Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy - Assignment Help in UK


Human resource management is an integral part of the management of employees in defined manner of organisation. In many big companies and firms a consistent problems of human resources and its management is seen with its long term sustainability. This Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy helps us get a wide perspective on the aspect of human resource management. Human resources management with its wide importance and several benefits has become a different functional area of organisation. It can be described in a simple worlds that it is management of man power in organisation which leads following benefits such as:- cost differentiation with other same group mapping organisation, quality of employees, reduction in employee turnover, increase in employee benefit, development of working process, increment of innovation and creation in all value chain of the company. Nevertheless importance’s human resources management is consistently increasing with the going up graph of complexity of organisation. Human resource management part is integrally engaged in hiring, training and providing employment benefits to the employees. It is seen that in order to phase with this drastic changing environment promoters, top management, and policy maker has to make consistent adaption in their  human resource management  team and their working process. Organisation is complex set of activities performing with a view to accomplish set goals and objective and human resources management is the super watch on those persons who are engaged in performing such activities.

Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy - Assignment Help in UK


1.1. Differentiate between personnel management and human resource management giving examples in two suitable organisations?

Personnel management and human resources management is interchangeably term but they both have different elaborated meaning. Personnel management is the traditional approach of management of employees but in today’s era with the increasing complexity organisation human resources has proved to be a well-equipped strategic term which helps in put a curb on employee turnover. Mostly in many organisation human resource management is widely accepted tool in management of employees. Whereas personnel management is found to be less effective with this rapidly changing environment. Therefor with the help of given below discussion we could easily define both term in an elaborated and explicated manner. I being an employee of Hilton group has observed that organisation has managed its employee’s turnover ratio in a very effective manner

  • Personnel management of Hilton group is mostly related with its routine nature problems in employees such as troubleshooting employee’s grievances and their queries. Whereas human resources department is concerned with problems which are non-repetitive in nature. This problems came up among the employees due to strategical changes in organisation planning and policies.
  • Personnel management of Hilton group is supervised and mostly imperative decisions are taken by top level management. Whereas HRM being a separate functional area of Hilton takes its own decision as per the required circumstances unless otherwise provided.
  • The most important fact of personnel management is that it takes into account the following points e.g. employee’s satisfaction, their benefit and their comfort level whereas HRM of Hilton group is engaged in substantially in administrative functions which are important in accomplishment of goals and mission.
  • Personnel management of Hilton Group focus on employee’s welfare and they acting like they are trusty to the employee in organisation. Whereas HRM department is more concerned about overall benefit of company affiliated with motivation, development and satisfaction of employees.
  • Personnel management is more concerned about personnel team leader. Whereas in HRM of Hilton group main focus in done on all the leaders of each department.
  • Mostly it is found that personnel management is restricted with its traditional approach. Whereas HRM has proved to be much of help in this rapidly analytical market with its increasing effective use and new analytical concept.

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1.2 Assess how human resource management functions help your chosen organisation in achieving its purpose?

Human resources management of  Hilton hotel  has proved to be much of help in its activities and accomplishment of set goals and target. With the change in its policies and procedure of working style in business organisation there is seen the demand of proper management in Employees. HRM department plays it role not only in their performing sections but only motivate them, fill the career building enthusiasm for the job and helps in providing job satisfaction. These are the following points which provide add on benefit to Hilton in its accomplishment of goals.

  • Reduction In employee turnover:- HRM department is proved to be much of help in retaining quality of employees as it is seen with the glance of increasing organisation in market how experienced  employees gives core advantage to company and its functioning. HRM department of Hilton group helps in hiring, recruiting, selection of employees.
  • Provide cost leadership in market: - cost of employee turnover used to be very in high and this impact could be seen with the increasing cost of production. HRM department helps organisation to curb Employees turnover and depicts the actual benefit to employees if they stick with the company for a long term.
  • Increase in service quality: - HRM department helps employees in motivation, career building, personality development and enthusiasm for work. This all efforts of HRM department of Hilton has Proved to increase the Effectiveness of working performance of employees.
  • Strong branding and easy availability of man power: - HRM department of Hilton group has shown its capabilities in retaining quality of employees. This has added value not only in employee’s career but also in branding of organisation. This is the true fact that employee’s positive feedback and their behaviour with the organisation is the key pillar in the incorporation of brand image in economic market.

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1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in your organisation or familiar organisation and how it supports human resource management functions?

In today’s world many organisations have various subsidiaries and business channel at many places and it is not easy to have HRM department at every place of business. Line manager is the outcome of overcoming the drawback of this situation. Line manager is the person who helps in hiring, selection, recruitment of employees for stipulated branch offices or department (Heiskanen, & Jokinen, 2015). The role and responsibilities of line managers in Hilton group as follows.

