Unit 24 Employability Skills Solution

Unit 24 Employability Skills Solution

Unit 24 Employability Skills Solution


Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit Number and Title

Unit 24 Employability Skills

QFC Level

Level 5


This employability skills solution report is to be prepared for the conducting a self appraisal and self analysis of an employee’s employability skills employed in a Health and Social Care sector. This report provides an insight into the understanding of an individual’s responsibilities and performance evaluation. While entering in a working place there are numerous skills such as interpersonal skills, transferable skills, ability to work in team, communication skills etc. Apart from all these employability skills, this report also focuses on the employee’s way to deal with everyday’s problems or issues which arise in the organization. These include identification of problems, strategies/solution used for solving the problem etc. we will also make a deep analysis for the team development and the required skills for managing team dynamics. It will lastly followed by various recommendations and suggestions that can help in improving a person’s inter-personal skills as well as team working skills. Self assessment and self appraisal are the two main important dimension for understanding and evaluating an employee’s performance. These kind of appraisal not only help in understanding the drawbacks in one’s working but also help in improving the overall performance of an individual and ultimately help in overall growth and increase in productivity of the business.

Task 1

Self-appraisal Form

Name: Md. Ashrafullah Khan

Job Title: Retail management & customer service

Organization: Store Supervisor, Sainsbury Plc

Date at work:


Table 1

Column A

Key responsibilities at work and Performance objectives at work


Column BEvaluate your own effectiveness against your objectives


Column C

Make recommendations for your own improvement.


Column DEffective motivational techniques you use at work


Column ECommunication skills needed at work


1) Major responsibility is to deal with customer queries and to set standard for dealing customer queries. And providing a strong grievance redressed mechanism.

Was very much able to deal with the customer queries and was quite efficient in providing speedily solution to the customers.

To inculcate more interpersonal and communication skills as well as motivational skills to help customer in solving their grievances/issues in a more dignified manner.

For e.g. building active listening skills.

Count What Counts- In this technique I basically write down all the positive actions taken by me throughout the day. This technique helps in increasing the confidence level and helps your brain to focus on the positive action taken by you and reduces the negativity around oneself.


The questioning skills are required while dealing with the customers/clients. As in there are different forms of questions/queries which has to be resolved in the correct manner required.

Communication with your customers generally reflects in the feedback you get from them. A constructive feedback allows one to know the actual evaluation of your work (Riebe & Jackson, 2014).

2) To increase the sales of healthcare products/services of the health care organization from last year.

Sales have increased in slow pace as compared to the last year.

Need to implement new marketing strategy for promoting and increase in the sales of the health care product/services.

Daily Activity Schedule- this is a motivational technique in which I write down all the activities to be completed in day and after completing I rate them on a scale of 0 to 5 where 0 indicates low performance and 5 indicates high performance


During various marketing interactions, the entire communication system has to be carefully implemented. As for in sales, communication and understanding level has to be high in order to understand the customer preferences.

Also active listening skills and feedback mechanism are required during this process (Poon, 2012).

3)To set standard and to sell and promote  new medications and other medical stock of new brand in health care system

I initiated various promotional activities by contacting all the nearby hospitals & physicians and talked about the benefits and advantages of new advanced medicines.

I need to put more focus and stress on Planning various Marketing strategy required for initiating sales of new brand. Like Relationship marketing and digital marketing can be used to increase the sale of the new medications products.


Ant procrastination Sheet- This is a kind of technique where we firstly write down all the activities are to be performed for completion of our objective and then we predict the difficulty and satisfaction we will face in completing the same on a scale of 100 and at last, we write down the actual difficulties in completing the assignment.


Good speaking communication is very much required while persuading others to buy new products/services at the same time feedback mechanism also need to be good. And one need to follow and appraise the feedbacks and recommendations (Miller, Biggart & Newton, 2013).


Column 1







The main objective is to increase the sales of the organizations and to improve the profitability of the organization and same wise it has to specifically clear in terms of numeric and figure. This is a specific goal which has to achieve with the help of all the person of the organization.



The sales which are to increased must be clearly measurable in numeric terms and figures so that the outcome and profit can be measured in numeric terms and goal can be specifically cleared to all the team members.



The targets of sales must be as such be achievable and not imaginable, so that sales team can make proper plan to achieve the same.



Every aim and objective must be realistic, that is it should not be imaginative and should be easily achievable.


Time- bound

The targets and objectives which are established as above like increase in sales, promotional activities and all other activities must be time bound and within time limits, so that set targets and goals can be achieved easily (Messum, Wilkes, Jackson & Peters, 2016).

