Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment - Assignment Help in UK


The Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment is developed on the personal and professional learning skills and abilities. Different approaches of self-managed learning are evaluated along with the lifelong learning approaches and their impacts and benefits on the organisations and individuals. Skills audit on the current skills are assessed considering the future career and current studies. The skills are rated with proper scale. Personal SWOT analysis has been developed over the weakness and strengths. PPD plan also constructed on the short term and long term goals. The processes included within the implementations of the PPD planning have been assessed. Critical reflection on the original objectives of PPD plan has been prepared. Work based solution over the current situation of Global Link UK has been provided along with the letter to the CEO of Global Link.

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment - Assignment Help in UK

Task 2

2.1 A Skill audit by identifying the key knowledge/skills which you consider to be important for your current studies and for your future career. Provide an explanation for the rationale behind your decision.

  • Definition: skill audit is the process which can be used for identifying the gaps in skills and identifying training to fill the gaps. Skill audit is the process through which the capability and the skills are recorded. In order to measure the individual skills and evaluate their effectiveness in achieving the personal and professional targets the skills audit is conducted. Through the skills audit the individuals tends to improve the skills towards the organisational goals and the organisation tends to improve the performances of individuals. Skills audit reflects the current skills and their abilities to achievethe future requirements.
  • Communicational skillsthe  communication and knowledge  skills are the most important in the travel and tourism industry. Through proper communications the travel and tourism business tends to attract the travellers in purchasing the tour packages. I have the ability to place proper communication with the client. Through effective communication I can place convincing interaction with the client.
  • Leadershipleadership skills are also necessary in managing a team work or group or subordinates. Through efficient leadership skills the workforce can be directed to produce desired outcomes. I can analyse different personalities and manage individuals having differences in their personality traits. Through proper leadership skill I can be able to direct the tem towards effectiveness and also motivate the team members.
  • Problem solving skillwithin every industry problem solving skill is necessary. The problem solving skills are necessary to handle different conflicting situation. By using logical explanation and realistic methods I tend to solve the problems.
  • Technological knowledgethe technological knowledge is necessary within the operations in recent trends. Through IT skills the team can be managed with efficiency and scientific measures. I have knowledge over certain IT skills which can be used within the managerial activities.

2.2 For each type of knowledge/skill you have listed, rate your current ability using the five-point rating scale (rating scale can be found at the bottom of the skill audit word document).

Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my current studies: (MANAGEMENT )

My ability rating (1-5)

Time Management skill: I have proper time management skill which is essential to meet the deadline and targets within given time scale



Communicational Skill: communicational skills are necessary for the effective leadership and motivating the entire team.






Leadership skills: the leadership skills are essential directing a team towards desired outcomes.







Technology Skills: technological skills are necessary for the enhancing the ability of the team work. Proper knowledge over the technological skills can enhance the communication within the team.




Problem Solving skills: problem solving skills are necessary for handling different conflicts within the team members of handling different situation.


5 within the management the time management skill is the necessary one. I have the ability to complete the targets or tasks within the given time frame. Through managing the time scale provided by the organisation I can manage the workload.

5 within the management the time management skill is the necessary one. I have the ability to complete the targets or tasks within the given time frame. Through managing the time scale provided by the organisation I can manage the workload.


4 I have proper communicational skills which are needed to place proper interactions within the working environment and with the client.



3 I have leadership skills through which I can manage the team works and also place proper communication within the team members. Certain leadership qualities are needed to be improved for leading a team with diverse individuals.


2 though I have certain technological skills which can be used within the team work and in the completion of the targets, I have to gain more knowledge over the IT skills such different functions of tools and new technologies.


1 I can handle different problem solving situation with efficient measures and logical explanation, though risk analysis ability must be improved.


Knowledge and skills which I consider to be important for my future career


My ability rating (1-5)

Presentation skills: these skills are necessary for clarifying different objectives to the team members.








Risk analysis skill: risk analysis skills are necessary for having understanding of forthcoming risks.




Listening skills: to be a team leader listening to the others ideas and views are necessary.




Management skills: it is necessary skill for managing a team and aligning different responsibilities to achieve the desired goals.



Organisation skill: this skill enforces employability within individual and helpful for organising the work.

2 I do not have proper presentation skill which is needed in clarifying the objectives to the team. It is essential skill for presenting the views of own which is also necessary in future career.


1 I do not have risk analysis skills in adequate manner which also impacts over the problem solving abilities in my future career path.


4 I have proper listening skills which are needed in future leadership skills. With this skill I can place better communication among the team members.

