Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment – TUI

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment – TUI

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment – TUI


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Unit 9 Tourist Destinations – TUI

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This Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment TUI briefs us about the tourist destinations in many contexts of the Tourism industry. There are four tasks which should be done in analyzing the tourism industry. The first one is the analyzing the destination in context with the income generation, visitor generator and the number of tourists to a particular destination. In this way the future pattern of tourism can be predicted in the country. The second task deals with the features of the tourism industry such as political, social, cultural and factors which act as an appeal to the tourism industry. The third task is about comparing the tourist destination of the developed and the developing country in terms of their appeal to the tourists. The last task of the assignment is about the issues affecting the tourism in a particular area and understanding the potential of tourism in that area. Despite of all the problems there is a huge tourist influx in UK. TUI group is the world largest tourism industry which follows the pattern of sustainable HRM development.

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment TUI - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

Understand the scope of key uk and worldwide tourist destination

The purpose of this task is to find about various tourist destination and the income generator spots all-round the globe based on the statistics of tourism collected from these places for the tourism industry on the whole. Different countries are ranked depending upon the number of visitors and the income generated through tourism. The pattern of the tourist destination such as France, Brazil, Mexico and UK has to be properly analyzed to predict the future pattern of tourism. As an Executive manager for sustainability we mainly focus on the main tourist destination in UK.

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1.1 Main tourist destinations and generators of world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation

TUI estimates the tourist generator and tourist receiver in the country. The country in which the tourists would like to visit is called the tourist receiver. If the tourist chooses UK as the place of their visit then UK would be the tourist receiver. The country from which the tourist comes is called the tourist generator. If the tourists are coming from UK then UK is the tourist generator. According to the survey, the biggest tourist generating country is UK and UK stands sixth in the world in tourist receiving. According to survey in 2010, approximately 27 million tourists visited UK with varied purpose. In UK there is no growth of incoming tourist as in the year 2009 only 27.2 million of people visited the country.

Analysis of the different countries of the world on the account of the revenue collected through tourism UK is at the sixth position behind USA, France, China, Germany and Spain. Approximately 30 billion is collected through tourism in UK which is low as compared to the already mentioned five countries. (Veghea, 2016). France is also an important tourist destination of the world. It ranks third among the most visited countries with the total revenue of 7.7 billion euros. France receive approximately 84 million foreign tourist every year. If we talk about Brazil then it has a lot of tourist spots such as Brazil and Costa Rica. It receives a total revenue of 6 million with 5 million tourist every year.

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1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destination trends and predict future trends

This task discusses the pattern of tourism in UK and France and it would also tell us about the future predictions and trends of the tourism industry. TUI exactly estimates the trends in tourism and future predictions. France is the leading country in the world tourism industry and attracts a large number of tourists every year. A large number of people visit France all around the year because of the presence of many tourist spots and attractions such as beaches, mountains, malls and monuments. Presently France is the best tourist destination and is expected to remain in the same position in coming years. One of the most important reasons for increasing tourism in France is the falling value of Euro in the present times. The tourists from the other countries get a better exchange for their money.

Ireland gains a lot of money through the travel and tourism industry through the increasing tourism in France. There is expected to be the rise of 15% in the coming years in the tourism in France till 2014. Due to the financial crisis the tourism industry was heavily affected but it recovered better than the other sectors in the country. Tourism industry provides employment to a large number of people in France and is a major source of income of the country. The tourist countries that give competition to the tourism industry of France are India, USA, China and Brazil. There are many hurdles in the way of tourism industry in France such as environmental challenges and internationalization. To prepare to deal with the challenges faced by the tourism the government has faced some strategic plan. (Dearsley, 2016). UK has retained the top most position in the list of world tourism industry and is a good source of income for the country. It is a major source of GDP of the country. The table given below shows the pattern of tourism in different countries of UK published by TUI
































































From the clear table it is clearly evident that London is the highly visited industry. London is the most visited city in the country United Kingdom. The main reason is presence of large number of attractions in the city. The mostly visited spots in the city are British Museum, Tower of London, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. As evident in the table Edinburg is the second highest visited city in country United Kingdom. The famous attractions of Edinburg are Arthur’s seat, Royal yacht and museum of Scotland. The third place in the list is occupied by the Manchester. The famous attractions of Manchester are exhibitions and museums and the home city and ground of famous soccer team. The tourism in future in UK as estimated by TUI is supposed to rise due to the following factors:

