Unit 9 Empowering Users of HSC Assignment

Unit 9 Empowering Users of HSC Assignment

Unit 9 Empowering Users of HSC Assignment

Case study – 1

1.As a manager using the case study above explain relevant legislature, sector skills and influence standards that will influence organization policies and procedure and significantly maximize the right of TAZ.


Sector skills

Organization policies and practices

Justify the influence on maximizing TAZ’s Rights

Health and social care Act 2012 is the act that provides protection to the patients like TAZ

Care Act 2014, this act will help the people like TAZ and would also protect their rights and the care that they deserve

The Mental Health Act 1983provides protection to mentally unstable service users like TAZ 

  • Cooperation
  • Coordination
  • Patience
  • calmness

Carer policy and health improvement policy

In the case of TAZ who is a bright young managed just 18 years old. It is to be remembered that he meet with a tragic accident in situation and circumstance which left him with a hearing impairment and a physical disability. It is to be highly noted that his beloved parents were much worried that their teenaged child is really giving up himself in the given situation and circumstance of personal life. On the other hand, his GP has largely referred this teenaged child to a counselor for different type of support. It is been observed that TAZ has been refusing to talk with anyone and has not been taking food for the past some days. TAZ has been immediately refereed to the rehabilitation centre where I work as a team-manager in the given physiotherapy team (House, James, 2001).

It is been observed that TAZ had largely shown aggressive behavior towards employees and staff under any given situations and circumstances. He also doesn’t really participate in any type of intervention need and required in order to improve his wellbeing and health with a lot of perfection. The best legislation that aptly suits TAZ is carer policy and health improvement policy with lot of perfection in any given situation and circumstances.

 There is a need and requirement for the staffs and employee relation to understand the actual condition of TAZ that are his difficulty because of hearing impairment and a physical disability while dealing with him. They should show a greater level of cooperation and coordination which is rightly blended with dedication and commitment with a lot of perfection. TAZ shouldn’t be left to indulge in his own activities and task with any given staffs and employees direct observation under any given circumstances and situation (Sayburn, Anna, 2010).



2. To ensure the rights of service user like TAZ are promoted, analyze the contribution of effective communication between care workers and individuals in of care.

To ensure that the rights of service users like TAZ are promoted it is necessary that the most factor of communication between the care workers and TAZ should be maintained only then they would be able to cure TAZ of his problems. The care takers need to ensure that they try to communicate with TAZ in a peaceful manner so that they can understand that what the issues that he is facing as a person who has special needs because he also has hearing disability so the care takers needs to check that his needs are fulfilled even before he asks for it.

According to the Health and Care Council makes it the duty of the service providers to work in the interest of the service users, the HPC Standards of conduct, performance and ethics provides the following responsibilities of the service giver so that rights of the service taker like TAZ can be promoted (COT, 2011).

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The human rights of TAZ should be recognised and respected (COT, 2011)

  • TAZ should be treated with dignity and respect always as an individual who deserves to be treated right (COT, 2011)
  • The uniqueness of TAZ should be acknowledged (COT, 2011)
  • TAZ’s dignity should be preserved and protected all the times (COT, 2011)
  • TAZ should be given his privacy (COT, 2011)
  • TAZ should be treated in fair, equal and non-discriminatory manner and he should be given access to all the services that he requires without any bias or prejudice (COT, 2011)

When all the above responsibilities are fulfilled only then the rights of service users like TAZ can be promoted and preserved

3. Explain the factors in this case study that may contribute to loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion for vulnerable people like TAZ or other services users.

It is to be noted that TAZ might be undergoing one or several of the following problems and issues related to his loss of independence, non-participation and social exclusion.

  • Social exclusion:This is a process which is very complex in nature and this entails almost complete denial or lack of interest or involvement in any type of rights, goods, resources or services and this also includes the incapability to be able to participate in any type of activities in which normal people participate which can be social, economical, cultural or political areas, the social exclusion affects an individual in a negative way where his quality of life and well being becomes detrimental (LEVITAS, Ruth et al., 2007).  The factors have been discussed below:
  • Poverty: Poverty is s situation where even the basic human needs of a person are being fulfilled and a lot of people get affected by it like if young children like TAZ faced poverty then they might not have got proper nutrition, food and shelter and this affects the health and total wellbeing of the person
  • Illiteracy: When a person does not received educational facilities than that person becomes illiterate and this also is a big cause of social exclusion as the person especially the children think low of themselves because of lack of education
  • Drugs:If any person or child gets introduced to drugs then also he avoids participation in social activities as drugs make a person lonely and aggressive in nature. Drugs are chemicals that alter the cognition abilities of a person.
  • Abuse: Children and kids who have suffered mental, physical or sexual abuse are also socially least involved as they are scared that they might have to face the abuse again. The kids who suffer abuse of any kind want to stay alone and they avoid any kind of social activities and any participation in it.

