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WWLP and HRM Assignment Help

WWLP and HRM Assignment Help


Human resource management is the foremost part of all the today’s corporation. It becomes more important in customer-oriented organizations as it helps in recruiting, selecting, and to train newemployees. Human resource management develops all the process that is required to train new employees. Working with and leading people have become a vital topic for the people associated with the business.The Human resource management of an organization teaches the employees to attach with the legal issues attached to the selection and leadership process. This study will present the report on how to use recruitment, selection, and retention process will also illustrate how to prepare documentation for the selection of any new staff. The study will also demonstrate different leadership styles and their impacts. It will also examine the major differences between the leadership and management. Ways to work effectively in a team will also be illustrated here. The report will also highlight the factors involved in monitoring a work performance and will also assist in developing strategies for solving problems. 

Human resource management

Task 1


Woodford Cars and Couriers is a London based company that completed its tenure in the year 2013. The Company has noteworthy improvement in the last few years and wants to open a new showroom in Richmond. The company is likely to hire a Human Resource Manager.

In the recruitment and selection process of any company, the given job description, and the person specification are the two essential elements in it. Job description and person’s specification in the hiring process help in avoiding unlawful discrimination and also assist in providing the stage for the advertisement(Empower, energize, and motivate, 2015). This helps in developing the structure of the interview and also in selecting the eligible candidate.

Definition of Job description: Job description is the broad and written statement of a specific job which is based on the job analysis done by the company. A job description provided by the human resource management of the company usually includes the job title, purpose, duties, responsibilities, and the working conditions of the job(Empower, energize, and motivate, 2015). It also includes the name and designation of the person to whom the employee needed to report.

Definition of Job specification: It is an important document that forecasts the skills, qualification, and experience needed in order to perform the duties of the specified job. 

LO 1.1

Job title: Human Resource Administrative

Reports to: Human Resource Manager

Job Purpose:

  • To support the human resource department for screening and interviewing the applicants
  • To prepare the payroll and to orient new employees
  • To develop the employee benefit programs

Duties and responsibilities:

  • To write the job adverts for the company and to make sure that the adverts are up to date
  • To explain the role and responsibilities to the employees so that they can meet the criteria of the position
  • To examine and tracking the staffs provisional period
  • To prepare documents of human resource actions by completing forms, reports and logs
  • To calculate the payment, and to maintain its records
  • To investigate the phone calls, emails, letters and personal visit to give professional advisory to the employees


  • Should possess a minimum of graduate degree or equivalent including Math’s and English
  • Should possess a degree in HR with a minimum of 2-year experience in marketing
  • Should have the ability to communicate effectively at all levels and customer service skills
  • Should have experience in statistical information and the willingness to work flexibly

Working conditions:

  • Candidate should be available to work in shift patterns
  • Should have a health clearance from an NHS Trust
  • Should have a clear criminal record
  • Should able to work late shift
  • Should be able to travel for work any time

Physical requirements

  • Should have good health condition
  • Should be between the age bar of 25-40

Direct reports to HR Manager

Approved by: HR Manager

Date approved: **/**/**

Reviewed: **/**/**

LO 1.2

Recruiting and selection:Recruitment is the acquisition of the new staff or the appointment of existing staff in new roles. This is mainly done due to growth or diversification or due the replacement in the position which has been left by the peoples. As the Woodford Cars and Couriers need to open a new branch, the company needs to hire an HR manager, so the HR department of the company is following the selection process to ensure the requirements of the personal position(Greene and Burleson, 2003). The recruitment and selection process of the company ensures that the candidate has the specified knowledge, skills, and experience to meet the responsibilities and duties of the position.

Legal and ethical considerations:legal and ethical consideration has an inverse impact on the business. The ethical issues of organizations have many forms but in the essential fundamentals, ethics can be observed as the set of ideologies that administers the right behavior of the individual.