Provide a support in maintaining good nexus between employees and organisation: - line manager is the mid person who support employees to perform stipulated task in specified manner. He is also responsible in hiring good employees and plays a vital role in keeping watch on their activities.

Helps in lining help of all the feedback related with performance of employees: - It is the true fact that organisation and its HRM department is engaged in various activities. It is the line manager who have proper checklist of all the works of employees and their outcome to the organisation.

Helps in deciding payroll of employees: - Line manager is the person who hires and recruit person in specified department. It is his official duty in deciding the pay scale of each and every employees as per their calibre and their education.

Teaching Decorum and office rules and regulation: - Line manger being the sole higher authority in branch department is truly responsible in imparting the way of organisation works and its rules and policies how work is performed. Employees needs to adhere by the rules and decorum of organisation.

Link between employees and top management: - Line manager is responsible in handing its line department in easy and smooth manner. Top management being in very tight schedule have least time connect with employees. Line manager is the nexus in circulating information between both channels.

Link manager is also the person who is found to be of utmost authority of particular branch, it is his responsibility to check whether its team is working effectively or not.

1.4 Analyse how legal and regulatory framework impact on human resource management?

It needs to follow proper rules and regulation set by government. Legality and adherence to the law are the main intent of its effectiveness. Compliance in Corporate governance, ethical value accountability toward government and social persons are supposed to be main ingredient of origination long term sustainability in economical market.

There are following rules and regulation which should be complied by organisation by time to time.

  • Sex Discrimination Act 1995:- Various acts and regulation are the circulated by government in order to curb the sex discrimination problems in organisation. Sex discrimination act provide specifically that no one should be discriminated in organisation on the basis of gender, cast, race. Failure to comply with such rules may result in winding up of the organisation
  • Minimum wages act 1998:- In U.K. there is standard wages rate given which should be given to individual at least for the work performed by him. In accountable term this amount is $4.5. This act helps in maintaining a standard line of living by each and every individul.
  • Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005:- Hilton group in U.K. is completely adhere with this rules. Company has stabilised separate lifts and toilet section for disable employees. In order to provide job satisfaction management has also come up with a unique plan WORK FROM HOME. This helps disable employees to perform their task from home.
  • Equal pay act 1970:- This act provides that there should be no discrimination in the pay scale of employees who are of same calibre and perform same task. Various rules and regulation are issued by government in order to bring equality in the pay scale of employees.

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2.1 Analysing the reasons for human resource planning?

Human resources planning is concerned with the long term planning of employees in organisation. Management of organisation should understand the need of employees and their sustainability in organisation with the expected change in policies. With the present situation in organisation where there is no good policies are there nor even company is maintaining good amount of employees. Furthermore it also find that finance manager is being appointed in HR team who is not having adequate experience in hiring and selecting employees. Facts given in scenario easily depicts that company needs critical human resources planning. There are following reason which could be found in organisation which induce good level of  human resources planning  (Adams, C. 2014).

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  • Presently organisation is facing lot of problems in hiring good employees and their sustainable services in organisation which leads in improper functioning of all the operation part of the organisation.
  • Due to increasing employee turnover of the organisation it has resulted into high cost of production.
  • Inefficient employees and their less effective work has resulted into damage of organisation’s goodwill.
  • Organisation is facing a drastic problem in its hiring department as there are people engaged who are less efficient in such kind of hiring work.
  • The interview question frames and the standard questions are not adequate to decide and select employees for the work.
  • Human resource planning will also provide aid to organisation in other planning of external factors.
  • Human resources planning gives a clear image about how to hire what appraisal should be done and how the best result could be derived out of such acts (Tokay, O. 2015).

2.2 Outlining the stages involved in planning human resource requirements?

Human resources planning is very critical and important task in management organisation, there need to be proper functioning of each and every steps there are following stages involved in human resources planning of organisation.

Recruitment and selection procedure: - This is the first step in the implementation of human resources planning of organisation. In which organisation needs to establish a standard set of format which will analysis understand the calibre of employees, recruitment procedure covers taking interview and mining their ideas and mentality level. Whereas selection is the end result of hiring employees out of the following person who have given interview (Parfitt, J. 2014)

Job description is the next step in which HRM will helps selected employees to perform specified tasks and shoulder the assigned work as per their calibre.In this step human resources planning will analysis the job performed by each employees and will note down this data in order to decide the incentives, bonus, dip and furthermore (Smit, C. 2012).

2.3 Compare the current recruitment and selection process in the organisation with another organisation you recommending?


Current recruitment and selection process in the organisation.

In Hilton.

