Employability and Professional Relationship Assignment

Employability and Professional Relationship Assignment

Employability and Professional Relationship Assignment


In this Employability and Professional Relationship Assignment a number of problems have been analyzed and discussed about. The various aspects of the business have been told in the given task. There are various issues of the business which are analyzed and if something incorrect is found then it is rectified. The employees are taught to identify their own responsibilities and fulfill them in the very first task. Many recommendations for solving the problem are identified. Many  motivational theories  have been discussed in the task below. In the second task interpersonal and transferable skills of the employees have been developed. Various styles of doing the task have been discussed. The time management strategies for saving the time have also been discussed. In the third task different dynamics of the work have been discussed. Different roles and the responsibilities of the teamwork have been listed. Alternative methods to perform any task have also been told. This increase the chance of work completion. In the final task different strategies for solving a problem have been told. For the number related problems math and algebra is used. For solving the problem its understanding is absolutely essential. For the solution of the problem a plan must be laid out. The implementation strategy must be sorted out. If any defect or error is found in the problem then it is rectified. There should be successful management of the employees for the completion of the task.

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Task 1

Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance

This task deals with the resources of an individual. The individual’s responsibility, performance, appraisal and the motivation of the individual is focused upon.

1.1 Develop a set of own responsibilities and performance objectives

The responsibilities and performance as a manager of Travelodge hotel is directly related to management of one self. The ability of an individual to find the most probable outcome is termed as self-management. Organizing and planning is related to managing one self. The expertise of the manager to come up with unique solution requires self-management. The individual skills are very important in the running of any organization. The following ways are required for proving the inner potential of the manager:

  • Analyze the performance of an individual with the individual at the same post to find out the improvement of the both.
  • The behavior of the managers should be appropriate for both the employees and the seniors.
  • The customs should be made by the manager that develop a healthy atmosphere at the work place.
  • He should work securely involving the least risk.
  • The manger should be clear with his goals and should be well aware of his powers. (Halogen, 2016)

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against defined objectives

Manager of the Travelodge Hotel should analyze his skills and powers according to his role in the company. The Manager should move forward in a systematic way.

  • Acceptance of the role of a manager: The manager will be appointed only after he fulfills all the requirements. The quality of his work and his level of performance will be accessed. The safety standards within the organization must be maintained.
  • Applying knowledge and skills: There should be cooperation between the managers and the other employees. The employees should follow all the instructions as directed by the manager.
  • Managing oneself: The individual should be capable of managing hos job and maintain the quality of his work. The weightage of the job is determined by the time each individual take for his job. All the assignments of an individual are matched according to the previous ones.
  • Maintaining safety standards: The safety measures must be maintained within the company. Health and safety of the employees within the working place is also an important issue. The unrest within the company must be solved as soon as possible.
  • Management of the changes: The requisite and essential changes must be made in the organization. All the labor laws are met within the company. (Islam, 2016)

1.3 Make recommendations for improvements

Employees are very keep in getting the promotion and for higher salary. They are ready to put in more effort and work harder to get the better options. Proper monitoring and regulation may help to reduce the roles and responsibility of the employee.

  • To implement the change there should be the change in the organization as well as in the individual.
  • The workplace should have a healthy atmosphere so that he employees could come up with innovative ideas.
  • The workplace should have the facility of working and measuring the success of an individual for self-improvement. The employees should be able to compare their current work with the previous work in order to measure their success.
  • In a healthy workplace the employee can collaborate with one other to come up with ideas and work as a team.
  • The employee must adopt according to the culture of the workplace and work accordingly cooperate with the others. (Mayhew, 2016)

1.4 Review how motivational techniques can be used to improve quality of performance

The most technique of motivating an individual is by fulfilling their needs. The needs of the employees increase according to their post. The needs of the lower level employees are very low as compared to the top managers. If the manager at Travelodge wants to fulfill the needs hid employee then he must be completely aware of his needs in advance. There are two types of the employees. The one who are always ready to work and take the pressure and the one who do not want to work very hard. It is the duty of the manager to motivate the employees accordingly. The employees should be provided with the:

  • Transport between the place of work and the organization daily
  • If possible the housing facility should be provided to the employees who are not residing in the same city.
  • The organization must give appraisal and rewards to the individuals for their good work.
  • Bonus can also be given to the employees for the motivation. This will promote them to work hard with full dedication. (MBA official, 2016)

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Task 2

Be able to develop interpersonal and transferable skills

In this task we discuss the efficient communication, mode of communication, management of time and solution to various problems has been discussed.

