Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students

Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students

Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students

Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students - Assignment Help in UK


A student needs a proper dedication for his career development, enthusiasm, character building.  A satisfaction out of life whether it is personal or professional has a pivotal role in development of career. Personal and professional development programme in life needs to be properly addressed in order to become a confident and self-directed employee in any of the organisation he chooses. This Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students information is material for a student to monotonous courage in managing his own personal and professional skills and strength to attain all type of goals and vision. One of the best learning a student or an employee could see in his life is self-managed learning programme. This is the process through which a person can get to learn from his own work. It is a form of learning which comes from own practices.  This is something which makes student to attain core competency in his own skills. Once this skills in generated by employee or student then he can find satisfaction out of his own work in any organisation in an easy manner. The essence of personal development is making student aware of his skills, strength, enthusiasm, dedication, and self-reliance in his working process. In simple word we could say that self-managed learning is the only way through which employee or learner could find out his own actual potential and ability to face off hurdles in organisation.

Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1 Explain the characteristics of self-managed learning and evaluate how learning through research, and learning from others (e.g. mentoring, coaching, seminars, conferences, secondments, interviews, use of internet, social networks etc.) can enhance self-managed learning?

Self- managed development programme is the simple way through which an employee comes to know his actual potential in his working process. This aim of self-managed programme is providing a clear understanding about the actual potential and the ability to take over assigned work in orderly manner. The main merit of self-managed programme is developing a Meta learning skills in employee. Personal features, skills, abilities and competency are the main characteristics which could be developed with the help of proper self-managed learning programme. Personal orientation, attention and cross check are some of the measures which are found very useful in a way of managing own human development programme (Bryson, D. 2011).

There are the following ways in today’s world which could be used in order to develop a self-managed learning.

  • Monitoring: - This is the method through which an employee can supervise his own work in working process.  It is consisted with the cross checking of self-work.
  • Seminars and coaching centres: - There are various medium through which an employee or student can find number of ways for useful technique to make his working process or applied knowledge better.
  • 'Use of internet: - Today’s world is surrounded in the web of net. Each and every single thing could be located with the help of net. Now a day’s Google has become one of most self-developing programme for employees through which they can make changes in their working style. People in different organisation use this method as communicating channel in order to convey their messages to each other.
  • Social network: - Each and every employees or student now days are aware of the power of social network. They use this portal in order to get in contact with their mentors and teachers. So that their working style and outcome of their work could be enhanced in better manner.

This above elaborated study has shown the proper understanding of characteristic or evaluation method of self-managed learning (Gordon, et. al., 2016).

1.2 As a manager of an organisation of your choice, propose ways in which you would encourage lifelong learning in personal and professional context for your employees?

In this rapidly changing environment and streamlined of origination working process an employee has to keep phase with all activities. It is his duty to adapt with the changing environment in order to full fill what his organisation expect from him. As a Manager of HILTON I have evaluated so many ways throughout my working time bound service in organisation. I have realised that those employees who are not career oriented in organisation eventually get sick from stress of working in the operation cycle. There are so many ways in which they could be encouraged for lifelong learning in personal and professional life. Each and every employee should write down their development plan and with the change in time they should be revised with the reciprocation of changing environment. Secondly they could evaluate their working performance with the outcome.  In the third options they could set their own standard with the expected result and evaluation could be done with the appropriate task procedure. Eventual an employee could measure his working procedure by evaluating how they are contributing in the accomplishment of ultimate goals and objective of an organisation.  This whole process aid in providing proper understanding of drawbacks and shortcoming in the working operations. It is old saying that once you identify your obstacle then you have won the half battle to rectify the problem out of your professional life cycle. In today’s rapidly changing environment it is required by each and every employee to apply SOSTAC which stands for Situation, objective, strategy, tactics, actions, control(Cassidy-Rice, J. 2014).

1.3 Evaluate the benefits self-managed learning brings to yourself and your chosen organisation?

Employees who have find the ways of self-managed learning are accompanied with more skills and enthusiasm with the work and how they manage the work in their life cycle either professionally or in their personal life. There could be seen various benefit to employees in different way from the self-managed learning.

  • This self-managed learning will assist employee to get satisfaction and happiness from the work he performs.
  • Self-managed learning helps in promotion of natural development of self-confidence, initiative, and perseverance and ultimate satisfaction.
  • Self- managed programme also provide assistance in eliminating the probability of employees who suffer from life wounds commonly generated with coercive working process.
  • This process helps in providing wide range of opportunities in working field as it helps in generating different skills and working style.
  • Self-managed learning open the ways of seeing life in different and sophisticated ways which helps in making changes in respective intent.
  • Self-managed learning is the only way through which an employee can generate the core competencies or intent which are hard for others to copy. This advantage assists in getting promotion in the working process.

