Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment - Westfield Shopping

Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment - Westfield Shopping

Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment - Westfield Shopping

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Advertising and promotion means bringing a service to the notice of the probable as well as the existing consumers. This Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment Westfield Shopping focuses on the role of advertising and promtions in business industry. Advertising and promotions are better carried out through applying a effective plan for advertising and promotions. The main aim of the strategy depends on the entire aims and plans of the firm. Advertising and promotion is very important for the business to carry out their sales effectively. It is the method through which a firm attract ita targeted customers. Here, the organisation chosen to carry out this report is Westfield shopping complex which is one of the leading shopping complexes in East London. After the Olympic Games, the Central Management Boards observed that the sales of the shopping complex are becoming low by 3% year after year on an average. Managers and the Board of Westfield appointed me as a new Advertising and Promotional Executive to carry out some steps which can lead the Westfield to maximise their profits. Here, in this report there will be discussion on the scope of  marketing communications. In addition to this, there will be discussion on the role and importance of advertising. There will be discussion on the techniques of below-the-line and its uses. Moreover, there will be plans for incorporation of promotional plans.

Task 1

Q. 1 The communication process applies to advertising and promotion of the Westfield Shopping Complex

“Advertising is a one-way communication whose purpose is to inform potential customers about products and services and how to obtain them. Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company. It is one of the four key aspects of the marketing mix. Advertising may be one form of promotion” (Diffen, 2015).

In advertising and promotion there are different types of communication processes which are applicable. The purpose of the process of communication is to answer questions of the customers and impress them. A model of communication is made up of components like receiver, sender, channel, encoding, feedback and noise. All of these elements of the communication process model are very important for the business to carry out their business effectively (Brun, 2011). In the case of Westfield shopping complex the model which should be used by the management of Westfield is channel and feedback. According to Cruickshank and Cork, (2010), the management should choose their medium of communication through which they can communicate with their customers like internet, Westfield websites, sales campaigns, magazines, etc. By using these channels of communication they may be able to reach out to a maximum number of customers. Another element of communication process model which the management of Westfield may use is feedback. Feedback is very essential for the business as it is the most effective way to attract the customers. If the management of Westfield provides adequate feedback to the queries of their customers, the customers will feel their importance to the company and this will attract the customers towards them which in turn would help the organization to increase the revenue and generate brand loyalty.

Q. 2 Explanation of the organisation of the advertising and promotions industry

As Westfield Shopping complex is one of the largest shopping complexes of London, thus the advertising agency they work with is WPP Group, London whose revenue is $19.0 billion (Flaspöler, 2010). This agency is specialised in some fields of advertising and promotion and facilitate services in their fields of knowledge. There are numerous and famous clients who work with this advertising agency. According to WPP Group, they form an atmosphere so that the firm’s message may reach to their consumers. Their main purpose is to sell itself as equipment for firms to reach their consumers. There are lots of people involved in advertising and promotion industry like suppliers of media, clients, etc.

Task 2

Q. 5 The role of advertising in an incorporated promotional strategy for a business

There are some processes of advertising which need to be followed by the management of Westfield which are as follows:

  • Objectives setting of marketing: The process of advertising includes setting up of the aims of marketing. The management of Westfield need to ascertain the objectives of marketing why they are marketing their products
  • Advertising objectives setting: The management of Westfield need to ascertain their motive of executing advertising. They should ascertain to whom they will be targeting through their advertisement.
  • Planning Media: According to Roesset, and Yao, (2010), the management of Westfield should ascertain the channel of media through which they will be promoting their product

They should know which media channel will be more effective for their promotion.

Measuring Impact: After planning the objectives of marketing and advertising as well as making strategy for media, measuring the impact of this process are also involved in the process of advertising. The management of Westfield should analyse the impact of their planning on their business. Advertising is the equipment for promotion of mass media thus; various kinds of advertisements facilitate different aims of interacting with customers.  Advertising serves as equipment for reaching customers through radio, TV, websites, etc. Ascertaining which media to utilise is crucial aspect for valuable placing of message of the brand. Advertising also used to develop personal associations with customers. Here, Westfield utilised advertising as an incorporated promotional approach which shows the importance of the function performed by advertising for incorporated promotional approach for every business (Speller, and Stolee, 2014).

Q. 6 Concept of branding and discuss how it can be used to strengthen a business or product

Branding is forming trust with population targeted. In terms of  marketing planning, branding means the total value of the firm, which involves goods, services, advertising as well as the culture. Consumers have faith on their favourite brand as they are aware of the concept regarding the product they are purchasing. Thus, the management of Westfield must create effective branding to motivate their customers. Moreover, branding motivates assurance and faith. It creates impact not only on the consumers but also on the shareholders and staffs. It maximises goodwill of the firm. Sometimes branding is so effective that even when the amount increases it doesn’t have an effect on the demand. Branding shows logo, name and stripling. Population identifies the brand through these (Pennington, 2010). The management of Westfield should use branding in an effective way through creatively designing their logo, name, etc.

Q. 7 Identification and review of the creative aspects of advertising

Advertising is a dynamic means thus creativity is an essential for attracting customers. Without creativity it is not possible to cut by the mess of advertisement in competitive market. Creative factor of advertising approach concentrates on forming a clever as well as sharp advertisement which will encourage customers to purchase the product. Advertising approach consists of four factors and they are manufacturing the goods appropriate with the desire of the customers, commitment of values to the consumer, Co-operating with the message of the brand and placing goods in the middle of the advertisement. An effective advertising campaign utilises these approaches to form an advice as well as awareness between the customers regarding the goods. According to Speller, and Stolee, (2014, p.132), these approaches are assessed to be flourishing only if it forms a positive effect on the consumers. The creative development procedure of advertising includes advertising design methods which is very important for advertising. Advertising also includes message to be appealing enough to drag customers towards them. Westfield uses these aspects of advertising but it need to more emphasis on creativity of the advertising which they uses to attract their customers.

