Unit 21 Difference between Personnel Management and HRM Assignment

Unit 21 Difference between Personnel Management and HRM Assignment

Unit 21 Difference between Personnel Management and HRM Assignment


The present assignment deals with the difference between the human resource management and the personnel management. In the first task, the difference between the two has been listed along with the role of the line managers. The second task deals with the process of recruiting the employees and list the various steps involved in it. The third task deals with the reward process which is used to motivate the employees. The fourth task tells us the mechanism of the cessation of the term of the employees.

Unit 21 Difference between Personnel Management and HRM Assignment
Task 1 

Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management
The present task gives us the understanding to the difference between the personnel management and human resource management. The company which we have chosen for the present task is Walmart. Walmart uses human resource management as the process of managing the human resource.

1.1 Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management 

Personnel management is termed as a non-dependent function of any organization while the human resource management is thought to be the integral part of the working of any organization. Human resource management has a very broad and large approach as it involves the personnel as well as overall management which involves handling the team for training the workers so the benefit and welfare of the entire organization. Training program also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees.

Personnel management has the main objective of training the employees and motivating them by using the external factors such as appraisal and rewards. This process increases the employee satisfaction which in turn increases the performance of the employees. Human resource management motivates the employees to increase their effectiveness in the workplace and enhance the performance of the employees. Human resource management includes the implementation of different strategies for improving the customer satisfaction which will enhance the efficiency of the employees.

Personnel management involves the reaction of the employees based on the method of management of the organization. It gives the feedbacks regarding the performance of the employees and suggests the improvements whenever required. Human resource management is the modern and the innovative approach of managing the workforce within the organization. Human resource management involves making the strategies which would help in improving the practices within the organization.  (Alturkistani, 2015)

1.2 Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to organizational process

The primary function of the human resource management is to recruit, choose and train the employees within the workplace. Human resource management involves choosing the correct people, giving them the appropriate training and developing them. It helps the employees in enhancing the potential of the employees and making the system which leads the way to the success of the employees by motivating and increasing their morale.

 So our chosen company Walmart needs human resource management to manage the various human resources in different departments of the company. To keep everything updated the managers at the human resource gives different forms of training to the employees train them in latest techniques and take care of the health and safety of the employees. The managers have understood the fact the motivated employees are the key elements for the success and the growth of the employees at Walmart. The managers at the human resource department provide the employees with the continuous training for the development of the employees and providing them with the appropriate appraisal and rewards.

Appraisal and rewards are very integral part of motivating the employees and hence the human resource management. It helps Walmart to train the employees in the desired way to get the desired success. Human resource management trains the employees and motivates them and responsible for the success of the company. (Tarmac, 2016)

1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in human resource management

The major role and responsibility of the line managers is recruitment and management of the employees. The big companies like Walmart have a Human Resource department which manages all the employees. The line managers have the responsibilities of carrying out the daily human resource work.

  • Engagement of the employee: The main approach of the line managers is supervising the employees and assisting them in their work. It is the duty of the line manager to create the healthy environment at the workplace. It is the duty of the line managers to motivate the employees and help build their personnel skills. It also encourage the employee to strengthen their communication skills. Line managers also minimize the negative effect of the performance of the employees. It is the duty of the employees to engage them in all the practices of the organization. HR managers help in boosting the morale of the employees.
  • Appraisals and rewards: It is also among the important duties of the line managers to arrange for appraisal and reward process of the employees. The performance of the employees is accessed and rated according their performance. Line managers provide the employees with the feedback in regard with the performance of the employees. Line managers make a report of the feedback and present it to the employees in a very understandable manner. It is the creditability of the line managers to enhance the appraisal process.
  • Discipline of the employees: It is the duty of the line managers to discipline the employee and create a healthy environment within the workplace. The employees are made answerable for their behavior by the line managers.
  • Pay in accordance with the performance: In Wal-Mart the company has performance related pay structure which is determined by the line manager for each employee. The line managers develop a fair performance rating as set by the criteria of the company. (MacDonald, 2016)

