Unit 3 Assignment on Health and Safety legislation

Unit 3 Assignment on Health and Safety legislation

Unit 3 Assignment on Health and Safety legislation


Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit Number and Title

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation

QFC Level

Level 4

Task-1 Understand the importance of business processes in delivering outcomes based upon business goals and objectives.


Health and safety legislation report is comprised with the several steps and process system in which current and future situation of Vivacity is an organic restaurant based in trendy east London will be taken into consideration. This evolution will be made with the help of given intent and working experiences of the organization in London. In addition to this it will be observed that local people of the London are very fond of having foods accompanied with high nutrients and other required intents at large In this report we will be sharing Vivacity structure program and its working style which is proved to be very much help in grasping more customers in the given restaurant market segment. 

Unit 3 Assignment on Health and Safety legislation

Body context

In this report it is being given that Vivacity organic restaurant based in trendy east London is having an effective business offering of foods and beverages to the local people. There are various foods and other things are offered by the restaurant with the high quality of intents and nutrients with a view to take care local people health and safety measures at large.

1.1 Provide a short profile of the restaurant and identify and explain the different functions?

Vivacity organic restaurant is a high quality offering food chain that is based in trendy east London which is accompanied with the space availability of  50 seats and offering organic foods, vegetarians  and non alcoholics beverages to all class of people either families and individual at large. In addition to this other information would be that Vivacity organic restaurant is opening from Tuesday to Sunday and Monday is taken as a off for the organization working system. In brief opening hours of the business is Thursday 11:00 to 23:00, on Friday & Saturday the same timing will be changed to 11:00 to 18:00. But with the given scenario it is observed that Vivacity organic restaurant is not running its  business strategy  very effectively as in the peak time of the business diner tables could be seen empty as other rivals in the same market segment are offering best and effective deals to the consumers.  Vivacity organic restaurant has used several steps such as cutting the budget on certified foods and offering less cost involved foods with high quality. In addition to this employees and other required persons are imparted high level of training with a view to achieve organization goals and objective in effective manner. Vivacity organic restaurant based in trendy east London has also adopted several marketing mix program and other cost effective strategy so that rivals business market could be captured with newly ideated strategies in selective manner. Other safety and legal issues are also handled by the top management with high care and due diligence so that consumers creditability could be increased with the offered product in the market.

1.2 Short terms objective of the functions?

Vivacity organic restaurant based in trendy east London has been taking several processes functioning with a view to achieve more effective business life cycle of the restaurant business. There are following functional chains are given for the effective management of several functions the Vivacity organic restaurant (Food Quality and Preference Awards", 2015).



Process involved  in the functional activities

Problems identified

Operation functions

This is concerned with the development of nutrients foods for the family and children at large.

Backing foods and meals for the customers

Design and prepare effective working value chain activities in the process system.


However, Vivacity organic restaurant has been offering quality of foods with high nutrition’s but other rivals in the market are more experienced and offering quality of products in the market.

Marketing strategies

In this work process Vivacity organic restaurant has been developing an effective marketing mix considering all the product, people and place.

Creation of effective sales plans

Developing a promotional mix

Effective communication with the clients with proper due diligence.

Not satisfied with consumer’s choice of action.

No cost effective food offering.

Lack of communication between staffs and clients.

Finance functions

Comprised of procuring and arranging financial resource for the different value chain activities of the business

Viability of resources for payrolls, wages and other required machines and plants for the production of foods.

Recording and keeping of client’s information and, Vivacity organic restaurant has been developing an effective auditing process system for the development of true and fair financial records of the business.

Lack of expertise in the preparation of the accounts

Using non effective accounting software tools for recording and keeping of records.

Human resources management

 IN this process system requirement of employee and their management will be taken into consideration

Other plans such as training and recruitment are the basis concern in this functional program.

Training of staff members

Developing soft skills in employee in order to effectively handling of clients.


Employees feel low when there is no customer in the restaurant.

Short terms objective of the several functions of the business:

  • Operation objectives- Vivacity organic restaurant based in trendy east London is having effective operations plans which are concerned with several value chain activities. The main objective of operational activities are making cost effective value chains and reducing cost of the production. In addition to this other objects are reducing the possibilities of wastages in the production and produce healthy and safety foods (Ryder, et. Al., 2010).
  • Marketing objectives- it is concerned with providing best effective foods and meals to clients as compared to other rivals in the market. In addition to this Vivacity organic restaurant have been planning to develop a customized products with a view to develop effective and healthy foods and meals to clients. In addition to these marketing plans of Vivacity organic restaurant has been show casing several strategies and  marketing mix  to make lucrative deals to fetch more customers in the market.
  • Finance functions- In this Vivacity organic restaurant finance department has been making consistent efforts to reduce the cost of capital as reducing the cost of capital will simultaneously results into less production cost of foods and meals offered to customers.
  • Human resources- Vivacity organic restaurant has plan to make arrangement of training center for the staff members so that organizations working effectiveness could be increased. In addition to this training program are consisted with developing soft skills in handling clients and making effective communicating center (Sevenich, et. Al., 2014).

