Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment

Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment

Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment

Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment - Assignment Help in UK


Human resource management is all about how employees are being properly managed and properly looked after in relation to their performance management, appraisal, proper training etc. under this Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment I have discussed about the importance of human resource management and personal management in different organisations .moreover I have also depicted how the line managers in an organisation helps to properly co – ordinate the employees and the organisation properly. I have also discussed the importance of human resource planning in an organisation.

Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations


Human resource management

Personal management


It refers to the total workforce management in relation to their proper assessment ,total performance appraisal  which is mostly seen in organisations like Tesco

Personal management is all about how organisations goal can be achieved regardless of the importance of human factor , it is usually seen in Lukeoil( Kerzner, 2013)


Tesco , it tends to signify a long lasting perspective , it is done by reviewing each of the ideas .

While in case of Lukeoil it generally uses a short term strategies and plans.


Employee relation

Tesco, being a largest supermarket it has to reply on the employees in order to carry out its function properly.

Whereas Lukeoil, the concept of relationship with employee is different.  Where all the employees are being not given equal importance.

Communication flow

At Tesco , they always maintain proper and open flow of communication, where all the employees are given the freedom to express their ideas , which helps in proper organisational setting and the employees work with a positive energy in the company without any feeling of disgrace .( Kerzner, 2013)

Whereas at Lukeoil, they adhere to strict rules and process of communication.

Designing job

At Tesco , all the employees are required to properly attain their job as per specification , this helps both the organisation and the employees to work more efficiently towards attaining the goal of Tesco which is increasing the sales figures .

At Lukeoil , all the employees are further sub – categorised into small groups , where all the works are being assigned accordingly .

1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its

human resource - Assignment Help in UK

Tesco, being a large super market, has many outlets in many part of the United Kingdom. So it is very important to have a well assigned human resource management.

  • Proper training: At Tesco, it is a very important aspect to look into the training of all the employees. So employees have to train wherever a gap is being noticed. So this training is very important factor for upgrading the skills of each employee and helps them to work better. Chand, S (2016).
  • Planning: Tesco being a multi super market, it ensures that all of its departments and sub – departments are properly planned for higher amount of future growth. This proper planning will not only help the employees to function effectively but also the company to follow a higher visionary,
  • Career growth and planning: Each employee in an organisation for their own career growth and for gaining enough skills and knowledge. Tesco being a people’s organisation it depends wholly on the employees, because they are the person who tends to help in running this super market.
  • Analysis of job: Tesco, always looks closely about the job which is being assigned to each employees and if it is fitting as per required.
  • Proper pay: Tesco always believes al employees should be paid properly as per their skill and performance. So all the employees at Tesco are being paid accordingly their performance and capability.
  • Proper planning: Planning one of the most important aspects of human resource management. At Tesco, proper planning helps the employees to act in a better manner.
  • Performance appraisal: Appraisal helps employees to work more, motivate more and thereby achieving the goal of the organisation .Tesco always pays more attention towards its appraisal criteria which is being held after every 3 months . (Chand, 2016).

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions

A line manager plays a very important role in maintaining proper alliance between the employees and the organisation. Tesco being one of the largest super markets, the role of line managers are very important.

  • Proper management: It is the responsibility of the line manager to proper manage each and every function of the organisation. Tesco being a multi super market, it tends to manage the employees in a systematic manner.
  • Maintaining the discipline: Tesco always adheres to the rules and regulation as prescribed by the company. It is very important that having lot of outlets at different parts of United Kingdom it is important to maintain the code of conduct as depicted. Therefore in this scenario the role of line manger is considered to be one the most important factor in adhering to the discipline factor
  • Employee engagement: It is by far the most important aspect of any organisation. Tesco always keeps proper attention towards its employees and the ways to improve their work and make it more enthusiastic. The employees may find it boring sometimes to work at the same thing so they are sometimes shifted. Therefore the line manager should always keep its employees engaged in certain activities.
  • Performance and compensation: The employees at Tesco area always paid as per services delivered. it is sometimes difficult to maintain so many employees all the time but here comes the role of line managers . It gives justified compensation to the employee as per there services rendered.

1.4 Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management.