4. Choose a specific health and social care context and analyze factors that many affect the achievement of promoting and maximizing the rights of users.

The Health and Social Care organization systems and policies that will be used by the staffs and employees in order to be perfectly used on TAZ/service users for promoting larger participation and independence will be the following (HUSBAND, Helen et al., 2010):

  • Firstly there would be groups made of people with similar disabilities
  • Secondly all the members would have person as a buddy for them who would be involved with the patients like TAZ all the times (HUSBAND, Helen et al., 2010)
  • Thirdly some activities will be planned for service users like TAZ that would be fun and according to the requirements of the service users; the buddy member would help the service users in those activities like TAZ, as he is a young kid therefore activities that would help all the members of the service user teams to be involved would be done like playing games of football, basket ball, these games would be liked by the service users and as they all will be a team with same disabilities that would help them in bonding and the buddy member will help them with the activities that would also increase the confidence of the service users that they have a buddy to help them out in any situation and  by continuously doing these activities would help the service users in more participation and engagement in the activities also the staff would be trained to deal with the different groups and they will encourage the participation of the service users by providing them gifts like chocolates or some toys if they young kids like TAZ (HUSBAND, Helen et al., 2010). 

So we see that by the following the participation of the service users would be increased in the organisation activities.

Case study – 2

Question 5 How will you support Mr. H to meet his dietary needs?

It is known fact that Mr. H suffers from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which much similar to hyperkinetic disorder in the ICD-10. This particular serious kind of disorder is a psychiatric disorder of the type known as neuro developmental type. This disorder come with significant problems and issues of attention, acting impulsively or hyperactivity that aren’t really appropriate for an individual's age under any given situations and circumstances. It is to be highly noted that Mr. H desire to meet his dietary need will be fulfilled on a positive note with a lot of perfection. 

While accompanying Mr. H to the super market and indulging in the cooking activities, I will personally take care with certain symptom that might occur or happen with Mr. H such as  

  • Often switch from one task or activity to another without any notice.
  • Be easily and much distracted under any given situations and circumstances
  • Missing details of major and minor importance
  • Forgetting things of significance
  • Having much difficulty in order to maintaining direct or indirect focus on one particular given task or activity
  • Become much bored with an activity or task after just only a few minutes under any given situations and circumstances, unless doing really something excited or enjoyable
  • Having direct and indirect difficulty particularly focusing much attention on organizing and finishing a given task or activity or learning something new under any given situations and circumstances.
  • Having much trouble or issues in completing the given assignments plus losing things often that is much needed or required in order to complete activities or tasks.
  • Not really seem to actually listen when spoken to under any given situations and circumstances.
  • Indulging in daydream.
  • become easily and much confused under any given situations and circumstances
  • The habit of move slowly during any activity or task when given to perform.
  • Having much difficulty in processing data, details and information as accurately and quickly as others.
  • Really struggle in order to follow given instructions and guidelines.

There are chances that Mr. H with hyperactivity may show sign of the following symptoms that really need to take care of

  • Having much difficulty in doing quiet activities or tasks
  • show emotions without restraint
  • Squirm and fidget in their seats
  • Talk nonstop
  • Blurt out inappropriate comments
  • Dash around
  • frequently interrupts conversations or others' tasks or activities
  • Playing or touching with everything and anything in sight
  • act without regard for consequences
  • Having trouble in sitting or standing still during any given activity or task under any given situations and circumstances.
  • Be much constantly in motion
  • Having much difficulty waiting for certain things they really want or waiting their particular turns in any given activities and tasks under any given situations and circumstances.
  • Be very impatient
  • Learning disabilities ,
  • Tourette syndrome
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) and conduct disorder (CD),
  • Primary disorder of vigilance,
  • Mood disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Substance use disorders.
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Sleep disordersis

Analyze how you will manage the tension to enable Mr. H to cook his meal safely and your responsibility to ensure his safety and that of others. 

