Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion Assignment – H&M

Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion Assignment – H&M

Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion Assignment – H&M


Diploma in Business

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Unit 18 Advertisement and Promotion – H&M

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Level 4


Through unit 18 advertisement and promotion H&M assignment different perspectives and concepts related to the advertisements are explained. The case study of H&M has been used as chosen organisation. The communication process that applies to advertising and promotion are explained. A brief explanation of the organisation in the advertising and promotions industry to the H&M management has been provided. There are different regulatory bodies which have the responsibilities to monitor and control the approaches of the advertisements agencies. These regulatory bodies are explained to access the regulation measures of promotion in UK. Different current trends in advertising and promotions, including the impact of ICT over the advertisements and promotions are explained. Description of the function that advertising play in an integrated promotional strategy for the H&M has been provided. Explanation of branding to strengthen a business such as H&M along with the definition of the branding has been given in the report. The creative aspects of advertising in the context of H&M have been reviewed. The range of ways of working with advertising agencies has been explained briefly.

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Task 2

2.1 Provide an explanation of the role that advertising could play in an integrated promotional strategy for the H&M

Communicating with the customers is necessary for the marketing strategy of the organisation. Advertisements have been referred as the proper communicational tool which has been used by the organisation to promote the products and services and increase their brand image. Advertisements are used by the organisations as the prime methods to communicate with the customers. (Ngwenya, 2011) The advertisements are efficient in promoting the products or brand among a mass population cost and time effective way along with proper media vehicles. In the recent competitive market for placing the similar products in the higher preferences needs the advertisements with modern technological implications. These are also effective in targeting a larger size population of customers.

Through advertisements the organisation H&M provide proper information about the products which and also stimulate the customers’ intention of buying the products. The advertisements are developed to make competitive approaches in the market through convincing the customers about better quality and prices of the products than the competitive organisations. The customers have the details of the products along with the sales and discount offers through the advertisements. These advertisements are used as the medium to provide the products’ information to the customers and to make them chose the products by comparing with their needs and desired standards, quantity and price. (Okada, 2012)

Integrated marketing strategies the collaborative approaches of marketing which are developed by using the connected tools of promotional mix in order to achieve the objectives of the organisation in the marketing. There are different strategies which are related to the integrated marketing such as direct selling, sales promotions, public relations, personal selling, advertisements etc. among these advertisements are the most common tools which are used by all organisations. (Okada, 2012) Within the integrated marketing strategies the advertisement has a significant role which are beneficial for the organisation H&M. There are different advertising processes which can be used by H&M. Through sponsoring different events like musical concerts, sports events they can attract specific segments of target audiences. Through online advertisements the management of H&M can approach different customers with different pursuits in worldwide measures. Advertisements through T.V., newspaper and billboards with attract local customers. (Ngwenya, 2011)

2.2 Include an explanation of how branding could be used to strengthen a business such as the H&M.  Include a definition of branding in this section of your report

Branding is the tool which has been used for creating the unique brand image and the products associated with the brand within the market as well as in the mind of the customers. The branding has been through different advertisement campaigns with a reliable theme. It has the aim to establish a noteworthy image of the brand and place differentiated existence of the brand within the market. (Franch, and Albiol, 2013) Through branding the organisations like H&M tends to attract different customers and retain the loyal customers. The brand is the value of the organisation. The branding refers to the services and the positioning of the products along with the organisational culture. The branding is done with the aim to establish trust among the loyal customers as the loyalty of the potential customers is dependent on the trusts towards the brands. Through the branding approaches the H&M provides proper information to the customers or idea about what they are purchasing and what expectations they can place from the brand.

There are different steps in the branding which are used to strengthen the business image of H&M:

  • The H&M must outline the vision and mission of the business and linked them with the marketing objectives and strategies. The objectives of the marketing should be linked with the products and their ability to persuade the current trends over the garments and accessories. (Huda, 2013)
  • Target markets should be defined within the branding approaches. H&M can target all genders with higher and middle class income status to place the products. According to the target customers and their interests or perspectives the branding approaches would be developed.
  • Next step of branding process is the value proposition where value of the products and their ability to satisfy the customers are defined. (Huda, 2013)
  • The distinct features of the products than the other competitive similar products and their ability to satisfy the customers’ requirements or the benefits of the customers in purchasing these products are including in the brand approaches.