Column B

360 degree appraisal form

360 degree appraisal form

Customer- They are the most important stakeholder for knowing the actual and reliable feedback of the organization. They provide the true feedback and recommendation to all the sales and marketing department.

Client- Main Clients of the health and social care are the important person to provide the feedback and guidelines towards the products and services of the organization.

Superiors- Superiors are the one who not only guide while setting objectives and goals but also give true feedback as well as recommendations for the work.

Team mates- Team mates are those companions who give actual feedback to each other. Since they all are under the same peer pressure, therefore they provide actual feedback and at the time appraise their team mates on good work (McMahon, Wolffe & Brooker, 2013).

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Task 2

Continuous Professional Development

Table 2

6. Solutions to problems and Strategies for solving problems


7. Evaluate Tools and Methods for developing solution


8. Time management Strategies



  1. With the increase in the grievances/queries of the customers/clients, I faced difficulty in solving those but as a solution I hired more employees and trained them regarding solving customer problems. The communication channel with them has been improved by channelizing
  2. Low sale of health care products/ services, which was solved by implementing numerous marketing strategies. For instance- we made a market survey to know the actual health status of the city and preferences and needs of the individuals regarding health care products.
  3. For promoting medication of new brands, various marketing strategies have been implemented to promote these products. Marketing strategies such as Digital marketing, transactional marketing, PR marketing, viral marketing etc. to bring our new brands of health care products/ services into the lime light.

Strategies for solving problems

  1. Understanding of the demotivational factors such as indifferent behaviour of customers/patients, issues among customers and then solving these factors by providing motivational sessions and improving the communication technique (Jackling & Natoli, 2015).
  2. I used relationship marketing, digital marketing, and word of mouth marketing techniques in order to increase sales of our healthcare products.

Through these techniques I build up a strong network of customers for our product thereby assuring in sales for our products/ services.

  1. We made up a team of employees, who were from different department such as from sales and marketing department, and they togetherapplied all the marketing strategies to improve the sales of the products.




  1. Customer grievance tool mechanism-Proper customer grievance mechanism must be installed in the organization to provide timely and proper solutions to the customers. It consists of few steps such as receipt of customer grievance, forward to relevant executive, action taken and then forwards the result back to the customers.
  2. Marketing plan-Marketing plan and formation of strategy is one of the most popular tool and method to evaluate to accomplish its objectives and goals.

Marketing plan is basically a comprehensive document which clearly states the company’s objectives and business activities to be performed within the time limits (Thaddeus, Chinemerem & Edith, 2015).

  1. Promotional campaign- Various promotional strategies must be under taken to develop various solution for the marketing problems of the organization.

Improvement of distribution channels of medicines for easy availability of these products. And another sale tool after sale customer surveys can also be helpful in increasing the sales of the healthcare products. In this skilled salesperson call back to all the customers who purchases healthcare products to know about their feedback about the health care products (Jackling & Natoli, 2015).













  1. We work on to speedily solution to the grievances /issues of the customers. We manage time by providing solution to customers as soon as possible. With the strategy of first come first served.
  2. Delegation-is one of the most prominent techniques for time management. Delegation of authority at all the level provides timely decision making and saves excess cost to organization which occurs due to wastage in delayed decision making.
  3. Scheduling time chart properly- Scheduling activities requires writing down of all the activities including duration required in completion of such activities. Mere writing down is not enough it has to be seen that activities are completed in the exact written manner.
  4. Planning has played an important role in managing time management. Planning includes writing down of all the activities in an orderly manner which are to be accomplished. All the activities which were to be completed has been completed within time limits by proper planning and organizing work. All the marketing and sales activities must be planned in order to be completed with specified time limits (Jackling & Natoli, 2015).

10. Evaluate the impact of implementing Strategies on the business


  1. By implementing various marketing strategies such as word mouth marketing, digital marketing, and various sales campaigns in the business, helped in increasing the overall sales of the healthcare products/ services. And initiation of sales of products of new brands. More and more persons came to know about the products of new brand which ultimately helped the organization to boost its sales and ultimately increase its sales.


  1. It substantially increased the sales and customers of the health care products/ services of the organizations which ultimately helped in increasing the net worth of the organization. Increase in the number of customers made assurance for its long term survival and growth.


  1. By implementing such strategies, performance rose to another level and helped in assessing potential level in an individual. The working knowledge also increased to a high level. This kind of appraisal will be helpful in long term career and growth. And will ultimately boost the business sales and growth to another level.


