Unit 3 Health and Safety at HSC Workplace Sample Assignment

Health and Safety at HSC Workplace

Unit 3 Health and Safety at HSC Workplace Sample Assignment


In today’s scenario the employers have understood their responsibilities and duties towards the health and safety of their employees and customer at their workplace. This has made them to create effective health and safety policies. This connects the employees with the employers with a sense of attachment and loyalty. In this assignment we will discuss about the health and safety policies, their implementation and effect on the employees about this healthy and safe working environment which results in the better working styles and outcomes for the organisation.

Task 1 A

At any workplace, the employer has a responsibility of taking health and social care of the employees along with the visitors at their premises like the suppliers and the customers. Therefore, in 1974 a Health and Safety act was implemented in United Kingdom which is a primary piece of legislation related to the work related health and safety of the employees. (niDirect Government Services, n.d.)

1.1 Update of the heath and policy manual at the workplace

Here it is required to update the health and safety manual of our workplace. By keeping the legislation ion mind, the manual for the work place is constructed.
Employer’s Duties:
Under Section 8, the employer at the workplace has a certain duties towards the safety of health of the employee. The organisation will take care of:

  • Provision of the safe workplace with the usage of safe plant and equipment.
  • Provision of the proper training to the employees regarding the health and safety.
  • Prevention of any improper behaviour which can put the safety and welfare of the employees at risk.
  • Provision of proper and protective clothes and equipment at work.
  • Appointment of a competent person as a safety officer of the organisation.

Employee’s Duties:
There are certain duties which are set out under section 13 for employees and the organisation will take care of:

  • To take care of their health and care while working in the workplace.
  • Should not consume drugs or alcohol at the workplace.
  • They should not involve in the improper behaviour that can endanger others and themselves.
  • If they see any defect in the equipment they use, they need to directly report about it.
  • If the employer asked them to undergo under any medication or assessment, they need to understand that.

Risk assessment and safety statement:
Under the safety and welfare Act 2005, the employer of the organisation needs to carry out a risk assessment which will include all the hazards present in the workplace, identify the risk arising from those hazards and plan the steps to deal with those hazards. They need to make the statement as well that contains the details of the people responsible for the safety issues at the workplace. The employees should be given these statements and regular reviews should be done by the employer.
Protective equipment and measures:
The employer needs to tell the about all the risks that occur while wearing or working on the equipment in the workplace. The employer needs todeliver proper training to the employees before using any risky equipment and will provide all safety wears like clothing, headgear, footwear, gloves eyewear if necessary. In the same time the employee needs to take care of their own safety while using the risky equipment.
Reporting accidents:
All the accidents at the work place should be reported to the employer and the employer will take charge and responsibility that the accident is not repeated. If the employee is missing for three consecutive days, the employer should consider him as missing and report for him.
Health and safety leave:
Proper provision of maternity leave for the pregnant employees should be carried out in a separate risk assessment. If there are certain risks with the pregnancy, the employee should move out or removed. If both the cases are not possible, the employee should be given special leave till maternity.
Health and cleanliness:
Proper cleanliness, temperature, ventilation should be provided so that the employees are physically fit to perform at the work place.
Health and safety and young people:
The employees under 18 years should be considered in a different risk assessment and should be carried out before the employment of the young people and if the risk can arise due to the lack of experience, the young people should not be employed.
If there is any report regarding the bullying among the employees, the employer should establish proper procedures for dealing with such reports because ignoring such reports can damage the employee.
Considering the employment equity act 1998-2011, the employer should be obliged to play compensation if there is any incident of harassing the employee on the basis of civil status, gender, age, family status, community, religion or disability.
Violence at the workplace:
Proper safeguards should be applied in the workplace for elimination of any incident regarding violence at the workplace. The possibility of the violence should be considered in the risk assessment and handed over to the employees.
The employee should not be victimised for utilising his own rights such as making complaints under safety and health legislation. (Citizens Information, n.d.)

1.2 The responsibilities for management of health and safety in relation to organisational structures

The management id completely responsible for the monitor and ensure that all the employees are trained for health and safetyissues that can take place while working on the workplace this includes the proper cleanliness and placement of the risky equipment at their safe and designated place.
Monogram of health and safety issues:
Top management:
The top management is responsible for providing all the safety trainings to the employees and purchasing all the equipment and planning the safety policies at the work place.
Mid- Level Management:
They take care that all the employees are aware of the safety policies and have direct contacts with them for monitoring them closely.
They follow all the security policies and report to the managers if there is any risk of hazards or faulty equipment in the workplace.
Safety Consultants:
They are hired by the organisation for training the employees installing the equipment that can create hazards and informing the top management regarding the laws and regulations of health and safety at the workplace. (Dozier, 2013)
This report is a clear picture of the health and safety measures taken at our organisation and the responsibilities of all the level of managers for taking care that it is implemented properly in the organisation.

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