Present staff members

Current staffs and employees are not qualified to take proper job.

In Hilton group all the employees and staff members are skilled and qualified.

Selection procedure

Member’s selection and person who are hiring currently are not well set with the accurate mind set.

In this organisation all the person are highly integrated with their job the employees needs to go through different set of selection procedure.

Assessment criteria

In present organisation has no set format nor even it has standard of questions which can assess employees to the best of their level.

Different questionnaire and interview panels are set and employees need to go through various channel in order to get specified job in organisation.

2.4 Evaluating how effectiveness is the organisation recruitment and selection techniques with another organisation you recommending?

Organization needs to develop its competitive advantage.In order to give high competition to the group level business entities who are falling in same group mapping organisation has to hire right amount of employees who could make positive changes in functional, planning operation area of company. Effectiveness inn selection and recruiting procedure is the only way through company can gather good man power assets.

  • Recruitment: - This step comprised of evaluating job description and its analytical demand with the specified services. Currently organisation need to make changes in its HR department as Finance manager being a person who have no knowledge regard with HRM policies and format is taking interviews. In order to hire a good amount of man Power Company needs to focus on its recruitment procedure.
  • Selection: - This process helps organisation to identify dedicated, enthusiastic and workaholic people who can create value to organisation. Selection procedure identify and evaluate the potential strength of employees. In order to increase the effectiveness organisation needs to make changes in its subjective questions and procedure of taking interviews e.g.  Where do you find yourself after certain year? What are the strength you have which could add the value to organisation? What will you do in certain situation? How far could you run along with organisation? (Gilbert, K. 2012).


3.1 Assess the link between motivational theory and reward at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation. Your answer must show if you think there is a link, what connects the two?

Different motivation theories are concerned with the employee’s satisfaction and their working performance. Maslow, Richard, Herzberg, Mc Cleland Mc Gregory’s theories are the utmost outcome which describe the importance of employees motivational programme. In many organisation top management is focusing on employee’s development programme that has practical substance of these all the theories. It is understood that employees being human needs proper attention and reward for their job otherwise they will eventually get dissatisfied. Sustainability of employees in organisation is highly dependent on the rewards or organisation’s motivational programme. Different organisation such as- NOKIA, Tata steel and furthermore has faced tough difficulties due to non-corporation of employees in working area. Motivation and reward has close link with each other. Employees expect in general that they will get something out of their performance. In order to satisfy versatile demand of employees reward is the best way which can fulfil needs. Motivational theories of all the economist depicts that motivation is the factors that is fetched with the help of benefit sharing with employees. Monetary term reward is understood to the best medium which can help organisation to motivate employees for the time being in force (Östlund. etc., al., 2015).

In virgin media there is different rewards and appreciation points are given to employees for their quality of working style. Bonus, dip, incentives, points and furthermore are the way through which reward is given in order to keep motivate employees. Top management o Virgin media has understood that reward is the key pillar in the motivation of employees in this money oriented world (Sanders, & Yang, 2016; 2015).

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3.2 Evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation?

Process of job evaluation is critical task at Virgin media as most of the employees get fixed salary for their wok but in order to reward employees and establishment of nexus between employees and organisation success proper job evaluation plays an important part.

  • Process of job evaluation: This process is concerned with the various programmes. In order to evaluate the job performed by different employees in organisation proper committee needs to be set up. This committee will be completely responsible in analysis the job and its outcome in accomplishment of goals and objectives. Thereafter committee will elect the best suitable method which decide the pay role of employees. Classifications and bifurcation of employees and per their skills is the substantial part of job evaluation (Lang, & Bradley, 2010).
  • Performance related pay: - This factor helps HRM department to see the check of working performance of employees.HRM department or line manager of virgin media design employees pay roll as per their working performance in value chain activities.
  • Profit sharing: - Virgin media in order to establish the nexus between company’s growth and employee’s welfare has started a plan of profit sharing with their stake holders. Top management of virgin media has realised that employees are the assets to the organisation and their motivation and other needs are their prior schedule points. Other benefits that are provided in Virgin media are bonus, employee stock option scheme, office vehicle etc.

3.3 Assess in different contexts (for e.g. attracting talent, retention, and motivation) how effective is the reward systems at Virgin Media or your chosen organisation?

Reward is the key pillar in motivation of employees in different ways and virgin media has used this technique in order to attract qualified employees and reduce the employee turnover.

