakeholders in samsung

  • Competitors: the approach of competitor to conquer the market with specific strategy or product can be used in own business. Proper analysis and information related to competitor’s market planning is required to accomplish the right decision within time to market (finn and bruix, 2014).

2.2 make contact with those identified and develop business relationships

In order to contact the key stakeholders in business, samsung uk can use following cost effective mechanisms where are also reliable and faster than traditional approaches:

  • Mails: rather than to post mails, email is cost effective choice to invite the key stakeholders personally. Email helps to reach the specific stakeholder within time and cost so that information related to new product like pricing, features and store can be delivered in impressive and effective manner. Email is also a good choice to achieve personal attention towards organization.
  • Website:official website along with many social platforms can be used to reach the stakeholders of organization. Employees and customer can be encouraged with public advertisements of event to attend. Website is a good source to make personal communication as well as full description of product being launched (shallan.et.al.2014). Website is also effective to deal with each stakeholder to improve the customer relationship in business processing.

2.3 involve those identified in decision making as appropriate

the participation of various stakeholders can be achieved with the use of online tools. The video conferencing, mailing, messaging and social web communication can be used to reach the stakeholders like customers, employees and other business partners. Websites and online applications are used in business to obtain the thoughts and interests of stakeholders. The social media is an effective way to determine the opinions of others about the event of new product launching. Samsung management can use websites and news to know the suggestions and feedbacks from the customers (ryan, 2014).

the internal resources like employees and shareholders can be contact and engaged in event with personal communication and business invitations. Meeting and events can be organized inside the organization to know the employees’ ideas and interest for the occasion. Employees are the most important part of the business and must be encouraged to present their thoughts so that management can engage them in business processing. The agenda for the occasion can be presented before the employees and key members so that plans and strategy can be enhanced to draw the impression on customer and market.

2.4 design strategies for improvement

The event can be made interesting for customers and all other participants with the arrangement of attractions in occasion and better promotion in market. Samsung uk can use digital advertising on internet to reach the target customer and market because internet is effective tool to reach the customer with specific age group. The advertisement can also be posted with use of videos and audio to attract the customers and participants. The web content can be provided to preview the occasion with some features and schedules so that market attention can be obtained (bouchard.et.al.2014). Samsung also can offer chance to win gift packets on participation and to meet the big personalities of world or industry. This will be effective to transform the decision of participants towards the occasion. The agenda of the event can be clarified in promotional activities like television advertisements, news paper content or web based content and promos. The shareholders and employees can be encouraged with the involvement of their thoughts and interest in planning of event. Addition to it, the crowdie and well known location can be selected for event along with adequate session so that most of participants can occur in event (kapp, 2012).

Task 3

3.1 report on existing processes of communication in an samsung uk

the organization is structured in vertical manner of control and decision power and has formal communication among all levels of organization. Employees of organization have facility of mail and telephone to contact with other employees. Also web based portal can be used to ask business operation related difficulties to experts and other members of organization. The communication is formal inside and has effective flow of information and control to accomplish the business objectives. Al though samsung has no communication with employees as they are directed and controlled by leaders those are again under the governance of management. Individual employee has no communication with management and top authorities (padilla.et.al.2016).

the external relations like communication with customers and other organizations for delivery and raw material is done with mails. Customer relations are handled with operational unit of organization but they are not engaged in decision making process. Customers are communicated with social media and personal mails for their feedback. The leadership bodies in samsung are lacking the communication with research department within the time of decision making so that most of time, problem of older technology and support seems in products. However, the marketing is effective to reach customer and distribute products and services.

3.2 design ways to improve appropriateness

the communication needs to be effective to respond the customers with desired results. The queries of customers and their complaints must be logged in a file so that proper statements can be prepared to respond them. The website and erp of organization has no effective mechanism to store the statements of customers because they are facing problem in feedback process (eggenberger.et.al.2013). Also the employees may be facilitated with forms to store and retrieve the information easily. Addition to it, management can use latest technologies to improve the communication like social web integration, personal assistant applications and instant messaging so that employees as well as customer can be linked to each other with proper security and reliability in communication.