  • The online promotion of the tourism in the country on the site visitbritain.com. It holds various international exhibitions. There is a bulk business visit in the country.
  • The government is giving the major attention towards development of the coastal resorts in the country to promote mostly international tourism.
  • They are heavily promoting ecotourism in the country. (Perkins, 2014)

Task 2

Understand the cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations

In this task there would be an internal and external analysis of the tourist destination handled by TUI. The tourist destinations would be analyzed on the basis of social, cultural, political, environment and legal factors. Considering all the above mentioned factors the competition at various tourist destinations would be judged. In this task there would be comparison between the two tourist destinations one will be from the developed country while the other would be from developing country.

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2.1 Analyse cultural, social and physical features of tourist destinations explaining their appeal to the tourists

In this task the city of Mexico is used to analyze the social, cultural, political, environmental and legal factors faced by TUI. The effect of these factors on the tourism would also be analyzed. Presently Mexico has the mostly visited tourist destinations in the country. It is due to the presence of major tourist attractions catering the need for the both national and international tourists. The value of tourism in terms of money, then almost 4 million tourists visited USA the previous year and the revenue generated was around 10 billion dollar. Thus, tourism plays an important role in the economic development of Mexico and company TUI. The major factors that aid tourism in Mexico are exhibitions, sports events and shopping malls. The tourism does not give immediate economic benefit to the country. If the tourist spot is developed by the government then its benefits can be reaped in the coming future. There are many social issues related with the tourism. Thus, the tourism in Mexico has to be analyzed from the social point of view by TUI. Social factors also attract people to visit a tourist destination. The social appeal of tourism for Mexico is its rich cultural heritage. The visit to Mexico gives people the peace of their mind and gives them the better understanding of the rich cultural heritage of the place. The main reward of the tourism industry in USA is given to the local people. They feel proud of their place and put in more effort to develop their place as a tourist spot. The tourism industry gives employment to the local people of Mexico and generates profit for them. (Imagian, 2016)

The socio-cultural issues related with the tourism are that it mainly provides the seasonal employment. It is a boon for the students as they are looking for the part-time job but the people who are looking for the permanent job are greatly affected. To tackle with this problem the government promoted all round visit of tourist to London instead of the seasonal visits to provide the all-round year employment to the local people. The cultural impact of the tourism in Mexico is enhancement of the crafts and art industry and its promotion worldwide. In addition to the art and crafts the dress of the people and behavioral values of the city also attracts the national and international tourist in the city. There are many environmental impact of the tourism both positive as well as negative. The positive impact includes boost to the hotel industry, development of the roads and the infrastructure of the city and timely repair and restoration of the historical monuments. There are few negative impacts coupled with it. The tourism proves to be detrimental to the environment as it causes soil erosion, water and air pollution. Physical factors cover the presence of the many tourist attractions in the city such as Chapultepec, Tulum and national museum of anthropology. All these factors collectively enhance the tourist appeal of Mexico. (Kaiser, 2012)

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2.2 Compare features of developing and leading tourist destinations

The compassion in this unit is made between the tourist destination in developing and developed country based upon the infrastructure, historical monuments, museums and the appeal of the place by TUI. These factors ply a very important role in the tourism in the country. For the developing country we select Mexico whose tourist spots are Chapultepec, Tulum and national museum of anthropology. For the developed country we take USA whose tourist spots are Golden Gate Bridge, Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom and Nigeria falls. At the initial stage comparison would be drawn between the infrastructures of two places. The monuments, roads, building and hotels are much better in USA as compared to their condition in Mexico.

As far as branding is considered the government promotes tourism heavily in USA and TUI gets a lot of business. A lot of business meeting are held in USA and the business tourist heavily spend the money. A lot of awareness is spread about the rich cultural heritage of USA through online and offline methods. Their website visitbritain.com plays an important role in the branding of the city. The government of India also promotes the tourism in Mexico but the efforts are very weak as compared to the USA government. Mexico has been promoted at many places by the government. Due to better promotional activities of the USA government there is much larger tourist inflow in London as compared to Mexico. (Reisinger, 2013). Purpose of tourism plays an important role in determining the earning made by the tourism industry and TUI. The purpose of tourism in Mexico is largely for leisure or religious purpose. The purpose of tourism in the USA is for various purposes such as business, education, leisure and cultural value. This it makes it open to tourism at any time of the year. The government also pays a lot of focus on the development and maintenance of the historical development monuments in the country. The USA government manages tourism with a lot of effort in preserving the historical monuments and maintaining the natural beauty of the place. The government has also passed various laws regarding the development of tourism in the country. (LinkedIn, 2016)

Task 3

Understand how the characteristics of destinations affect their appeal to tourists

This task deals with the parameters which help in the analysis of overall appeal of any tourist destination as in TUI. On the basis of the selected model the parameters of the appeal of the tourist spot is decided. It would compare the tourist appeal of two destinations; one will belong to the developed country and the other to the developing country.

