Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Distinction Copy

Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Distinction Copy

Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Distinction Copy


A2Z Cosmetics is a newly established company is into the business of cosmetics and business. It has been facing a lot of challenges to capture the market share. The future remains uncertain for a newly established company in fashion industry. The management of the company is quite interested in designing the strategy for marketing for facing the highly competitive market and even the competitors. The consultant has to advise the company in terms of developing an online presence so that it could reach maximum number of clients and customers. The consultant has to guide the company in terms of how the online presence can help the company in improving its operations, business and the marketing strategies. The Unit 29 Internet and E-Business Distinction Copy will comprise of discussing on the facts like: making an online presence, features of a good website, impact of having good website structure, various kinds of e-business transactions, various benefits and barriers of having online presence and uses of intranets and extranets. Finally points like future developments in e-business models and issues concerning website usability would be defined. All these subjects would be covered in 4 major tasks as described under.

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This task would define the environment in which the e-business is done and the types of e-business transactions. The benefits and barriers of online presence of A2Z would also be analyzed. There are many securities and legislative issues that are encountered by online presence and even the modes of communication differ that would also be studied. This entire discussion would be with direct reference and relevance to establish business with A2Z. 

A Describe the environment in which e-business is conducted and describe various e-business transactions types

E-Business refers to the business in which the information is exchanged among the businesses, clients, customers and associates online. These may be present anywhere but e-business enables smooth and faster transaction of the data and information. This information flow happens in a specific business environment. This environment is defined as the set of web services, programs and operational tools that enable this exchange of the information.  This environment will be governed with the help of certain security and legislative rules and regulations. These rules and regulations in turn define the level and the quality of data that would be transferred and exchanged. The environment would also be defined in terms of the collaboration of the business processes, auditing and monitoring actions and the resources that help in the display and exchange of the information among various people and parties that are involved in E-Business. It will also comprise of the boundaries, technologies and the protocols that have to be followed in the electronic business and companies (Petrova & MacDonell, 2010).

The major types of the transaction types in business are:

  • Atomic Business Transactions – These are the business transactions that will involve small scale transactions with the common output that is generated.
  • Business Transactions for Long Running – When many kinds and levels of transactions are carried out together for a longer duration of time.

B Explain the benefits and barriers to businesses considering its online presence

Online presence is helpful for a company to increase its visibility among its customers and clients. Online presence enables an individual to do business transactions and shopping online on a company’s website. The benefits for online presence are:

  • It is said to be a speedy and easier approach that could be handled and executed immediately.
  • It helps in taking an edge in competition as does not require physical presence or dedication of the customers and the clients.
  • It helps in saving time of the customers and clients.
  • It immediately notices and observed the trend of the selling, marketing and presence of the company’s image in the market (Amor, 2000).
  • It obtains immediate feedback and evaluation of the online presence of the company.

Barriers for online presence are:

  • The transactions are quite instant and in case of any mistake in some data entry would result in wrong transactions being carried out.
  • It depends on the speed of the internet that the quickness of the business transactions would be determined.
  • It requires a lot of internet and e-business packages and services to be taken which involves a lot of investments.
  • There is always a certainty of loss of information.

C Assess the security and legislative issues facing the online business of A2Z Cosmetics  

When the business transactions are carried out online then there are a lot of security and legislative issues that are faced and encountered in the online business of A2Z Cosmetics. There is always a result of loss and breach of the information that may occur and users can take up the information. A2Z should employ a lot of security and legislative applications, tools and the equipments that will prevent the loss of information.

These tools and firewalls and security related software will filter the data that should enter the company’s network. It is due to security and legislative reasons that around 37.5% losses on information take place. There gets a leakage of information in case the security settings are not considered properly. There are lot of equipments, applications and the security devices that are used for the prevention of the crimes that happen online. The security and legislative requirements demand that proper code of conduct and regulations are being drafted.

The percentage is of a great figure in terms of the security break and even indicates the level of crimes that take place online. A2Z has to ensure and take up a private corporate network that will have internet security and the regulations that will prevent all kinds of security and cyber related crimes.

