Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in Marketing Assignment

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in Marketing Assignment

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in Marketing Assignment

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 1


Marketing communication is the fundamental and critical part of an organisation process. It simply stands for communicating something to the market which is required to be informed to the general public and then includes reminding and persuading. Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment part is consist of different segments Coordination and proper management of all the communication process is the key pillar for the proper functioning of the marketing communication channel. Data base marketing, media, stockholders contact points and technology are the most valuable mean of marketing communication. It is a part of  marketing planning  process of the business organisation.

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment - Assignment Help

In order to understand the meaning of marketing communication firstly we understand communication.  It stands for as a process of using words sounds art or other ancillary means to supply information generated from the data to one or more people whereas Marketing communication is the part of business strategy through which it makes brand image, goodwill, public disclosure and marketing of its product.  In the present era it is very strong tool in the business line and the success of one organisation is highly depended on its strong marketing communication channel. For the general public marketing communication can be described as a simple way of advertisement 


Understand the scope of marketing communications

1.1 Explain the communication process that applies to advertising and promotion

Communication process is comprised of different activities before understanding its process it is required to understand the marketing communication. It means the business process which directly or indirectly affects the consumer or buyer’s behaviour of one organisation which results into the overall success of the organisation. Marketing communication includes how we interact with the expected customers and how we convince them to buy organisation product. It is very simple to say that marketing communication plays a very important role in the success of an organisation.

Communication process is coupled with the different set of activities starting from converting data into information by the marketing management then encoding that information to the different consumers in the market after that decoding of that message which includes how consumer or buyer interprets that shared information then the process comes to the perceived behaviour of buyer toward the product or services offered by the organisation in the market.

Communication process:-

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 2

With the help of above chart communication process could be described as a helping tool in the business advertisement and promotion strategy of Samsung. But during the full process marketing management needs to put the consistent check so that the message or information shared by the organisation is interpreted in the exact manner. During the decoding of information there are so many hurdles could come which may misguide the meaning of information. Therefor in order to make the effective communication of information marketing team should not only have clear understanding of the object of the information but also check that proper information is convinced or not. After this team needs to take proper feedback of the information delivered from the buyers in the market (McKinley, et. al., 2012).

1.2 Explain the organisation of the advertising and promotions

Organisation engaged in the advertisement business is helpful for the other organisations in their marketing strategies. In short it could be said that organisation of advertisement and promotion industry is specific organisation engaged in the following services like:-

Advertisement, helping in public relations, direct marketing tools that other company needs in order to persuasively communicate buyers and established customer relationships

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 3

There are following organisation of advertisement and promotion that are providing direct or indirect service in the buyer’s interactions which can be helpful for the Samsung in order to boost its marketing strategies  Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 4

Agencies:- Organisation involves in the business of providing advertisement services are called agencies. They are independent from the client. It helps clients to sell their product and services in the market. Usually agencies involved in such fields provide overall marketing strategies or selling strategies. In most of the cases these agency also provide service like branding of goods and services on contract basic

Creative hot spot: - it is the team of powered by experience designers, animators and visual experts who help other organisation to communicate their information with the general public with the help of cyber hub.

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 5

Media: -these are the independent channel which provides direct interaction with the customers. It is direct channel available for the companies.in the today’s era it is perceived that this marketing channel put the greater influence on the consumer behaviour. This media includes  Digital marketing  agencies, and TV channels. In contrary to the best media channel available in the market, an organisation needs to select the most cost-effective media for advertisement to achieve the required coverage to the targeted buyers (Gillis, 2011)

These are the organisation which acts as mediators in exporting information to the expected customers in the market with the various means. This organisation is being used by the organisation as a marketing tool in order to promote goods and services or branding, or advertisement of product in the market.

1.3 Assess how promotion is regulated?

Promotion refers to the process of raising buyer’s awareness in the product and services offered in the market it helps to generate more sales, creating brand loyalty and other benefits are there. Promotion regulation defined the way in which a product can be advertised in the market. This regulation is imposed by the government in order to protect the interest of the consumer from the misleading advertisements and other acts (Dibb, et. al., 2014). In the advertisement rules and regulation put a cap on different number of aspects such as content, timing acts, and other associated activities. In U.K. false advertisement issue and health concerned programs are regulated. Advertisement industry in U.K. is strictly curb by the U.K. government such as advertisement of drugs and alcohol is fully prohibited furthermore no advertisement could be made at the time of broadcasting children shows (Dibb, et. al., 2014).

