Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment - Assignment Help in UK


In this Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment we will talk about the human resource management and personnel management with the suitable examples. We will talk about how human resource management’s functions contribute to organizational goals and objectives. Additionally, line managers and what are their responsibility in human resource management is needed to be discuss and how legal and regulatory framework affects the smooth working of the organisation. We will also talk about human resource planning; reasons and stages involved in this. In human resource management how companies recruit and select the people, also we will talk about the effectiveness in the organisation. Other than this the effect of  motivational theories  and rewards and job evaluation process also need to be described with the context of organisation. Lastly we will talk about the cessation, reasons behind cessation and exit procedure and impact of legal framework in cessation for the better understanding of the report.

Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1. Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations.

Humanresource management (HRM) can be termed as the application and direction and regulations in the organisation. In European Metal Recycling(EMR) which, is providing the services of management of wastes in Europe by maximizing the recycling process and reuse the human resource management is, the sequence of combined decisions that create the relationship among the employees, their standards which are contributing to achieve the organization’s goals and objectives(Kramar, et, al., 2013).Whereas the personnel management, generally the functions of keeping the records of the organisation which are related to the day to day operationsin the Harrods in retail clothing of men, women, children as well as infants  and jewellery and electronics as well and so on.

The difference between the HRM and personnel management can be described below-

  • In personnel management the contract depiction is done carefully in Harrods whereas in HRM the main focus is given to think beyond the boundary which we can see in European Metal Recycling.
  • In personnel management the management actions are taken under the certain procedures in Harrods whereas in human resource management guide of the management actions is considered as the need of the organisation in European Metal Recycling.
  • In personnel management the behaviour of the employees is based on the norms and customs of the Harrods whereas in the human resource management behaviour of the employees is mainly based on the values and mission of the European Metal Recycling.

1.2. Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose.

The HRM functions includes-

  • Staffing- This is the process of planning of acquiring,selecting, deploying and retaining the employees in the European Metal Recycling.
  • Employee development- That includes  training and development  plans of the European Metal Recycling that is important for the growth of organisation as well as employee.
  • Employee management relationship- That includes employee’s goals and strategies with the organisational goals and strategies in the European Metal Recycling.
  • Rewards and benefits– That includes compensation as well as benefits that are essential for the motivation and retention of the employees in European Metal Recycling.Rewards can be of two types direct and indirect. Direct rewards includes salary and fix bonuses whereas the indirect rewards includes health insurance, retirement plans etc. other than all non-financial awards also provided by the EuropeanMetal Recycling these are promotions and providing more autonomy at the work etc.

In planning it describes that how much and what type of employees European Metal Recycling needs to achieve the goals of the organisation. Staffing is important to perform the activities in European Metal Recycling; employeedevelopment includes training and development programs of the employees inthis; proper knowledge and skills are provided so that the job can be performed efficiently. Last but not the least, in employee management relations;performance appraisal, compensations, benefits and rewards are given to the employees so that employees can get motivated and will be able to achieve the tasks effectively and efficiently.So by this discussion we can say that HRM functions helps to achieve the organisational goals(Ramona & Anca, 2013).

1.3. Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions.

Line managers are the managers who are responsible for the day to day activity of the European Metal Recycling. Roles and responsibilities of the line mangers at the European Metal Recycling are described below-

  • Line managers at the organisation are accountable for the planning and managing the work at the lower level work(Hassan, et. al., 2015). They are the one who are liable for sanction the holiday at lower level workers.
  • Line managers at the European Metal Recycling are also liable for allocating the finance to the different departments to achieve the objectives.
  • Line managers also play a vital role in communication between top management and lower level managementby direct interacting with them and to maintain discipline in the organisation.
  • Line managers also provide the information and clear guidance to the workforce of the European Metal Recyclingas well as line managers at the organisation also evaluates performance of the employees in the organisation on the and rewards are given to the employees on the basis of their employees.
  • Line managers at the organisation are also responsible for the decision making for balancing the work life at the organisationby making the employees acknowledged about their potential.
  • Decisions regarding the training and guidance also taken by the line managers at the European Metal Recycling.

So the above discussed roles and responsibilities are performed by the line mangers at the European Metal Recycling (García-Cabrera, et. al., 2011).