In the context of Hilton Hotel this self-managed programme helps in identifying quality of enthusiastic employees, minimise the time of training imparting programme, and one of the most intent of this programme is that it is associated with zero amount of cost. These are the sub parts of this self-managed programme which helps employees and organisation in different context and increase the effectiveness in various functional areas.

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Task 2

2.1 Evaluate your own current skills and competencies by drawing up a two columned chart listing (1) your strengths and (2) your weaknesses. This should be relevant to your present job or studies and should reflect professional standards required in your organisation or college.

It is easy to tell that in order to go step forward it is essential to understand the current situation and evaluate our present strength and weakness with the potential development programme. A SWOT analysis is the best method in which we can analysis strength, weakness, opportunity and threats and with the context of question given we can come up with the actual elaboration given in the below table (Chlebikova, et. al., 2015).



I’m very enthusiastic with my work and I have completed my studies from University of Philology in Romania 1996-2000. My working profile is also very strong as I have worked as a Nursery assistant, assistant room where I have learned how to tackle situation in a best manner and how to respond in hypothetical situation. I have also started learning in order to help my brother to establish his own business. My self-managed developing skills are the key strength in my career building which I have learned throughout my own life cycle. The most important strength I have is I’m multi-tasking in various field as in have worked in different fields.

In my opinion at with the experience of my life. I have realised that I’m workaholic. I have to complete my study at the same time I’m working in organisation which might result into bowling hot and cold at the same time. One of most drawback I have felt that my financial condition and family pressure has forced me to the very extent. My character and personality is although quite pleasant but I get irritated when I’m bothered in my working style by others. With my past experience I have realised that I always find myself at the contrary to others opinion. It is my nature to not getting down with others opinion if I find them wrong ethically. I’m strongly integrated toward my work and the nation.

swot - Assignment Help in UK

An employee should be quite truthful with the facts given in strength and weakness as it helps him to sustain in organisation in long term. By keeping in the eyes of professional standard of organisation I have shown possible strength and weakness of my profile.

2.2 Draw up a two columned chart and list (1) your opportunities and (2) your threats relevant to your present job or studies. Those will encourage you to think about career prospects and future opportunities. This external analysis of your own personal job market should help you to extend and prioritise the areas of skill development you want to focus on?

Organisation faces so many opportunities and threats but employees who are working also have to face off this opportunities and threats in market.



Being an employee of this Eternal hospital I have understood the working patterns and working procedures. With the help of my skills and educational qualification I’m able to perform each and every task in very smooth manner. As I have also worked as assistant in my old working profile so I could be deployed in other departments as well when hospital is flooded with number of patients.  At the same time as I is pursuing business strategy forming studies that my knowledge could be beneficial in working areas and policies framing. Being an employee of this organisation I could diversify my knowledge very well comparatively to others as I’m very well-known with the working environment and culture of this origination (Grainger, A. 2014).

With the help of demanding environment of organisation I have come to realised that my versatile skills in different field will provide add on quality with my work profile.

Threats With the rapidly changing environment organisation could find me as non-sustainable employee as I’m pursuing further business studies which could provide me a add on advantage in going different business field .Furthermore organisation may feel that my qualities are not as per the required work profile in job process. These are the fact that poses so many threats to my job and in order to overcome such problems I could give assurance to organisation.

Organisation hires employees with the long term prospective. With past experience it might through threat to my job.

2.3 Discuss what mechanisms and programs are there in your organisation (or college) to help you to

Assess your job requirements, current competence and training requirements?

In organisation we can find so many measures and tool through which we can assess the job requirement and current competency and training requirement.

  • Development plan: - It is consisted with the present and future demands and its competency at both levels. I being an employee have to measure competency in working organisation. Development plan of employee should reflect following factors such as: -current performance aims and objectives; achievement dates, review dates, learning programme activities, action plans, personal development plan. 
  • Being an employee I find so many measures but the most appropriate measure is identifying our own core intent and how we reciprocate with the job profile assigned to us. In order to assess these points I fist note down my qualities, strength, weakness and other required material things. We can show our commentary level with the job requirement by updating current curriculum vitiates as per the new skills acquired throughout the time.

Identify and plan relevant training and development activities?

Training Objective

Learning outcome

Methods / activities

Documentation / evidence of learning process

Evaluation of data obtain

Overall results or capabilities you hope to attain by implementing your training plan, e.g.,
1. Pass supervisor qualification test.

What you will be able to do as a result of the learning activities in this plan, e.g.,
1. Exhibit required skills in problem solving and decision making
2. exhibit required skills in delegation

What you will do in order to achieve the learning objectives, e.g., 
1. Complete a course in basic supervision
2. Address a major problem that includes making major decisions
3. Delegate to a certain employee for one month
4. etc.