The Impact of law in advertising stage:As a Human Resource Manager, I must ensure that there is no biased behavior against any sex, age, race and ethnicity. There should also be no space for any discrimination in the field of gender, nationality, and religion. I must ensure that job advertisement does not break the law of the country.

The Impact of Interview stage: The interviewing department must be aware that they must not ask any questions that affect one’s religious views and ethnicity. They must also not address any sexist comments.

The Impact of a right to understand:When a HR administrator is interviewed, it is always important to check whether he or she has the legal right to work in the country. It is also ensured that the candidate doesn’t hold any serious criminal records.

The Impact of sex discriminatory act:This act makes it unlawful for the employer to discriminate against a candidate for a Job on the basis of their sex and marital status.

The Impact of equality regulations:this Act is made so that young and old get the same benefit in recruitment and selection process(Greene and Burleson, 2003). It is unlawful to break this Act. This Act also holds to take actions regarding the individual who have break the Act by not giving job opportunity to individuals to their nationality and race.  

The Impact of Disability Discrimination Act: This Act is developed so that employers should avoid discrimination in all the process of the staffing.

LO 1.3

As a Human resource Manager of Woodford Cars and Couriers, I will conduct the seven-point plan for the selection process(Tracy, 2014). These seven-point plan are described below:

  • Physical Attribute: It will examine the health and fitness and appearance of the individual.
  • : It will be for examining the qualification, skills, training and other relevant experiences.
  • : It will analyze the fundamental intellectual capability of the personal.
  • : It will analyze the numeracy, literacy, and knowledge in other co-curricular activities.
  • : This is for understanding the interest of the candidate.
  • : This will illustrate the individual’s acceptability, reliability and dependability on others for the completion of the work.
  • : This will be done to understand the domestic situations and occupations of the family members.

LO 1.4

As an HR Manager, I always try to implement following points, so that that the selection process is fair and ethical.

  • I always try to have a diverse workforce and always try to maintain a good proportion of both the genders in the company. This is done to make customers feel comfortable.
  • I also take care if any kind of discrimination happens in the selection process. I always try to examine that the candidates are recruited on their basis of their abilities and all the applicants are treated with same considerations.
  • I have applied equity principles in the recruitment and selection process so that strict actions can be taken against people who has been found guilty in any kind of biased practices. I also try to have a pleasant and friendly work environment.

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Task 2

LO 2

LO 2.1

Every leader have some particular skills and attributes that distinct them from a manager (Greene and Burleson, 2003). In the following there are some of the attributes and skills have been described that helps the leaders for achieving the aims and goals:

Communication skills: The leaders should have good communication skills and at the same time should have the ability for understanding the considerations as well as points of the entire assistants that performs under the leader in the firm (Arnold and Boggs, 2011). The leader should also have excellent and attractive interpersonal skills. With the help of excellent communication skills, various customers will feel much associated with the leader as well as tries to solve the difficulties of the employees.

Decision-making skills: Leaders are the responsible body who takes various crucial as well as important decisions within the firm. Leaders have to take decisions regarding the services, products, employees and customers (Holian, 2002). The leader should have analytical and issues solving talents for taking instant decisions. This skill will help the leaders in order to fulfill and accomplish goals and objectives of the firm.

Motivator: Leader must have the talents and skills for motivating as well as encouraging the employees of the firm. Entire employees of the firm should be provided few individual aims and goals (Grint, 2005). Entire top players should be rewarded and appreciated with few incentives.