4 I can manage the work with allotted time with efficient manner. This skill is essential in future career perspective within an organisation.  


5 I can organise work with proper measures. This skill will help me in attaining the  organisational goals and behaviour

2.3 A personal SWOT analysis listing your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your current skills. Also evaluate opportunities that might arise from your strengths and evaluate threats/challenges that might arise from your weaknesses. (AC 2.1, 2.2; 2.3)

Definition: SWOT analysis can be defined as the study which has been undertaken by organisations or individuals to identify the internal strengths and weaknesses and the threats and opportunities.



I have time management skill in a proper manner which is effective in completing a work within the given time frame.

I have proper communicational skills which are necessary to place interaction within the team members.

I have listening skill which is needed to lead a team efficiently by listening their ideas and views over different areas and motivating the team members.

As I can manage workload with proper time scale and also manage the team members I have strengths over management skills.

I can organise different works with proper time management strategies and delegate tasks efficiently


Leadership skills

Risk analysing skills

Enhanced Technological skills

Presentation skills

Problem solving skills in different situations




What opportunities are available to you?

What threats could damage your ambitions or career prospects?

Proper availability of apprenticeship

Guidance from the expertise within the organisation can also be helpful in this context

Joining different courses would helpful in improving the technological skills

Wide access of internet and social networks are also helpful as they can provide different knowledge with easy efforts

Different courses are provided by the institutes or educational centres which can be helpful in improving current skills.

Attending differ seminars and conferences are also helpful to improve the presentation skills and communicational skills.

By handing different conflicting situations I can be able to enhance the current capabilities and also improve risk assessment qualities.

Through continuous development of the professional skills I can improve my performances.

Financial incapability can place barriers in joining higher education or proper training


Changes within the current market position can impact over the current skills and abilities


Changes in the  organisational structure and culture  can influence the abilities and skills


Lack in the listening and technological skills can place barriers in the training and development sessions





How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?


What threats arise because of the personal areas of weakness you have identified?


I have the strength over the communicational skills. Through the communicational skills I can place proper motivations among the team members. The communicational skills are also effective while taking any courses in order to place queries.

The time management skills are also my strength. They would be helpful in attending the courses without affecting my current professional profile.

The weakness within the lack of listening skills would place barriers in the training session.

As I have lack within the technological skills I can face hurdles during the changes in the organisational structure and culture.


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2.4 Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan (AC 3.1)

The development plan is necessary for developing the professional and also personal skills. Through the development plan the adequate methods and modes which are required for the improvement of the current skills can be acknowledged. Along with the methods the time scale are also set over each improvements. The personal and professional development plan is constructed by considering required skills by the organisation. Through the development plan the individuals improve the current skills on basis of the job profile. The personal and professional objectives as well as organisational targets are also focused on while constructing the personal development plan. Through the development plan the individuals can set the methods of learning through which the improvements can be done. The development plan of personal and professional goals also consist of short term and long term objectives. For implementing the development plan proper strategies are required. Before implementing the development plan career goals, strengths, current trends within the market are evaluated. The success criteria are also evaluated. The goals are measured with the SMART scale before placing the targets.

There are certain stages which are required in personal development planning implementations:

  • Development objectives: through understanding the goals of life the criteria for achieving these goals can be assessed. In the stage the SMART objective scale is required for setting measurable and achievable goals within proper time frame.
  • Success criteria:  through critical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses and by building the strengths the weaknesses can be eliminated. These are helpful for identifying the overall objectives over the development criteria of personal and professional skills.
  • Actions: the actions referred here are the actions for the development activity which are enabling the individual to achieve the desired development goals. These actions can include training, work shadowing other colleagues, on the job training etc.
  • Implementation: in the implementation of the PDP the focus should be based on applying the activities for achieving the desired goals.
  • Support: these are the resources which will help on achieving the development objectives.
  • Target dates: these are the dates when the desired objectives are intended to achieve.

Review dates: these dates indicates the review of the PDP for enabling on accessing the progress, reflecting learning, identifying the factors imposing as barriers in development,

2.5 Develop personal and career development plan which will include the following:

  • Indicate in your plan how you will achieve the targets set in the short and long term.
  • Identify how you will monitor and evaluate your development with timescales, (AC 2.4; 3.2)

What are my objectives?

(short & long term)

Success criteria




What activities/actions do I need to undertake to achieve my objectives?

