Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hotel Hilton

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hotel Hilton

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hotel Hilton


Diploma in Business

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Unit 18 Human Resource Management

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Level 5


The human resource management is the management of various activities which are related to the staff and employees of the organisations. The human resource management is connected to the Hotel Hilton in Stratford and for the same; a human resource plan will be made. To develop a Human resource Plan, demand and supply are required to be analysed. The significance of employee laws and acts will also be discussed in the report. There are four sections of the report which are focussing on the Human resource Management in Service Industries. Different recruitment and selection methods will be discussed which are adopted in various industries and in the last task, importance of training programs will be discussed which helps in the development of the employees and achieving the expected quality of services from the employees which ultimately benefits the image of the Hotel and revenue enhancement for the hotel. Training and Development in Hotel Hilton are important to use the available resources effectively which will provide positive impact on the guest’s experiences.

Logo of Hotel Hilton

LO 1 Understand human resource management

Human Resource Management refers to the combination of functions which are designed to bring satisfaction in employees to enhance their performance for achieving the ultimate objectives of the company (Bratton & Gold, 2012). This task is focussed on the role and purpose of HRM in Hotel industry with reference to Hotel Hilton Stratford.

P 1.1 Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford.

HRM is the integration of different functions like planning, recruitment and selection, employment contracts and terms, monitoring employees, motivating employees, training and development of employees and making relationships among employees. HRM does not end over here; it is continued till the exit of an employee and taking his exit interview. These are all the concepts of HRM. HRM has a very important role in the success of the organisation (Ahmad, et al., 2010).

The role of the Human Resource Management in Hotel Hilton Stratford is discussed as below:

  • Managing People as resources of Business: HRM is focussed to manage people in the hotel so that the objectives of the business can be achieved. Management of employees includes planning for the right no. of employee relation in the hotel and how duties should be assigned to them according to their qualifications and talents. It includes managing the services of all the levels of staff i.e. from manager to the cleaning staff (Henderson, 2010).
  • Recruitment and selection of employees:One of the important roles of HRM is to recruit and select the best employees for Hotel Hilton which makes it and maintains its top position in the industry. It is the employees of the organisation which makes the services of the hotel better. It includes advertising for attracting best candidates and screening them through interviews and other tests to select the best out of the available candidates (Ahmad, et al., 2010).
  • Training and development of employees: Training and development makes the services of the employees better in the hotel. It makes them competent to provide excellent quality of services to the customers.
  • Coordinating the employee’s benefits: This includes deciding the compensation and benefits for the employees suiting their efficiency and level of work. It also includes maintaining good communication among the top and lower level of management so that they feel attached to the organisation and its objectives and purposes. It also involves taking care of the employee’s rights and safety and resolving the conflicts among employees (Rao & Krishna, 2015).

According to Storey in 1989, there are two approaches of HRM, Hard HRM and Soft HRM. Hard HRM is related to the approach where human resources are only treated as resources like equipments or buildings. It has minimum communication between the management and employees and has autocratic leadership styles generally whereas in Soft HRM, employees are considered as the most important resources of the business which brings advantage to the business. It adopts democratic leadership style and Hotel Hilton Stratford believes in adopting an integration of Soft and Hard HRM which makes it capable to handle the employees well and to achieve its objectives successfully (Weiss, 2013).

P 1.2 Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford.

Human Resource Planning refers to the identification and realisation of the current and future needs of human resources for the organisation so that the goals of the organisation can be achieved (Weiss, 2013).

Human resources plan: Human Resource Planning at Hotel Hilton is important as it assess the future needs and requirements of manpower for the organisation, for acquiring talented manpower, for development of the human resources, effective utilisation of human resources for achieving the objectives of the organisation, for creation of the human resources plan, etc. For achieving the best use of the human resources, there is a great need of human resource planning so that the activities carried out in the organisation can be arranged and managed properly. The managers at Hilton Hotel are required to forecast the human resources need to manage the operations effectively in future. For this, the demand and supply of human resources is to be forecasted for Hotel Hilton. The analysis of demand and supply is essential to determine the no. and type of manpower needed for the future operations of the business. The forecasting of demand includes the consideration of factors like Limitations of budget, employee turnover in the hotel, terminations of employees, technology processes, quality of services, etc (Shah, et al., 2012). 

Employees are the Heart of Hilton

Supply of manpower can be forecasted in two ways: Internally and externally. Internally, people who are working with the hotel are considered while in external forecasting, the people are considered who are not working with Hotel Hilton. People who are already working with the hotel Hilton can be promoted to fill up the need of employees; employees can be acquired from labour markets or can be acquired from universities or other organizations. While forecasting demand and supply of manpower in Hotel Hilton, HR audit is necessary which is the process of identifying the future needs of manpower in the hotel and then to check the potential of the existing staff with the analysis of the weaknesses of the staff. HR audit is the verification of the performances of the employees of the organisation which helps in determining the demand and supply of the Hotel. It also determines the need for Training and Development of the employees and terminating those who are not capable and if there is a need for more employees then they are recruited from various sources to fill the vacancies (Afonso, 2016).