  • Attraction of talented employees: -  Virgin media  with its incentive techniques and motivational programme has attracted pool of talented employees in organisation. Where other organisation like Eternal and care ltd, plasma ltd are suffering from high cost of production due to employee turnover.
  • Retention of employees: - Virgin media has high quality of substantial employees who perform their work with high integrity and added value to the core competency of organisation. Where as many organisation is facing man power problems in today’s world.
  • Motivation: - Reward system is taken into consideration as a key pillar of motivation programme. Virgin media has used reward technique in order to attract and motivate employees so that they could give their best in their working performance.

3.4 Examine the methods Virgin Media or your chosen organisation use to monitor employee performance?

Virgin media is employee’s oriented company and in order to phase with this tough competition organisation has adopted various methods in order to monitor employee’s performance. (Gilbert, K. 2012). Analysis the working performance of employees by different line manager is the most appropriate method Virgin media assign this task to each line manager of particular department. Clear watch on the value added services provided by employees and their consistent check list are also the best way of evaluating job performance. Now a day’s virgin media has adopted the ranking method which helps to bifurcate in the employees working performance. Cross check is also one of the best way that virgin media has developed among employees in which each employees will be responsible for other employees works and their performance. Self-monitoring tool and self-ranking system is the best policy of virgin media that has helped company to evaluate (Gama, etc. al., 2012).

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4.1 Identify the reasons for termination of Faisal’s employment contract with The Chicken Master and generally explain other reasons for cessation of employment?

Human resources management is concerned with humans and its effective management and in this scenario it is shown that Faisal is not performing task as per the required conditions set in employment contract.

  • Faisal was on a long Strike-out without any information and he is also responsible in neglecting his work on consistent basis.
  • He was completely responsible for the poor performance, bad working environment and working against company’s rules and regulation.
  • Restaurant was not properly operated, employees were not being guided according to terms and conditions. Most importantly Faisal is using office appliance and equipment for his own personal use.
  • Watching pornography at workplace although clear instruction in receipt book of employee has been given already.
  • Misuse of his authority, failure to follow code of ethics, and professional conduct, code of conduct, and professionalism and other rules and regulation of the organisation.

4.2 Describe the employment exit procedures used by The Chicken Master and another organization of your choice?

Exit procedure used by The Chicken Master could be various options as Faisal has being negligent with his duty. In order to through hum out the chicken master has used dismissal route under which he was forced to leave the organisation in a timely manner. There are various dismissal route is available but the bob has used Constructive dismal procedure in order to terminate Faisal job. It is the process through which an employee can terminate the job of employee on the basis of his misconduct and negligent behaviour in office premises. In this case it is easily seen with the facts given in scenario that Faisal is using his authority in wrong manner and his act could be detrimental for the organisation and its working procedure. Therefor in this chicken master has asked Faisal to resign cooperatively otherwise he has to use forced dismissal technique in order to fire him. Forced Resignation is the process through which Faisal could give his resignation in writing usually this concept is adopted in order to save the image of company and employee who is being fired from the company (Lepak, & Meijerink, 2016; 2015).

4.3 Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with an organization such as The Chicken Master if Faisal’s claim was proven to be true?

In the present scenario Faisal in being fired for his irresponsible behaviour in organisation. The chicken master has given notice to Faisal for his resignation program from the organisation. In order to reciprocate with the actions of employer he has made false claims such as that he has been discriminated by the chicken master on the basis of age and sex.

Equal pay act 1970:- Employment legislation act and other act has been passed by government in order to provide safeguard to employees so that they could not be harassed at their office premises. Equal pay act 1970 has provided safeguard to employees against race, cast sex, equal pay and further more. In which there is provisions that no employee should be discriminated at any point of factors. The chicken master could be in danger due to the facts raised by Faisal in his employment contract termination.  Employer in this case has to consult with legal practitioner in order to save him from the outcome of case. Furthermore the chicken master could be forced by court or quasi-judicial body to wind up the restaurant business. More outcomes like payment of compensation to Faisal, imposition of unethical business working procedure leads in impairment of goodwill and so on. (Steele, I. 2010).

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With the help of Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy and other data which I have collected from other sources has made me to understand the wide core knowledge of this HRM topic. I conclude up this Human resources management by explaining the cost reduction in product development and production, employees’ growth and welfare and so on. Human resource management is an essential part of the organisation which helps in reduction of employee turnover and cost benefit and development of core competency for the sustainability of organisation. Increasing benefit of HRM in this fast developing economy can easily be understood with its proper implication and strategic  marketing planning  with the other factors. Organization in order to phase with other competitors has to make good amount of team engaged in their HRM department. HRM department is sub divided in many parts like Line manger supervisor, personnel department, and assistant manager of HRM.


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This Unit 18 Human Resources Management Assignment Copy helps us get a wide perspective on the aspect of human resource management, We are posting Locus units solutions so scholars can explore the our Assignment Help in UK and get review the quality of our work.