Unit 18 HRM in Service Industry Assignment - Hilton Hotel

Unit 18 HRM in Service Industry Assignment Hilton Hotel

Unit 18 HRM in Service Industry Assignment - Hilton Hotel


In this unit 18 HRM in service industry assignment Hilton Hotel we will talk about the major roles and responsibilities of the human resource management that include recruitment and hiring the employees, deciding the compensation structure of the employees according to their designation, deciding the incentives and other benefits of  workforce in the hotel industry and also framing the work of the employees. After that how the supply and demand of the employees is to be forecast in the organization will be analyzed, then how to take step to fulfill the gap of demand and supply of the labors are predicted in the organization. Then employer employee relationship is needs to be discussed in the report with context of hotel industry, which is based on the mutual reliance and other factors. Then we will discuss the legal framework and laws which are related to human resource management. In this context we will talk about the different laws that have vast impact on the decision making regarding the organization. Then job description with the job specification we will talk about with the suitable example in hotel industry. After that we will discuss the recruitment process in the Hilton hotel and will compare it with another industry and it helps in maintain the competency need to be discussed. At last we will talk about that how training and development programs help in effective and efficient working of the organization with context to employees, management and organization etc.

Unit 18 HRM in Service Industry Assignment Hilton Hotel

Task 1

P 1.1) Analyse the role and purpose of human resource management in a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford.

Human resource management is the management of human at the organisation. The major roles and responsibility in the human resource managements hiring the employees, and then development or growth is concerned to make employees more valuable. The human resource managers have certain responsibilities which are recruiting right people, providing compensation as well as benefits to them and last but not the least outline and delineate the work in the organisation(Mahmood, 2015).

  • Recruitment: In Hilton hotel the first role of the Human resource management is recruitment of workforce so that services can be provided to the service seekers. Top managers in the Hilton hotel are responsible for the recruitment process. In recruitment process first step is planning of job specification for the vacant posts in the Hilton hotel. In that recruitment process the major role of the managers is to decide the skills, qualifications, and grade as well as pay structure etc. In Hilton hotel the recruitment can be done from external and internal environment. External recruitment is done through advertisement, college campus visit, calling the callers as well as direct recruitments. Here we have certain benefits for the Hilton hotel of external recruitment like- employees of Hilton hotel will be able to have a large pool of candidates, employees will be able to get the fresh candidates with innovative thinking and ideas as well and employees will also be able to find out the most suitable and qualified employees for the organisation. Whereas, the internal recruitment can be done through the transfer of employees from one department to another, employee referrals and promotions etc. Internal recruitment in the Hilton hotel can be formal and informal. We have certain advantage in Hilton hotel by internal recruitment like it is the easiest method for the hotel in recruitment and consume less time(GICA, 2012).
  • Employee remuneration: In Hilton hotel employee remuneration is decided by the human resource management. Policies regarding the remuneration are formulated by the HRM department only. For employee remuneration the HRM department has to consider the external as well as internal factors.External factors like labour rates, laws related to labours and economy. Whereas the internal factors includes the performance appraisal of employees in the Hilton hotel, job evaluation and job specification. Certain methods have adopted in Hilton hotel like time rate method i.e. the employees will be paid the amount on the basis of time, which they have devoted to the hotel. For e.g. in guards and cleaners will get the amount on the hourly or daily wage basis(Stachová, et. al., 2015).
  • Incentives and other benefits: Human resource management in the Hilton hotel is also play a crucial role in designing the incentives and other benefits plans for the employees. These plans are formulated by keeping in mind the needs and necessity of the workforce of the Hilton hotel. Incentives and benefits include the personal and social incentives. Personal incentives are provided to the employees for the motivation through their hobbies, pride and other roles and responsibilities. Social incentives in the Hilton hotel are provided by the organisation to understand the purpose and goals of the organisation(Kock, et. al., 2012).
  • Outline or framing the work: In Hilton hotel drafting the work is mainly done by the HRM. That mainly focuses on the quality work services to maintain the competition with other hotels to maintain the climate and positive working environment is the crucial role of the HRM in Hilton hotel(Mukherjee, 2012).

These above discussed roles and responsibilities are performed by the human resource management in the Hilton hotel so that efficiency can be maintained in the organisation.

P 1.2) Justify a human resources plan based on an analysis of supply and demand for a selected service industry with reference to Hilton Hotel Stratford.

