Unit 9 Tourist Destination Assignment Copy

Unit 9 Tourist Destination Assignment Copy

Unit 9 Tourist Destination Assignment Copy


Diploma in Business Travel and Tourism

Unit Number and Title

Unit 9 Tourist Destination

QFC Level

Level 4

Task 2

You are working as an assistant product development manager at TUI Group.   Your brief includes building product knowledge and understanding of customer requirements through regular overseas visits to review the current programme and identify new products; working closely with internal customers promoting product knowledge awareness and providing training on the programme, particularly in the Travel and Tourism Centre.
TUI Group seeks out new business opportunities across the globe and has recently recruited new staff joining the product development team.  

Unit 9 Tourist Destination Assignment Copy

2.1 In your presentation, you have to firstly analyse the cultural, social and physical features of the tourist destinations explaining their appeal to tourists

For this task UK and Thailand has been picked as destination for tourism for which an analysis of social, cultural and physical features about the destination would be carried out. This would be made for recognizing the significant factors for which the destinations had become appealing to its visitors.

Physical Features of UK:

The United Kingdom located at north-western part of Europe is the island nation comprising of:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Northern Island
  • Wales

With a total population of 64.1 million, as surveyed during 2013, the nation is a sovereign country of Europe.
The total land of UK is spread within a square mile of 94,058 where the coastline meets at 7,723 miles. Its surface is with low mountains and rugged hills.

Cultural Features of UK

UK comprises of endless activities for its visitors. Offering manifold options holding a cultural aspect, the city is a prosperous selection for every visitor. Among its must dos, the list consists:

  • Theatres
  • Museusm
  • Shopping
  • Outdoor
  • Afternoon tea
  • Sports

The city enjoys several music styles from heavy metal to folk music of Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland. In terms of Sportsit is tennis, rugby, football, golf, boxing, rowing and cricket (Ziegler et al. 2012, p.693).

Social Features

The city speaks four languages:

  • English
  • Scots
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Welsh

Government Policies

United Kingdom’s consists of parliamentary governments which are based on the system of Westminster. The parliament consists of two houses and they meets in the palace of Westminster. These two houses are:

  • House of Lords which are appointed
  • House of Commons that are elected

Tourist Destinations

  • Cambridge: Located at the bank of River Cam, it is the English city with its charming views conduct a wide variety of entertainment and cultural options.
  • Chestar: Holding a trace of 2000 years the city hosts plenty of culture, history and architecture within itself. The biggest attraction of Chestar is the medieval and Roman walls enclosing the city.
  • Cornwall: It is the city of disparity holding charm and quaint with the essence of isolation and ruggedness kept in contrast to it. Cornwall is actually a peninsula which is bounded by rocky cliffswith golden beaches.

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Thus considering the above it can be said that being a culturally charismatic fascination within the tourist, the city hosts some of the evident of grandeur and royalty with essence of history into it (Walker and Walker, 2012).

Physical Features of Thailand:

Primarily recognized for its tropical beaches, Thailand is situated at the south-eastern part of Asia. With its numerous royal palaces, figures of Lord Buddha and many more it is just the other country of royalty and grandeur ornamented with iconic temples.

The physical feature comprises that the nation consists of two major rivers:

  • Chao Phraya
  • Mekong

The country is also surrounded by the Andaman River and South China Sea. Bordering the countries like Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos, Thailand spreads over 514,000 square kilometres.

Cultural Features:

The major part of cultural legacy of Thailand reflects the historical significance about the country as well as the challenges that every inhabitants meet in terms of extreme climate and such is reflected from the architectures of the place.
In terms of art they show a traditional Buddhist reflection with Thai Buddha belonging to different age and periods. The literature is influenced with Hindu culture. Ram Thai belongs to their traditional dance form.

Social Features:

The country holds almost 94% - 95% of Theravad Buddhists where Muslim is of 5% - 6% and Christians is of only 1%.Chut Thai remains their traditional clothing which is worn by all men, women as well as children (Hall et al. 2012).

Tourist Destination
  • Railay Beach: Its beaches remain the significant reason for which the city gets visited.
  • Koh Phi Phi: The Phi Phi islands situated at Krabi remains one of the most popular resortareas of the city. Monkey Spot remains the most notable funspots of the location.
  • Grand Palace: This remains the foremost must-seeplaces in Bangkok, Thailand.

2.2 You will also create atext table where you compare features of developing and leading tourist destinations given above

Comparison of Features:

Features of Developing and Leading Tourist Destinations


United Kingdoms



The discotheque where people cherishes and cheers their every moments with sumptuous toast raising

For the Thai, term ‘Pub’ implies to the ‘Public House’

School Systems

Education is not that strict in the city

Making educated to each and every residents of the country is what the vision is of Thailand


Offers an extravagant interior with stunning serenity

The exteriors are magnificently ornamented with scriptures telling manifold stories of the then Thailand


English is the language that revised into Middle Language and now modern language

Thai language has much influence of the Asian dialects


The city is more prone towards having steamed food

The country is more into having curry types inside its menu list

Spoken Language

English, Scots, Scottish, Gaelic, Welsh


Thai and Burmese


Religion does not becomes any hindrance to their lifestyle

The Thai residents are strongly religious and spiritual people


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