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Task 1.1

            I “like” the statement made by Oprah Winfrey personally as I am of a point of view that “that future is a sum of all the activities one does in his present”. I feel this statement connects the most to the point that one should not think only to live through the present moment by doing right things in present but should also think that each of the things one does presently should be such that it will make up his future and be the deciding factor thereon. In other words if my point of view is to be taken on this statement I would say this statement means that one should have future oriented thinking and keep future in his mind while deciding what to do or what not to do in present rather than just achieving short term or present goals in life. Thus this statement gives a long term perspective towards living and thinking made in present.

Task 1.2

            Manage, track, close and take responsibilities of all the incoming queries from the employees or any customer about the organization or any product thereon. Review and provide drafts regularly on the peer productivity and lags observed in there working. Define plans as to how to get rid of these lags and to efficiently close each and every query within 15 days of receiving the same, and try to give satisfactory solutions to more than 90% of the queries raised.

Now this will be my objective and let us now validate it with SMART model (Gootnick & Gootnick, 2000):-

1)Specific:- I have been specific in mentioning my work which will be first to manage then track then close and finally take the responsibility to provide the solution s to the queries raised by employees and customers.

2) Measurable: - I have mentioned I will try to satisfy more than 90% of the people who come up with queries.

3) Achievable: - This objective is achievable given that I have all the resources at my disposal to achieve the same.

4) Relevant: - The objective underlined is relevant to my role of administrator.

5) Time-bound: - Closure in 15days is an aspect showing this objective to be bound with time.

Task 1.3

                                                                                                                                                            17th December 2013

Dear Edwin,

            It has really been a long time to have heard from you. I hope this letter finds you in best of the state. Last weekend when I met Steven, I came to know you had some issues at your work place. So just thought to bring forward my personal experience and hope it could be of some help to you.

            It was last summer when I was working for a company for my summer internships, there I found I wasn’t given importance no one answered my questions I felt being left out and thus my motivation level became very low. But it was one day while surfing internet I came across a saying by Viktor E. Frankl who stated “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” I related this saying to issues I was facing at my work place and this made me feel motivated. Thus I would convey the same techniques to you as well which was all about “Testing your limits and setting newer ones” this technique comes very handy in case of dealing with the turbulent and testing times we have in the organization. This technique tells us that we should test our fearing zone and areas of assuming that I can’t do a particular task. One should then break these assumptions into smaller fragments and then deal each of the fragments in a one-off situation and the result will be a complete turnaround in oneself.

            It is also many a times felt that mismanagement of time is also a problem at work for this I would again advice you to use a technique which has given me fruitful results during the past. It is to make a list prioritizing the work to be done and then scheduling the work according to the level of importance. This technique will help you to do the required work on time and also you will get ample of time to achieve a particular predefined goal as well.

I feel these techniques would be of great use to you in dealing with the problems. Hope to hear from you some time soon.



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Task 2.1

            The most important role if I have to highlight one would be that of reviewing,overviewing and maintaining the network of the company as well as seeing to servers and performing regular security checks for effective maintenance of the systems.

Task 2.2

Objectives for the next twelve months (would be part of analysis of HND Employability Skills Assignment)

Learn new ways to perform security checks and latest developments in the hardware and networking areas. Compare the newer techniques available with the ones used by the organization. Prepare a detailed report and highlight changes if required. Finish the comparison within 6months and completing the report within 2 months thereby giving the organization and them management good 4months for implementing change if any required.

Task 2.3
  • Get the work accomplished from others by setting an example for them: - In the past year I think I have made other employees work by being the front runner and always leading them by setting examples. This according to me makes the employee more involved in the group performance and thereby help them in performing effectively.
  • First point of contact for the customers: - In this past year I have tried to solve most of the customer queries and I think I have given solutions to these queries in a way that is satisfactory. Thus I have performed my role which makes me the first point of contact for the customers in the organization.
  • I have also tried to act as a support between the management and the employees as I have made the employees in my group most of the times to adhere to the management rules with very low or negligible resistance from them.
  • Citing from one example- One day a worker came up to me and informed me that his system was not working and there was this customer who was getting irritated due to this, thus what I did was take the customer’s call myself and without making the customer make further I answered his query. This indicates problem solving and decision making capabilities.
Task 2.4

Few recommendations according to me which should be considered are:-

  • I could be given few training sessions where in I could be made to listen various effective communication between other administrators and customers,
  • I think I should get a list of areas where I lack, i.e. I should first know the pin-point where I need to improve and then my progress in those areas should be analyzed again,
  • I should be made to attend live calls in the presence of a moderator who keeps helping me throughout the call,
Task 2.5

            The organization (Round About) should have an incentive structure for me which will be based on the number of satisfactory query handled by me throuout the year. Now this satisfactory parameter should be defined by how effective was I able to solve the customer’s problem and were my communication skills up to the mark or not. RoundAbout can have higher incentives for me per satisfied customer, as more the incentives more inclined I would be to learn and re-learn. Thereby it would help in improving my effectiveness.