3.3 improvements to ensure greater integration of communication systems

organization can use local media channel to offer the product details and pricing to community. The local market also can be communicated with point to sale stores and offer points so that maximum market can be gathered towards organization. The local community and employees can contact to each other with distribution and service centres along with online web forums. The web forums are effective to enhance the communication between employees of samsung uk and local community. Television programs and sponsorship of games happening in local community can be used to spread the voice of organization to customers in local community. Advertising on physical stores and crowdie places is required to enhance the spread of knowledge related to organizational products and services (bowlan.et.al.2013). for better communication, organization can hire the separate unit in organization to answer the queries of community regarding pricing, product and services along with booking of product and response to demands. Local news papers are also effective for one way communication to community to spread the words of marketing and product features. For internal communication, organization may establish the stronger and robust erp system to accomplish most of communicational purpose (grunig, 2013).

3.4 create a personal plan to improve own communication skills

the english is the official language in samsung uk and i am not native to english so i need to put my efforts to enhance my skills of communication. I observed that the written skills are good enough but still needs proficiency to reply the employees and customers with written mail reports and documents. I am using various books and newspaper to learn about the professional writing. Also i prefer to write and review with other employees those are native to english which is helping me to enhance my skills for reports and documents (cornelissen, 2014).

the communication is required in workplace as i need to present my ideas in business meetings and need to illustrate the product and services before customers. The spoken is effective but still demands the native tone to handle the native customer of united kingdom. The communication skills like speaking and listening in english is improved with television programs, practices with co-workers and analyse of own performance. The spoken courses are used by me to enhance the speaking and listening. The training and development is also used to aid quality in my skills.

Task 4

4.1 report on existing approaches to the collection, formatting, storage, disseminating information and knowledge

samsung uk has effective tools and techniques to store and retrieve the data in time. Organization uses the customer enquiries and reports on products and services to collect the data for business purpose. Also the unstructured and structured approaches are used to collect the information about product and customer relations. Normally data is stored with formatting. The uniform formatting is used to make the data acceptable into various database applications. The data is formatted with the review of employee, top management and developers to make it available in organizational decisions (corti.et.al.2014). Business information is stored in secured isolated servers so that nobody can obtain the information without permissions. Also the cloud computing is used to share the data with employees and customers. In present approach, organization uses the network structure to distribute the data to specific customers and employees. Employees are grouped according to their roles to access the information. Also the erp system, mails and social post are separately used to obtain the information and store them in adequate format.

4.2 improvements to collection, formatting, storage, disseminating information and knowledge

the business information and knowledge is managed in samsung with effective tools and procedures but some of activities and practices are marked for improvements. For the collection of information, organization may use advance tools those can automatically convert the information into usable format so that employee’s effort can be reduced on collection of information. The formatting can be enhanced with adequate software tools those can determine the consistency and integrity during formatting to store in databases (kuhn.et.al.2015). The storage is faster and reusable but proper permission and security can be implemented to store the information. Information can be classified according to use and sources so that retrieval time can be reduced. For sharing of knowledge among number of employees and customers, organization needs to prioritize the request on cloud server so that all the users can access the information anywhere with right sequencing of access. The distribution of information must be manageable so that information can be controlled and govern for the usages in organization. Proper security and encryption on use and storage of information is required to keep it safe from unauthorised users and disclose.

4.3 strategy to improve access to systems of information and knowledge

the information and knowledge in samsung uk must need to be classified first according to the source of information or destination to use so that target users and use can be identified. Later the information and knowledge can be sub sectioned for the proper storage and access process as knowledge can be divided according to preference to use among various groups of employees. For instance the research and development department can be granted to use every kind of information whereas employees those are from technical operations can be limited to specific set of information (manzoor.et.al.2014). Also the forms and authentication system can be prepared to avoid the direct modification and access to information. User friendly forms and application can help employees as well as customers to save their data online. The software based approach will reduce the effort with information management and access. Well tested and trustworthy erp system can be used to manage the information in consistent and integrated format for later use (ward and peppard, 2016).


the report has been discussed the different kind of decisions along with their effectiveness and sources in business. Report has also concluded the stakeholders for an organization and how the process of communication to them can be made cost effective to save capital and time.  Strategies have been used to engage the participants in business activities. The report has also determined the organizational structure for communication and suggested the methods to enhance the communication with proper implementation. The personal plan to improve communication skills has been discussed. The report has been identified the information system and how the information is managed and shared in organization. The improvement strategies and implementation have been discussed for information management in organization.


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