2.1 Develop solutions to work-based problems

Problem solving can be defined as taking the step and solving the problem. The complex decisions have to be taken for handling any problems by identifying the problem, assuring the  quality management  of the risk. Taking the initiation for solving the problem is an important step. There should be a healthy environment within the workplace for solving the problem. There are the following solutions for solving the problem:

  • Contingency time:When the employee in any organization can tackle the problem to solve the problems.
  • Checking of the equipment:All the equipment should be checked properly before starting any problem. There should be the proper maintenance of the equipment regularly.
  • Providing the customer service:The customers should also be given the chance to participate in the problem solving so increase the trust of the customer on the company. They should also be allowed in the process so planning and making decision. This may also help in tackling the contingency situation of the company. There are two methods for solving the problem:
  • Verbal and non-verbal form of communication:These are the two methods for solving the problem. This communication channel can enhance the awareness. It also teaches to teach the methods in the workplace. They are very important communication medium. Body structure is very important for evaluating the problem. The alternative method should be considered for solving the problem. It also teaches how to behave in the social surrounding. Highly skilled professional people are required to handle the problem through any channel. The problems should be avoided at any level to handle all the problem. (Hicks, 2016)

2.2 Communicate in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels

For the success of any organization the communication is very essential. Communication should be made effective at all the levels for the rapid success of the company. Communication skills are directly related to the employability. For the effective communication the four important aspects are required:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Communication gives a shape to the organization to handle the employees. With the frequent communication there comes a problem of leakage of any confidential information. So there should be the protection of the information for the security reason. These days technology plays a very important role in the communication. Technology of employability is essential for the development of the technology. Language issue is an important issue. The command over the English language is essential for the success of the employee. Technology plays a crucial role in promoting the technology at all levels.

Communication practices should be made effective for the success of the company. The fundamental practices of the company should be made effective for the proper functioning. Smart phones have made a revolution in the communication practices adopted by the company. E-mail and the various social networking sites have made the communication very easy. Efficient communication channel is essential at all the levels on management. The employee should also keep regular communication with the customer for having their support. Communication helps in delivering information on important topics to all the employees. Employees can help the other employees to learn many important skills. (Newton, 2016)

2.3 Identify effective time management strategy

Management of time is very essential for everyone so in any organization. In the employability skill the time management is equally important. For developing any efficient skill time management plays an important role. Time management involves efficient planning and organizing the work for the success of the company. There are some of the basic tools which must be employed for efficient time management.  The strategy for the effective time management are as follows:

  • Listing the important tasks on the priority list so that there is no delay in the important tasks.
  • Handling the work in a strategic manner to handle the work in a proper sequence.
  • The difficult tasks should be dealt with much care. Help should be taken for the accurate work.
  • All the distraction should be kept away while working. The disturbing elements should be avoided.
  • The time consuming tasks should be assessed and optimum time should be given to all of them.

Task 3

Understand the dynamics of working with others

This task tells us the basics about the team management and group working.

3.1 Explain the roles people play in a team and how they work together to achieve shared goals

The individual role is very important for the success of the team. The methods of achieving the efficient team management are as follows:

  • Hiring of the employees: The employees should be made aware of the rules and regulation of the workplace in advance to avoid any confusion. The obligations and the allowances of the job must be explained to them in detail. The customers are the most important pillar of the business so all the needs and expectation of the customers are met. All the risk factor of the job must be listed before them.
  • Providing the resources: All the requirements or effective team management must be made available to the team leaders for effective functioning of the team. Essential equipment and the tools are provided to the managers according to the requirement of the manager. For building the team the required effort efforts should be put in for making the team.
  • Interaction within the group: After the conformation the job profile must be explained to the employees in detail. They should be taught to handle the work in the least possible time. The employees should be given responsibilities according their talent and skills. The training is required because the senior members can to a task in least possible time. This must be passed down to the new employees for the success of the company. The training of the employees and interaction is essential for the development of the employees.
  • Meeting job requirements: All the requirements of the job must be fulfilled by the employees hired. The deserving employees should be hired so that they can handle all the affairs of the company. Some barriers are made by the company and it is required for the employees to meet them.
  • Training of the employees: Training of the employees is important for their growth. All the members do not have all the skills and education for performing every type of the task, so the training is important. Training helps in the personal development of the employees. (Bilal, 2016)

3.2 Analyze team dynamics

Proper analysis of the work of the team is essential for having all the idea of the company. The team is formed to enhance the efficiency of the individual and to get the best out of the individual. Team working enable the team to come up with the innovative ideas. For the success of the team the team dynamics is absolutely essential.

It is very challenging to handle the team. There are the range of difficulty faced in the management of the team and the resources of the team. The team members are taught multi-tasking to handle the work efficiently. Flexibility should be provided to the team members for handling the team functions. There are many aspects of the team that should be managed and manipulated in a good manner. The selection of the team members should be done judiciously.