While in the activities of accompanying Mr. H in shopping task, I will make sure that Mr. H is properly dress up for going out for shopping. We shall travel in own vehicle for the up and down trip in order to avoid mess up in public transport. In the shopping centre, I will take extra care in order to monitor the activities of Mr. H among the public. I will make sure that Mr. H picks the right things as per the need and requirement of cooking meal of rice and peas with jerk chicken with lot of perfection. While billing activity, I will make sure that Mr. H follows the queuing system towards the given counter plus pays the exact change and receives the receipt of purchase. I shall assist Mr. H for carrying the purchased things back home with extra care (Wharton, Billy, 2012). 

While in the activities of accompanying Mr. H in cooking task, I will make sure that Mr. H does all the activities and task related to the cooking of rice and peas with jerk chicken properly. I will personally check Mr. H is washing the rice, peas and chicken with fresh water properly with a lot of perfection. I will allow him to marinate chicken with jerk spices as per the requirement in the dry or wet form. I will stand by Mr. H while he is lighting the stove for cooking rice and peas and switching on the oven for cooking jerk chicken. I will guide him in the entire process of cooking to dinning under the given situation and circumstances to a great extent. I wouldn’t allow him to indulge in any other activities and task in the allotted kitchen. I will not allow him to use any other kitchen items which aren’t necessary for cooking rice and peas with jerk chicken. I will show keen interest in supporting him in the entire process of cooking till dinning. I will also clarify his doubts and queries related to the cooking process of rice and peas with jerk chicken as per his desire or wish in the allotted kitchen.

Case study – 3

6. Use the case study above on MR Philip to identify the extent to which individuals are at risk of harm in health and social care.

The extent to which individuals are at risk of different types of harm in health and social care have been discussed below as there are many risks that are associated with the individuals, they are as following (TIDY, Dr. Colin, 2013):

  • Vulnerability: the individual like Mr. Philip are vulnerable people who are at high risk of abuse because of their condition like in the present case Mr. Philips suffered from Dementia therefore he could not take care of himself or protect himself and this makes him vulnerable and therefore when his son beats him he could not protect himself from the injury (TIDY, Dr. Colin, 2013)
  • Dependence: Mr. Philip is also a man who is old therefore he has greater dependency on other people because of his increasing age and dementia he was not able to take care of himself and was living with his sons, but this sons took advantage of his dependency and instead they used his pension and other money for themselves instead of helping their father (TIDY, Dr. Colin, 2013)
  • Mental health: also Mr. Philip mentally was not that strong to understand his situation or to deal with it and this further increased his risks as his mental health was becoming detrimental his risk was also increasing of the abuse that he had to suffer which was caused by his sons and he was so scared that he said that his son want to kill him (TIDY, Dr. Colin, 2013)
  • Isolation: at old age people do not want to stay isolated but they are left to be alone this gives rise to risks of injury or abuse as no one will be there to help them also being alone gives rise to suicidal tendencies like Mr. Philip had.

7. As the hospital manager select and analyze 2 health and social care organization system and policies.  Critically analyze the effectiveness of policies, procedures and managerial approach within a health or social care setting for promoting the management of risks.

There are some health and social care system and polices that are being used by different organisation and below we are going to discus some universal policies:

  • Patient focus: All the policies and procedures should be focused on the need of the service users rather than the service provider as the main goal of health and social care is the care od the service users like TAZ. Patients should be given the most importance and their needs and demands should be kept in knowledge and the approach should be such that would help the service users in improving their health and mental status and disability.
  • Standardized care delivery through inter professional teams: All the different teams should work together so that the service users can be provided with the best health and care services. The social care teams and the health care teams should work together so that they can work in an effective manner and would help the service users in recovering in a better, safer and quicker way as when there will be coordination then the service users would be treated in a better way.
  • Performance management: The performance of the different service provider teams and individuals should be noted and analysed on a regular basis so that any need for improvement can be seen and the required changed would be done in the teams that are less effective in their work and in providing services to the service users like TAZ (SUTER, Esther, 2009).

If the above polices are implemented in the health and social care sector then the problems of the service users can be identified and solved in a better way and continuous analysis would remove all the risks associated with the service users in a positive manner. Their effective can be seen by continuous and periodical analysis of the performance so that the work is being done in a better way.


Question 8: Leaflet to guide staff members on current legislations and policies on medication administrations, handling and disposal

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