Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment


The document has been on the evaluating the interrelationship between different processes and functions of ABC Company. Methods which are associated with the mapping processes on goals objectives are suggested. The aim of this unit 15 managing business activities to achieve results assignment is to provide learners with the understanding and skills to manage their activities in the business workplace to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. The output of the processes and the quality gateway has been evaluated. Plan has been designed on considering the promotion of goals and objectives. SMART scale has been considered while assessing the objectives in aligning people and other resources. Methods are suggested to implement appropriate system for achieving the objectives. The work activities area carried about in meeting operational plan. The monitoring and controlling of quality standards for improving the organisational performances are demonstrated and wide implications of the method are reported. The risk assessment processes and methods are demonstrated to ensure  health and safety  within the workplace.

Unit 15 Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Assignment

Task 1

1.1 After going through the organizational structure and the existing culture in ABC Company, Evaluate the interrelationships between the different process and functions of the company. Draw an organizational chart to support your answer.

  1. Organisational structure: the organisation ABC is having hierarchical tall structure. There are different levels within this structure such as senior management along with general director, middle management, recruitment manager, operational manager, support staffs, operational staffs. (Selnes, 2013)
  2. Organisational culture: the organisation ABC has been dealing with power culture. The activities are influenced through the dominant central authority within this culture. A little bureaucracy has been followed within the environment and fewer rules are leading to the poor management strategies. (Selnes, 2013)
  3. Mission statement: the mission statement is the fundamental function of the organisation. The services which are offered by ABC Company have been considered while setting the mission statement within the organisation. The mission statement of ABC Company has been including the purpose and the goals of the organisation. The mission statement of ABC Company is developed for improving the services, to meet the objectives of the stakeholders, to maintain the social responsibilities, to achieve profits etc.
  4. Goals and values: the goals of the ABC Company have been indicating the factors which would set the  employee relationship  between the activities and the mission statement. ABC Company has been setting its goals to achieve the success through achievement of mission statement. (Selnes, 2013) ABC Company sets its goals in achieving the success while keeping integrity within the activities. The values are unique for each organisation. The values are added within the business of ABC to reduce the current turnovers and operational costs. Through adding values within the environment and culture ABC Company can retain the staffs.
  5. Business processes: business processes are the functions these are the series of different steps followed by the organisation. There are different processes in ABC Company. (Selnes, 2013)The functions are linked with the processes for operating the business in efficient way. The processes are:
  • Management processes: through strategic management these processes governs the operations
  • Operational processes: by defining the primary values and the core strategies operates the basic processes like human resource, management, customer services, sales and marketing etc. (Selnes, 2013)
  • Supporting processes: these processes support the operational processes to achieve the core values of organisation such as accounting, financial, IT activities etc.

Organisational chart:

Organisational chart

1.2 Justify the methodology to be used to map processes to ABC Company’s goals and objectives and draw a process map for any one of the functions.

Mapping the processes is related to the observation of the flow within different processes. Through the processes mapping different processes are defined by understanding the goals and objectives. This process is significant in measuring the activities and providing direction to the management. Through different methods the processes are mapped in order to communicate the core functions of ABC organisation. (Afrati, and Ullman, 2010) Through the process mapping the core functions can be linked with the goals and objectives. These processes are:

  • Input
  • Outputs
  • Different activities
  • Decision making
  • Functions (Afrati, and Ullman, 2010)

Considering the functions of financial measures non-financial performance indicators can be adapted for linking different activities with the financial measures. Through financial performance indicators the financial performances and related activities are measured. B y using non-financial indicators the non financial factors and their impacts on the viability of the organisation are measured. Through NFPI the function areas of human resource management of ABC Company can be assessed. By considering the cost the human resources can be motivated, attracted and retained within the organisation. (kfknowledgebank.kaplan.co.uk., 2016).  It will be useful in monitoring the staffs and controlling them through including different perspectives:

  • Staff turnover
  • Absence rates
  • Job satisfaction survey and its results
  • Surveys on competency
  • The number of job offer acceptance

Considering the processes within the human resource management for ABC Company the tool diagram has been drawn:

human resources process

Through the human resource processes the functions of the human resources can be set within ABC Company. By adding mission, vision and values within these processes the conflicts within HRM of ABC organisation can be resolved.