The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) is an EU measure that gives consumers extra rights when buying in the UK  there are followings acts which have provision for the advertisement:-

Consumer contracts regulation Information, cancellation and additional charges regulation 2013

Sale of Goods Act 1979

The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982

Distance Selling Regulations 2000 Act

Consumer Credit Act 1974

The Data Protection Act 1998/2003 (Dibb, et. al., 2014)

There are other rules and regulation in U.K. which protect the interest of investor from the unfair trade practice. Buyers who are not satisfied with the goods and services can also file their grievances in the consumer forum. It is also checked that U.K. parliament has passed many ordinances and decree regarding with marketing activities of different organisation in various fields (Dibb, et. al., 2014).

1.4 Examine current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact of information communication technology ICT

Now days it has been seen that consumers and buyers have become sophisticated with their life and the standard of living. In order to phase with the consumer expectation and their behaviour organisation needs to come up with the analytical strategy in the marketing team. Marketing team of the organisation should understand the need of technical gadgets and their use in order to peruse human behaviour. It is remarkable fact that development in the technologies and other gadgets has shown a very ample amount of opportunities to the organisation in order to influence the buyer’s behaviour. Marketing team needs to apply technologies and other possible means in the advertisement and promotion activities. This trend has proved to be helping organisation all over the world as well in U.K. (Henten & Godoe, 2010)

There are various strategies which can be used by marketing team of Samsung in order to influence customer behaviour in the positive manner:-

Advertisement with the help of television: - Era of technology in which each and every individual likes to live their life as per their terms and conditions. With  the increasing trend of watching TV at home can proved to be much of help to Samsung in order to Fetch Customer and influence their behaviour. According to new perception emerged in today’s market that if the product is not shown on the television then it has vanished out of the market. Samsung has opt this strategy worldwide as well in U.K. it has been found  with the latest data shown that Samsun on his marketing strategy invest around $14 billion all over the world each year. Nevertheless the important of digital media can never be ignored as being in the growth stage this format is strongly accepted by the people. This mean could also be used as an easy way of marketing strategy (Henten & Godoe, 2010)

Web or internet: - Samsung also showed its interest in touching consumer behaviour with this mean. It has understood that more than billion or trillions of people daily serve internet. In order to influence their behaviour Samsung use Google image sections or promo disk on the Facebook or twitter which can directly or indirectly affects the consumer choice of actions.

Banner and posters: - this is the oldest and effective marketing strategy but due to its limited coverage it has only big impact in the limited area. Samsung being the biggest listed company has never undermine this strategy and used it effective

Other current trends which are mostly used by Samsung are:-use of social media networking; like Facebook, Instagram twitter, global marketing with standardised product, penetrate the market with excess media intervention, niche marketing, using of posters tickets and other labels which could be useful in order to influence  human behaviour

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Task 3

3.1 Explain primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how they are used in an integrated promotional strategy for a business or product

It is the universal fact to each and every business that the success and failure of the organisation is truly depended on its Marketing team. It is seen that marketing team in order to be creative and effective in its communication process use different set of advertisement techniques. Below the line promotional technique is the unique tools which enable organisation to keep it focus on the certain area of market. Usually this tool is suitable for the organisations introducing new products and services in the market. Therefor below the line is the promotional tool which makes organisation to communicate its message in more manipulative manner to the audience line (Naeem, et. al., 2013).

Below the line promotional tool focus on the direct interaction with certain area of people. It covers only limited number of audience but in an effective manner

Sales promotional - Samsung in its primary technique of below the line hired number of attractive trained quality of people who stands near by Samsung retail stores. These people communicate the idea plans with the customers visiting the store in broad and concise manner. But if this Numbered of people is large it is advisable to use through the line process tool (Naeem, et. al., 2013). Other competitors who have used this below the line technique in order to promote their products are such as Apple, Samsung, Vodafone, Starbucks virgin media and so on; mostly this below the line technique is used for the products falling in the sector named fast moving consumer goods.

3.2 Evaluate other techniques used in below-the-line promotion

Below the line promotional tool is highly being used by different number of organisation. It provides direct interaction with the consumers and it is universal fact that direct interaction influences the customers in very effective manner. This technique is proving too useful only when targeted number of people is limited (Kendrick, et. al., 2013).

Samsung has used various primary technique of below the line promotional which are described as below:-

Door to Door interaction with costumers:- in this technique Samsung engaged a good amount of people who visits personally and share its introductive products knowledge and its quality of features

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 6

Vouchers and gift:- Samsung in order to penetrate the U.K. market provides vouchers and gifts to the selective people of different geographical area through various means like- radio, personal calling, messages, visits in malls,  road side camp and further more

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 7

Free demonstration and small centres in malls: - this technique is widely being used as a promotional strategy by various organisations. Samsung is also using this programme worldwide. In U.K. Samsung has opened many small outlets in malls and other places

Sponsorship: - this promotional strategy is very effective in which Samsung make investment in conducting various games and educational plans. It programme is highly ethical and effective.

