Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Copy

Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Copy

Unit 23 Employability Skills Assignment Copy


Employability Skills assignment is done with the motive of understanding the self appraisal and the self analysis of the performance of the employees. In this assignment the given scenario is considered in which the individual working in the organization of health care and the social care analyse the performance for the last year. The motive of the assignment is to increase the understanding of the self appraisal and the achieving the better communication as well as the motivation in the organization. The assignment will also provide the deep explanation of the 360 degree performance analysis and the analysis of the performance with the S.M.A.R.T. tool. This assignment will also help to understand the continuous development of the individual in the organization and a deep explanation on the team dynamics. The employability skills assignment will provide the overall understanding of the organizational performance improvement and the methods to achieve the same. 

Task 1 Self Appraisal Form


Column A

key responsibilities at work and performance objectives at work

Column B

Evaluate your own effectiveness against your objectives

Column C

Make recommendations for your own improvement.

Column D

Effective motivational techniques you use at work

Column E

Communication skills needed at work


The most important activity or the responsibility of the work is to meet the clients and the customers who visit. The effective communication with them and providing the solutions to the clients.

I believe that I have achieved the task to convert people into customer and able to communicate effectively as well as providing them the solutions to their problems effectively.

I should use the new methods to attract the customers and communicate them such as through messages, texts etc. I should take feedback from the customers as well as should work on the maintaining relationships with the clients.

I provide the positive vibes in the environment of the organization which enables to motivate to work. Low feeling provides the de-motivation to work.

The communication in the organization needs to be effective. Effective communication refers to the communication in which there is clarity of objectives and the organizational work is clearly communicated that means it is understandable to people of the organization.


Provide the efficiency in the work and the task which are assigned and to provide the increment in the sales with my performance.

I was much efficient in achieving the task assigned and also contributed in the improved sales of the organization.

In my opinion I should increase my performance by setting targets and criticize my work after completion of each task. The increment of sale can be gained by attracting the customers through my convincing skills.

I also provide the motivation to my colleagues as it provides the energy to work and creates the interesting environment.

The communication should always include the questions and the effective lines which attract the customers and the employees of the organization and also it should be short and effective.


The objective to provide the profitability and the achieved task with the maximum performance to the organization.

I provided the increment in sales as well as in the profits of the organization. My performance is observed increased.

To increase the profits for the company I should manage the tasks according and also complete them in order to achieve the maximum client satisfaction. The client satisfaction will lead to the increment in the profits of the organization.

I also provide the ranking technique which provides the competitive energy in the people of the organization. The organization employees for getting the appreciation work more effectively and efficiently.

The communication should not be complex which delays to deliver the message to the employees on which ultimately provides the delay in the overall work or the operations of the organization.


The objective is to provide innovations and the new methods in the organization for selling and marketing.

Some of the new methods I have used to promote or sell the products of the organization are achieved effectively (Andreu et.al, 2016).

I should improve the method and the techniques in manner to achieve more in the next year as the objective is to provide the innovations, the maximum new methods and the innovations should be applied to the strategies.

The technique of analysing the difficulty and the problems faced by the people of the organization in the manner to achieve the organizational results helps to analyse the situations of organization and work accordingly.

Complete sentences and the good use of words are also included in the communication of the organization (Brühl, et.al,  2014). The organization must provide the good knowledge of the content which is to be delivered. The communication is the crucial thing in an organization which needs to be improved.


Column 1

The major objective of the company is to increase the performance of the employees of the organization in a manner to achieve the organizational objectives effectively and efficiently. The S.M.A.R.T. tool provides the basic things which the organizational objectives must include.






The first thing is that the objective of the organization must be specific. The specific objective means the organizational goals are specific in nature and have the meaning to be achieved. The specific goals of the organization provide the feature of understanding it clearly and specifically communicate what should be achieved.



The objective which the organization follows must have the measurable factor including in it. The measurable factor includes that the organization objective should be measurable. The performance of the organization should be able to measure in the terms of achieved objectives.



The achievable factor includes features of the objectives of the organization which shows that the objective is achievable. The objective of the organization is to provide enhance performance of the organization to increase the profitability of the organization.



