Unit 21 Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM Assignment

Unit 21 Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM Assignment

Unit 21 Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM Assignment


Diploma in Business

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Unit 21 Recruitment and Selection Process 

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Level 5

Question 2: Strategic HRM model for functioning according to business objectives

Strategic human resources management is approach to manage the people at work place to support the long term business goals and objectives along with the strategic framework. For a business organization, it is important to apply model of strategic human resource management to achieve the objective through marketing planning and functions according to standard as well managing the people as per the quality. For developing the policy and identifying the human resources, the organization could use Guest’s model for strategic HRM. According to this model of managing human resources the top management of organization could plan the job design, selection and recruitment and process of retaining the people improving the flexibility and communication with the staff members (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). For example, Tesco is using Guest model of HRM for managing the people functions and planning the resources as well process of reducing the turnover. For that the HR manager of organization is comparing the facilities as per the international standard of HRM and looking to manage the facilities and policy that meet the satisfaction level of staff members. For that purpose, manager is collecting the feedback from staff and supervisors to analysis the need and issues that have significant impact on the performance of staff.

According to Guest’s model of HRM, it is the responsibility of HR manager to improve the company’s bottom line with his knowledge of managing the resources to achieve the success as per the objectives of organization. In order to develop the strategy, management has to involve the staff members into decision making that will help to make the job analysis, planning of the existing resources considering the future needs and evaluation of existing capabilities. Apart from that, Guest suggested that HRM is not only refer to selection and recruitment, training and development but also important for job analysis and development of plan to retain the staff members. The main objectives of Guest’s model for strategic HRM are to encourage the commitment level of existing staff (Guest, 2012). Improve focus on the needs of the individual rather than the team and proper management of resources which directly helps to manage the performance and process to retain the staff. Moreover, it is essential for top management to share the vision, mission and objectives with the senior staff that will be helpful for engaging them and motivate them for performing the tasks according to required standard.

For retaining and developing the plan for managing the human resources, Guest model has suggested that high workforce flexibility, proper training and integration with the departments for better communication HR has to design the policy and practices. Job design is major part of human resources manager, for that information and knowledge about the areas of lacking is essential that will help to develop the plan and set the bench marking standard for candidates (Snell.et.al. 2015). Moreover, strategic HRM consider the legal issues and payroll benefits as per the standard within industry. By focusing on the proposed areas according to Guest model the organization can improve utilization of HRM policy and procedure.

Question 3: Critical evaluation of recruitment and selection policies

For any organization, selection and recruitment is key HRM activity that has been performed under the guideline of the top management and HR manager by considering the job analysis and new standard of HRM. The organization uses the selection and recruitment functions and procedure by developing the job description to meet the business requirements and appoint the best candidate. The major reasons for using the strategic HRM process to perform the selection and recruitment are maintaining the consistency, encourage the suitability, legality and transparency. According to analysis, a good recruitment and selection policy requires the consistency in the process that overcomes the risk of bias and discrimination. For that role of HR manager is critical to monitor the approach of different committees and interview process. This kind of approach helps to improve the transparency and suitability of the recruitment process according to the determined standard (Kirton and Greene, 2015). For more suitability, strategic HRM process suggest the written job description that gives precedence to competencies that would make the most positive contribution by encouraging the flexibility, role of leadership process to taking the initiatives.

In addition to this, it is been also identified that consideration of legal rules and regulation is also important to complete the selection and recruitment process. However the organizations are having the good knowledge about the legal terms and Acts that are proposed for managing the fair policy for selection and recruitment but discrimination is one area that affecting the ethical process of strategic HRM.  For example, the organizations are using the terms like young and energetic or new graduate terms for creating the awareness about the job which seems harmless but somewhere create the discrimination among the candidates who are eligible for the job. Moreover, the good recruitment and selection policies should be based on the principles such as selection according to merit, respect for diversity, fairness in the process and equal opportunity for all. In spite of that, top management or HR make changes according to need and personal preference to the candidates which affect the standard policies for implementing the selection and recruitment process (Robinson, 2014). This kind of approach and adjustments are not good for the brand and strategic HRM process. In addition to this, privacy of the candidates and applicant is one of the big issues in the selection and recruitment process as the recruiter are dissecting the confidential job application with external people which is not legally and ethically good. In spite of that poor HRM process or planning increases the cost of the activities and hamper the operational functions of organization as it consume time of HR. Additionally, poor decision making policy and lack of identification of specific capabilities has significant impact on the performance of organization. Hence, it is been considered that proper analysis of job and ethical advertising are the basic elements for selection and recruitment that helps to manage the transparency, legality and consistency in the strategic HRM

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