Internet and E-Business Merit Copy

Internet and E-Business Merit Copy

Internet and E-Business Merit Copy


The internet and e-business merit copy is based on the internet and e-business concepts, principles, and terminologies. There are in all 4 Tasks in the assignment. Task 1 would discuss on the environment in which e-business is conducted, benefits and barriers for the business online presence, security and legislative issues that persist in A2Z Cosmetics. Task 2 will study on the main features of HTML, uses of intranets and extranets, functions of servers, clients and browsers. Task 3 would be analysing the different e-business models that are being used for the generation of the revenues, various challenges and benefits that exist with any of the two models and future developments of e-business models. Task 4 would be discussing on the key elements of good website design structure, impact that well designed websites would have on the e-business and issues that are related with website usability. The tasks would all be answered covering the case study of A2Z Cosmetics Company.

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Task 1

This task would be discussing on the environment that exists while conducting e-business and the kind of business transactions that are involved. Online business has its benefits and the barriers that are linked with it. These would be discussed in detail. An assessment of the security and the legislative issues in the online business would also be done. The questions would be answered on the basis of the case study of A2Z Cosmetics.  

A. Discuss the environment in which e-business is conducted and describe various e-business transactions types

E-Business refers to a process in which the business is carried out electronically. The exchange of the goods, products, services and the revenues are generated online only. This kind of business requires the environment to be created in terms of the transactions and the facilitations that should be done. This environment helps in carrying of the workflow and its transfer from one place and unit to another one. This environment will enable the transactions and the messages to be circulated and moved. This would be governed by E-business regulations, rules and the conditions. E-Business is carried out with a set of standard terms and conditions that will maintain the workflow of the business activities and transactions. This environment will define the implementation, monitoring and the exchange of the resources that are in nature monetary types.

The environment will consist of the rules, regulations, protocols technologies and various other boundaries that are prevalent in the electronic business. The transactions that take place are basically of two types: Atomic Business Transactions and Long Run Business Transactions. Atomic are the ones that are carried out in small scale and with a common output. Long Run Transactions would be a collection of Atomic Business Transactions. There are two major environments: Macro and Micro. Macro comprises of the environment Macro Environment is the one that comprises of the factors like: political, social, cultural, legal and technological factors affecting the business. Micro factors are the employees, suppliers, Customers and the competitors etc.

The three business transaction types are:

  • Business to Customer – This is adopted by Wal-Mart.
  • Customer to Customer – This is adopted by consultancy.
  • Business to Business – This is small manufacturer selling his products to the big time retailer.

B. Explain the benefits and barriers to a business considering its online presence. 

Online presence of a company or a business has its own benefits and even the barriers associated with it. The benefits linked are:

  • It is a speedy approach to do all the business transactions. This will make sure that the transactions are taking lesser time and even the lead time among the various transactions are lesser.
  • It helps in developing a competitive benchmarking and analysing market trends in the specific industry. It will match its trends with that of other companies in this business.
  • It enables in the remote access and sharing of the information among the clients and the customers of all kinds (Zhu & Kraemer, 2005).
  • It will help in developing a medium that would be beneficial for the companies, clients, associates and others involved in the business activities.
  • It will give instant feedback and evaluation of the business as online presence will enable fast response.

The barriers associated are:

  • Online presence will force the clients and customers to get immediate and instant response. This will keep people not get free for their personal lives.
  • In case systems and networks are down then surely the business processes would be delayed.
  • Internet and e-business will involve a lot of investment and expenditure. This has running cost also associated with it as it has to be updated and audited on regular intervals (Norris et al, 2000).
  • The information in internet can be leaked and would result even in cybercrimes.

C. Assess the security and legislative issues facing the online business of A2Z cosmetics

A2Z is a newly formed company in cosmetics. It has to compete with the other competitors in the market in this business only. It should develop robust IT network and e-business solutions so that the business transactions are speedy, faster and smoother in their approach. It has to at the same time take care of the security and the legislative settings so that the information that is exchanged in the process is not leaked into the environment. It has to use security based tools, applications and the equipment that will enable the transactions to carry out smoothly. The data that is log in should pass via safe and secure network and settings. There should be firewalls and use of safe and secure mechanisms that will enable data security.

The data loss happens due to data and network security issues accounts for more than 37.5 %. This could be avoided in case A2Z will take up necessary licenses and the security settings. The software that is to be used has to be passing through secure and safe network settings. They need to use such software and passwords so that no break of the security and safety norms to be there. Above all as per the IT policy of the government necessary licenses and certifications should be taken that will enable them to carry out their business properly. The company has to even take care of the settings of encryptions and decryptions for the data transferred from one place to another. The licenses and certifications that are mandatory should be taken at the right time so that the processes are streamlined. The risks could be reduced by abiding the regulation, rules and taking necessary certifications.