In United Kingdom, there exist certain rules and regulations which re important to be followed:

  • Providing equal opportunity to all employees : It is mandatory to provide equal work opportunity to all the employees in any organisation irrespective of their race, colour, religion etc.
  • The pay – structure : It is often being seen that, more work is being assigned at a low amount of compensation. It is the responsibility of the human resource department to properly look into the compensation structure properly . Moreover at some cases , the women are paid lesser than that of men .
  • Privacy policy : The human resource management should always take proper precaution about the confidentiality of each employee. they should keenly look that all the employee’s informations should be kept properly .
  • Policy regarding safeguarding the interest : It is important to note that the employees are being protected against any kind of harassment at workplace, starting from discrimination relating to race , religion , ethnicity etc . at work place more attention should given on the employees surrounding .
  • Recruiting and selecting : It is important to maintain a well reformed procedure of recruitment and selection accordingly. which will help the employers to find the best talent but without any biasness . the process of recruiting and selection as prescribed by the business law should be free from any discrimination .

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Task 2

2.1 Analysing the reasons for human resource planning

Planning is considered to be one of the most important aspects for achieving a well devised goal. Tesco being a largest super market, it has to plan properly according, so that the organisational goal can be well – achieved.

The reasons for such planning are:

  • Future forecasting: Tesco being a multi – super market, it is important for them to plan ahead for the future. This will help the organisation not only to predict but also to organise properly.
  • Change management: Proper planning helps an organisation to properly handle any kind of change which has been brought as per the change in the market. Tesco always faces high amount of fluctuations , which thereby can be reduced by proper planning .
  • Proper recruitment: Recruiting proper and skilful people are required at Tesco . therefore before hiring people , it is very important to consider the fresh talent along with their proper ability to grasp things .(Kerzner, 2013)
  • Proper utilisation of manpower: It is through proper utilisation of human resource that helps each employees to express their needs properly. Proper planning gives each employees a chance to exploit their skills in a better manner .

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

human resources planning process - Assignment Help in UK

Planning is considered to be one of the most important aspects in any organisation. Without proper planning it is impossible to properly manage each the manpower and its requirement. In organisations like Tesco it follows certain stages in proper human resource planning which are:

  • Analyse the aims : It is one of the most important objects of human resource planning. It is very important to analyse each of the objectives as prescribed which includes proper marketing , proper financing etc . .(Jackson ,Schuler, Jiang, 2014)
  • Measuring the manpower : Secondly which is being done is that the talent of each employees in organisation are being scrutinised properly. This mainly includes their performance , their potentiality etc .
  • Demand and supply forecasting : In proper human resource planning it is important to forecast the work demand and how readily can it be depicted in the proper scenario. It mainly refers to the job description and how can they be attained.
  • Finding the gap : The estimation of a gap is very important because it predicts the difference between demand and supply , thereby depending on the results of surplus or deficit of such gap it takes necessary planning .
  • Plan Formulation : It is very one of the most important aspects of contract where it is seen that the plan so devised is properly formulated or not.
  • Monitoring and feedback : In any kind of organisation, it is important to properly monitor the implementation of the devised plan. After which it is important to take proper feedback from the employees on to the devised planning. .(Jackson ,Schuler, Jiang, 2014)

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending

The organisation which re being chosen by me is namely Tesco and Marks and Spencer


Marks and Spencer


Tesco being the largest shopping super market it tends to follow some procedures

Marks and Spencer being a renowned company of London, it tends to follow simple procedures which helps its employees to further grow .

In Tesco , higher authority mostly depicts the need for an manpower in the organisation for which a powerful advertisement is being given            

But Marks and Spencer it  readily believes in providing equal opportunity to each of  the employees present without making any such discrimination

After the advertisement is posted , which is followed by several applications , the applications are being reviewed critically by the higher authorities upon which only those which matches which the skills are asked to come down.

Under mark and Spencer , before hiring any new manpower it readily consults with the management , but it also looks into the internal candidates who has the potential to growth further .( Daly Scheiwe, 2010)

After which it is followed by the short listing of the candidates as per their skills . here both the process of internal hiring and external candidates are also seen.

This is followed by giving an add , and short listing the candidates as per the need.

After several rounds of tests and interview the final candidates are being chosen . .( Daly Scheiwe, 2010)

After which the candidates are being provided with certain tests and skills which are mostly reviewed carefully by the interviewer

After which the selected candidates are provided which the appointment letter

The candidates selected are only required to go through one round

At Tesco , they are given proper training and induction in order to get aware of the entire department and the staffs.

After which the candidate who is selected is being offered with the documents .