D State different modes of communication available to an e-business and their applications

There are basically two modes of communication and business that take place in the e-business. Their applications are also discussed under in detail:

  • B2C – Business to Customer – This is the mode of communication that takes place between a company and the customer or a group of customers which are also referred as the clients. This mode of communication enables that interaction happens between a company and the customer. Amazon, Flipkart and lenskart are few of the B2C companies present in the business world that are enabled for business through this mode (Papazoglou, 2007).
  • B2B – Business to Business – This mode of communication takes place between the various companies and retailers who are associated with these companies. The example of this mode is Vertical Net.com.
  • C2C - Customer to Customer – This is the mode in which the business and its transactions are carried out among various customers. They will sell the products to each other through some medium or the safe business environment. Ebay.com is one of the examples of these kinds of services.
  • B2G – Business to Government – This model is the companies supplying the products and services to various government organizations. The example would be if government is taking out project of developing a power line then it may release tender for the various services to the companies.
  • C2B – Customer to Business – This mode is transfer of information from customer to the business. The example of this mode of communication is priceline.com.
  • G2B – Government to Business – In this mode of transaction the government provides the support, help and means to start and sustain the business.

These modes of business assignment help in various environments and can be used as per the various situations. The best business applications will be dependant on who all are involved in carrying out these business transactions and processes.

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This task will actually define the relevant internet technologies and their importance in making various e-businesses successful. It will discuss on the features of the HTML, importance of clients, servers and the various kinds of browsers that are used in the internet applications. It will even evaluate the relevance and importance of the intranets and the extranets that are used in the process of business process applications.

A  Explain relevant internet technologies and their importance in making an e-business successful

There are many kinds of internet technologies that help in exchange and transfer of the information from one place or person to another place or the person. With the help of these devices and the tools, the network becomes faster, speedy and secured. The technologies that exist in the market are: Search Engines, Proxy Severs, Routers and the embedded technologies. These are even supported with the e-mails and various other kinds of devices that will enable technology use for the effective communication and transfer of information.

These technologies, application and the tools help in secure, health safety and speedy transfer of the information. The importance of these technologies could be determined with the benefits that they are able to develop for its users like:

  • They help in safe, secure and legislative driven transfer of data and information.
  • It will enable fixing location and other barriers and constraints in the information exchange.

B Explain the main features of HTML

HTML refers to Hyper-Text Marked Language. It is a language that helps in creating coding on the backend to create web kind of pages. It was launched 22 years ago. It comprises of the several key components like entity and its references, tags and the character based types. It has a head, body and closure of the language to display the components in the front.




  <TITLE>A study of population dynamics</TITLE>

  ... other head elements



  ... document body



The essential features are:

  • Applet– This requires the start and the end tabs and applications in HTML.
  • Font – This will actually define the font style and the size at the backend so that it is displayed in the form of a form at front end.
  • Maps – These will help in putting locations and the time in the HTML styles.
  • Images – This will copy and take up the pictures and the images from the back end sources to appear in the form.

C Analyse the functions of client servers and browsers. Also discuss the role of search engines and its application for A2Z Cosmetics.

Client – Server is said to be a master-servant approach. Server is the device or the computer that has access and authentication to all kinds of programs, applications and tools. Server may not provide access of all kinds of programs and applications to the client rather as per its utility. Client is also a kind of computer. It does not have all programs. This approach helps the company in maintaining security, safety and the regulations pertaining to the IT systems and applications. This will maintain user-client applications. This gives a strong base and back up for the programs to remain safe and secured in any kind of an environment. This approach reduces the chances of the data loss and leakage of the essential information to others. It accesses and controls the kind of network and the data flow.

Browsers or search engines are also the online applications that help in searching or the browsing of the data and information. These search engines will help in providing a way to search any kind of information on the web as per the varied database that is created. This browser would be world-wide-web that will help in accessing the information.

A2Z will search and keep the client server information and browsers so that the information is accessed so that the company information is intact and utilized when required. The search engine would provide a means for A2Z to access the information and data as a www application.

