Unit 23 Human Resource Development Pass Copy

Unit 23 Human Resource Development Pass Copy

Unit 23 Human Resource Development Pass Copy


Unit 23 Human Resource Development Pass Copy tells about the study in depth regarding the improvement of the skills of the employees/ leaders/ managers in any of the organization. It is the essential to take initiative upon which the company should think regarding necessary measures for polishing the effectiveness of employees by following various strategies and analysing the business operations inside the company. This study is all about the retail company of the United Kingdom that is TESCO PLC. It deals in the grocery items and merchandise. It has achieved as the third largest retail company in the country in the terms of profits and second largest in the terms of earning income. With the expansion in the chain of the business with the expansion in the team of the work force the company’s responsibility to bring the changes in the working environment and improves the working proficiency of their employees. Various training sessions organized by the company for the employees.

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Task 2

2.1. Compare the training needs for staff at different levels in an organisation of your choice

There are different requirements of different employees in an organization and the training is offer as per the demand of the employees. The same consider by the TESCO PLC and it opt new different style of training for performing all activities by their employees. Training events trained the employees in a healthy and friendly environment and the various types of training provide at different levels are- 

  • Management Level
  • Operational level
  • Consumer Level

Training provides at the above various level increases the skills of the employees and share the knowledge by the expert while giving demonstrations that enhance the employees’ practical skills. It all makes the team of employees effective and brings the capability of doing activities with the team spirit. These training events arrange by the company that makes all employees capable enough to tackle every type of problem and gets the efficiency for taking decisions. Two types of training are there given by the TESCO PLC. These are on-the-job training and the off- the –job training. On job training given to the employees while performing, their job operations so that they can learn from their practical knowledge and off job training means the company arrange the special events or the vocational courses for them to enhance the skills. These are all arranging by the management of the company. Training makes all employees that much efficient so that they can do their job in the limited time given to them. They avoid wasting the time by doing hit and trial methods and get an appropriate solution for solving the problems. Employee’s evaluation done on their performance and appraises them accordingly. Training gives the chance to all employees and the managerial staff to get motivated (Huang, 2001).

2.2. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of training methods used in your chosen organisation.

The reason behind giving the training by TESCO, PLC to its employees is to improve their skills with the enhancement of knowledge. They provide the counselling sessions to them so that they get familiar from the path of the success. The company appraises their employees on their performance & the improvements noticed in their work by the company. Besides training, another option to check and evaluate the performance of the employees is role-play and enhances the skills & knowledge based on its outcome. It clearly shows the effectiveness of the employees for performing the new activity. The company organize the events of vocational course/ training to improve the skills of employees and they can use them in completing their projects on time. Management also prefers to take training for handling the new machinery for getting themselves aware about the technology and its usage. Employees can crosscheck their own skills and knowledge attain in the training by observing their appraisal and performance. From this, they can judge that which skills they need to improve and which they can continue further with the same. Employees discuss everything g with their managers especially about their job operations and this discussion helps him in making the new career development plan. If the manager gives the positive outcome then it clears that employee get the permission to move forward and create the development plan or else stay at the same place (Thompson, Christopher, Storey, 2005).

After the selection of the employee, an overview of the company given to all the employees at their induction and make them able to understand the objectives of the company. Training events/ workshops provide all learning stuff to the employees of the company for increasing the knowledge. Employees perform in the same way as they received the messages and the success depends on their performance. If the employee performance is in the negative terms then it needs to improve by taking various necessary steps by the organization and the employee itself, otherwise, it leaves the adverse effect on their power for taking decisions.

2.3. Use a systematic approach to plan training and development for a training event

  • Training and development event: The events of training improve the skills and provide the solution to the problems that helps in taking the decisions. In such events, employees get specific problem and asks them to give the solution. In the first step, they analyse the situation then tries to solve them by all possible ways. The managers of the company do the final assessment where the management evaluate all possible ways for giving an appropriate solution to the problem. It is the ongoing process where an employee tries to get the solution of any of the problem like customer service, production, employee’s relations etc. These training events increase the strength of the employees so that they can participate in every involvement of the company especially decision-making. They also improve their efficiency and make them capable enough to analyse the problem for using an appropriate solution. The Q&Q session organizes by the company for their employees to handle all the employees’ queries and they get the perfect solution. 
  • Process of Training: In my personal process of training where the employees of the company TESCO, PLC introduced with the company’s management and ask for the solution to solve the problem. The Q&Q interrogative session arranges by the company for their employees for providing good solutions to solve problems (Judy, Richard and Carol D’ Amico, 2004). The company tries to get the surety that all employees get their solution. Instructions and guidance regarding the issues give to the employees by the management in these training sessions. In the training events, all employees divided into groups and they all asked to analyse the solution within the time limit. Management is aware about such sessions and knows that which areas are requires developing. Discussion held in between employees and the management then the proper solution selected.