2.4 Evaluating how effectiveness is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending.

The organisations which are chosen by me are Tesco and dominos pizza. Tesco being a multi brand super market it follows a vast process of selecting candidates: Tesco in these days uses modern system of recruiting which is mainly online based .where after application is being given in the online forums or websites. After which the candidates starts applying for the post. There after it is followed by critical scrutiny by the concerned candidates whoever has applied . Then after receiving the candidates they are categorised as their skills and matching the other job specifications. After which it is followed by certain tests. Where the ability aptitude of a person is being judged. Thereby who ever matches all the tests, the best among is taken aboard. Thereby giving the appointment letter. .(Daly, Scheiwe, 2010)

Dominos: Dominos being a very trendy fast food centre renowned for pizza follows simple process:

  • It uses both the online and the traditional way of advertising
  • Whereby it posts a advertisement
  • This is followed by application review and the candidates matching as per the criteria are being offered to come down.
  • After the interview , the persons whosoever is matching with the skills given are hired and provided with certain induction sessions .
  • Followed by the appointment formalities of the agreement or the contract .

Task 3

3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two.

motivation - Assignment Help in UK

The organisation which is being chosen by me is Tesco; the multi super market is uses certain theories of motivating which if properly applied can help Tesco in performing certain activities. Motivational theories helps the employee in many ways, it tends to increase the efficiency of the company, it helps in boosting the morale, which encourages employee to work efficiently.

Maslow in his theory of motivation has depicted certain needs which are important:

  • Basic needs: At Tesco, the main and most important concentration is given on the basic needs of the employees. This mainly includes the need for clothes, the need for food, proper place to live etc.
  • Safety needs: after the survival needs are being fulfilled, then comes, the safety needs which is the need for proper environment, the protection from the government policies, and safety in the place one works. Tesco highly respects and looks after the proper safety issues of each employee. (Storey, 2014)
  • Social needs : every person needs an adequate need for maintaining their quality time with family and friends in this context , Tesco always schedules a well maintained plan for is employees so that it can readily balances both family and work life .
  • Esteem needs : Tesco always makes it a point that all employees should be given proper recognition in the organisation . this recognition in the form of respect , superiority , growth etc helps the employee to be more motivated towards its work.
  • Self actualisation : this is considered to be the final and last stage where the  employees have reached the stage of acquiring all the needs as mentioned . so it is very important that employees are given proper and adequate motivation .

Rewards: In every organisation , reward plays an very important factor in terms of motivation . reward is regarded as a token of approval for the work well done .in the big supermarket like TESCO , it concentrates on the factor that employees should be given proper rewards for their service delivered. The rewards may be in the form of:

  • Intrinsic reward
  • Extrinsic reward

3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

Evaluation of the job in any organisation is very much important, because it tends to identify , the importance and the specification of each employee as per their performance .Tesco , being a multi brand it tends to adhere to certain methods of job evaluation which is helped in improving the quality of work .

  • Analysing the job description: The first and the most important criteria is about describing the job and the specification:
  • Job description: at Tesco, it is one of the most important criteria. Tesco being a large super market, the manager makes sure that each of the employees are provided with the specification of the job.
  • Rating of job: at Tesco, the employees are being rated as per their performance and services given . This serves as a parameter. Under such circumstances, methods like ranking method , point ranking methods can be used.
  • Compensation : Money as we know is the most important motivating factor by far , so it is important that proper attention should be given to each of the employees which tends to increase the morale of each employees as well as helps in increasing their performance . (Storey, 2014)

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation

It is through efficient system of reward which helps the organisation as well as the employees in different ways .rewards is the driving factor which helps employees to work towards achieving each and every goal. At Tesco, there are different types of process which are being used in terms of rewards which helps the big supermarket to increase its work and motivate it.

  • Attraction of talent: in Tesco, the most important aspect is attracting the talent. It refers that employees are the most important asset, and it is important to motivate them by providing adequate rewards in the form of bonus, perks etc. This will help in the work and the goal of Tesco will be achieved.
  • Retention; every employee at Tesco, is very important and it is important to preserve each of the employees. At Tesco, it is important that all the employees are being rewarded either in intrinsic way or extrinsic manner.

Rewarding an employee in today’s world is the most important criteria which help the employees to motivate in various ways. At Tesco , special attention is being given  to all the employees be it employees , managers , or employees at any other levels. Rewards are important in an organisation because :

  • It helps employees to perform better.
  • It gives rewards in the form of intrinsic or extrinsic manner , which helps to boost the morale of each employees at Tesco

Task 4

4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment

Chicken Master - Assignment Help in UK

In this context of chicken master, where the owner Bob, terminated a 54 year old man named Faisal due to his irrelevant behaviour in the office hours and office premises. In this case study , faisal was being appointed by bob , with an view that his experience will help the fast food centre to improve the sale figures .