LO 2.2

Management is basically defined as the phenomenon of dealing as well as regulating the people and things. As per the business, the management is usually described as the path through which the firm utilizes the existing resources efficiently and appropriately for achieving the profitability. Here, in this report the researcher has describes the differentiation of management and leadership:

  1. Leadership helps in formulating standardized and innovative things whereas managers are the responsible body that administers the employees function under them .
  2. A leader has its own real process for dealing with the situations and issues whereas managers work and perform on the basis of the guidelines provided to them.
  3. Leaders motivate and encourage its employees for gaining much skill for achieving much opportunity in their career but the managers only improve the procedures of the operations conducted by its employees .
  4. A leader always thinks for the long term viewpoints for it workers and firms whereas a manager only thinks of accomplishing short terms objectives.
  5. Leaders believe in motivating as well as encouraging its employees for accomplishing the objectives and goals of the firm whereas managers only take care of the rules, systems and regulations of the firm .

LO 2.3

There are many types of leadership styles that can be implemented by the leaders in various different kinds of situations and conditions for managing the issues efficiently (Schermerhorn, 2005). In this report the researchers have mentioned some of the leadership styles in the following:

  • Authoritarian Leadership Style- This style of leadership is used basically in the fact of crisis condition and also termed as the autocratic leadership style (Casal, 2002). In the case of declination in the revenues as well as the availability of works this style of leadership is the excellent and proper style. This kind of leadership style gives pressure on the employees for achieving the aims and goals.
  • Transformational Leadership Style- This style of leadership is fundamentally used for making variations in the firm. This leadership style actually helps in decreasing the turnover ratio in the firm (Kamencik, 2003). A leader should be much more idealistic and impractical for planning the long term goals. A leader is quite compelling as well as always believes in team establishment as well as satisfaction of the workers.
  • Participative Leadership Style- Under this style of leadership employees in the firm is providing some responsibilities and duties (Giuliani and Kurson, 2002). There will be group for the various departments of the firm and it is the most vital leadership styles for motivating and encouraging group establishment for solving the complaints and issues of the workers.

LO 2.4

Listening- the main issue within every firm is the opinion of disconnection amongst the management and its workers. It is quite important for listening to the employees’ grievances for keeping them satisfied. It is also important to listen to the ideas, perceptions, and opinions of the employees as they are also the important part of the firm (Empower, energize, and motivate, 2015). In order to improve the teams of the leaders only listening can be processed should be used in the firm. Meetings and conferences should be arranged by the firm regularly for knowing the issues of the firm.

Monetary- the monetary advantage is the most important source of motivation and encouragement. At the end of the year the company should give bonus and incentives to the top performers (Impact of Motivation on Employees, 2016). According to the ratings they will achieve on a quarterly basis as well as an annual bonus, the incentives should be provided to them and this motivates every single employee to perform better and excellent.

Trainings- the most vital reason that employees are not satisfied with the firm is crises of development and improvement opportunities, so giving employees and staffs with skilled and professional training is the best way to motivate and encourage them and their skills (Tracy, 2014) In this new technology world every employees and staffs requires to be updated with the day to day situations and information. Even job replacement and promotion is the best way to motivate the employees for boosting up their skills and confidence.

Task 3


LO 3.1

In every organization, a person single handily cannot achieve the objectives of the company. Employees need to work as a team to meet the objectives of the corporation effectively. Here are the benefits in working as a team in Woodford Cars and CouriersCompany.

Increase productivity and performance: a team that works together efficiently achieves more than an individuals working on their own(Tracy, 2014). While working as a team in Woodford Cars and Couriers, a broad range of skills can be applied to the practical activities of the corporation.

Skills development: being in a team helps the other individual to increase the efficient of their work level. It also helps in motivating the other members.

Job satisfaction:working in a pleasant team always makes an individual cheerful and increases their job satisfaction. It helps in creating a feeling of unity among the team members that helps in setting the employees in the role and in enhancing their confidence level.

LO 3.2

A leader is the person who is responsible for building a good environment condition for the team. In my situation as a manager at Woodford Cars and Couriers, I will try to implement transformational and participative leadership styles.As the company is in growing situations and need to open a new branch, there will be a need for transformation in the company. For solving the problems in staffing process, the company needs to change the structure of the recruitment process(Schermerhorn, 2005). An atmosphere of open communication should be developed as it will help in making the employees sensitive and straightforward.  Another leadership style that I will assist is the participative leadership style. It will help me in creating separate departments in the new branch of Woodford Cars and Couriers. I will also try to be friendly so that all the employees can feel free to communicate with me to solve their issues.