Evidence produced during your learning activities -- these are results that someone can see, hear, feel, read, smell,

Evaluation of your problem solves and decision making approaches.

 Understand and judgment on quality of evidence in order to conclude whether you achieved the learning aims or not.

Curricullum Vitae

Date of Birth:    

Personal Profile: I am intelligent, articulate; customer focused professional who is ambitious and highly motivated. I am keen team player and a proficient multi-tasking. I have worked on a vast range of projects across different testing disciplines and enjoy resolving the many challenges presented by complex projects. I am hard work, reliable, well-mannered and polite. I have good communication skills and ability to work on own initiative as well as part of team. I have the ability to build effective working relationships with customer.

Education and Training

  • Sept 1992 - July 1996 The Theoretical High School  - High School Degree
  • Juin1996  -  French Certificate issued by the French Embassy  - Section Bilingual Francophone
  • Oct 1996  - July 2000 University of Philology and History - University Degree Diploma in French
  • French teacher for pre-primary, primary, lower secondary and upper secondary levels for groups of age 3-18 years
  • August 2010- July 2011 Barking Dagenham College - EDEXCEL CERTIFICATE ESOL-Skills for life, Level  1
  • Sept. 2012-August 2013 Richmond College - IT Skills For Life, Level 2

Work Experience

  • Sept 2000 - July 2009 Teacher of French (ages 4-14 years old) at "I.G.DUCA"  Elementary School French teacher
  • Sept 2009 -  Aug 2013 Self-employed -4 years of sales at customer service skills
  • Waitress -  Redwoods Restaurant
  • Waitress -  Bistro Garden Café
  • Waitress -  Brocket Hall, historic house and Golf Club        
  • Driver - TDS Commercial Company
  • Housekeeping - Marlin Apartment ,Aldgate, London
  • Housekeeping -Corus Hotel, Hyde Park
  • Housekeeping - Hilton Hotel, Heathrow

Skills and Completences

  • Commercially focused
  • First class organizational skills
  • Outstanding customer satisfication and service skills
  • Numerate and strong lateral thinker
  • Excellent knowledge
  • Good relationships with colleagues and customers through a genuine desire to understand their needs and support them
  • Occasionally in responsible for suppliers
  • Promoting specific programs.
  • Coordination of the department`s specific  activities
  • Fluent in English and French


Building a strong career

Additional Information

Diving Licence B category obtained in 2004

Personal Development Plan Worksheet:


Current position

Date started



Assistant officer in Eternal hospital

September 2013


Career mission statement

I want to pursue my studies further and also want to work simultaneously in order to develop analytical skills. Self-managed development skill is my core strength and wants to take it to the next level so that I can make my strength effective in future.  

Major career goals

 I want to help my brother in his business work and also want to achieve a respected post in organisation where I can deploy my applied knowledge which I have gained with my working experience in various field.

Complete my study


Appointment as a lead nurse in operational department



Action Plan for the next 6 / 9 / 12 months (Circle the appropriate timescale?

Development Goal

SMART Objectives

Resources Required



Action Steps

Obstacles/ Solutions

Complete by (Date)

Review Date

Methods of Evaluation

Complete my studies

In order to pursue high qualification and standard job

Big chunk of money and moral support

Consistent study with high dedication at both life personal and professional

Time bound and management of time


 In starting 2014

Cross check of own capabilities


Getting a promotion

Self-monitoring and dedication with job profile

Collaboration at both level personal and professional

Management of time and no mistakes at any time



Strong mind set up and full of enthusiasm

Set up of business

Business set up

With the change in mind and economical mind state

Financial support

Link between study, job and business



With money oriented and successful

Self-development programme

Increase in own intent

Focus on work

Meditation and work support

Absorb all the mistakes and learn from them




Task 3

3.1 Discuss how you could learn formally and through training in your organisation. Discuss how observation, mentoring, supervision and tutorials would help you to achieve your career goals and implement your personal and professional development plan created in Task 2.

Employee being a part of the organisation has to work according to the development of organisation. In order to adapt with the changing environment and sophistication of internal working procedure I have to learn so many skills through training in our organisation.

  • Observation: - It is comprised of activities in which employee understands the drawback to perform activities and this observation helps him to overcome this drawback in order to perform well in future.
  • Mentoring: - This activity coupled with the other persons who give feedback of the work performed by employees. It depicts the shortcoming in working with leading procedure of employee.
  • Supervision: - in order to understand the shortcoming it is required that employees need to be supervised some other specialist. This process helps me to understand the area on which I have to work.
  • Tutorials: - Employee is limited with his skills. In order to put a complete watch and adaption with the demanding environment proper guidance and supervision is required from specialised person.