3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourit destinations

The tourist destination of the developing and the developed nations are compared by TUI. For this purpose the comparison is drawn between the tourist destinations of UK and Costa Rica. The above mentioned tourist destinations has varied characteristics but the comparison would be made in the same context on the basis of their appeal as a tourist destination. UK is the world’s number one tourist destination with about thirty million tourist influx every year. Costa Rica is the country in the center of America and stands fifth in terms of environmental maintenance. The major tourist attraction of the Costa Rica is Drake Bay, Arenal Volcano, Montverde and Corcovado national park and Dominical Beach.

After comparing both the destinations at TUI the conclusion can be made that both UK and Costa Rica are Unique in terms of their landscape, flora and fauna. The major difference is that Costa Rica is a famous tourist place for the people who want to enjoy nature in national park, wildlife reserve, volcanoes, waterfalls, etc. UK is the famous tourist spot for the people who are interested in good infrastructure, museum and cultural heritage. When the culture of two places is considered, the Costa Rica has Spanish culture till date while UK has rich English culture. UK has literature from famous authors such as Shakespeare and Milton. The famous music form of UK is opera and they have great music halls. The theatre which preserves the old traditions is also prominent in the country. Other than this there are various museums, historical monuments and parks in the city.

At TUI when the comparison is made on the mode of transportation of two places the conclusion can be drawn out that Costa Rica have old roads as the major medium of transportation and the roads are not in very good condition. UK has most advance system of commune in the world including the airlines, double Decker buses and superfast trains. Both the countries are safe to visit with considerably low crime rate but the UK has special force to handle crimes which is lacking in Costa Rica. In terms of environmental stability Costa Rica stands ahead of UK with fifth position in the world while UK occupies the ninth position. After referring to all above mentioned details the conclusion could be made as that the developed countries have special appeal for the tourists when compared to the developing country. (Nvido, 2012)

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3.2 Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal

While comparing the features of tourist destination which determines its appeal to the tourists at TUI the following factors have to be taken into account:

  • Promotion and the publicity of the tourism of the country by the government is the very important factor which has both negative as well as positive impact on the tourism industry in the country. The Olympics held in 2012 in London had a very healthy impact on the tourism industry of London.
  • Safety in the country and the crime ratio also determines the tourist influx in the country. UK is among the safest country of the world. Through there have been several reported cases of the pick pockets in London.
  • In order to enhance the tourism in the country there are special allowances provided by the government to the tourists such as maps of different places and GPS enabled cabs. (Wilkes, 2012)
  • Economic factors have a very negative impact on the tourism in the country due to inflation and decrease in the exchange prices. The government is spending too much in the building of roads and infrastructure that the basic facilities such as healthcare and sanitation are lacking.
  • The factors which largely inhibit the tourist influx in the country are the terror attacks, small crime, unstable political system and small riots.
  • There is heavy commercialization of the hotel and resorts in the country which tends to have a negative impact on the tourism industry in the country.

Despite the above mentioned negative factors UK has managed to maintain its appeal for the tourists in very good manners and have millions of people visiting the country every year. The government is continuously working to improve the above mentioned factors in the country in order to promote tourism and make the country safe for tourist. UK stands among the world’s highest tourist receiver in the world. (Travel and tourism, 2010)

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Task 4

Understand issues likely to affect the popularity of tourist destinations

The main objective of this task at TUI is to analyze all the parameters which affect the popularity of the tourist destination of the place which determine the tourist influx in the country. There are various impacts of the tourism in the country which help us to understand its impact on the local people around it. The tourism has varied effect on the local people of the area. The effort of the local people determines the tourist influx in the area.