Realistic factor defines that the objective of the organization should be realistic and not fictional. It should have existence and meaning to provide the real concept of the objective or the aim.



The objective should have the factor time bound in it. The time bound feature explains that the organization should be allotted time to complete so that the organization can achieve the task efficiently. The performance of the organization if not achieved on time then the organization possibly cannot achieve the task (Wood, 2011).

Column B
360 degree appraisal form

Emplobility Skills

Customers- The customers are the people who provide the correct feedback regarding the performance of the employee as they provide the positive reaction or the negative reaction. The customer reactions are based on the acceptance or the rejection of the proposal offered to them. This helps to gain the level of the performance that the employees are performing.

Managers- the managers are the people who guide the employees and provide the help to them in their work. Manager assigns the work to the employees and trains them to work effectively and efficiently. The managers provide the feedback on the basis of the result obtained by the performance of the employees.

Peers- Peers are the people of the organization who work in the organization. They are also known as the colleague of the employee. They provide the feedback of the performance of the employee correctly and provide them the recommendations to improve the performance of the employee of the organization.

Direct reports- The direct reports are the direct evaluation of the employees and their performance of the organization. The organization provides the reports and the results of the employees to provide them the appraisal of the work done by them (Potonik & Anderson, 2012). 

Task 2

Continuous Professional Development 


6. Solutions to problems and Strategies for solving problems


7. Evaluate Tools and Methods for developing solution


8. Time management Strategies



There are many problems that are faced in the organization one such problem is the poor communication system that hamper the work of the organization. There are many certain  solution associated with it like-

The solutions to the problem can only be achieved if the proper tools and techniques are implemented in an appropriate manner that also may not hamper the current operations of the health centre (Abdul et.al, 2013).

Time management is important so that the problem may not go out of control. It is also important that problems be solved in a manner that would not hamper the working of the organization.


In my opinion the best way is to upgrade the internet services that are used in the organization as the services used are slow and many times delay the work of the organization.

By researching the best internet facility that can solve the poor internet service problems. After the best internet services, I would make sure that most of the employees use them to communicate all the official matter with efficiency.

With the formulation of the action plan in which all the criteria and aspects be described in a manner that would create a situation that would help the organization to achieve its target without disturbing the working of the health and safety centre. The time slot in this case would be around ten days in which all the planning and its implementation would be done so that in future communication problem may not arise (Chase, et.al, 2013).


Another way is the better facility of resolving the grievances that existed in the organization. If these problems are address on time then there are fewer chances that communication may suffer in the organization.

It can be resolve by opening the separate cell that would resolve the problems of the employees. Apart from that a secret ballot approach can also be used in which employees can state there problems without disclosing the identity.

It would require a time of around one month as the approval of the upper management would be require along with arranging of the entire infrastructure for the health and care centre. The best suited staff would also be required that would solve the problems of the aggrieved employees. The management approval is required to be taken on time otherwise the communication system would not be implemented thus affecting the working of the organization.


By creating harmonize and peaceful environment in the organization that would help the organization employees and all the staff members to enhance there working and discuss their issues. It would finally help the employees to communicate their problems in an effective and efficient manner.

It can be done by organizing fun activities in the spare time so that employees can interact with each other. Apart from that employees can also discuss their matter in the seminars and several events organize by the organization. It would create an informal communication that would help the employees to interact with each other thus it would create a healthy environment where no communication barriers would create a problem in the organization. (Amar, et.al, 2015)

This can be done on frequent time interval. Various fun activities can be organized at the time when there is no work pressure for the organization. Apart from that picnics can also be organized at the time when the employees of the organization have little work to do. In a year at least two picnics and events may increase the communication and diminish the barriers of the miscommunications as more and more employees would communicate with each other that can become an effective way of time management as well as effective communication system (Scott, 2014).

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Task 3

Collaborative Team Dynamics Journal


10. Team roles

Your observations

11.Team dynamics

12 .Suggestions


Human resource head is the person who is liable to look after all the matter related to the employees in the organization. The manager looks after the employment, recruitment, salary and grievance resolving matters in the organization. He works in the principle to create a healthy and harmonize environment in the organization.