These are all the above procedure helps employee to make betterment in personal and professional life which helps in achieving set goals and target (Bunderson & Boumgarden, 2010)

3.2 Undertake two Development Goal activities that you have planned in Task 2.6 document and present them with Personal Development Journal (PDJ) entries.

Personal development journal is short descriptive which helps in self-assessment and developing an own goal objectives.


27th April 2013

Description of event.

Working as assistant, and helps brother in establishing business.

What did I learn

How to respond with the activities and accountability toward the working performance.

Short term implication

Useful for understanding the overall impact on the mind set and reciprocation level toward the environment.

Long term implication

Check out how to revise the practised work in earlier time and how to make it better with the change in understanding.

What things need to be done differently?

 I could better be in contact with other employees who help me to understand the different process and working style. Taking about the procedure and working style of others make improvement in own activities.

With the help of different working experience and working style has made me to overcome my mistakes and has also improved my working style in orderly manner. In the long term it could be helpful in completing my tasks such as helping brother in establishing business and getting appointment in improved dignity. This all procedure could be described with the help of below chart (Komiya, S. 2014).

my personal development plan - Assignment Help in UK

development plan - Assignment Help in UK

3.3 Consider a situation in the past when you have had to give feedback to someone about their performance or behaviour?

When I was in my earlier job there were times then I have to response with the activities performed by many employees. There was a situation when I was in operational theatre my college who was collaborating with the doctors. But at that time he would provide the wrong reading of the same operation.  And I had to interrupt in order to rectify his mistake. Although that was my negative reply toward his working performance but in order to save some one life that was utmost required. At the time if I would have neglected that mistake then that might resulting into playing with other life. Furthermore my response to his activity also give him extra care and he got started to pay proper due diligence (Bourner, T. 2011).

Task 4

4.1 Required: Make a plan showing PASS (Purpose, Audience, Structure, and Style) factors, for a covering letter to be sent to the long-term clients with the brochure that shows the range of your new services?

e -commerse - Assignment Help in UK

company services - Assignment Help in UK

A bar pie chart?

A bar chart is the chart which depicts grouped data with rectangular bar with length according to the proportion of the       value that is shown in the sheet. This bar is also known with its new name column bar chart. In this shown chart various quarter results is shown with the turnover of particular products.

A bar pie chart - Assignment Help in UK

A Pie Chart?

This is the chart in which circle is made of different data shown in the sheet and that depicts the relation of each and every product information. This is made of circle of statically graphic which is divided into partitions to explicit numerical proportion.  In below chart there is shown the turnover of each quarter in the following year.

A Pie Chart - Assignment Help in UK

A graph of the year sale?

A graph of the year sale - Assignment Help in UK

A graph of the year is the tabulated form which depicts the data in understandable manner. This process makes complicated data easier to understand. Below this graph has shown the actual sale of the products in the following months. This graph could be used to understand the turnover data and make comparison of the market share of the different products in market. With the help of above depicted chart I being a manager of this organisation could say that graph of the sale could be used in order to provide information to various stakeholders in various ways.

4.3 Deciding upon prioritise of time in business world is most essential factors this work is the important part in generating core competencies in the business environment. A manager need to book calendar appropriately as per the required circumstances. There are table given as below in order to understand the bifurcation of each and every time schedule.

List the activities to be done


Estimate time needed to carry out each activity


Allow time for unscheduled activities or errors


Prioritise activities


Study the activities of the day.


Meeting with the CEO discussing future of the organisation

2 hours

Half an hour



Meeting with suppliers of raw materials for 3 different products China

3 hours

Half an hour



Filing past customers’ documentations

1 day

5 hours



Preparing presentation for sales meeting next week

2 days

1 day



Call conference with Hon Kong department

1 hour

Half an hour



Update company policy on Health and Safety

2 months

15 days



Update 50 new clients in customer database,

2 days

1 day



Show new apprentice how to organise his time during the working day, in order for him to operate on his own today

5 hours session

1 hour



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This self-managed learning has proved to be a very big help for employees and students both. I have gone through with whole the project and data collected from different sources have assisted me to understand what the actual outcome we can get from the self- managed learning. Now a days in this busy schedule no one is that free who could impart u knowledge or provide you training to make you  a step ahead to compete in this world. Only we have to endeavour to make changes in our skills or intent. Many medium like Google, books, or self-applied knowledge could be beneficial in order to self-management development programme. I have come to the conclusion that only a man can be the best teacher of himself and in order to overcome all the hurdles he must put effort on his own part.


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This Personal & Professional Development Assignment Employees & Students information is material for a student to monotonous courage in managing his own personal and professional skills and strength to attain all type of goals and vision, Locus Assignment Help in UK posting units solutions so scholars can explore assignment help and get review the quality of our work.