4.1 Analyse issues that affect the popularity of tourist destination

There are various issues which determine the popularity of the tourist destination. The factors affecting the popularity of UK as analyzed by TUI are given below:

  • The leakage in the tourism has a very bad effect on the industry. Major chunk of money collected goes to the airline company and the hotel business. The local businesses are also benefitted by it. The tourist related import in the country is approximately forty percent as all the amenities required by the tourists are not alone present in the country. They have to be imported from outside.
  • The other major factor affecting the tourism industry is the deal and the combo packs offered by the restaurants and pubs. The cafes and the coffee shops have attractive ambience and offers. They are bit expensive for the tourist but they let the tourist enjoy all the leisure of the place.
  • The rising inflation and the decreasing exchange prices have much negative and adverse effect on the economy of the country. The higher value of the pound makes the tourist spends a less amount of money in the tourism.
  • Unstable political system of the country is mainly due to the small riots that keeps taking place in the country. Riots create a very bad image of the country in front of the tourists and they avoid visiting the place.
  • There have been reported cases of the attacks on the tourists in the country. There are various pick pockets in London. These cases greatly reduce the visits by the tourists.
  • There is a serious environmental damage done by the tourism industry. Due to the influx of tourist there is a rise in the pollution level of the city. The greenhouse effect of the city increases.
  • To promote the tourism in the country the government spends a great deal on the money on the maintenance of roads and infrastructure. Restoration of the historical monuments also consumes a great amount of money. This expenditure has a significant impact on the basic services such as health care and education of the city. (Parkinson, 2015)

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4.2 Discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at worldwidw tourist destinations

For sustained tourism practices TUI tries to minimize the negative impact of tourist industry on the social, political, legal and cultural features. On reducing these effects the tourism industry can grow in a sustainable manner. Tourism provides a lot of employment to the people in the UK. The local people benefit seasonally from tourism in the season of high tourist influx. 1 out of every 10 people is somewhat directly or indirectly linked with tourism. Various historical monuments get funded through the tourism activity. This becomes major source of their income and help in their restoration and development. In this way the rich cultural heritage of the country can be preserved. It is the responsibility of the tourist industry to sustain the positive effect on the economy of the country. Tourism gives the major boost to the local art and market of the area. The local business gets a boost and large exposure through the touch with the people all around the world. The tourism sector is responsible for the increasing problems such as child abuse and human trafficking. (Pritchard, 2011) The ecotourism is the branch of tourism which focuses on increasing the tourist influx in the country without any negative impact on the environment. It believes on spreading environmental awareness through the means of tourist activity. UK has 28 cultural and heritage sites which must be protected to protected to preserve the rich culture and enhance the tourism in the country. The responsibility of the sustainable tourism is as follows:

  • Green tourism scheme for business
  • Planting new forests
  • UNESCO protected sites
  • Collaboration of TUI with the tourism companies

Although TUI has come along a long way in promoting sustainable tourism activities in the country but it still needs to work on many areas. The natural beauty of the place must be maintained to enhance the aesthetic importance of the place. New rules regarding sustainable tourism practices must be passed. The tourism industry must be made more responsible towards the environment and the country. (Travelling towards, 2016)


In this Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment TUI the major analysis have been done on the four aspects. First task deals with the revenue collected by TUI. USA collects the highest revenue in terms of the tourism while France attracts the highest number of tourist visitors in the country. Later the tourism trend of UK was analyzed and the future trends in the industry were predicted. The tourist inflow of the country was later judged. After the analysis the conclusion can be drawn that London attracts highest number of tourists in the country due to the presence of large number of tourist attractions in the city such as Buckingham Palace, London eye and many museums. Its rich cultural heritage is also the major factors drawing tourist in the city. The government preserves the culture of the city by maintaining the museums and castles. In the second task mainly physical, social and environmental issues were accessed and we came to find out that these factors play an important role in increasing the appeal of the area. These factors make the country such as UK stand apart from the other developing countries like India and Costa Rica. Last task makes us familiar with the issues faced by the tourism industry in social, economic and political area. There were many issues related with the tourism industry such as riots, political instability and crimes in the area. Such factors are responsible for the decrease in the tourism industry in the area. UK promotes sustained tourism through responsible tourism activities. The sustained tourism keeps the environmental factor in mind and avoids the major crimes related with tourism such as drugs, child abuse and human trafficking. Management of the tourism industry is an important task and the authorities should manage it properly. The natural beauty of the place must be maintained to enhance the aesthetic importance of the place. New rules regarding sustainable tourism practices must be passed. The tourism industry must be made more responsible towards the environment and the country.


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