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Task 3

3.1 Prepare an evaluation using suitable techniques

Techniques for Evaluation: The top management needs the cost effective results and it is eager to know the impact of the training on the employees. For the above, it uses various techniques to evaluate the skills and efficiency of employees that helps the company in taking involvement in taking all-important decisions. This process follows in the procedure of five steps. It shows the results by making comparison in between the present & the expected working scenario.
The below are five approaches use to examine that whether the need has met or not-

  • Evaluation of needs: It provides the solution to that problem at the priority and then analyses the solution whether it is valid or not.
  • Monitoring & accountability: It tells about the responsibilities of the employees those participates in the training events and monitor those services offer to them.   
  • Illumination of Program: Assessment of the training event done and then later the management gives the clarification that what improvement needs to do in making it more effective next time.
  • Improvement: It assesses and examines the improvements among the Employee Relation.
  • Impact of the training event: The whole event was experimental and it helps in evaluating the effect of such training in the long run. 

Training Process:
Below are the parts of training program use at different levels. 

  • Feedback:  After the completion of the training event and the procedure of discussions among employees, everybody includes trainee and the trainer gives the feedback. It seems as useful because trainer notice / observes about the skills and awareness of employees where trainee gives the feedback about the training session. 
  • Scrutiny: All the external and the internal activities of the employees held at the time of training session are observe by the management and the trainer. So, they can take necessary steps to improve their performance/ job of operations (Mailliard, Karen, 1999).
  • Comments of Consumers: Employees improve their various skills in training sessions arrange by the company TESCO, PLC. The Company helps its employees in becoming effective in handling the customers or gives them the proper services. Comments / feedback of the consumers state clearly the effectiveness of employee and usefulness of the training event. 
  • Documents needs for assessment: Assessment of training event done on the base of factors and these factors help in evaluating the results of the training. Results in the form of the quality of the service towards the consumers, employee’s behaviour, their skills and knowledge, production efficiency etc. evaluated. If all shows in the form of positive to the employer then training event seems to be useful and cost worthy. 

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3.2 Carry out an evaluation of a training event

Training event evaluated in the basis of the outcomes. If the problem gets solve and an appropriate solution of the problem results in the positive terms then, it means the prospect behind this training event is effective. Various issues discussed in the training events. These issues face by the employees like handling queries of the consumers. All the problems analyse and effective solutions given to the employees with the help of an expert and the top management.

3.3 Review the success of the evaluation methods used

It is notice that the evaluation methods seems to be successful only when the training event is prove successful by providing the right solution to the right problem. It assesses both the benefits at the present and the expected ones. These benefits help in solving the probability of the problems in the training events where discussions held in between employees and the management. At the time of the assessment procedure, top managers give their problems to the employees / their subordinates in the training events that leave the negative impact on the development (Nath, 2010). These discussions help the employees in bringing improvements in themselves for initiating for new projects. The management appreciates after founding the process of training as the evaluation procedure successful that helps in evaluating the skills of their own company’s human resource.

Task 4

4.1 Explain the role of government in training, development and lifelong learning

The government of the United Kingdom plays an essential role in giving the training to the employees of all private enterprises for their development. The government organizes the training programs for improving the performance of employees in their working areas. The government follows the lifelong learning process that motivates the employees for increasing their effectiveness in their every project (Sparrow, Paul, 2002). This effectiveness changes all the working environment of the company. Sometimes, the intervention of the government proves to be benefit for the companies in developing their human resource. It results in improving the economy of the country.

4.2. Explain how the development of the competency group has impacted on the public and private sectors

Compelling done by the competency group to the other companies & force them for considering their business performance of their own. Private enterprises are surviving in this competitive world and helps in increasing the country’s economy. A company does not want the competitive environment in the performance of their workforce that becomes their disadvantage such as poor service, low motivation etc. An audit company helps in doing the huge investment that helps in giving the training to all employees (Tregaskis, 1999). When the company notices an improvement in the effectiveness of the company then they opt for the continuous learning process & helps in making the changes or developments inside the company.

4.3 Assess how contemporary training initiatives introduced by the UK government contribute to human resources development for an organization of your choice

All initiatives taken by the government of the UK regarding the contemporary learning that gives the training to the employees of both small & medium type of industries. This training program brings the development in the economy. Training give through vocational courses results in the fast learning among employees. It improves the environment & the working conditions of the companies. The same initiative helps the employees of TESCO, PLC in handling its competitive environment. The acceptance of the contemporary learning is an effective implementation of the training and decision making events as per the framework of the company (Walker, James, 2001).

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TESCO, PLC has the huge impact on the society and the economy of the United Kingdom by bringing the new improvements for its employees that enhance the company’s revenue by performing better. Company has made its employees efficient enough so that they can survive in the tough environment and maintains the friendly environment within the organization. TESCO recognizes all issues inside the company and for the further development; it tries to remove them by offering facilities to all employees and increases the effectiveness of the employees through training.


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