1.4. Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

From the beginning of the competitive era, legal and regulatory framework is governing the organisations.Entire practices, principles and activities of European Metal Recycling are governed under the legal and regulatory framework and affects HRM functioning.These acts are described below-

  • Equal pay act, 1970- This act mainly talks about the same pay on the similar work i.e. there should not be any kind of discrimination on the basis of sex.Equal pay act come into phase in 1970 and implemented in 1975.
  • Sex discrimination act, 1975- The main purpose behind implementation of this act is to prevent discrimination at the workplace. Discrimination can direct i.e. discrimination on the basis of gender etc. and indirect that can be biasness at recruitment and promoting favouritism etc.
  • Disability discrimination act, 1995- This act talks about the discrimination talks about the discrimination that is done on the basis of potential of the employees.
  • Race relation act, 2000- This law implemented to protect the employees from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, colour and citizenship of the employee.
  • Employment act, 2002- This act talks about that employee of the European Metal Recycling entitled to get the maternity as well as paternity leaves, cessation of employment, payslips and working days related aspects.
  • Data protection act- According to this  business contract  the European Metal Recycling has to keep data related to employees and company files. Key requirement under this act,that data should be fair and processed for a certain purposes and should be kept for necessary time secure.

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Task 2

2.1 Analysing the reasons for human resource planning.

Human resource planning is identifying the requirements of the human resource in the organisation.Human resource planning (HRP) is the endless process in the organisation.Planning is very essential part for the organisation whether it is related to human resource or any other aspect of the organisation(Samolejová, et. al., 2015).Reasons behind human resource planning can be-

  • Predict Manpower needs- Human resource planning describes that behind the successful organisation there is a human resource.So to solve the problem regarding the future needs of the European Metal Recycling human resource planning is very important.
  • Adaptation of change- European Metal Recycling to deal effectively with the changing era human resource planning is very important and will be fruitful for the organisation to adapt the changes related to the technology, social, political, legal and economical etc.
  • Recruitment of effective people- Recruitment of efficient individual in the European Metal Recycling is the reason for human resource planning. Because by recruiting the efficient and effective people job vacancies can be filled which, is essential for the trouble free working of the organisation.
  • Growth and development of the human resource- Human resource planning also play a robust role in growth and development of the human resource by identifies the competencies and experiences at European Metal Recycling (Salas, et. al., 2012).
  • Ideal utilization of human resources- Human resource planning is also helpful in analysing the ideal utilization of human resources at the European Metal Recycling this also helps in lower the cost of the organisation.
  • Reduction of uncertainty level- Human resource planning also helps in decreasing the level of uncertainty or contingency at the European Metal Recycling.
  • Creamy supply of the human resource- In the European Metal Recycling time to time retirements, termination, promotions and transfers takes place. So for the creamy or smooth supply of the human resource in the organisation, human resource planning is very important aspect.
  • Growth of the business- At the time of expansion and growth of the business  human resource planning  provide the clear path to the management regarding the employees at the organisation.
  • Increments to the employees- Human resource planning is also considerable important because it cater so many benefits to the employees like promotions, incentives and so many other benefits at the European Metal Recycling(Samolejová, et. al., 2015).

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements.

Human resource planning is the organized analysis of requirement of the human resource in the future so that suitable or deserved employee can be hired at the right time with certain skills. Stages in human resource planning are described below-

  • Evaluation of human resource- The evaluation of human resource inaugurate with the environmental analysis. In this, external environment related to the organisation as well as internal analysis is done to find out the present human resourceavailability. After the evaluation of external and internal environment it will become convenient to understand the strength and weaknesses of the European Metal Recycling. Additionally, it includes supply of the human resource, skills and in depth analysis of job (Tran, 2015).
  • Demand forecasting of the employees- In this step we forecast the demand of the human resource for the European Metal Recycling. In this step; the quality as well as quantity of the human resource is determined. Demand forecasting of the human resource is mainly done to acquire the pre-defined outputs and to acquire the human resource at European Metal Recycling (Votta-Bleeker & Cohen, 2014).
  • Supply forecasting of the employees- Supply of the human resource is another side of the coin. It is the evaluation of the supply of the human resource at the European Metal Recycling. In this the organisation analyse the supply of the human resource at the outside the organisation as well as at the inside the organisation. External supply of the human resource can be fulfilled by the campus placements and direct applicants and the internal supply can be done by the promotions and transfers at the European Metal Recycling (Tran, 2015).
  • Matching the demand and supply of the employees- In this step demand and the supply of the human resource at the European Metal Recycling is being matched. Matching of employee demand and supply is the crucial process of the human resource planning. There can be two possibilities in the organisation. One possibility can be that in the organisation demand of the employees is increasing and supply of the employees is less and in another case the supply exceeds the demand of the employee. So there must be equilibrium in case of demand and supply of the workforce at the organisation (Votta-Bleeker & Cohen, 2014).
  • Implementation of plan- In last stage of the HRP the plan is implemented regarding the human resource in the European Metal Recycling. This action plan can be modified according to the needs of the organisation (Stoilkovska, et, al., 2015).

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending.