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Date-17th December 2013


To- Director Marketing

From- Ryan, Assistant-Processes

Subject:-To identify 3 key trends in the area of workforce management, offer 2 options for management actions and one recommendation to be given.

It has been seen in the recent past that workforce management has been a widely discussed issue at almost all the business reviews and press conferences. In today’s world where the expectations of the people from the work have risen, it has become more challenging for the organization to meet these changing expectations of the employees and which results in lower level of motivation in the individual’s thereby higher turnover or lower efficiency of performance by the employees.

Thus 3 major trends in the workforce faced globally can be following:-

  1. As it is clear from the learning of HND business environment assignment, it  has become highly turbulent and over-competitive in recent times, so has the nature of work and in addition the working population has also reduced with compared to the newer and growing opportunities. Thus there is a talent mismatch which is experienced by various organizations round the world,
  2. Higher importance is given to technology and innovations as the demands from the customer have risen and the customer has become highly informed thus to satisfy a customer a business need to work day in and day out. Hence in order to satisfy a customer it has become very essential for the work force to know the basics right and should e highly informed both about the day to day happenings as well as newer technologies,
  3. As economic positions of various countries in the world are not good and in many countries there is a situation of unrest relating to wars etc, here it has become further difficult for the workforce to adapt themselves with all this and thereby also fear from being thrown out of work leaving them unemployed.

2 options for management action:-

  1. Usage of efficient Incentives structure: - The managing should try and induce an effective incentive structure so that their employees should be more ready to work efficiently and thereby the organization can also get the best from their employees which help the organization to be more efficient in recent era of financial crunches.
  2. Find the right talent for the right work: - In today’s world where customer is the king and it is the sole objective of every business to satisfy its customer. In addition a business has various complex processes. Thus it is a very big responsibility for the management to find and appoint the right tablet at the right work so that efficiency is maintained.

1 recommendation

            Here I sense an opportunity for our organization to create a software which can use all the data from the internet posted anywhere and can help the users of the software’s which will be the job seekers to learn and develop themselves in the best possible way so as to make them a talent highly acclaimed in the business fraternity.

            This software could subscribe to all the data of use from various websites and give it to the user at one go something like “keyword finder” and then this software should also have tools where in regular tests and quizzes should be updated which will then measure the level of growth attained by the individual using them over a period of time.

Ryan Administrator-Processes


Task 4.1

            One method to find solution can be: - Logical problem solving method (Parker, 1998)

Here one should work upon these 4 steps:-

1) Find a problem,

2) Find possible remedies and alternatives available for solution,

3) develop a plan of action to solve the problem,

4) Implement the plan so decided,

5) Review the change,

            In case at the review stage the problem is completely same then one can stop and if any part of the problem still persists then one can start from the 2nd step again and come till 5th step and keep doing this time and again till the time problem is completely solved and sorted.

One management tool for problem solving can be using Brainstorming technique.

Brainstorming is a technique where a group of people within the organization or experts sit together and then particular problem is presented then through the act of discussions solutions are found to the problems of the organization. Brainstorming can also be used as a motivational technique as people from the organization are given opportunities to sit on the panel and discuss on issues relating to organization wide areas (Gregory, 2013). The process of brainstorming:-

  1. Identifying and agreeing upon an objective for the discussion,
  2. Group member’s give their point of view and ideas on the topic,
  3. Ideas are grouped or condensed together on the basis of similarity,
  4. Analysis of results of implementation
  5. Prioritizing options given,
  6. Work upon the options and take actions,
  7. Follow up and effective feedback given to the group and on their ideas.

Thus in my views it is brainstorming that can be used to aptly discuss an issues and come out with the desired solution at the right time as well.

Task 4.2

Strategy to be implemented

Problem- Low popularity of the new product launched and lower revenues from the product because of low sales figure.


1) As the product is launched online and is marketed and distributed through the company’s website thus RoundAbout should try and advertise the product though ads on various pages of famous job portals online as well as at various management colleges or professional degree colleges websites as the right set of people will see this ad there and chances of sale will be the most there,

2)Give free demos of few days this will give a chance to the people to test the software first and once they like this software they can get the full version thereby giving an opportunity to the users to test, try and use the software instead of blind purchases which won’t take place at all,

3)The company should for a time being till there software becomes widely accepted can use a technique of pay per click ads where I they can even pay the websites they advertise on only if someone clicks on these ads, thus the websites will then advertise the ads of “spider” more effectively,

4)RoundAbout could also use a technique of ip filtering where in RoundAbout should try and note all the ip addresses who come the websites and make enquiries about the software and then use the ip filtering and advertise their ad everywhere or at most of the places that ip uses frequently.