  1. By implementing such different strategies, a business will defiantly boom and will survive in the long run. Because these kind of self-assessment are somewhere for the betterment of the individuals of the organization (Ibarraran, Ripani, Taboada, Villa & Garcia, 2014).

Task 3

Collaborative Team Dynamics Journal


10. Team roles







Your observations



11. Team dynamics



12. Suggestions


1. Customer relationship manager- their major role was to be resolve customer queries/ grievances as and when arise. This is one of the most important aspect of an organization as they always remain in direct contact with the customers. They are very much aware about the situation of the customers and about their feedback (Haasler, 2013.

As a customer relationship manager always remain in constant touch with the customers/client thereby they are more conscious about the needs and preferences of the customers. They play a huge role in the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of an organization (Haasler, 2013.

Customer relationship manager plays a very important role in the health care solution, they keep a complete record of how customer requirements and necessities. And analyze the requirements of medicines and drugs. Overall they help in estimating customers requirements and analyzing the need of the medicines and overall helps in increasing the sales (Haasler, 2013.

CRM need to focus on the speedy redressed of the customers grievances for achieving the same it need to be more specific to provide specific attention to every customer. And should use various digital marketing methods to build customer relationship for example- online feedback form, messaging, social networking etc (Haasler, 2013.

2. Marketing manager-Marketing team members are very important for an organization. They are actually responsible for increasing sales of new products/brands and are ultimately responsible for increasing sales of the organization which is the main objective of the entire organization.

Marketing persons constantly work for increasing and promoting the medical products/equipment etc. By implementing various marketing strategies , they helps the organization to increase the sales of the organization.

Marketing manager helps in boosting the sales of the organization by implementing various marketing strategies and conducting surveys and other means to assess the need and requirements of medicines. They help the team by creating a market for health care and social care system.

It need to be more goal specific and should lay down its objectives in accordance with the organizations. Marketing methods should not be enough expensive and must be in sync with the organizations goals and objectives.

3. Sales manager- Sales department are mainly responsible for boosting sales of an organization and are responsible for increasing the net profit of an organization. This is an ultimate goal which is shared by almost all the department of the organization and they all strive to achieve the same (Caraivan, 2016).

Team members of the sales department constantly strive to increase the sales of the organization. By implementing various sales strategies such as building customer relationship, customer retention, sales team training and motivation (Caraivan, 2016).

Sales manager also work in order to achieve the sales target of the organization and thereby contribute in achieving the target of the organization (Caraivan, 2016).

Sales team needs to be provided training regarding sales techniques and methods so as to improve the sales and ultimately net profit of the organization (Caraivan, 2016).


The Conclusion which can be drawn from the thorough investigation of the study is that there are innumerable employability skills which are very much required for the sustaining in a working environment. Various interpersonal and intellectual skills are needed while working in an organization. There is also continuous requirement of development of these traits in the organization. These traits must also be subject to continuous evaluation so as to know the drawbacks and flaws in it. Self assessment and self appraisal techniques are very useful in providing an insight into an individual’s potential and skills. These techniques help in boosting the overall individual performance and overall business performance. Also few other traits such as leadership skills, team building and team development traits are also required for working together in an organization. These traits help in the team work and collective development of all the team members of the organization. While working in a firm it is very important to have various employability skills, in order to understand the working method in an organization.


On the basis of the complete investigation of the study and of the conclusions various recommendations can be provided for understanding of the performance objectives and professional development and other self-appraisal and self evaluation of one’s individual. We the detailed study we have concluded that self assessment and self evaluation are very important for increasing the overall performance of individual.  Self assessment not only includes criticism or drawbacks but also includes praise and rewards for the previous work. These kind of evaluation boost up motivation as well as confidence level.

The main recommendations are as follows-

  1. Health care sector is one of the most sensitive and important sector among all other manufacturing and service sector.Thereby the self assessment and self appraisal of employees is an important concept for improving its human resource quality and thereby increase in its overall sales.
  2. Constant evaluation must be undertaken for self assessment and self evaluation by making of certain evaluation forms and distributing them to individuals and employees/ clients.
  3. The Communication channel of the organizations has to be strong enough to make smooth flow of communication and reduces barriers of communication so as to increase efficiency of the employees.
  4. Leadership skills can also be helpful for increasing the overall performance evaluation. As with the help of leadership skills, team members can work more efficiently and improve their selling skills.
  5. One needs to look into the various ways for grabbing the opportunities which comes under the way.
  6. Need to develop oneself more professionally to increase the overall productivity of the organization.
  7. Constant evaluation of the performances must be undertaken in order to improvise the level of efficiency.
  8. Risk associated with the working must be carefully analysed.


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