D. State different modes of communication available to an e-business and their applications

E-Business like any other business is also enabled with certain important modes of the communication. These communication process are in terms of the Internal Communication and the External Communication. These are further divided into Horizontal and Vertical Communication. Vertical is said to be above in the hierarchy and Horizontal would be at the same level. All these transactions and information sent in the form or the emails, video conferences and the networking sites.

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Task 2

A2Z Cosmetics has been a newly formed company that requires a robust arrangement and IT settings that will help in the transfer and sharing of the data privately and securely. This task will discuss on the internet technologies and their applications, the features of HTML that the company may use in their day-today operations and the functions of servers and the browsers in the IT Settings.

A. Explain relevant internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful

E-business has been moving faster when enabled and equipped with the latest Internet technologies, tools and applications. These applications are facilitating all kinds of business processes. The modes of communication are referring to the technologies like: Routing, Proxy Server, Hosting, Search Engines, Online Shopping, Protocols, Embedded Technologies, and email settings for sending the business information from one place and person to another place and person. These technologies are equipped with the applications that are accompanied with that of the operational use. E-Commerce and E-Business is supported and facilitated with these tools and applications. Other is IP Addressing, Packet Switching, DNS, FTP and TCP/IP.

B. Explain the main features of HTML

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HTML has been quite significant in the internet world. It helps in connecting the remotely sitting people also together in the business. The major features of HTML are:

  • It has paragraphs, bullets, numbers and the titles. The content is easily and clearly defined.
  • It has a separate referencing style of presenting the data. The style has to be taken care of (Amor, 2000).
  • It is user friendly and easy to understand.
  • It is said to operate via Common User Interface.
  • Many forms and styles could be created in the HTML format.
  • Different kinds of web pages and formats that may create designs and create an impact could be created through the use of HTML.

C. Analyse the functions of client servers and browsers, and also discuss the role of search engines and its application on A2Z Cosmetics

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Client-Server is an arrangement of the master and the slave. It is a setting in the network wherein the Server is the master which has all tools, applications and software fed in it. The client will take up necessary data from the server and depend on its features in order to operate. A2Z should develop the serve client approach wherein it will put all essential and important functions and operations in the server and time to time requirement the applications could be taken from the server. This helps in the process of keeping security and safety in the network and the IT Applications. This helps in increasing the speed at server as well as clients end as the volume is not fully there in server as well as the client.

Browsers refer to a search engines that will help in searching or finding out the details on a subject that is mentioned on the screen of the browser. There are many kinds browsers that are available in the market and their applications are based on the kind of their usage by the client and the customers. The mostly used browser is GOOGLE. This is due to the reason as it has a vast data that is giving a lot of competition to other browsers. The website of Flipchart is based on the Client Server Model. This approach helps to get the online shopping done with a wide range of features and facilities. These could be used by A2Z as well. Above all Google is the biggest search engine that exists in the entire web network that is used for e-commerce and the e-business applications and approaches.

D. Evaluate the use of intranets and extranets within business communication

Intranet refers to the internal internet for any company or a specific network. This internal network will provide only the company related data and the information. This intranet helps in keeping the internal employees of the company connected all ways and at all times. Intranet of A2Z will help in connection of its employees sharing data, information, facts and the figures of the company. These could be business information or the employee related information and the data. The major benefits are: it connects people, it enables speedy network and data transfer and it even helps in the sharing of the tool and applications internally within the organization. It can also be referred as local area connection that uses the technology which is secured and has firewall and various safety features linked with it.

Extranet is the internet that is used among the clients, customers, and associates that are externally linked with the company. There is a use of TCP/IP protocol in order to work for the extranet for A2Z. This could also be private and supported with the help of Virtual Private Network. The online shopping websites are using the extranets with their associates and the clients so that they could share the data and information with each other. Intranet could be used to communicate internal company policies and practices with the employees and internal stakeholders. A2Z has to define the kind of network and processes as per the networking process.

Task 3

A. Compare and contrast two models by assessing the benefits and challenges. Analyse each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue

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The two business models chosen are: B2B and B2C. The comparison has been shown in the table given below:

Salient Features



Model Type

Business to Business

Business to Customer


A2Z selling to XYZ Co

A2Z selling to online customers.


It is different as will involve various business implications. These are high ticket purchases.

It is competitive pricing with that of the other retailers and companies with similar business model.