I think he works with the full potential and ability. He is good in his job and always takes into consideration of all the employees’ problems and make significant attempt to resolve the same. He also has stated a mechanism in which all the employees who suffer any problems may simply acknowledge there issue to the department in a way that no consequences may arise to the aggrieved party. He also has organize many activities so that friendship among the employees may be created that would ultimately help the organization.

Human resource is the base of the every organization. It is important that the person who is in charge of the department must work in a way that peace and harmony may be created among all the employees and the department. It is also important to consider that he works in a way that most of the employees do not fear to gives there issues voices that ultimately affect the organization success (Rosenfeld, 2013).

There are some suggestions that are required to be considered by the head of human resource like he should organize more and more fun activities that would help to solve the differences among the employees and staff members. It is also important that employees feel more comfortable in addressing their problems to the department so it is advisable that create a situation in which this issue is resolve in an effective and efficient manner.


Finance head is the head of the finance department who takes into account all the working that is in relation to the financing. He manages the working of its subordinate in the department. He also gives investment and all other finance advices to the health centres and all looks after the insurance aspects of those patients who rely on that.

He is a charted accountant who always takes into account all the decisions in relation to the finance so that centre may not suffer any loss that may damage the working. He is loyal towards its work and do not manipulate any financial resources in its own benefits. I really think that he is a self-reliant person and centre can easily depend on him (Scott, 2014).

Finance head is a key player who always takes decisions for the betterment of the organization. This manager also gives advices to the other department supervisor in relation to the budget so that no extra cost is spent in it.

The head required to be more vigilant in its working as some staff members tries to manipulate the accounts and financial data that ultimately leads to the loss to the organization. It is also import mat that the new system of financing be used so that better and effective working may be performed by the organization and his team.


Marketing head is the person who handles all the decision that is related to the market and sales of the organization. In the health centre marketing manager to try to promote the centre in an ethical manner with no use of unfair means and advances.

From my observation I can say that manager has made all the attempts to promote the organizations like it has established certain schemes for the old age as well as needy patients. He also has made advancement by promoting the centre at a level in the market that if any emergency or misshapen occur to the person then it cans simply call takes the services of the organization without any difficulty.

Marketing head helps in building the team trust that would help in the better growth of the organization. The marketing is the essential factor that would help in the profit of the organization. If marketing is done in a proper manner and with the budget provided by the finance department then marketing may be create a significant impact on the organization.

Marketing policies required some changes and up gradation as some policies do not suit the current market situation. It is also necessary that strict marketing policies be created so that no employees in the marketing and other department can participate in any unethical practices that would helper the growth, success and goodwill of the organization.


Sales manager is the person who makes all necessary attempts to increase the sales of the organization. Managers make certain schemes and manage all the matter that is related to the sales of the organization.

I think sales manager has taken all the imperative steps in the making sales more effective in the organization. Sales manager looks after all the receipts of the patients and tries various methods so that patients contact this health and care centre whenever required.

Sales mangers works for the betterment of the organization. He also make all necessary planning an controlling with the help and in accordance with marketing managers and takes and report all the necessary problems and changes in the centre to the marketing manager so that marketing manager may resolve those problems in an effective manner (Ganança, 2014).

Sales managers are required to be more patient while dealing with the patients as some times due to the wrong behaviour few patients may not able to conduct its working in an effective and efficient manner. He also required training its subordinates to increase the sales as well as deal with the patients so that no patients boycott the organization in the future (Collins, 2013).

Conclusion and recommendation

This assignment is about the employability skills that define the scope and the scope of the employees in the organization. A proper analysis of the employees and their criteria of working are described in an effective manner. In the first task the self-appraisal form is created and it was seen that with the self-appraisal all the performance can be evaluated and mistakes be overcome in an appropriate manner that would help in the growth of the employee. Another task describes the continuous appraisal of the improvement of the employee so that all the barriers can be overcome by using effective tool so best suited tool be used in relation to performance appraisal. Last and the final is the journal that helps in the proper analysis of the team member roles that is essential in the better performance of the health and care centre.


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