Hiring people near retail outlets for the interaction: - Samsung has used this strategic programme worldwide. It hires local people and trained them with the product information. These people communicate with potential customers and introduce them with the new product and its quality. Usually in this gift voucher and discount coupon are offered to general public

Exchange offers: - Samsung in 2011 has introduced these tools. In the introduction stage of new product named Samsung ACE4. Marketing team offered exchange offers in which buyer could bring their old smart phone and certain amount would be deducted from the price of the product

Task 4

4.1 Follow an appropriate process for the formulation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy?

In an organisation it is very important to find out the appropriate cost effective advertisement tool which can fetch good amount of result. Promotional strategy is very important tool in the success of the organisation. It is required to engage quality of manpower in the promotional plan so that creativity, effectiveness and innovation in marketing plan could be generated. It is seen that for the appropriate process for the formulation of cost effective budget a road map of marketing budget is very required. Many organisations makes mistake of limiting their marketing budget with the cost of advertisement, or other promotional efforts cost but there is huge steps required to create an accurate process for the formulation of budget (Illia & Balmer, 2012).

There are the following steps for the formation of a budget for an integrated promotional strategy

  • Step-1 Analysis the market for the promotional strategy: - In Samsung industries there are different chains are involved in order to generate effective promotional strategy named research department, creative team’s communication channels. But before making analysis in such factors it is required to understand the micro and macro factors at both levels. Micro factors covered the limited issues like domestic acceptance consumer’s satisfaction and what they expect form the organisation. Whereas in case of macro factors there are other things like purchasing power of the person, GDP growth rate. National income, per person income, standard of living of the people and so on.
  • Step-2 identify the target market is the most important in making promotional strategy under which following is data collected like how much market share is covered by children, old age people and person with the average age. Promotional strategy is more concerned with the market share by different segments. Samsung in order to formulate promotional strategy has to gone under various market research in the particular market.
  • Step-3Development of promotional strategy in set objectives is related with how organisation has used its promotional strategy in various areas such as raising branding image, increment of the effectiveness of the plans and procedure, consumer awareness and so on
  • Step-4 Identify the market segment concerned with how Samsung is making efforts in deciding its competitors’ strategy industry and consumer’s expectation, Combination of various activities involving budgetary functions
  • Step-5 Prepare cost effective promotional budget plan with the availability of resources is the main deciding point which shows the actual effectiveness of the Samsung in making policies and procedure. There are following types of budget plans can be prepared by Samsung throughout its making policies e.g. - affordable budget, percentage of sales competitive parity, objective task method
  • Step-6 Samsung could also use some promotional strategy in order to develop a successful promotional plan for its product and service such as offering discount, special offers, vouchers, coupons etc.
  • Step-7 Taking consistent feedback from the customers is the best way to rectify the past mistakes as Samsung has developed its product worldwide as per the expectation of the clients

4.4 Use appropriate techniques for measuring campaign effectiveness.

In an organisation it is seen that marketing team plays an important role in the success and failure of the organisation. Therefor it is required to have clear check list about how the advertisement is affecting people in the market if it is not influencing buyers in the positive manner then it should be re-engineered or re-tailored by marketing team. Samsung with its research department reveals that the impact of advertisement is very drastic either in positive term or in negative term. This could be understood with the increase and decrease of the overall turnover of the products and services offered in the market. Samsung in its technique measures it gaining awareness, sample product system, positing, and other impacts. There are following technique which is used by the research team of the Samsung (Varmus & Kubina, 2015).

  • Step-1 - In this first step research department of Samsung checks what should be measured in which team will make complete check with the functioning of the advertisement. It helps team to determine whether set objectives are achieved or not.
  • Step-2 -In this step team will see how this advertisement is influencing public and check whether there is any draw back in the system or not, if team find that there is lack of efficiency in the system then advertisement process is re-engineered
  • Step-3 - In this marketing team analysis the outcome and make the required changes in the system so that ultimate result can achieved with the timely effective manner

Unit 18 Promotion and Advertising in marketing Assignment 8

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With the help of above study I have come to the conclusion that strong marketing team and its performance are the major pillars in the success or the organisation. Product life cycle depends upon the effectiveness of the marketing team and their technical efforts. In today’s strong competitive environment in order to survive with the market and its expectation organisation needs to develop effective marketing channel. Marketing strategies and efforts made by marketing team members are mostly responsible persons who typically influence the demand of the product in the market. It is creative and dynamic process of communicating with clients all over the world.


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