D Evaluate the use of intranets and extranets within business communication

Internet is the network or the connectivity that connects the people across barriers and borders of the various countries and cities. It helps in keeping touch of all kinds of people together. Intranet is the short form of internet that is a private network that is accessed at the corporate and company level. This helps in restricting a private local area network among the offices of the companies together. This helps in even discussing the private and confidential information among people in the same company. Based on intranets, the business information and data reaches one place to another helping in making important decision making in regard to business applications.

Extranets is also a kind of internet but that will help in sharing data and information among the suppliers, vendors, clients and the associates of the company with the company. This will keep secured network among these groups and applications to remain safe and secured. This kind of application uses TCP/IP protocol or the business conduct. Even VPN or the Virtual Private Network could be used for the applications

A2Z has to develop intranets for its employee based data transfer and communication and extranet to remain contact with that of the suppliers and the vendors.


This task will discuss on the internet and e-business models and their discussions on the basis of the revenue generating aspects. It will compare and contrast the two major types of e-business models. It will even reveal the future developments that will happen in regard to the business models.

A Illustrate different e-business models that can be used to generate revenue for a business 

The various available business models that help in generating the revenues for the business are discussed below. These models could be kept in mind while planning for the website for A2Z for its new business in fashion.  

  • Shopping Cart Technology – This is the technology and the application that will help in keeping the items online in the form of carts. These carts will keep the preferred items and listing that has to be brought by the customer. This unique technology helps in keeping a selection of the items and the products that are to be used and required by the customers (Cagliano et al, 2003).
  • Shopping Malls Online – This will provide a benefit of a wide spectrum of the products and the services that are required by the customers and the clients. This uses B2B or the B2C kind of technology applications. This will help the customers in gaining and buying of the products online with varied applications.  
  • Auction Model – This is the approach that will auction the products that are to be sold online. These could be 2nd hand or 1st hand information. This model will help in generation of the revenue from even the old and obsolete models and product categories.

All these products models and sales approaches are used for revenue generation from the business. The models will help in finding out the information on the amount and level of revenues that would be generated. Based on these models the profitability and amount of revenues would be decided and predicted.

B Compare and contrast two models by assessing the benefits and challenges. Analyze each model in terms of its capacity to generate revenue 

The two major models that would be differentiated for benefits and challenges are described in the table as under:




Purchasing Procedure

Business to Business

Business to Customer

Payment Credit

It involves a credit period that could be given.

It is online payment without any credit involvement


Highly Advanced

Comparatively not much advanced

Security and Legislations

Requires additional security network and applications

It involves security but not that proof

C Report on future developments in e-business models

E-Business has taken the world to a highly advanced level and its applications have enabled the developments and growth in terms of technology and business. A2Z has to use e-business model and the related applications and technologies that will help in better information exchange and delivery. E-Business has been changing and relatively experiment of the applications, tools and the equipments.

  • As people are running short of time therefore the applications and the internet technologies are helping people in developing their internet tools and buying and taking online experience (Hsu, 2012).
  • It will help the retail as well as online shopping sites to provide services and products to the customers. This way the smaller companies taking edge by making their presence online.
  • The future will help in gaining business and profitability through online business applications. It will enable keeping businesses, customers, clients and the government to remain in touch with each other.
  • It will help in social advertising and the social sites business generation and profitability.

The future states that there would be introduction of more applications, technologies and the tools that will make the internet and e-buisness very comfortable and easier (Cagliano et al, 2003).

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Unit 29 Internet and E-business Distinction Copy has taken the world in a separate and advanced mode. A2Z should make its presence online so that it should be able to get benefits from even the working class of people. It should design its website in such a way that the website is of attraction to the customers as well as the clients. It should use safe, secure and reliable internet technologies and the equipments that will help in maintaining security, safety and reliability in the network VPN for the company in all ways. It has to do competitive benchmarking of the tools and applications that are used by the business partners in the outside world for these websites. This will help in designing an effective website for the company which will increase its business.  


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