Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 1


In leading tourist destinations assignment i have asked to discuss about the different scenarios like physical, social and cultural attributes which can have diverse affect on different countries. Moreover I have also discussed about the affects of the developing and developed countries, the aspects which are making the developing countries more appealing to the tourist. I have also discussed about the different leading destinations and their different attractions.

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 2 - Assignment Help

Task 1

Analyse main tourist destinations and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation (1.1)

The top 5 destinations chosen by me in this context which is selected by me are London , New York , Turkey , Italy , Cuba , Burma . Let us discuss each destination separately:

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 3

London (UK):

The most favoured and popular destination almost all across the world,  it is being estimated that in 2015 around 2 billion visitors were found which placed it in the 5th largest destination places . The wonderful touch of the Buckingham palace, the residence of the queens and kings. Accompanied by the beautiful very appealing Natural museum of history London, the renowned St. Paul’s Cathedral and of course the London zoo

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 4

New York (USA):

Who can forget the ever chanting and most popular city in the entire world New York. it is famous for the ever renowned statue of liberty , covering about  2 billion visitors every year the others being the beautiful times square street which is the most crowded , popular fort its Broadway show , the times square drop on 31st December is the most impressive one . Other being the grand central station, the Madison square garden has its own appeal and charm

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 5

Turkey: Turkey a beautiful destination for tourist has managed to attract millions of people all through the year. Istanbul being the amazing place where all people gather to view its amazing structures, the land, the buildings. Another famous place being Bodrum an ever charged up beach, which attracts all people to enjoy its own serenity. Another popular place being a Mediterranean resort beside the sea named Kemer, it is being decorated with beautiful forests of pine

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 6

Burma or Myanmar: Burma also known as Myanmar is a long term tourist attraction. All round the year, people from all over the globe they tend to visit Myanmar. The main attraction is Naypyidaw, the capital of Myanmar, a beautiful destination which in its serene atmosphere tend to appeal all the people. It has been noted that the GDP in the year 214 was 6.1% and it was increased to 7 % in 2015 and is projected to raise more. (Chen, 2012)

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 7

Paris (Italy): Eiffel tower is the name which comes in everyone’s mind when speaking about Paris. A symbol of love, market by its beautiful structure , standing long for  many centuries . The travellers are totally attracted by this structure and it never ends. Other being Musee de L’orangeerie is a beautiful gallery depicted the art of millions of famous and renowned people. Most recently in news is the Tour Montparnasse is a highest skyscraper of about 210 metre. It amounted of about 8.1 million tourist every year, it is due to serenity of the place which attracts more and more people from around the globe.

Analyze statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends (1.2)

The inclination of tourism is all about moving up and these can be different for different countries like:

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 8

United Kingdom

  • London: The most appealing and widespread among all tourist destinations is London, London with its beautiful heritage and renowned royal performance marks a different sphere.  The beautiful London Bridge which is truly beautiful, and catches the eyes. The different museums’ which exists in London has all its different charms.
  • Manchester: Everyone  knows it is house of the greatest football fever ever ,  not only its football , but Manchester itself has its own charm with its beautiful museum like Urbis , china town a well known place  for its heritage and culture etc . (Cuéllar-Franca, Azapagic  , 2012)
  • Scotland: In Scotland the most beautiful appeal is Edinburgh, capital of Scotland market by beautiful lands surfaces, with its most spectacular Georgetown, the amazing garden, the breathtaking views. Aberdeen is another famous place a port known for its oil reserves. Other being Oban which is a beautiful resort, and it is quiet place which gives a complete privacy to the tourist itself.

It is being reported that the amount of tourist travelling to UK they have generated about 33 million dollar. And is market as the 5th largest revenue generator in this sector. Which is amalgamation of all the different destination clubbed together, in Paris more than 5 million people visit every year , British museum being high renowned contributes about 4 million visitors each years

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 9

Revenue generated: In UK, there exists numerous tourist who tend to travel again and again to various destination in UK, due its culture, the art, the serenity and the proper accessibility .As per a report, it was said that the foreign policy is bringing more and more revenue in this sector of  travel and tourism , which ahs resulting for a higher GDP level from 12.65 % increase from 2014 and is expected to rise more in the coming years. (Cuéllar-Franca, Azapagic  , 2012)

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 10

In recent news in BBC, it was shown that UK in 2001 faced a lot of issues regarding tourism it has been said that there has been a sharp fall in the amount of sightseeing places. Due to the too much interference of the government, there no improvement in the tourism sector.  But after the winter Olympics held on 2012, UK has again managed to regain its position in the tourism industry. And being the 8th largest country for leading destinations.