In human resource planning, which provides direction to the organisation is the second step that includes, analysis of the demand and supply of the human resource that forecast the future skills of HR. Human resource planning includes the right kind of employee at the right time with right skills. Projection of the demand of employees is the calculation of employees that Hilton hotel will require in future. Demand forecasting is prediction of future employees that can be in term of quality and quantity(Mahmood, 2015).Supply is the availability of employees in the future in Hilton hotel. In Hilton hotel by analysing the current scenario of employees; upcoming needs can be analysed. It is necessary to conduct time to time. After that the management takes decisions that gap should be fulfilled through external or internal sources. In Hilton hotel, recruitment is done by externals sources i.e. conducting interviews in colleges, placing advertisements in magazines and newspapers and employees referrals the pool is generated of candidates. On the other hand Hilton hotel also fill the gap of demand and supply of the employees through internal sources. That includes promotions in the departments, transfers and internal advertisements. Internal sources must be supervised by the top level management so that can prevent the any kind of discrimination in the organisation. As it is given that hotel needs more employees because it is providing more services to its service seekers like, barber shop, gift shops, spa and fitness centres and so on. After that the management of the Hilton hotel analyse the matching of demand and supply of the employees(Mahmood, 2015). At the time of short supply of employees the hotel needs to put more effort to fulfil the gap so that efficiency as well as affectivity can be managed in the hotel. On the contrary when the demand of employees is less and supply of employees is abandoned the management of the hotel has to manage the workforce accordingly. At the last the Hilton hotel management has to implement the action plan regarding the demand and supply. Demand and supply is also based on the seasons. In a particular season like in winters or summers the hotel needs more employees to provide services to its guests.In a particular season the hotel management needs to manage the demand and supply of the workforce so that goodwill and customer loyalty can be managed(GICA, 2012).

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Task 3

3.1 Discuss a job description and person specification for a hotel industry job.

Job description- Job description is the common statement of a particular job that is based on the analysis of job. Job description mainly includes the roles, responsibilities related to job, scope, conditions and designation as well. Job description is the fundamental tool of the human resource management. Job description is the helpful in enlargement of organisation and to increase one’s effectiveness and efficiency.In other words Job description is the interpretation of roles and responsibilities regarding the particular job, their respective significance in the duties and understanding of how they contribute to achieve the organizational goals effectively and efficiently.In hotel industry also job description plays a very important role that it ensures that all the tasks and practices are performed by the employees in the hotel; are associated with the organizational objectives and mission. Other than this job description in the hotel industry is also helpful in framing the roles and duties of the employees to attain the ultimate goal of the organisation(Reid, 2014).

In Hilton hotel the job description for general manager and job specification is described below-

  • General Manager at the hotel industry is responsible for all the operations from top level to lower level. Hotel general managers must have certain interpersonal skills with these he/she makes his/her employees as wellas guests happy. The roles and responsibilities of the general manager are in Hilton hotel is that he/ she perform the role of “standard bearer” i.e. manager ensures the criteria of all the jobs, then responsible for communication and managing the whole staff in the hotel(Manson, 2011).
  • General Manager in the Hilton hotel is responsible for the creating the affirmative environment at the hotel and also liable for guest satisfaction.
  • General manager at the Hilton hotel generate the financial plans which can be short term and long term which are associated with the hotel’s objectives andmission statement.
  • General Manager at the Hilton hotel makessure the safety issues which are related to employees of the hotel as well as service seekers of the hotel.
  • General Manager at the Hilton hotel also creates the financial reports of the organisation. That may include crystal clear defined operational effectiveness, trends and deviations.
  • General Manager at the Hilton hotel is also liable for the business plan. That may include operational, marketing and sales activities and so on.
  • General Manager is also liable for organising the plans of other staff like receptionists, housekeeping and so on and also assigns duties to them.
  • General Manager at the Hilton hotel implements the constructive open communication which is helpful in increasing the efficiency of the workforce(Reid, 2014).

For that general manager of the Hilton hotel must have certain qualities to perform the tasks and activities which are the manager must have critical thinking skills so that critical situations can be handled by the managers in effective way. The managers also have the effective communication skills so that the roles and procedure manuals can be defined to staff members. Other than this the managers must be able to manage multitasksat a time and keep all the projects and employees on track so that organizational goals can be achieved in effective way.A general manager at the Hilton hotel must have computer skills because it is the part of daily life in each organisation. The general manager also has financial skills so that optimum utilization can be done of financial resources and budgets can be allocated in appropriate manner to the different departments(Manson, 2011).

3.2 Compare the selection process of different service industries businesses.

The selection process in the organisation begins with the recruitment plan. Selection process in the organisation can be expensive for the organization but by selecting right people at the right kind of job at the right time the organisation can reduce its cost(Stoilkovska, et. al., 2015).