The reasons for such termination are:

  • Bob , the owner of the fast food centre in UK , hired faisal who is a 54 year old man with the expectation that faisal with its long experience will help the chicken master to outgrow its sales numbers
  • But instead, Faisal did not help in making the business flourishing but rather it made things worse.
  • Faisal , used office personal equipment to help her family , and moreover he kept the entire fast food centre in its worst condition , without paying attention  to its sanitation .  
  • Moreover , he was caught of watching illegal things like pornography on office grounds
  • After much investigation , he was fired.

The termination of any employee from employment is mainly due to :

  • Quitting at will
  • Firing
  • Discharge from a job
  • Laying off.

The reason employees leave an organisation due to:

  • Low amount of compensation: it is seen , that employees who are working in an organisation for long are always in the expectation of getting an high amount of pay for their service delivered , but in many organisations it is not so .
  • Low amount of growth opportunities : employees in an organisation always looks for their personal growth , where they can further excel in their career . in some organisation the opportunities are rather low . this results in separation from a organisation
  • High amount of control : in many organisation it is seen that , there exist high amount of control over the employee , it prevents the employees from giving their own free opinions , this results in separation from organisations.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organisation of your choice

employment contract - Assignment Help in UK

The organisation which is being chosen by me is the pizza hut and the chicken master. The procedure of the chicken master is as follows:

In this case, the chicken master which is being owned by bob, a small fast food centre, which hired Faisal a 54 year old man. He was hired which the view that Faisal with its experience and expertise will help the centre to flourish. Bob the owner, in order to be fully sure about the Faisal’s misconduct; he abided the law as regulated in UK laws. He followed some simple steps , firstly he surveyed the entire situation , right from the restaurant sanitation maintenance , he further surveyed on the personal computer if he had used the office machine for his own personal use . After finding the proof, he further gave some training to Faisal with the view that it will help him to work better. But after much effort Faisal didn’t improve and continued to show less interest . Under such conditions it forced bob to fire him. Pizza hut being a multi chain fast food centre, it uses simple steps for exit process . Firstly, after an employee has informed the management about its decision to leave the organisation, the manager tends to sit with the employee with an one to one session, where it tries to understand the main reason of leaving . After which the manager tries to convince the employee and tries to retain the employee and after much discussion if the employee gets motivated it changes its decision but if the employee still is not convinced it can leave serving 2 weeks of notice period . (Lengnick-Hall, Aguinis, 2012

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organisation such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true.

As per the United Kingdom, there are certain laws and regulations which is being set by them for maintaining the procedures of terminating any employee from any organisation. In this context, the chicken master owner, bob has maintained as per the regulatory framework under the UK rules. The owner of chicken master bob has rightfully fired Faisal, a 54 year old owner for using illegal misconduct at the office premises. The major complaints which was brought in view of bob was faisal being a senior person was being hired with the view that he would increase the sales numbers of the fast food centre . Rather, he used the office personal computer to help his daughter in his homework and his wife as well, regardless of the workplace. He didn’t abide by the rule of keeping the place clean but rather kept it more unhygienic. As per UK policy , any person keeping a restaurant unhygienic calls for serious punishment in the court of law. And most importantly he was caught watching illegal things online during office hours which is totally illegal . So , taking these situations under considerations , the decision of terminating bob was under the made after maintaining the rules and regulations .(Jackson ,Schuler, Jiang, 2014)

If these allegations made by faisal is found to be true in the court of law , then bob the owner of the chicken master will have to face some severe consequences. If the UK law considers such appeal made by faisal taking in view his age , then chances are it can be quite costly for bob to bear. Bob , will have to pay a heavy amount of compensation to faisal ,  moreover chances are his license can also be withdrawn. Moreover, he can also have to keep faisal back into the job in the same position which high salary .

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In this Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment I have learnt about the important of human resource management and personal development, taking in account the various aspect and the organisations. Thereby i have also learnt the important of line manager, how they help an organisation to perform in an efficient manner. I have also learnt the importance of motivational theory and their application in the modern organisation. It was interesting to  learn about the different legal implications of cessation of employment which can impact affect the organisations if the proper legal procedures are not followed properly .


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this Unit 21 Human Resources Management Assignment I have discussed about the importance of human resource management and personal management in different organisations, We are posting Locus units solutions so scholars can explore the our Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.