LO 3.3

In Woodford Cars and Couriers, there is a huge requirement for team effectiveness. Team effectiveness helps the teams of the company to meet its objectives(Schermerhorn, 2005). Some of the ways in which the company can assist in meeting the tram effectiveness are stated below:

  • Elucidate the goals and objectives:the foremost fundamental in meeting the objectives of the company is done by elucidating the individual’s goals and objectives. It should be decided according the roles and duties of the employees.
  • Interaction with the customers:employees should understand for whom they are working, so that they can understand their needs and requirements.
  • Mutual help and encouragement:This should be involved in every team members of the company(Schermerhorn, 2005). It will increase the abilities of the individuals and will also help them in understanding their own strengths and weakness.

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Task 4

LO 4

LO 4.1

Performance appraisal system is basically helps in order to note down the aims and goals of every single person. Responsibilities and duties of various workers can be made clear in the beginning of the appraisal cycle (Misiak, 2010). This appraisal system also helps in finding out the top performers in a cycle and also helps to find out the weaknesses of the lower performers and at the same time helps to improve programs for their improvement.

Objectives- according to the objectives of the firm the recruitment consultant will set objectives for every single employee as well as their objectives should be associated with the objectives of the company (Tracy, 2014).

Measurability- objectives should be calculated and measured easily and smoothly as the company can give ratings according to the performances of the employees.

Organizationalstructure- performance appraisal system depends on the company structure. It can be dissimilar for horizontal structure as well as vertical structure (Morrison, 2007). In the hierarchical structure the leader helps the employees in order to evaluate as well as set the objectives.

Feasibility- Various objectives and aims should be accomplished.

LO 4.2

Recruitment consultant needs constant development of personality for working effectively and efficiently. In the following there are some of the stages of the development requirements of individuals.

  • Set up goals for the next cycle- this is the first step for setting goals for recruitment consultant development in next six months (Schermerhorn, 2005). These objectives and goals associated to receiving much more customers.
  • Set up performance measures- performers can be calculated according to the some measures like attendance, numbers of customers attracted and productivity etc. these performance measures can be described initially for the entire consultants (Osborne, 2008).
  • Set up guidelines for feedback- there are some rules and according to these rules rating can be given to various consultants at the end of the six months.
  • Evaluation routine- a routine will set up in which the employees and managers can have a conversation on their accomplishment in the past six months and managers will give ratings to the various consultants (Sadler, 2003).
  • Training for personal skills- after the cycle of appraisal system done according to the ratings employees is given training for developing their skills.

LO 4.3

Performance assessment is quite helpful and excellent in accomplishing the objectives and aims of the firm and the employees (Tracy, 2014). Performance appraisals is quite advantageous as it creates the whole phenomenon in the firm organized. With the help of this appraisal employees are able to know their responsibilities, roles, performance and goals. The employees even came to know that in what basis they are evaluated and then rated. With the help of this system the managers know regarding the skills of the workers who work under them (Robbins and Coulter, 2005). Even the employees stay encouraged and motivated for achieving the advantages after this process. Bonus, incentives and promotions is given according to this appraisals system.


It has been found in the report that Human resource management is the foremost part in all the today’s corporation. It becomes more important in customer oriented organizations as it helps in recruiting, selecting, and to train new employees. The study also addressed that in every organization, a person single handily cannot achieve the objectives of the company. Employees need to work as a team to meet the objectives of the corporation effectively. It has been also outlined in the report that Performance appraisals is quite advantageous as it creates the whole phenomenon in the firm organized. With the help of this appraisal employees are able to know their responsibilities, roles, performance and goals.


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