Within the branding of H&M the brand logo of the H&M should be included which would define the uniqueness of H&M as a brand. By making the marketing strategies or including the tools of the marketing the branding is done. Regarding the branding of the H&M the organisation can use the campaign for increasing the customer awareness about the brand.

2.3 Identify and review of the creative aspects of advertising in the context of H&M

Creativity is the most important factor in the advertising. The attention of the customers can be gained through creativity and innovation. In the advertisement agencies the professional skills over creative and innovative capabilities are needed for delivering attractive advertisements.  Higher skills over creative areas associated with graphic designing, writing, eye catching contents and adding innovative visuals are necessary skills for attracting the attention of the audiences. (Franch, and Albiol, 2013) In this respect every advertisement agencies tend to employ copywriter and art director within the organisation.

Creativity is the heart of the strategic decisions taken by the organisations. Through the creativity in the advertisements the business develops proper communication with the customers. In the marketing strategies of the H&M creativity plays a larger part as through the creative advertisements the organisation can attract potential customers. Creativity is referred to the generating the unique ideas which can be used as the communicational aspects with the customers. There are three stages of creativity within the advertisements:

  • Create: within this stage H&M needs to illustrated the overall products’ details and originate new ideas of advertising the products through generating unique ideas.
  • Creation: after having the new idea over the product’s promotion the idea over the advertisements are created
  • Creative: for making the advertisements proper and attractive originality, uniqueness are brought in within the advertisements. (Huda, 2013)

Creative advertisements are necessary for the H&M organisation as the organisation has been dealing with the accessories and garments which are related to the fashion industry. In the fashion sector the creativity plays a large part as unique garments and unique accessories efficiently attract the buyers and convince them to buy. In order to promote the products of H&M the organisation has to include creative and innovative advertisement approaches. (Wu, Wen, Dou, and Chen,  2015) Within the creative advertisement approaches there are certain elements which are needed to be followed:

  • Product creation: the products of H&M should be developed by analysing the current trends of catwalk and current fashion to attract all generations. The uniqueness within the garments and unique design will attract the customers in purchasing the products.
  • Creative skills: creative skills and competencies are required within the organisation for adding creative value originating products having creative values.
  • Creative brief: the creative brief should be prepared by including the target audience and the creative measures which are needed to position the products. (Wu, Wen, Dou, and Chen,  2015)
  • Message strategy: proper content should be developed within the advertisements of H&M by adding the uniqueness of the garments or accessories. These creative messages are needed to motivate the audience.

2.4 In your conclusion, examine and briefly explain the various ways of working with advertising agencies. Include at least three ways in your answer

Working with the advertisements agencies is related to place benefits from both sides including the business and the agencies. Advertisement agencies develop proper promotional measures for increasing the brand’s existing number and size of customizers and influence the minds of the customers to purchase the products. By working with the advertisement agencies brand identification can be increased. (Huda, 2013) Through the awareness among the customers the brand name can be successfully placed in the market. Advertisement agencies develop the advertisements with adding creative measures in the message. Creative and innovative messages increase the number of attention. For having good relationship with the advertisement agencies mutual benefits should be considered along with legal and ethical norms. There are certain ways to work with the advertisement agencies:

  • Flexibility: flexibility should be placed within the working for achieving the goals. Having flexible working relationship in terms of time and cost the promotional measures can be developed with creative and innovation measures. H&M must consider the reason for considering the help of the advertisement agencies. (Franch, and Albiol, 2013)
  • Realistic: as the advertisement agencies know the practical and real tools and methods to place realistic effects through advertisements the organisation must consider practical approaches.
  • Acknowledgment of the customers: for having a successful promotional advertisement the preferences of the customers should be known beforehand. This information is valuable for creating the advertisements. So H&M should provide proper information on the customers to the advertisement agencies. (Wu, Wen, Dou, and Chen,  2015)

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Advertisements and promotions are essential in having success in the business. Through the advertisements and the promotional activities the organisations can be able to have sustainable growth within the market. The promotional activities are measured through the legal and regulatory bodies within UK for the preventing the unethical practices of the advertisements agencies or the misleading advertisements containing harmful massages for the society. The transformation of the products into the brand is done through branding of the products and placing creativity within the advertisements of the products. The creativity of the advertisements lead the increase of the brand awareness and creates positive image of the products.


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