Selection process in healthcare industry in synergy healthcare in UK is that, first of all the employees are invitingfor the vacant vacancies to apply through uploading there CV’s on websites or by offline. Then they are asked for interview. Then depth interview is taken by the panel and that can be held in two forms. One can be screening of the candidates or in that interview general questions are asked by the panel or interviewee and another interview can be depth interview. That can be taken for longer time to understand thedepth knowledge of the candidate.In some organisations written test can also take of the candidates. After that psychometric test is also taken and when the candidate clarifies all these steps the employees are called up for the group discussion in synergy health care.Then reference check is done and finally they become the part of the organisation. After the selection the selected employees are send for training and development program to enhance their personal skills.

Whereas the selection process of the Hilton hotel isfirstly the employees are called up for the vacant vacancies(Stoilkovska, et. al., 2015). Employees can upload their resume on the site of the Hilton hotel or they can apply offline too.After that screening is done of the candidates. In that step organisation select the candidates with minimum criteria that may differ according to the designation in the Hilton hotel. After completing the screening process the candidates are called for interview. Interview is held in two phase. In first phase the general questions are asked by the panel to acknowledge the communication skills and interpersonal skills. After that selected employees are called for second phase in that depth interview is taken by the panel. In that the whole criteria is checked by the interviewees. Then telephonic interview is also taken by the management to understand the conversation skills of the candidates.After that situation test and other skills related tests taken like, financial analysis test, computer skills and organizational skills test etc. After all that tests, reference check is done of the candidate. Then finally, job letter or offer letter is given to the candidates and they become the essential part of the organisation who contributes to the organisation in achieving its objectives and goals.

Task 4

4.1 Prepare a Power point presentation and present that to the senior member of the hotel emphasizing the contribution of training and development activities to the effective operation for the selected service industry business Hilton Hotel.

Training and development is the crucial part in any organisation for the effective and efficient working of the organisation. Same as training and assessment program are helpful in providing maximum satisfaction to the guests or service seekers in the Hilton hotel.In hotel industry managers to lower level workers have impact on the guests. For the new recruitments the training and assessment programs are essential to make them understand the procedures of the job and specifications also.To maintain the goodwill of the Hilton hotel the employees needs development programs so that employees can be groom to perform outstanding in the organisation(Chatzimouratidis, et. al., 2011).Now a day with the development of technology; employees in the Hilton hotel needs to be more qualified and skilled to maintain the competency with the other hotels. Training and development is the structural part in the Hilton hotel. Here we have certain benefits of the training and development programs that can be very important in efficient working of the organisation.These areas:

  • Job satisfaction level can be increased: At the time of training in Hilton hotel the employees are acknowledge about the job or we can say that they will be able to understand about the job related exposure that will help them to perform better in the organisation(ISAC, et. al., 2016).
  • Invigorate self-confidence and development as well: Training and development programs make the employees to perform with efficiency that is helpful in increasing their self-confidence at the hotel and employees will provide better services to their service seekers and also they will perform better to achieve the organisational objectives.
  • Precede employees towards their personal goals: Through conducting training and development programs; employeeswill be able to gain professional knowledge and they will also be able to set their personal goals regarding the career. So in the hotel they will get the opportunities to perform better and get promotions etc.
  • Train employees to perform better in critical situations: In training and development programs at the Hilton hotel on the job as well as off the job training provided. So in, on the job training programs they face real life situations that make them more practical to perform better in critical situations(Chatzimouratidis, et. al., 2011)

So by the above discussion we can say that employees can be more creative and innovative through training and development programs so they will be able to perform effectively in the Hilton hotel. By that management as well as organization will also get certain advantages these are that Hilton hotel will be able to get the better result, hotel will set its standards to compete with its competitors,profitability will be increased in the hotel because the employees will perform effectively after getting the training, cost can be reduce to extent level and wastage level can also reduce(Kock, et. al., 2012). Customer loyalty base can be increased. In Hilton hotelwork pressure is decreased by providing training to the employees time to time and that is also helpful in reduction of employee turnover.

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In the above discussed report we talked about the roles of the human resource management.In that section we had discussed recruitment process, employment remuneration of the Hilton hotel and other benefits which are provided to the employees.After that how demand and supply of the organisation can be forecast is discussed. Then it was analysed that if there is gap between demand and supply of the employees the can be fulfilled through external sources and internal sources. Then we discussed the employee-employer relationship in the organization that may affect the entire working process of the organization and laws are also described that an organization has to keep in mind at the time of working. Job description is also discussed with the context of hotel industry with the example of general manager other than this the job specification also we talked about in the same context.  After that selection process is also analyzed in the hotel industry and healthcare industry.Then process of training and development is also described in Hilton hotel and how it affects the operational working. Other than these, benefits of training and developmentto employees of the hotel, management and the organizationalso discussed.


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