Purchase decision

It is driven by the budget and need of the business.

It is based on the customer needs, low and best rates that the company is offering.

Brand Value

It is developed by professional relationships

It is formed by the pricing and various other features.

B2B is generating a higher revenue level and the business and even the profitability is quite high. On the other hand B2C will have lesser margins, business revenues and the profitability ratios.

B. Report on future developments in e-business models

E-business models are helpful as the step by step and the standards are taken forward accordingly. These models are standardized approaches in carrying out the business. The future of these models is very strong as almost all the clients, customers and the people are busy and they would like to do online transactions rather than going physically and visiting the stores for the business decision making or the purchasing. All the people would like to go for the online purchases and the buying processes. There are various online business tools available like Pay-Pal, Paytm etc.

Task 4

This task would discuss on the elements of the good website design and its impact on the business in the longer run. It will also analyse the issues that may arise in the web usability.

A. Use the key elements of good web design structure.

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A website determines the kind of revenues, business and profitability that is generated. When a website is properly designed, the clients and customers find it easy to access and search the portal. He can accordingly make right decision and purchase decision making. A web site should have the following key elements for a good structure:

  • Optimize Search Engine - It should have proper search and navigation tools and approaches. They should have search data and matching coding done well from the backend to support the front end as well (Castells, 2001).
  • The combination and colouring styles should be effective to mark a positive and everlasting impression. There should be well mixed graphics in order to make the website look good and appealing.
  • All the functions, products and their differentiation should be clearly defined and carried out. This will also include the description of simple and clear content and context.
  • Website Usability – This should not be affected by the complex functions and features that are used on the websites. The tabs, clicks and buttons should be very easily and functionally designed and used.

A2Z should design such a website that is simple and easy to operate. This website should be able to compete with its simple functionality and features with the websites of the competitors (Malhotra, 2000).

B. Evaluate the impact of a well-designed website on an e-business

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Well Designed website is helpful for the e-business in the following ways:

  • IT helps in increasing the clientele and the customer base for the company.
  • It helps in generating more business revenues and the profitability for the company.
  • It enhances the customer loyalty and the participation online.
  • IT creates a lot of competition and leadership style for the company which has simple and comprehensive website.
  • It enforces a standard and image of the products and the services that the online business will portray to its customers.

A2Z should design its company website with all the features and functionality so that it could attract maximum number of clients and customers. This will increase the business of the company whether the business to customer or the other models.

C. Report on the issues concerning website usability.

Websites should be designed in the approach that they have a quick, speedy and easy functionality. This will help in increasing the business revenues and profitability of the business. There much kind of issues that may arise with the website usability:

  • A lot of content, advertisements and pictures on the website can make the readability very difficult. This will make the decision making also a complex process.
  • The coordination and synchronization if not there for the pictures, content and the business update on the website then it would create a mess making a bad image of the company.
  • The anchoring of the pages could also be an issue.
  • There should be proper placing of the tabs, options and the page signatures.
  • The searching and browser options should be clearly available and opened to the customers.
  • Navigation and browser options should be linked with the backend process of the data and content linked with it.
  • The colour, formats and size of the website content should be clearly represented.

All these are said to be the major ones that are arising on the website fronts. It is always essential that these issues are taken care of in case the website is being designed and made for a new company like A2Z. It will all depend on the kind of website that these issues could be avoided and ignored for better and successful business transactions online.

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Internet and E-Business facilities are helping people in taking out time from their busy schedules in getting their needs fulfilled by the online process. IT has become the trend of the day. A2Z can get into both B2B and B2C business models and get the business transactions for their products and services sold to the clients and the customers of all kinds. Website needs to be developed with such an approach that it fulfils the requirements of the customers and has right combination of the colours, fonts and the styles. Website when strong and has all the tools, features and functionalities then surely it will help in generating more business and revenues for the company.The technologies that are employed should be benchmarked with that of the industry standards and the navigation tools so that they are beneficial for gaining more business and revenues. These technologies will decide on the kind of investments that the company has to do in order to carry out more business. The issues that may arise in the web usability have to be taken care of so that the website designed is meeting the business standards. The features of a good website have been discussed in the assignment that may help the company is making the best site which is accessed by many clients and customers.

A2Z has to develop two separate networks for Intranets and Extranets. These are based on the business specific needs and then to make the people get in touch with each other. These networks have to be planned as per the needs, budget and the strategy that the company is following. This will help in aligning the business goals and objectives with that of the network and IT related needs (Amit & Zott, 2001) In the nutshell it could be said that business needs will decide on the e-business model and the approach that has to be followed and taken forward.


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