Q. 8 Ways of working with advertising agencies

Firms do their best to facilitate products and services to their markets. For the purpose of reporting the consumers regarding their products firms require to promote. The ways of working with advertising agencies are:

  • Account handling: Account is managed by the account department in which the employers are the customer’s daily contact. They employ with the clients of the agency to write concise that inform the advertising which required, they work with the creative department to form campaigns and employ with the further departments to obtain the made campaign.
  • Media Department: This department designs, coordinates and buy media space to execute advertising which the agency has produced. Planner of media and purchasers possess a greater skill of magazines, TV shows, and Internet sites and know the audience for every medium.
  • Production Department: Production involves entire population who support to get a job routed inside, revised, copied and distribution. Individuals who employ in production are information oriented, prosper on managing various projects at a time and recognize the significance of reaching the deadlines of the production (Flaspöler, 2010).

Value of using an in-house advertising and promotions team

In-house advertising is a system of promotion of goods which is carried out by the associates of that good’s organisation. It permits organisations to maintain entire creative control over the methods through which their goods are promoted and may prove reasonable. Depending on the volume, budget as well as organisation’s advertising aim, this section may extent from a single staff to a full group of media purchaser and creative specialised. In-house advertising is better than external advertising agencies with whom the firms make agreement for advertising their product. According to Speller, and Stolee, (2014), in-house advertising, the job of advertising is performed by the company’s employees thus, he has the knowledge about the aims of the advertising and thus ascertaining those he makes advertisement. Whereas, the external advertising agency is hired by the firm to make advertisement thus, they will make advertisement according to them they will not give their personal effort to the advertisement as in-house advertising does. Moreover, in-house advertising is reasonable as compared to external advertising agency.

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Task 4

Q. 11 The integration of promotional techniques into a promotional strategy for Westfield

Maximising football is the main part of every retail expansion strategy. Expansion in football is crucial if the business is to obtain long-term goals and increase the revenues.

  • Tidy up Westfield shop front: Competition on the high street is severe. Indeed in the present climate retailers are struggling for every last consumers. Thus, it is crucial that the premises of Westfield are made attractive. Sometimes it is seen that the huge maximisation in football by making decision minor alterations. Something as easy as leaving the face door of Westfield shop open may support to make the shop more accessible and motivate consumer to enter (Brun, 2011).
  • Alliance with local business: It is required to partner with the local businesses to obtain benefits from the association.
  • Moving into the street: various retailers assume that they are restricted through the four walls of their premises. But it is not so meeting consumers on the street may be proved to be an adequate method of enticing them into the shop of Westfield and creating awareness of the brand.
  • Creating customer Loyalty: Schemes of loyalty are an effective way of maximising football between the current customers. According to Pennington (2010), the firm may maximise their repeat business by facilitating discounts to returning customers.
  • Considering the offering: To increase the sales, it is necessary to be assured of the products which are offered in by the shop If the shopkeeper is unsure, then he should pay a visit to a competitor to observe what they are offering.
  • Boosting the marketing: It is essential that the probable consumers should have knowledge about the firm and its products For the purpose of obtaining this, the firm needs to be sure of their marketing effort are comprehensive (Robertson, 2015). There are a number of ways through which an organization can boost its marketing efforts. The situational analysis includes actual and potential market size, Current trends of the market, consumer department, and distribution channel.

The three objectives of the promotional campaign are:

  • Recognition of the brand
  • Increase in Sales
  • Goodwill

The targeted audience of the campaign are affluent; wealthy as well as energetic who are likely to invest more funds.

Q. 12 Planning of the incorporation of promotional methods into the promotional strategy for a business

Promotional methods are utilised to draw attention of the customers. The firms require designing the promotional operations adequately for the purpose of enabling to expand the name of the brand. To sell the goods, firms utilise various methods but their aim is similar. The Westfield need to follow the following:

  • Arranging campaign and showing presentation on their operations
  • Creating informative website.

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Q. 13 Process for the formulation of a budget for an incorporated promotional strategy

Making budget for incorporating promotional strategy is crucial for each firm. Budget is a financial strategy made for a specific period. It includes percentage of sales, competitive parity, customer expectation, etc. Budget is made according to the percentage of sales after ascertain the percentage of sale the budget is determined. Competitive equality is the other process of integration of promotional strategy (Speller, and Stolee, 2014), it is to be kept in mind that the customers of the firm expect low price and quality goods keeping in mind the budget to be made.

Q. 14 Adequate methods for measuring campaign effectiveness

“Promotions are time specific and may be short term while advertising may be generically long term. For example: ABS company may start a promotion of giving free drinks at a mall for a day during the festive season, while the same company may advertise much before about their drink at the start of the festive season and extend it during and beyond the season” (Diffen, 2015).  The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured through the response of the customers. If the customer’s feedback is good then it can be ascertained that the campaign is successful. The effectiveness of the campaign can be measured through loyalty of the customers, if the customer’s loyalty is increased for the Westfield it could be ascertained that the campaign is successful (Pennington, 2010). Of course, the best way of measuring the same is in terms of the revenue earned by the organization behaviour. If the revenue of the organization has increased or is increasing it can be perceived that the consumers are responding well.


To survive and become accomplish in the competitive market advertising and promotional operations is essential. It is recognise by this Unit 18 Advertising & Promotion Assignment Westfield Shopping that it is up to the Westfield to select adequate approach and utilise them in adequate manner. However, the consequence will have an impact not just on the firm but also the persons associated with it.

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