Task 4.3

Impact on the business:-

1) In financial terms: - Advertising on the websites and using ip filters would induce cost and it might also enhance sale thus in financial terms these strategies will induce cost thus will increase expenditure and also will enhanced sale thus will increase revenue.

2) In promoting other products:- RoundAbout can use the platform for promoting “Spider Net” to promote other products as well thus it will improve economies of scale and thereby total cost of promoting many products would be equivalent to the revenues and thereby it will be a win-win situation for the organization.

3) Increase in investment for obtaining newer technologies: - Newer technologies like ip filtering or say free demos given etc will require RoundAbout to invest in newer technologies thus cost in implementing these strategies will be high and effect the expenditure of the organization.

Task 4.4

Critical path of the project is the most efficient way of completing an activity. Any activity in an organization is made up of smaller tasks and each of these tasks needs to be completed for the activity to be completed. Each of the tasks take a specified time to complete, and is an important goal to finish the activity on time for an organization, so critical path is finding the path where in all the tasks of a process is completed and that too in the fastest time. (Gootnick & Gootnick, 2000)

Critical path for this figure in question is A-B-E-I which takes the least amount of time i.e. 14.



There are nine roles generally played by the team members: (Parker, 1998)

  • Shaper: - Shaper is the people who keep challenging the team members to improve and change. They are dynamic people who initiate the process of change in any team.
  • Implementer: - Implementers are people who get things done for the shapers they are people who create the ideas of the shapers into realities.
  • Completer-Finisher: - Finishers are people who see to it that the project gets completed without any error or omission taking place. They are people who take care of the project execution even to the minutest of the detail.
  • Co-rdinator: - Co-ordinators are the leaders or the chairperson of the group; they are the ones having full control on the group.
  • Team workers: - Team workers are the people who make a team it is because of their efforts that the team persists.
  • Resource Keeper: - They are the people who are innovative and curious.
  • Specialist:-Specialist is team members who have specialized and useful information on the issues because of which team is formed.
  • Monitor:-Monitor is the one who evaluates and keep a watch as to how be the total functioning of the team is taking place.
  • Plant: - These are people who come with new ideas and approaches every time there is a need for it.
Task 5.2

1)One plus one makes eleven:- This concept can be used to explain how people collectively can accomplish the task and responsibilities of the team working together, if each member of the team contributes effectively the total result or output will increase more than the contribution made by every additional member. Thus the concept where the work delivered is more than the number of people who delivers the work, the concept of 1+1=11 is applicable. (Gootnick & Gootnick, 2000)

2) Sharing common Goal: - As each team member may have his own specific goals which may be conflicting with the goals of other team members, thus acting as a point of conflict. However in case of a team where goal is common this sharing of goal enhances the performance of team members and thereby results in greater efficiency of the team.

Task 5.3

            The unseen, psychological force within the team and its members that influences the work and actions undertaken by the team from time to time defines the team dynamics. Team dynamics are created by nature of work done by the team, personalities of the team members and the relationship between them. Dynamics of a team could be good or bad depending on how effectively cans the team get the best out of its members.

Task 5.4

            Let us consider a team excursive of “Survival scenario” where in you can tell you team that there is an airplane and the full team is travelling in it and suddenly the plane is supposed to crash and there is an island nearby which is deserted and they can take only 12 things to survive for 24days after which help can come. Ask you team member now what all will they take.

            Here we will be able to see few things like:-how team oriented person is? How self less or selfish someone is? How creative someone is? and many other points. Thus we can see and analyze the team and its members how they will act in various scenarios showing the team dynamics.

Task 5.5

Alternative ways:-

  • Brainstorming activities: - Brainstorming is an activity where a group of individuals sit together and discusses together in order to find solutions by brainstorming on the problem or issues. Thus team members can sit together and discuss issues relating to “Spider Net” and why has it now reached or attained success and how can these shortcomings or problems are resolved.
  • Selecting the right leader: - The leader of the team should be a vibrant and dynamic person who knows the management lesson and how to apply them efficiently as it is the leader who shows the way to the team members and tell them how to achieve the goals and objectives set. Thus the success of the team largely depends upon the leader at large.


Gootnick, M. M., & Gootnick, D. (2000). Action Tools for Effective Managers: A Guide for Solving Day-to-day Problems on the Job. U.S.: AMACOM. Gregory, H. (2013). Teamwork. Minnesota: Capstone. Parker, G. M. (1998). Teamwork: action steps for building powerful teams. London: Successories.BTEC HND Assignment Experts

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