Analysis of demand and supply for Hotel Hilton Stratford: Demand and supply of manpower in Hotel Hilton is analysed by analysing the important positions at the Hotel which are to be filled up in the New Hotel Hilton at Stratford. A new hotel needs manpower for many positions which starts right from the manager to gatekeeper, cleaners or room service staff. After identifying the positions, the abilities required for the positions are to be recognized. Hotel Hilton will identify the suitable employees for the vacant positions of the hotel and match the requirements with the skills of the candidates. Hotel Hilton attracts candidates through newspaper advertisements and also from the hotel management institutions for freshers. The lower level of employees like cleaners, gatekeepers, etc is called through walk-ins and newspaper advertisements (Brody, 2009).


It can be concluded that the demand and supply forecasting of human resources in Hotel Hilton can help in designing better strategies for the Hotel.

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LO3 Understand the recruitment and selection process


Job description can be explained as a list of responsibilities or functions which an individual has to perform to be at a particular position. In this part of report, the recruitment procedure of an employee at Hotel Hilton will be discussed which involves the analysis of the requirements of the labour, job analysis, person specifications and the methods which are required to be adopted for recruitment (Ball, 2012).

3.1 Discuss a job description and person specification for a hotel industry job

For a selected job in Hotel Hilton Stratford, the job description and personal specification are given below:

  • Name of company- Hotel Hilton
  • Section- Customer service
  • Job Position- Receptionist

Job summary-In hotels, the receptionist is required to greet and guide the customers for booking the rooms and to book halls for meetings and parties. They help customers in checking the availability of the rooms and halls and other requirements and demands of the customers. They hand over the keys to the customers and take care of their requirements while their stay in the hotel. They also have to attend the calls from the customers to book the rooms over the phone. Receptionist has to report to the manager of the hotel (Henderson, 2010).

Main roles and responsibilities:

  • The main roles and responsibilities of receptionist at Hotel Hilton Stratford are:
  • To take calls from the customers and confirming their reservations or to book rooms over the phone
  • To welcome and greet the guests on their arrival
  • To provide information to the customers
  • To hand over the keys of rooms to the visitors
  • To ask the details from the customers (Henderson, 2010).
  • To take feedback from customers on their checkout
  • To manage the services to be provided to the guests.

Receptionist has to report to the assistant manager of hotel Hilton Stratford of customer service department.

Sites Manager

Job specification:

  • The candidate who applied for the position of receptionist should have following qualification and should meet the criteria’s to get selected for the profile:
  • The candidate should have minimum qualification of graduation in a recognized university or high school.
  • The candidate should fall between the ages of 18-35.
  • The candidate should be preferred over others if he/ she have experience in the same field.
  • The candidate should have the qualities to handle the pressure of customers and different tantrums of customers.
  • The candidate must have professional attitude
  • The candidate must be presentable and must have good employability skills (Henderson, 2010).

It is important to carry on right recruitment and selection activities to gain competitive advantage in the industry and to have efficient and qualified personnel who can contribute into the growth of the organisation. It also reduces the costs of the organisation. Recruitment process should focus on attracting maximum no of candidates who are eligible for the job they are being offered. Their skills and competencies are analysed so that they can fulfil the requirements and expectations of the hotel (Ball, 2012).

3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses

Hotel Hilton is among the biggest hotel chains of the world and it is planning to start up its new hotel at Stratford with 50 rooms and deliver many services to the customers for which it needs to select the best personnel which can provide excellent services t the customers as planned by the Hotel. Different Recruitment and selection process are adopted by the companies to attract and select the suitable candidates for the services provided by the hotel to the customers (Ball, 2012). Hotel Hilton Stratford selects employees by following the steps below:

  • The advertisements are posted on the official website of the Hotel and also in the newspapers
  • The candidates can update their resume on the website or submit their resume through mails or posts.
  • The screening is done and candidates are called for an interview
  • In an interview, the candidates are asked certain questions about their education, training and past experiences, if any. Their communication skills and presentable attitude is checked.
  • The selected candidates are allowed to appear in an aptitude test where their aptitude is checked
  • Medical checkups and background checkups is done for the final selected candidates

Finally, the selected candidates are called for training and development programme for 14 days so that they can become efficient to provide excellent services (Ball, 2012).