1.4 Analyze the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on human resource management

Legal and the regulatory framework of the human resource management protect the employees from any kind of discrimination at the workplace. They get the standard salary for 40 hours a week work, adequate money for overtime and defined minimum wage of the worker. It also deals with the protection of pension rights of the employees. Walmart has excellent beneficial schemes for the employees for their long term benefit. Walmart also ensures equal pay for both and women. The different labor unions can be formed which ensures the rights to the employees. Hygienic and healthy environment must be provided to the employees at the workplace. There should be no unwanted sexual harassments or inappropriate conduct at the workplace. The employee must maintain a strict code of conduct. (Christian, 2016)

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Task 2

Understand how to recruit employees

2.1 Analyze the reasons for human resource planning in organization

The main objective of the planning of the human resources is ensuring that the company has a continuous line of candidates ready to give interview for the vacant places. This is important to increase the productivity of the company. A long break between the exits of one employee and joining of the other is the productivity of the company. Forecasting comes in play in deciding the time gap between the recruitment of the employees. Hiring of the employees should be a fast process to let the new employees start their work as soon as possible. The company like Walmart also hires some employee in extra. Walmart is currently facing a high employee turnover as it cannot find the skilled employees. As an HR manager, it my prime duty to find deserving candidates for the company. In the present scenario when the company needs a large number of employees and the market is quiet rigid for the employees having the skills, and then it is the duty of the HR manager to make these employees stay in the company. 
The condition becomes difficult when the competitors start hiring the skilled employees. Already the company is facing the employee turnover and now there are employees joining the rivals. At this stage the company needs to increase the salary and the compensation provided to the employees. This will make the old employees stay in the company and attract the new employees to join the Walmart. (Mayhew, 2016)

2.2 Outline the stages involved in planning human resource requirements

Human resource is the department in which the company predicts the future of the company and the business environment. It access the employees which ae required to perform the task in the company. The steps involved in the identification of the goals of the company and the steps involved in human resources requirements are as follows:

  • Step 1: Make a complete plan and the model for the strategic planning of the human resource requirements. Accessing the environmental factor involves analysis of the external as well as the internal factor. After the deep analysis of the internal and external factors has been done it gets easier to find the internal and external weakness and strength. It includes the assessment of the inventories of the company and job profile of the employees.
  • Step 2: This steps involves the process of forecasting the requirement and the recruitment of the human resource in the company. As the company presently is facing the employee turnover this step is of ultimate importance. It also predicts the needs of the employee in future. The needs are predicted both quantitatively and quantitatively. (Nayab, 2010)

2.3 Compare the recruitment and selection process in two organization 

The organizations consider by us for the current task is Walmart and Tesco.

  • WALMART: in UK Walmart is the market leader. Walmart uses advertising, locally present agencies and the recommendations from the other employees to hire the people. Walmart chooses its employees through the telephonic interviews and then through a personal interview where the question asked are:
    • What are the life’s goal of the candidate
    • What motivated them to apply for this post in the company
    • If they could be anything in life then what it would be
    • Details of their last four working organizations

After the interview the candidates are required to give a psychometric assessment and the aptitude test. In Walmart it is the line manager who conducts the above interview and is responsible for the hiring of the employees.

  • TESCO:the core process of selection is similar to that of Walmart. Instead of the telephonic interview here the candidates are required to give a video interview. At Tesco a lot of attention is paid to the treatment of the employees. All the candidates are treated equally. Here the employees are chosen with different personality and skills. Here the employees are hired depending upon their skills and experience. (Rajeev, 2008)

2.4 Evaluate the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection techniques in two organizations

Human resource planning is the crucial part of any organization if they want to grow in future and meet the demands of their employees. It is the process of training the already existing employees and to attract the new staff members to fill the vacant positions in the company.