1.3 Evaluate the output of the process and the elements required to build a quality gateway, which focuses on the output of the process.

By considering the mission and vision statement of the organisation ABC Company can achieve the goals. On this regard the Company has to review the human resource processes. Through proper human resource processes the organisation can maintain quality within the services. Existing human resources and their capabilities should be developed through proper development training. New objectives should be added within the human resource manag4emnt for improving the existing management system. (Wood, 2011). By adding values and SMART objectives the goals and objectives should be connected with the human resource management. Through adding proper values within human resource management the employees can be retained within the organisation. In order to reduce the turnover the organisation has to follow the quality and standards within the HR policies. Through adding values the employees can be encouraged to produce proper quality services. (Wood, 2011). Through new development strategies ABC Company can involve their human resources within the core objectives of the business. Quality gateway is the process of quality assurance which is important for delivering quality services within the market. Through this process the quality is checked before the delivery is made. By delivering high quality services ABC Company can achieve reputation within the market. Through the quality gateway implementations the ABC management can identify the exact issues within the HRM system and reduce errors in services. The human resources and their performances should be checked for assuring the quality. (Wood, 2011).  For controlling the quality ISO codes should be added within the processes of customer services.

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Task 3

3.1 Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified with reference to ABC Company

Quality has been the most significant part within the business and services. This has been becoming the radiant component in the achieving competitive advantages and placing the organisation in the higher position. Regarding this perspective the organisations are  managing business  and monitoring the quality within the services by involving quality checking. For retaining the loyalty within the market place and achieving the customer satisfaction the ABC group needs to deliver the quality through their services. (Shalev, Chodick, Goren, , Silber, Kokia, and Heymann, 2011) Quality within the organisational policies and standards are also significant in retaining the employees and skills in the organisation. ISO standards are needed to be implemented within the services for providing proper services. By maintaining the ISO standards the quality can be controlled and monitored within ABC. For monitoring and controlling the quality ABC Company has to place proper quality policies within the performances and operations:

  • The employees must provide proper services to meet the standards and through continuous development the quality should be improved for better standards.
  • By understanding the changes within the market places and in the preferences of the clients the employees must make changes within the service providing operations and review the standards over the current performances
  • Adapt proper strategy to deliver services without any error or mistake and also design the quality system accordingly (Shalev, Chodick, Goren, , Silber, Kokia, and Heymann, 2011)
  • The employees must organise the activities for doing the job properly in efficient manner.
  • Through commitment to the quality implementations and continuous development the human resource of ABC can improve their current performances.

Apart from the policies the quality can be measured and controlled through:

  • Quality assurance
  • Total quality management implementations
  • Quality control for maintaining the quality standards and eliminating the activities which are below the standards. There are certain steps by which the quality and controlled and measured- prevention, inspection, correction and improvements
  • Quality circles for quality enhancement (Shalev, Chodick, Goren, , Silber, Kokia, and Heymann, 2011)

3.2 Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process for the ABC company

Through the implementations of quality management the quality culture can be demonstrated for ensuring the monitoring, evaluation and development. Quality is associated with continuous assessment and improvements of the processes. Through the Total Quality Management system the quality of the processes can be managed through and development of the processes can be done. (Moss, 2012). There are certain stages in the Total Quality Management system for ensuring the monitoring and evaluation of the quality. In order to place proper quality culture the ISO standards should be implemented within the processes. In the first stage the quality should be assured within the development of processes.  Quality Assurance department should check proper quality within the current processes. (Moss, 2012) The current processes should be checked on the quality standards. It is referred as the quality description stage. In the adjustment stage the addition implementations in the processes and practices are done for the improvement of the quality by following the standards. In this stage the ISO standards are considered as well as the preferences of the clients. These additional implementations would be monitored for analysing the effectiveness. (Moss, 2012). Next stage is the evaluation stage in TQM. Within this stage the evaluation is done through prevention, inspection and correction. Through inspection the desired quality and its implementations are measured. Correction stage ensures the correction of the defects and changes in the current processes in order to place Zero Defects. Through the quality standards the errors are prevented from the processes. Through this stage the development of the processes can be done.  (Moss, 2012)