So, Hotel Hilton takes interviews and tests for selecting the candidates. Hotel Hilton follows the selection process at which candidates are eliminated at every stage if they are not able to pass it. His has an advantage that it takes lesser time and cost but sometimes good candidates are eliminated if they fail to perform at any stage for some or the other reason. Center Parcs is a tour operator in UK which arranges holiday villages for the tourists. They arrange up to 200 outdoor activities for families to make their holidays enjoyable in natural scenic beauty. Center Parcs hire their employees by attracting the candidates through employee references and advertisements in newspapers and then all the candidates are allowed to face the interviews and aptitude tests. The candidates who scores overall good are finally selected for training and development process and are hired for the organisation. This method of recruitment and section is time taking and involves much costs but they selects the best candidates among all the candidates who appeared (Hoque, 2013).

Center Parcs


It can be concluded that the recruitment and selection processes in all the industries are different and it also depends on the types of jobs and requirement of skills in the candidates. Hotel Hilton and Center Parcs, both follows different methods for recruiting and selecting the candidates (Hoque, 2013)

L.O 4

4.1. You are required to assess the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation of Hilton Hotel Stratford.

Employee training and development activities are essential to make employees effective for achievement of goals and objectives of the organisation. Training and development taken place in Hotel Hilton Stratford enhances the knowledge and skills of the employees. For these activities, the hotel adopt several methods through which training and education can be given, these methods are:

On the job training:  On the job training method is a method which involves training while working in the hotel. Here, the workers who are working in the hotel are getting the training on the workplace by performing their routine activities. The skills and education is provided directly to the employees. It includes mentoring, job rotation, internship, etc. It reduces the cost as no extra time and resources are to be involved (Milford, et al., 2012).

Off the job training:  This is the training program which takes place at a different place from the workplace. Here, a set up is created to teach and impart knowledge to the employees about their work. This method involves more cost as it involves more time and resources but here, the employees can pay the whole attention on learning.

Classroom Training at Hotel Hilton

Training and Development are used together but there is a difference between these two. Both the activities have main aim of improving the performance of the employees. Training is provided by the organisation so that an employee could develop his own knowledge and skills for meeting the requirements of the job whereas Development is an activity which provides an environment to the employees where they can learn and grow. It can also be referred as to the self assessment activity. Training is short term activity but development is for the longer term. Training focuses on present but development focuses on future. Training is needed for Hotel Hilton Stratford because the set up is new and there are not enough resources that are skilled and developed. Training is Important for staff of Hotel Hilton Stratford because Training creates effective assets for an organisation. The importance of Training for Hotel Hilton Stratford is explained below:

Improvement in productivity: Training improves the productivity of the employee by providing knowledge and enhancement of skills. Increased performance of employee results in effective production for the company and generates more revenue for the hotel. Training enhances the quality of services of the staff in Hotel Hilton which results in the satisfaction of more and more customers and it increases the business of the hotel (Brody, 2009).

Performance of the organisation: When the employee provides effective services, it results in the enhancement of the performance of the organisation as a whole which reduces the wastage of the resources and helps in gaining competitive edge in the industry.

Healthy environment at the workplace:Training and development boosts up the morale of the employees at Hotel Hilton which supports in their positive contribution and also helps in maintaining the healthy environment at the workplace.

Increased profitability: When training increases the performance and productivity of the employees, it increases the profitability of the Hotel because the enhanced mage of the hotel through the positive mouth publicity from the visitors will attract more guests to the hotel and it will increase the revenue and profits for the hotel (Brody, 2009).

It helps to the employees to learn about new technology and concepts: training helps new employees to learn about the environmental and activities to be carried out by them and it also trains old employees about new concepts and technology which helps in the timely delivery of services by the employees efficiently.

Reduction in errors:Employees often make mistakes while working. If employees get trained, the chances of errors are reduced and it also makes better relationships among the employees of the hotel (Afonso, 2016).

Training needs are first assesses and then the plan is made. The training objectives are specified in the hotel and then the training program is designed keeping in view the needs are requirements of training. The methods to impart training are selected and the training program is implemented finally. After the implementation, the training program is evaluated and future needs of training are planned (Afonso, 2016).

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It can be concluded that Human Resource Management in Service Industries acts as a catalyst to the better performance of the organisations and to the quality of services. Hotel Hilton Stratford is opening new hotel to fight competition in the market. Human resource management will help it in gaining competitive advantage in the industry and there are certain laws in the industry which are to be followed by the Hotel to maintain healthy employment relationships. It can also be concluded that a proper recruitment and selection process is required to be followed so that the best candidates can be chosen for the hotel. A job description of a receptionist has been discussed in the report. The importance of training is also been discussed for the employees and ultimately for the organisation.


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