Implementation –how activities will be applied to achieve objectives

What support/resources do I need to achieve my objectives

Target date for achieving my objectives


To Improve technical skills (long term)

 Receiving proper knowledge over the technologies of current trends and also gain the ability to apply them within the organisational working. As the technological world has been changing with fast pace I have to improve this skill with continuous development and on long term basis

Taking training over the technological courses, observing the current usages of the technologies, continuous development through practice

 Implementing the knowledge over the required areas.

Online resources, course modules, training guidelines, research work through online and social media, taking feedbacks from the expertise


Within 31stDecember of 2018

Risk analysis ability (short term)

Achieving the ability to assess risk within a problem situation.

I have to participate within different situations and assess the risks

By following the proper guidelines provided by the seniors and experts. Measurement of the previous assessment and current assessment.

Considering the examples of successful leaders, handling different conflicting situations, taking participating within risk assessment 

within 31stDecember of 2016

Presentation skills(short term)


I will recognise it after successful presentation of the objectives to the teammates and improving the ability within them.

I have to build confidence in my skills which will helpful in presenting the goals

I have to attain different seminars and conferences

By practicing the presentations skills and participating within the seminars in adequate manner.

Within 31st December--- 2016

Problem solving skills in different  situations(short term)


On handling every problem within the team work efficiently.

I will handle different conflicting situation have different problems

I will review the results of previous solved problems and the methods and add necessary skills

Feedbacks from seniors or mentors

By 31st December 2016

Leadership skills (short term)

Achieving the ability to be a successful leader.

I have to take different responsibilities within the team and complete them with efficient manner and also have to learn to motivate the team members

I will review the examples of different successful leaders and also try to follow proper leadership style.

Taking different examples of successful leaders and observing the styles of the senior management leaders

Within 31st December, 2016

2.6 Prepare a critical reflective statement, resetting at least one of the original objectives of your personal development plan after critical reflection on your learning experience.   (AC 3.3, 3.4)

Through the development of the personal and professional planning I have acknowledged over the required and necessary activities to reduce my weakness and increase the strengths. Through the critical reflection over the development plan is constructed by additional critical thinking of the development. In order to prepare a reflective critical statement all the targets and the related practices are needed to be assessed. On assessing the critical reflection I am able to identify the strengths and the weakness which are currently incorporated within my skills. These weaknesses are needed to be overcome for improving my professional skills. The objectives are set as per the model of SMART scale. In order to reset the objectives the critical reflection is necessary. In order to reset objective the objective should be chose in terms of time consumption in achievement and inaccuracy. Through the personal and professional development plan I have listed the objectives and the different ways on improving them. The methods which I have set for achieving the personal and professional development are time effective in nature. These objectives are also efficient for improving my career perspectives. In terms of my objectives of wanting to be an efficient leader in the team I want to reset the objective the presentation skill. Presentation skills should be reset by reflecting the critical thinking. In order to achieve this skill I have to attain different seminars and conferences which are also time consuming as well as cost. I can present the goals and objectives within the team members through the efficient communicational skills. In order to save time and achieve other objectives I will reset presentation skills. As I have proper communicational skill which can helpful in presenting the view or goals to the team members. Considering this aspect the presentation skill can be reset in order to be more focus on saving time and having efficient communicational skills. Therefore the reset objective is, to improve the presentation skills by 31st March, 2017

Task 3

3.1 Select appropriate solutions to the above work-based problems. (AC 4.1)

TheGlobalLink UK has been facing different work based issues within the organisational environment. These problems are impacting over the business of the organisation as the profit margin and also theperformancestatus has been dropping. These issues are:

  • High staff turnover
  • High level of absenteeism
  • Low level of employee motivation
  • Very little opportunities for employee training and development
  • Low levels of employee engagement and involvement as a result of lack of communication between the top management and the employees.
  • Time management issues such as poor time keeping and missing project deadlines by the employees are evident throughout the company.

For solving the above stated issues within the working environment the organisation must adapt problem solving model. Through the use of the six step problem solving model the organisation can identify the problems and the sources of them. The reason behind the rise of the problems needed to be identified for assessing the resolve.(Crookston, 2012). The low motivation, gap within the communication, work pressure etc are the reasons behind the work based issues within Global Link. After assessing the reason the solutions should be identified. In order to reduce the labour turnover the organisation needs to place proper motivational theories like Maslow and Herzberg theories. Through strict policies the absenteeism can be reduced. Placing proper communication and developing training sessions the employees of Global Link can be motivated towards higher performances. The next step is to implement the solutions with proper strategies. The last step is to monitor the effectiveness of the solutions. (McLean, 2016)