3.3 Recommend improvements which align with the organisation’s objectives and goals and which result in improvements

For the improvements the recommendations within the processes and to align the organisation’s objectives and goals the Six Sigma method can be approached. Through this method the output quality of the process can be improved. Through this method ABC Company can instigate approaches towards reaching the organisational goals and objectives, measuring the performances and improving the processes. Through this method the organisation can lead the process towards the zero defects. Six Sigma will analyse defects within the processes. There are six standards deviations between nearest specification limits and the mean. Through this method the organisation can be able to remove the defects within the management and improve the management processes. (Hashmi, 2016). By eliminating the defects from the management ABC Company can improve the human resources towards increased productiveness and reduce the current turnover, conflicts within the human resource management etc. There are certain success factors which are significant for the recommendation of improvements:

  • Proper implementations of the management system is essential to evaluate the current situation in the human resources and by placing the standards required for improvements customer services should be managed.
  • Placing commitment in the top management system for improving the current HRM issues
  • Through education and training system the employees can be retained and motivation can be placed which will result in reduction of turnover and improvements in business processes.
  • Well organised information and analysis system should be developed for gathering proper data and assessing risks
  • Strategic planning system should be well organised (Hashmi, 2016).
  • Competitive benchmarking system should be developed
  • All quality tools should be implemented with efficient manner and the employees should be well trained on using these tools

3.4 Report on the wider implications of proposed changes within ABC Company

Through the use of the six sigma tools the organisation would manage entire processes with efficient manner. Through this the quality of the processes can be improved and the defects can be analysed. (Dumas, 2013).  Six Sigma tool can also be efficient for the improvements in the productivity and maintaining efficiency in eh performances. Through the basic functions of the Six Sigma the organisation can be able to meet the requirements of the employees, improve the customer retention and also can improve the business services. By implementing the Six Sigma the ABC Company can gain certain positive impact over the processes:

  • The time cycle can be reduced and the completion of the processes can be done within given time
  • It is efficiently impact over the time management skills. The employees can be encouraged to perform through proper time management abilities (Dumas, 2013).  
  • It will also reduce the percentages of wastage. Less wastage leads to the reduction of the budget and improvements in the quality
  • Sustainable measurement can be gained by implementing the improved activities within the processes.
  • It will lead to the reduction of the turnovers and the employees can be engaged with better standards in policies
  • The services will be improved through the motivated and productive employees
  • The operating procedures would be developed by following the standards and the vision and mission statements can be aligned within the processes

There are also certain negative impacts of the Six Sigma in the processes of ABC Company:

  • On taking different tactical decisions in complex matter the data collection will be difficult.
  • The processes should have higher cost involvement in order to execute all steps efficiently (Dumas, 2013).  
  • Statistical errors can impact over the employee performances
  • Lack of proper knowledge over the processes or experiences can increase the problems
  • The method can lead to negative impact over the quality measurements.

Task 4

4.1 Plan how to carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organisational requirements ensuring appropriate action is taken

In order to carry out the risk assessment the organisation has to evaluate the legislations and other factors which can impact over the business. This can be done through taking the pestle analysis:

  • Political: The ABC Company can be impacted by the political situations within the operating region. Different political issues can impact over the demand and supply of human resources. Changes within the policies of government in recruitment can impact over the organisation. (Thompson, Arena, Riebe, and Pescatello, 2013)
  • Economical: the changes in exchange rates, inflation rate, recession can influence the ABC recruitment company.
  • Social: changes in the trends of the social lifestyles can impact over eh recruitment processes and selection or demand of the human resources.
  • Technological: the rapid changes within the technologies are impacting over the business of ABC organisation. The technological implementations within the performances of human resources can impact over the business. Proper training should be given on considering the changes. (Thompson, Arena, Riebe, and Pescatello, 2013)
  • Legal: the legislations like employment acts, discrimination act, fiscal and monitory policies, and taxation legislations will influence the business activities of ABC company.
  • Environmental: changes within environment policies can influence the business operations of ABC.