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Task 2:

Analyze cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations explaining their appeal to tourists (2.1)

 It has been found out that the mentioned group TUI is always looking for new business prospects in many areas of United Kingdom and other places like Cuba, Thailand etc.

It is important take into account the numerous factors:

Social: UK being one the leading destinations for travellers is famous for its rich culture; it is its own charm, the places, the various small serene palaces, the villages, the places for relaxing etc. London being leading place , it is depicted with new imagination and appeal which are the famous London bridge , where the view is breathtaking, the ever appealing Buckingham palace where tourist from all across the globe visits to see the structure the rich heritage etc. Whereas Cuba is one the leading destination which is renowned for its spirituality, a place which makes an inner sense of appeal, people gets fully relaxed after visiting such quiet and charismatic destination. The place famous for its rich culture, the terrific social structures makes it all the more appealing

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 11

Cultural aspect:Britain being the most attractive cultural place of London, it’s mesmerizing in its own way. Travellers from everywhere they visit the historic statues, the museums, the galleries. The London eye is famous all over the world other being the Warwick castle, the palace of Westminster, the Buckingham palace etc. Cuba on the other hand, is full of cultural feature .it has almost as, any as 130 galleries of art, 270 museums and theatres of about 80. The Cuban culture has its own sense of delicacy.

Physical: In UK, the physical features are always unique and appealing like the beautiful castle of Warwick or the natural surface of Scotland, the breathtaking mountains; all these are the physical attributes which cannot be ignored Where as in Cuba, the country has grown a lot and due to its vast and widespread of places, it has been the more attractive one. The beautiful fields of cocoa plantation, the mesmerizing surface, the beaches are all the attributes which marks as a rich factor for tourists

Task 3

Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations. (3.1)

Developed country (UK): UK is one of the renowned tourist destinations in today’s modern era; it has been the most favoured destination for years and more years to go. UK travel industry has worked hard to develop more improved strategy and it keeps renewing it each year for the sake of attracting more tourists and thus it has gained a lot of popularity in the coming years and so, in 2012, due to the Olympic Games, there was a huge tourist attraction from almost every parts of the world. (Buckley, 2012)

UK is being popularly surrounded by the English channel, the Irish sea and of course the north sea , binding it to many other destinations . it is one the most top revenue destination of the powered in 2013.

It has lots of destinations let us discuss some:

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 12

London zoo: This zoo is the old of the century and attracts about millions of people every year, it consists over more than 850 species and around 1800 living thing. It is being renovated with modern techniques more safety measures and places for everything.

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 13

British museum: One of the most renowned heritages which people have came across, it has beautiful structures and the historic point of view it is simply remarkable, most attractive being the beautiful designed metal like a boat house courtyard which is one of the attractive aspects. (Ghimire, 2013)

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 14

Cuba ( developing state ): Cuba, a beautiful destination and most recently the most popular among all. With most beautiful mountains, the spectacular view of nature has made it mesmerised. Havana being one of the most popular and colour places, which is a must for every travellers to visit.  The beautiful monument of Santiago de Cuba is a wonderful place to visit. Moreover people who are adventure lovers they don’t want to miss a chance in scuba diving in Cayo Largo Del Sur. (Buckley, 2012) This country has over the years developed a lot, more recently, it is favoured locations for many people, and it is giving a huge competition with developing countries like UK.

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 15

Old Havana: Old Havana, is considered to be a world heritage which is being designated by UNESCO. It has beautiful structures which mainly depicts the old cultures and the new system like Plaza de Armas, plaza vieja which embarks a new form of world culture. The Cuban government has totally secured the system, and protects its national heritage with utmost care

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 16

Cayo coco: It is one of the most famous islands which are famous for its crystal sea beeches and the breathtaking coral reefs. it also has natural attribute lagoons and the marshy land makes it all the more appealing and a attractive place for tourists

Sierra Maestro: It is one the most beautiful mountain  ranges which actually  is all across the province of old Oriente till southern Niquro of  eastern  coast of Cuba, it is most eye catching for the adventure tourist who tend to expedite all through and explore new places and find it very appealing. the scientist are mostly in these areas trying to find the underlying answers , so these places are now  decision making  a appeal to almost all across the world .

Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal (3.2)

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 17

CUBA: In the most recent years, Cuba has managed to develop from one of the most developing tourist destination and is becoming more popular. In a report in 2016, January it has been published that Cuba is being greeting people from all across the globe and the numbers are growing into millions. Since 2011, the amount of tourist has grown of about 2.7 million and it is projected to cross 25 million in the coming years. (Ghimire, 2013)

The establishment: Over the years, Cuba has developed a lot and its numbers are growing from thousand to millions and expected to reach a high number .the management of Cuba has been played a very important role, in proper planning a new city and making it all the more attracted for the purpose of tourism which is a challenge and Cuban government is really working hard to make it even better over the years. (Evans, Stonehouse, Campbell, 2012)

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 18

The appeal of Cuba destination:

  • The most popular being Havana, the capital of Cuba, it is famous for its wonderful architecture.
  • The beautiful beaches of Cuba which includes Cayo Coco, which has beautiful coral reefs and it very serene.
  • Trinidad , is recognised by UNESCO as a beautiful heritage of the world , is most beautiful sight to see
  • Camaguey , a well known historic place , which depicts the urban culture and attracts millions of touristy
  • The most famous being Baracoa, and is famous for the plantation of cocotrees and where white chocolate are been grown .

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 19

Economic rise: The huge growth of Cuba as a tourism sector started all in 1990. There has been a tremendous increase in the foreign policy, which means the country is making it big in this sector. The United States people were the most people to view Cuba, but there were some restrictions in the policy of travel, but later there were no such restrictions, people today are willing to visit Cuba more than the US. The amount of GDP  has increased to 12% in 2-014 to 13.5% in 2015, and is being expected to rise 22% in 201 and 45% by 2025.

Different issues:

Cuba today has been looked by many tourist in a different way:

  • Sports tourist : some people visit this country for its wonderful activity of sports
  • Education : people from all over the world , who has a appeal for learning , they tend to visit this place to learn more about the heritage and culture of the country
  • Short term : some people are simply for relaxing and they are for short term stay they tend to enjoy the each and every places of Cuba
  • The “snow- bird “ tourist : there are some tourists who tend to stay the entire winter season in Cuba
  • Medicated tourist : some tourists are being advised by their doctors and physicians to visit such places for the purpose of cure and treatment.
  • Business purpose : there are some tourist who like to stay and relax to these destination for relaxation time, a stress day after work under these beautiful Cuba is really unimaginable

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 20

Perception geographically: Cuba with its beautiful and amazing structures of the land tends to attract the tourists all the more. The above landscape being the breathtaking “Pinar Del Rio”. This actually makes the place all the more special to millions of travellers. (Evans, Stonehouse, Campbell, 2012)

Historical scenario: Cienfuegos, the historical city of Cuba, is being accounted for its beautiful embankment of the cultures. While another most popular historical place being Habana vieja or popularly known as Old Havana, which depicts the historical aspect of Cuba famous, being Catedral De San Cristobal, the city museum of Museo de la Ciudad.

Other factors:Cuba is now serving as a place where the system of eco- tourism is being applied. More travellers are perceived to visit this natural place, for its aroma, for its beautiful appeal. The government of Cuba are establishing the environment of eco – tourism, which is being practised and very much in these places. It provides natural solar energy, a breath of fresh air. People tend to stay in these places for a much longer term due to these factors

Task 4

Analyse issues that affect the popularity of tourist destinations (4.1)

There are numerous factors which ha sa great impact on the destinations:

  • Geographical scenario: We are all aware of the ever changing scenario of the geographic conditions which takes place in different places of the world .In UK they are severely affecting the various destinations , and curbing the way for travel agencies which has accounted for about 5.1 % growth .
  • Climatic conditions: Climate has a huge influence on the destinations travelled by tourists. The place which is extremely hot is not being visit much, but again it is up to the perception of the people. Some people prefer hot destination some prefer cool breeze destinations
  • Natural disaster: There are certain factors which are unavoidable; it is something which cannot be avoided. Tsunami being in the number one list, like what happened in Indonesia on 26th December 2004, where a earthquake of about magnitude of 9.4 hit the Sumatra coast, resulting with a disastrous tsunami and taking lives of many.