The expertise of the team management must be learnt in order to make the team. The motivation of the team members is essential for the effective functioning of the team. It is the duty of the team leader to control all the members. The team leader should be able to predict the obstacles in the way of the team in future. The team leader is responsible for the handling all the responsibilities of the team members.

Teamwork is essential for breaking the monopoly in the company. Everyone is given their part of work and the work gets distributed in an even manner. The employees come together to solve any complicated task. They come up with the innovative ideas within the team. The team members cooperate with each other in the completion of the work. (Mind tools, 2016)

3.3 Suggest alternative ways to complete tasks and achieve team goals

The aim of forming the team is to complete the task in time without putting too much effort on a single individual. The members can distribute work among them and save time in completing the work. Specialization is an alternative method of completing any work. All the members do the task assigned to them in their area of specialization. An employee can excel in their work in their area of specialization, so the task is distributed accordingly. (Mayhew (I), 2016)

Task 4

Be able to develop strategies foe problem solving

In the last task we will deal with the method of solving the problem and developing appropriate strategies for it.

4.1 Evaluate tools and methods for developing solutions to problems

The strategies listed below will help in solving the problem.

  • Math:A tool for solving the problem developed by mathematics is algorithm. It is systematic method of problem solving and help in getting the solution of the problem easily. In many companies algorithm is a widely used practice. By the use of the algorithm it can be made sure that the result can be obtained in a correct way and it ensures the accurate result is obtained. Most of the companies adopt the algorithm as it is a standard method of problem solving worldwide.  There are set rules for solving the problem. The algorithm is very time consuming and sometime it is very irrelevant. Algorithm deals with the numbers and not all the problems are number based.
  • Heuristics programming:The method of solving work based problem and learning different techniques is termed as heuristics. It does not essentially work in all the cases as it is psychological method. Problem come in any company continuously and different methods must be adopted to solve them.
  • Hit and Trial: Hit and trial method is a lay man’s way of dealing with the problem. One method is tried and if it works then well and good and if not another method is tried. Many alternative methods are developed by the company and all of them are tried. This technique do not necessarily solve the problem all the time. (Nordmeyer, 2016)

4.2 Develop an appropriate strategy for resolving the problem of labor turnover in an organization of your choice

The clear understanding of the problem is essential for solving it. The type and gravity of the problem must be understood. This step involves understanding and the solving of the problem.

  • Making the plan:The plan should be made in advance in solving the problem. Planning is deciding how the work is done. Different tools must be designed for solving the problem. The alternative techniques must be developed for problem solving.
  • Effective implementation:There should be sequenced implementation of the plan according to the planning. Step by step execution must be made. Alternative methods must be made ready in case the main plan doesn’t work out.
  • Clear evaluation:In this step all the above steps are rechecked and evaluated. All the steps performed above are verified. After calculating the result it is checked to find out any possible defect. If possible the errors are removed or the work is done all over again. The nature of the defect is also determined for finding a proper solution.

4.3 Evaluate the potential impact on the business of implementing the strategy

In order to increase the effectiveness of the business the new ideas have to be put in and implemented in a strategic way. The management of the business have to be done in an effective way for the successful implementation of the ideas.

  • Involving the staff: For the successful implementation of any idea the entire staff must work towards it. The idea must be applied after consulting the entire staff. The managers can motivate the staff to work towards the cause. The challenges in the business must be properly dealt with.
  • Training the employee:Before the implementation of the idea appropriate training must be given to the employees for its successful implementation. The successful implementation of the idea the idea at least a training of two months must be provided.
  • Effective communication:There should be effective communication between the employees before and while implementing the idea. The employees must be encouraged to communicate with each other before taking any decision. Smartphones are the most effective means of communication.
  • Involving the customer:Taking the consent of the customers in the process of  decision making  helps in gaining the trust of the customer. (George, 2016)

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There are different types of employees in any organization.The most effective means of any communication is identifying the nature of the each employees and managing them accordingly. The needs of different employees within the company must be identified and the company must try to fulfill it to gain customer satisfaction. The manager must motivate the workers from time to time so that they work with increased effort. The motivated employee try to put in their best within the organization. The employees must be made aware of the goals and aim of the company and they must try to achieve it anyhow. Teamwork is very important in the company for the timely management of the task within the company. Teamwork is also helpful in the decentralization of the task within the company. The members of the team are assigned the work in accordance with their expertise. When the expert in their team do the work the high quality work is obtained. Mostly the work in the team is dependent on the other members but some of the work in the team is independent of the other member.


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