1.3 Two process used at the restaurant

There is several process systems is being used by Vivacity organic restaurant for the effective working of the value chain activities. Job process level, transport and placing orders with vendors. These two processes could be used with the helped Intel process flow chart and system analysis mapping technique (Harvey, et. Al., 2013).

Level of performance

Map type

Work typed

Vivacity organic restaurant process system

Nexus between all types of process system of the organization working.

Placing orders with vendors as per the clients demand and choice of action in placing orders.


Using a creditable functional process map.

Value chain activities engaged in fulfilling demands and needs to customers at large in Vivacity organic restaurant.


Using Intel works flow chart to determine the effectiveness.

Bifurcation in the healthy and non healthy foods and giving rating with the safety measure involved in foods and meals.

With the help of this above table we could easily identify the usefulness and product quality offered in the given market segment. In addition to this performance measure of the several value chain activities of Vivacity organic restaurant could also be taken into consideration.

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment

In order to make effective process system:Vivacity organic restaurant should adopt Intel process flow chart so that proper working channel could be established for the betterment of the quality and health safety measures of the food product.

  • Process flow chart- it is the usual invitation for formal meeting with holding companies.
  • Swim line chart- creation of customer satisfaction survey program to identify the client’s needs and demand in the restaurant business.


Now with the last words there will the conclusion of this report that all the different process system is very critically important for the quality check of the foods and meals of the Vivacity organic restaurant.

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Task-2  Business memo         

2.1 Explain the need of planning process

To:   All the staff members ofVivacity organic restaurant.

From: Vivacity organic restaurant                               

Subject: development of plans and procedure for Vivacity organic restaurant


CC: all the process department of Vivacity organic restaurant (Hubbard,  2010).

Dear all,

This memo has been created with a view to take concern of working of Vivacity organic restaurant in offering quality of foods and maintaining all the safety measure in determined manner. Planning and operational process of the organization are related with supply services and products to clients and placing orders with the vendors as per need and demand of the clients. Planning process of Vivacity organic restaurant is required to maintain the effective use of resources and increasing the clients experience at large. Planning process provides clear idea about the future needs and demand of the cleans, track the competitors’ performance and create an improvement plan for including the required measures such as sifter and health measures, reduction in cost of the product, increment of the quality of foods and beverages offered by Vivacity organic restaurant. Planning process of the organization will provides an effective structure program such as loading, sequencing, schedule and developing valuable course of actions (Blake,  2015).

2.2 Gantt chart highlights the key steps involved in planning process

For the purpose of this case study we have developed Gantt chart for all the activities. It depicts the valuable key steps which will be required to make effective use of resources. This is the valuable use of excel sheet with a view to showcasing activities as per the time engaged.

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 1

2.3: Explain how potential limiting factors and scarce resources might impact upon achieving the output of the Gantt chart. 

The limiting factors that will be hurdles in the way of accomplishment of set of tasks and objective will be finance and employee effectiveness. As Vivacity organic restaurant has been facing problem of having empty chairs even in the night time hours. Therefore in order to complete rivals and organization has developed plan of arranging training to employees and making their work effective. In addition to this company has also measured to adopt several quality check process in order to increase the effectiveness of the quality of the products and meals offered to clients. With the view of successful implementation of  market planning  process of Vivacity organic restaurant is hoping up to develop a training procedure and will increase the brand image in the eyes of clients at large (Shahid  & Zhong, 2010).


Power point presentation

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 2

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 3

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 4

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 5

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 6

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 7

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 8

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 9

Unit 3 Health and Safety legislation Assignment 10

Task-4 Policies and procedure

In this report we have identified several short term objectives of the several functions of Vivacity organic restaurant. Now in this part policy and legal frameworks will be discussed for the betterment of the organization working system.

Body context

4.1: Highlight and briefly summaries key health and safety legislation affecting the restaurant?


Explanation of law

Policies and frameworks

The equity act 2010

 It helps employees to protect their rights from any sort of exploitation and also prevent discrimination any in of the activities.

IT prevents child harassment, race, cast, sex and other discrimination in determined manner.

Childcare act 2004

It prevents organizations to hire small children for the working purpose and make offences if any of the organization indulge in such activities

Related with the safety and security measures of Vivacity organic restaurant.

Data protection act  1998

 Vivacity organic restaurant has been developing an effective data protection system by using standard software tools and other complying with safety policies and frameworks.

Data relegated concern and covers all the imperative information of the company.

Legal food standard

This provides a stable product which covers all the food and safety guidelines f

Food and safety related laws

4.2: Develop a check list / audit of key risk factors that might affect the restaurant?

There are following safety measures and check list is prepared used by the restaurant.

  • Prevents accidents by using safety measures for the better protection of employees and clients.
  • Identify the risk factors that may be involved in food intents and other meals offered to clients.
  • Using the safety measures and high lights the key points on the wall of the restaurant.
  • Arrangement of Safety box and first aid box at the work place and also in the mid of restaurants
  • Consistent check of quality check over the foods and meals.
  • Healthy and safety law posters are put on the walls in order to increase the credibility of clients at large.

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