Recruitment and selection is the essential part of the each organisation and process of recruitment may different from one organization to another organisation. The process of the recruitment and selection at the European Metal Recycling is described below-

In first step of recruitment process applications are generated by the organisation (Stoilkovska, et, al., 2015). Applications can be uploaded at the site of the organisation and sometimes the advertisements are also placed in the newspapers and magazines by the European Metal Recycling. The advertisement must be attracting so that a pool of applicants can be generated. In screening step capable applicants are taken for next level. In screening only those applicants will pass who will be above 18 years in European Metal Recycling. Sometimes phone interview is also taken of the applicants. After the telephonic interview the candidates are called for the face to face interview.  In that face to face interview the depth knowledge of the applicant is acknowledged. Then the training and development part takes into place (Salas, et. al., 2012). In that step the training and development programs are provided to the employees with the purpose of growth and development. European Metal Recycling organisation also conducts the apprenticeship programs to prepare the future managers. In this training and assessment program the employees have to show their affirmative attitude towards the job and organization’s goals and objectives. In United Kingdom only they have around 2500 employees at the 70 plants.

On the other hand at the Best way is providing services in banking, wholesale, cement, real estate and   pharmacy. In this organisation for the banking sector firstly the applicants are invited for the job with the certain qualification. After that, profile is checked of the candidates and for the higher level post of the employees the interviews are taken at the head office of the Best way. Then employees are shortlisted by the Best way and selection process is on the probationary basis. For the higher level post they generally prefer the experienced candidates. Interview is taken by the HR manager then after clearing the interview. Then, training and development program provided to the candidates. Training is basically focused on to increase the aptitude and skills required for the banking job. “On the job” training is also provided to the employees to increase the ability of the employees. Training period time is basically depends on the work profile of the candidates at the Best way.  Customer care relation and communication related is also given to the employees.

2.4 Evaluating how effectiveness is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

If we talk about the effectiveness of the  recruitment and selection process  of the European Metal Recycling and Best wayorganisation, the European Metal Recycling organisation’s process is far much better. The entire selection process of the European Metal Recycling provides equal and development opportunities to its employees. The best fit and qualified employees are selected by the European Metal Recycling. Whereas in the Best way organisation there is internal selection process is done, sometimes which can support the discrimination in the selection process also. European Metal Recycling also concerned about the effectiveness and efficiency of the candidates. As in the selection process of the Best way we find that they are providing specific training regarding the aptitude, math and other skills so that the employees can perform better at the organisation but at the European Metal Recycling training is provided to the employees for the overall development and growth. That will be beneficial for the organisation as well as for the candidate. In European Metal Recycling organisation banking interview is taken then the depth knowledge is confirmed by the HR manager. That ensures the skills and knowledge of the candidate. In European Metal Recycling organisation the special apprenticeship are conducted for the two year then the next level is advance level of assessment is provided for one year is provided to the candidates. In this training program or scheme the specific knowledge regarding the job as well as the growth perspective training is provided. Information related training is also provided for the entire growth of the organisation. So by the above discussed points we can conclude that not only selection and development program of the European Metal Recycling is effective and impressive but training and development and assessment schemes of the European Metal Recycling is also best to make the employees performance better in the organisation.

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

Virgin media is providing the TV channels packages, mobile and phones packages as well as broad band connections and packages. Virgin media came into form after the partnership virgin media business and London Public Services Network. There is a link between the motivational theories as well as reward system at the virgin media. There are so many motivational theories named as Abraham Maslow’s need hierarchy and Hertzberg’s motivational theories and many more (Heckhausen, et. al., 2010).

In the Maslow’s need hierarchy firstly the physiological needs that include food, cloth and shelter if fulfilled then the next level of needs generated that is safety at the job. At the virgin media the reward system is adopted to motivate the employees or to achieve the organisation goal effectively. In Virgin media; Atlantic flight club is provided to the employees and they can spend such points wherever they want to spend. Other than this in Maslow’s need hierarch, as the safety needs fulfilled for that pension plan schemes are there in the organisation (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs2011). Other than this, medical plan are also provided. Then social belonging and involvement of an individual with the team generated that includes rewards like club joining at the organisation. Then next level self-esteem and self-actualization needs are generated. At the virgin all kinds of reward are provided to employees so that their needs can be fulfilled and they can be motivated to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Other than these in the virgin media rewards systems are provided to the employees in form of child care plans and conveyance facility too so that employees can work to achieve the organizational goals and objectives (Srivastava, & Srivastava, 2011).

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation.

Job evaluation is mainly concerned with the valuation of different jobs at the organisation. In the process of job evaluation we talk about job description and specification. In job evaluation job rating and classification is done by categorizing the jobs according to pay scales (Sørensen, & Holman, 2014).