Through proper implementations of legislations the risk assessment can be carried out. In order to reduce risks within the working environment proper implementations of health and safety regulations are needed to be taken in account. For reducing the risks over legal processes regarding financial aspects the monitory and fiscal policies should be measured by ABC Company. For reducing the risks of human resource management processes employment act should be followed. Within the risk assessment method there are certain stages:

  • Identification of the risks
  • Assessing the risks and its impacts over the employees and other factors
  • Developing risk reduction planning by establishing the legislations and regulations
  • The activities of risk analysis should be monitored by following the rules and policies
  • Reviewing the results. (Thompson, Arena, Riebe, and Pescatello, 2013)

4.2 demonstrate that health and safety regulations and legislation applicable in specific work situations are correctly and effectively applied

The health and safety regulations impacts over the practices of  human resource management.  The organisations like ABC Company have to follow this legislation in order to place proper environment of work and implement the health and safety policies in HR system. The law of health and safety has enforced the organisation to incorporate processes which must be approved by Code of Conduct. The performances and the work of the employees are covered by codes of practices.  By following the employment the employees are clarified about their duties. (Fung, Tam, Lo, and Lu, 2010). Adequate safety measures within the working environment are the main focus of the act of health and safety. ABC Company has implemented proper health and safety measures such as fire exit, fire alarms, relevant sign boards etc. The risks which are related to the processes and to the machineries are assessed before the implementations. Safety standards act has been followed by checking the machineries in regular manner. (Fung, Tam, Lo, and Lu, 2010). The employees are trained on the usages of the machineries and instruction manual has been provided to all employees.

4.3 Plan how to carry out a systematic review of organisational health and safety policies and procedures in order to ensure they are effective and compliant

For carrying out the systematic review of the health and safety policies and procedures the health and safety policies should be defined in a clear manner. (Damalas, and Eleftherohorinos, 2011) These policies are:

  • Provide and maintain a healthy working environment
  • Provide a generic risk assessment over all tasks which are engaged by employees
  • Provide proper and required instruction, training and educational support and also guidelines of all machineries to the employees in order to acknowledge them
  • Ensure proper control of health and safety risk which can arise from different activities.
  • Changes within the government policies should also be reflected within the guidelines and training modules. Evaluating effectiveness of the health and safety standards within the business should be done for analysing the implementations of the legislations. (Damalas, and Eleftherohorinos, 2011)

There are certain factors which should be analysed for conducting a systematic review of risks:

  • The floors should be dry and clean
  • Maintenance of proper hygiene standards
  • Analysing different machineries such as computers, software, wastage recycle machines, etc should be implemented within the system with efficient manner.
  • Proper guidelines over the usages of these machines
  • Adequate implementations of fire extinguishers, fire exit, signs and boards within the environment (Damalas, and Eleftherohorinos, 2011)
  • Adequate training to the employees

4.4 Plan how to carry out practical application of health and safety policies and procedures in the workplace for ABC Company

Practical applications of health and safety policies and procedures within the ABC Company:

  • The practical applications of health and safety within the office should be done through keeping the floors clean to reduce the risks of accidents and falls. In regarding this house keeping services in workplace should be done.
  •  A safety supervisor should be appointed
  • The machines are implemented within the organisation after checking the health and safety and also ISO standards. (Papadopoulos,  Georgiadou, Papazoglou, and Michaliou, 2010)
  • The legislations over the food and hygiene should be maintained
  • The fire exit and signs and boards are placed in proper position.
  • The Workplace provision law has been followed throughout the processes of ABC Company.
  • The guidelines over the safety rules should be improved on regular manner
  • Proper laws must be followed while supervising the work. (Papadopoulos,  Georgiadou, Papazoglou, and Michaliou, 2010)


Through the report the business and its related activities are analysed. Different issues impact over the processes of business within the business environment. The functions and the processes are interrelated within the business activities. The interrelationship of the functions and processes are connected within the mission and vision statement of the organisation. By implementing the mission and vision statement of the organisation into different operations the organisation can obtain the goals. Quality is concerned over different processes of business. By minimising the risks the quality can be improved through the business processes. Through placing proper quality standards ABC Company can reduce their turnovers and improve the customer satisfaction.

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