Effect of different epidemics or diseases: Often it is being seen that people doesn’t want to visit those destination where there is a occurrence of any kind of disease like what happened in Africa, in 2014, there was an outburst of Ebola disease , killing about thousands of life .

  • Global warming: Due to global warming, recent news its being published that due to huge temperature the glaciers are starting to melt and has already caused the level of water to increase at a disastrous rate
  • Through suggestion: In these modern times , people now a days are more relying to what people has their opinion on a certain destination , it might be positive or negative , but some people visit places where their friends , relatives has been through .
  • Through Research work: Internet has become a huge source of information , it is through internet that one can easily browse one destination and similarly it can easily brows the reviews given by other travellers , some people are smart enough to take a step forward and travel their own and some reply on the reviews and tend to fall a step back or forward .
  • Eco- tourism: It is one of the flourishing touring destinations; people are getting more attracted towards the places where there is more amount of greenery available. Sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain such destination like providing natural scenarios, natural solar energy, proper equipments are not always present by the places. But these places are being favoured and explored by almost everyone.
  • Socio – cultural features: It is important that people reside and travel in a healthy environment which will provide the both freshness and the pleasure in a journey.
  • Market share: Now a day’s stake holders tend to invest on those places where they are sure of the present and their future benefit it can have concluded that these are the factors which have a tremendous effect on the tourism industry now a day. So the investors tend to invest in those places there will be maximum gain. In a recent report it has been seen that UK , the total amount of GDP is about 12% in 2012 , which has gone a up to 14% in 2015 , and expected to rise more . But there was a drawback where in October 2001 UK faced a tremendous loss in this sector of tourism; it was mainly because of mismanagement from the government, and the restricted policies which was being imposed, which resulted in total disastrous result.

Discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at worldwide tourist destinations. (4.2)

Mexico: It is situated between US and central America is well known for its beautiful beaches, a natures natural beauty, depicted wonderfully, it has beautiful places like puetro vallata beach, Cabo and San Lucas being one of the most favoured places for travellers. Most renowned being Cancun, a beautiful beach destination, which attracts thousands of people from all across the globe. It is famous for the fiery ring which is still present and is very much active, making Mexico a famous and attractive place for the adventurous tourist to tend to expedite in these locations. The most active as per in a report in April 2016, is Popocatepetl, and there is always a chance of it being it will soon be erupting again.

There has been increase of about a percentage of 2% from 2014. It is further expected to have a more increase by 2025 of about 7l5% out of the total GDP and will provide of about 3, 413, 600

Leading Tourist Destinations Assignment Copy 21

Sustainability in Mexico:Mexico is said to be a rising country with its modern urban innovation and with a planned sustainability development which has helped with almost pollution free country and further has helped in the promotion of public health, and concentrating on high LEEDS building. It was published in 2014 , that Mexico , is making vast improvements in the field of developments of green buildings . In a recent seminar , Mexico received much acclamation for its initiative in the  major field of green house sustainability which helped in cutting down the GHG emissions by about 21- 22 % and is expected reduce it more by 2030. Moreover , Mexico city has always preferred to lead its long term environmental plan with its long lasting go green initiative , and a fully eco – friendly country . In the coming month from 26th October 2016 – 28th October 2016 , Mexico city is hosting The Global Resources Environmental & Energy Network Exhibition Expo . under this expo Mexico wants to depict about the importance of renewable energy , the proper system of balancing a ecological construction  .Mexico is considered to have one of the most beautiful natural resource , water being one of them .


Tourism sector is ever changing and is rising more day by day, there has been many new kind of destinations which is being regaining more and more attractions over the time, due to its huge appeal. In this assignment I have learnt how the different cultural , social and physical structures affects different countries like UK and other developing nations like Thailand , Cuba etc .Moreover I have also learnt about the different destinations how each is different from each other . I have also learnt how economy can affect a destination if it is not being properly maintained.


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