work-based problems - Assignment Help in UK

The management of Global Link UK has to consider the motivational theory of Herzberg in order to reduce the hygiene factors from the working environment and increase the motivational factors to have higher engagement. (Maslow, 2013). For solving the current issues within the organisation the management also needs to consider Godzilla framework. Through considering the Godzilla Principle the organisation has to analyse the cause behind the conflicts and also can identify the proper actions which are needed to be placed. Through this framework the organisation can also be able to analyse the next possible occurrence of such problems.(Maslow, 2013). For improving the lower time management in the Global Link UK the management have to implement the SMART scale in the objectives settings steps. Through SMART scale the objectives can be set as well time frame for each objective achievement. The staffs should be clarified the objectives on the basis of specific, measurable, accurate and realistic objectives and proper time specification is also determined. The management also needs to place strictness in the implementation of the policies.(Maslow, 2013).

3.2  Write a formal letter to the CEO of Global link UK to organise meeting for all staff members and management team in order to communicate solutions to the identified work based problems at Global link

Monica Mateescu
Battersea High Street

Recipients contact information
Mr. James Smith
Company: Global Link UK
ear Mr. Smith

By acknowledging the current work based problem situation within your organisation I am writing this letter with the purpose to suggest you on various work based issues. On analysing recent events it can be concluded that the work based problems which are faced by your organisation can be resolved through clear clarification and interactions of the solutions to the staffs. 

After analysing the turnovers and other issues within the  human resources  of your organisation I will suggest proper meeting within the organisation should be arranged within different levels of the team. The organisation can arrange the team meeting by considering the following information:

Time: 10 am to 10.45 a.m.
Date: 1st September 2016
Venue: office conference hall

All the management authorities should be enforced on attaining the meeting and placing issues in their respective departments. Through the meeting the reasons as well as solution behind the conflicts can be analysed through proper discussion. The implementations of the solutions can also be analysed through this meetings. By involving all the management initials within this meetings the authority can improve the confidence level of the management in monitoring and motivatingthe human resources. By proper encouragement and motivation the management can be motivated to develop new human resource policies to reduce the turnover.

I would be obliged if you consider the suggestions. Finding any inconveniency you can inform me.

Yours Faithfully,
Monica Mateescu

3.3 Evaluate how you have effectively used time management strategies to communicate solutions to the work based problems.  (AC 4.3)

Being a business consultant for Global Link UK I have used effective time management strategies over the conflicts of communication within Global Link UK. In order to complete the work with Global Link I adapted time management strategies and also set SMART goals. Later by using the 4D strategy and also six step model I was able to identify the reasons behind the conflict within Global Link UK. There are certain steps which I used in Global Link to adapt time management strategy for referring the communicational solutions to the work based issues. There are different barriers in the time management such as unclear objectives, interruptions, inactivity, disorganisations etc. (Marzband, Sumper, Ruiz-Álvarez, Domínguez-García and Tomoiag?, 2013). On analysing these barriers I have adapted certain steps within the time management strategies to provide solution to Global Link:

  • I had set goals by considering SMART strategy
  • I also prioritised the work for completing the required or urgent work within given time scale
  • I had organised different essential work based on time deadlines
  • I came up with different solutions by using 4D strategy time management
  • Through using the Six Step problem solving model I had gained better understanding over the reason behind the problems within Global Link.

In order to place prioritise work I used 4D strategy:

For the delegation wrote a letter to the CEO of Global Link in order to offer solution. The response from the CEO of Global Link contained the time which was allotted for the presentation on the solution. By understanding this given time frame I was able to prioritise the information which would be used for forming the solution. Within the Do phase of the 4D I investigated over reason behind the conflicts of Global Link. I Placed prioritisation on the information which would be necessary to put in the PowerPoint slides. By using the proper 4D strategy for the time management in order to provide solution to the Global Link I was able to deliver the presentation within the given time frame by the CEO of Global Link UK. By using SMART goals model I was able to set clear goals and efficiently communicate the work based solutions to the staffs and the  marketing management  of Global Link. (Johnston, 2013)

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Personal and professional development planning is necessary for the individuals as well as the organisation in order to monitor the proper implementations and the further requirement in the educational skills. Through taking the learning sessions the learners of different styles can be able to improve their current skills and have growth within the career path. Seminars and conferences are effective self managed learning through which the learners can achieve wider range of knowledge on different subjects. The SML learning styles and the lifelong learning styles are necessary for achieving the desired skills of the organisation. Time management strategies and models must be understood by the organisations to solve the work based problems.


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The Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Copy Assignment is developed on the personal and professional learning skills and abilities, We are posting Locus units solutions so scholars can explore the our Assignment Help in UK and get review the