So if the Walmart adopts the training technique they can overcome the employee turnover and get talented and skilled employees. It helps in increasing the skills of the employees and performance of the organization. 

Tesco does not focus on the criteria of the skilled employees. They hire people right from school with good skills and behavior. They provide a healthy environment within the workplace and give adequate training to the employees. (Habib, 2013)

Task 4 

Know the mechanisms for the cessation of employment
In the present task we will be considering a restaurant The Chicken Master owned by Bob Jones.

4.1 Identify the reasons for cessation of employment with an organization

The reasons for the cessation of Faisal in The Chicken Master are as follows:

  • Resigning from the post: The employee has the freedom to resign from the post or terminate the job whenever required. They have the flexibility to end their work whenever required. If the employees are not satisfied with their job they can leave their job whenever required. If the employee resigns the company has to find the reason of their resign. The employees should give their resignation letter well in advance.
  • Lack of work: If there is the lack of words in the company then the company may fall into the financial trouble and some posts in the company may be needed to lay off. This process has legal regulations attached to it. Faisal did not clean the kitchen and the food was not prepped.
  • Merger: This is another cause that may affect the employees. Even if the company does not wish to do so then also it has to take the severe steps in this regard and terminate the job of some employees. 
  • Inappropriate behavior: Bob discovered that Faisal’s behavior was not up to the mark. Bob used to watch pornography in most time of the day and used to email his wife and help his daughter with the homework. All this was not allowed in the chicken Master.
  • Bad performance of the employee: If the employees do not work up to the standards set by the company then they are fired by the company. Before termination of the job the employees are given the time to rectify and improve in the area they are lacking. If they fail to do so then the company removes them. In the present case Bob has to fire Faisal as he did not come up to the expectation of bob. (Brookins, 2016)

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by two organization

In this task we consider the employee exit procedure of the two food companies which are the chicken Master and the Burger King. In big companies some people begin their career and some people terminate them every day. This influx and the exit of the people increase the job insecurities of the people in the companies. There have been numerous cases of the fired employees who feel they have been treated badly. Same is the case with Faisal he feels he has been the victim of discrimination and has been replaced by the 40 year old female. There have been many cases of the illegal entry into the company. Faisal reports the entry of the female employee as illegal. The damage caused by such practices can affect the employee and the company both.

If the employee is leaving at The Chicken Master or The Burger King he must undergo the following steps:

  • Collecting the ID card and the credit card of the company
  • All the equipment provided by the company has to be collected
  • The ID card of the employee must be disabled on the network of the company
  • Mails of the employees have to be deactivated
  • The employee is required to submit the resignation letter in written 
  • The employee is required to give an interview for exit
  • There should be acceptance of the resignation of the employees
  • He should take all his belongings with him
  • He should submit all his due reports
  • He should delete the software of the company from his personnel computer (Catherine, 2015)

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements

After receiving the layoff notice from the company the employee must access his job design and his job profile. He should identify his weak areas and try to improve in them to provide the best result to the company. All there parameters include performance and productivity of the employee, leaves, his qualification and the job profile.

The duration of the work in the company play an important role in the decision making process in the company. Skill of the employee also plays a crucial role in it. Long years of service to the organization do not secure the job to the employee. The employee has to work with commitment and dedication to stay in the company. A good employee is an asset to the company as it gives his best performance and contributes towards the success of the company. The old employee has a higher opportunity in securing the job as the new employee needs the training in that specific area.

The other aspect is that the old employee has a very long experience and they can handle the work based upon their experience. The new employees lack experience hence they are added burden on the family. The new employees need to be treated with great care. The employees who are retiring are big loss to the company as they have a lot of experience. (Huselid, 1995)

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The present assignment gives us the brief about the knowledge and understanding of the theories and practices of the human resource management which lays the focus on the current practices of the human resource management in different companies. Its impact on the tropical issues and legislation has also been discussed. The assignment makes us familiar with the current practices of Human resource management and its advantages. The cessation of the employees has many steps which have been discussed above.


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