In the organisation, it can be seen that there is close relationship between paying factors and job evaluation. Payment structure can vary from one organisation to another organisation. The main aim of the job evaluation in the virgin media organisation is to maintain steadiness at the external and internal working environment. Virgin media adopted both quantitative and non-quantitativemethods. On quantitative methods include raking method in that jobs are ranked then classified in a particular group. Same wages are provided to particular group. Another method is grading method in that employees are paid on the basis of skills and knowledge. Quantitative method includes point rating method, in this point or weights are given to the jobs on the basis of skills, knowledge and responsibilities (Sørensen, & Holman, 2014). After that jobs which come under same points are paid same wages and salary. Other method is factor comparison method in this is fusion of ranking and point method. This method is generally used to analyse the top level managers and specialists or professionals.

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation.

In each organisation reward system play a vital role for retain the talent in the organisation and reward system also play an important role in encouraging the employees. Reward system in the virgin media is very crucial to attract and retention of employee. Generally two types of rewards are provided to the employees these can be termed as the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards (Chen, et. al., 2011).Intrinsic rewards are intangible in nature. Whereas extrinsic rewards are tangible in nature and given to employees to motivate them. Intrinsic rewards can be in terms of commitment to the objectives and making sure that employees are moving towards growth and development. Extrinsic rewards are considered more significant in organisation but for day to day motivation intrinsic rewards play a vital role in virgin media (Pritchard, 2014).

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance.

Virgin media use certain methods to monitor the performance of the employees. These methods are named as feedback and observation of employees. Feedback is given by the top management to the employees after their performance. Feedback in the organisation is considered as the basis of improvement and growth of the employee. Feedbacks are given to the employees in three ways i.e. these can be positive, negative and constructive. In virgin media positive feedback is given to the employees when employees perform well enough at job and constructive feedback is given when there is need of more improvement in the work or it is also given for the growth of the employee. Observation is also done by the top management at the virgin media because observation is termed as the performance management tool in the organisation. Observation points of the employees in the virgin media are conveyed to employees during feedback session.

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment.

In the given scenario bob johns hired the Faisal for the chicken master because he was experienced with 15 years in restaurant management. But when bob come around after six months to visit the restaurant; the front floor was not neat and clean and food was not processed properly that was hampering the goodwill of the organisation. Other than this, Faisal was found watching pornography during the work time frequently and also advising her daughter in her homework. Other than that he was also found drafting his own restaurant at the personal computer of the office instead of that it was mentioned in employee’s handbook that office equipment cannot be used for personal purpose. So for the poor performance of the Faisal and violating the rules of the organisation Bob fired him.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice.

Termination which took place at the chicken master was involuntary. Involuntary termination is the termination where employer himself show the out way to the employee whereas in voluntary termination the employee himself or herself leave the job. Retirement of the  employee relation  termed as the voluntary termination. In that scenario at the Chicken Master the employer Bob terminates the employee for a certain reasons (Tuan, et. al., 2010). At the chicken’s master a certain procedure was followed to terminate the Faisal.Before firing the Faisal the Bob owner of the chicken master himself trained him to work and prior notice was also given to the Faisal. But it did not affect the performance of the Faisal. So with the certain reasons Bob fired him, these reason are poor performance and violation of rules and regulations at the work. The cessation letter sent to the employee’s home with stating reasons of termination. Other adjustments like salary, incentives and other benefits have done by the chicken master within a certain period of time. By that we can conclude that labour rights are also followed by the chicken master. The exit procedure of chicken master was very clear and systematic.

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

As we see that different countries have their certain rules and regulations regarding the legal and regulatory framework for the employee cessation. Following the legal and regulatory framework at the organisation is very crucial. When we talk about the termination at the Chicken Master it was done under the rules and regulation. Framework of legal and regulatory framework shaped law’s related concepts. For the termination of an employee the organisation have to deliver a notice to employee (Tuan, et. al., 2010). If employer does not give notice to the employee inthat case other general provisions areapplied. Employer must prove to be of justifiable on the grounds. In this scenario if Faisal proved to be right than the legal actions can be taken against the Chicken Master’s owner and the organisation have to give compensation to the employee. In the organisation all employees have equal rights and they cannot be discriminated on the basis of certain points like gender and race etc. In case of proven wrong; Bob have to hire Faisal again and activities at the organisation may have to change.

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In the above Unit 3 Human Resource Management Functions Assignment the difference between the human resource management and personnel management is described with the suitable examples. In that we talked about that how human resource management is important for the organisation. Roles and responsibility of the line managers are also discussed in that report. In that report we also talked about the legal and regulatory framework that has a vast impact on the organisation. Other than this job evaluation process and intrinsic as well as extrinsic reward system adopted by a particular organisation is also described. Additionally, cessation of employee and exit procedure under legal and regulatory framework is also depicted very well for the better understanding. Lastly, the impact of the regulatory framework on termination policy is described.


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