Human Resource Management Distinction Copy


Human Resource Management Distinction Copy


One of the best asset of any company is the human resource. Organisations all over the globe recognise the importance of training and developments of their staff as meanings of staying on the market that becomes more and more competitive . The management of human resource is that vital function within a company focused on increasing the employees performance in service with the employers goals.

Human Resource Management Distinction Copy,Assignment help

Task 1

Understand the difference between personnel management and human resource management

P1.1 As a new internship HR Assistant at Harrods your new manager wants you to distinguish between personnel management in small retail organisations practising PM and human resource management at Harrods.

Personnel Management is an important role for a company. Even it is small scale retail business or a large scale business. The differences between the personnel management in small retail between the human resource management at Harrods based on Organisations protocols and characteristics. A Personnel Manager who manages a few employees in a small retail organisations and have a less responsibilities but it will differ when he works a large scale organisation like Harrods.

Differences between PM in small retail organisations and HR management at Harrods:

  • The bigger the more bureaucratic-  bureaucracy plays an important role in Harrods as it affects the complexity of doing a specific task.
  • The employees  will get the job as easily in the small scale organisations with few process but when it coming to the Harrods the process is little bit high. Because the employees must be well qualified and he need to undertake more test to get select.
  • In Small retail organisations  the interactions between the employees is easy and every employees will get direct interactions between them and its always possible. But in Harrods, direct interactions between all the employees is not possible. So Personnel Manager have more responsibilities at the Harrods.
  • Getting  to wear more hats-while working for Harrods can be interesting due to the fact of specialisation on different sectors of the retail can be a bit limited at the same time. In a small retail company on the other hand is a more wider exposure to different job tasks.
  • Better working conditions-due to the fact small retail business can't compete in offering benefits like a big company like Harrods they try offering better working conditions by giving more flexibility to its employees.
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P.1.2 Assess the function of the human resource management in contributing to Harrods purposes.

Human Resource Management is a very important department that helps achieving the targets of the company. As soon as Harrods have been taken over by the Qatar Holdings the main purpose of the HR department was to focus in reducing the employee turnover due to the fact that studies have shown that is more cost effective to retain an employee rather than hire new ones. This means that the process of selecting, recruiting, training, developing would be unnecessary input on the employee if he decides to go ,after working one year, at a different company.
This is a problem that need solving by the human resource management team. The method they have chosen to apply is that one of a growing  career graph within the organisation. This means that the employee don't have to look somewhere else for a higher position and he can know what path to follow for the promotion desired.
By continuous training at the workplace the company manages to keep the employees satisfied with their jobs .Due to the fact that in Harrods is followed a principle of democratic leadership employees ideas are taken in consideration, like this making them feel that their ideas count and giving them the feeling that they are part of a team.
In Harrods the HR department ,by continuous training and development, manage to help the employees achieving their targets therefore making them more productive. Having more efficient workers Harrods purposes are more easy to achieve as well.

P1.3 Evaluate the role and responsibilities of line managers in the human resource department at Harrods

The managers who managing a team or individual employees are known as Line Managers. They will report to their higher level management about the performance and activities of  a team or employees.
The role of line managers in the Human Resource department at  Harrods is very important because the employees or a team  performance affects the business development. Therefore the Line manager must have a Leadership quality to manage his team or employees.
There were different roles and responsibilities for the Line Manager. He will act as a  bridge between the higher level management and the  employees. Line Manager will support for the employees or for a team from his end and guide the work.

Their responsibilities are typically classified as,

  • Need to note the activities and manage the employees as day by day.
  • Should manage the cost regarding the operations of the work.
  • Guide the employee by giving the technical supports.
  • Line Manager will allocate the works according to the employee skills.
  • He needs to check the quality and monitor the work of the employees.
  • He will supports to the management by dealing with clients and maintain the good relationship.
  • He will measure the performance of the workflow.

Line Managers have a knowledge as how to deal with the employees and clients and how to maintain a good relationship with them. The line managers will find the weakness and strength of the employees.  Through that analysis he will offer training to the employees who  need to develop the skills. By this, the employee will get strong knowledge on that.
As a higher management line managers have a responsibility to Human Resource Management Distinction Copy the  information about the performance of the employees. Find the needs to improve the level of sales, customer satisfaction.

The impact oflegaland regulatory framework on Harrods Human Resource Management :

The legal and regulatory framework is a legislation that regards all sorts of issues like discrimination, conditions for working, legal age of a employee. At Harrods the human resource department have all they procedure and protocols according to the regulatory framework , fact that helps maintaining a good relationship between employers and employees.
At Harrods HRM policies are respecting the legal and regulatory framework and reason for this is that Harrods is a company that aims at the development of their employees in safe protective ,free of discrimination, environment. HR at Harrods make sure their employees have knowledge of all their rights as workers.
Legal and regulatory framework also make sure the employees have the right privacy, right that cannot be  compromised until the employer have proof against. All the protocols from the legal and regulatory framework are adopted by the human recourse management  team at Harrods considering their culture of work.( . Last accessed 21st July,2014)

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Task 3

Understand how to reward employees in order to motivate and retain them,

P3.1Asses the link between motivation theory and its reward in application on Harrods case study.

A  definition for motivation is encouraging the peoples for every activities which makes them to move forward as easily. The same thing applies in companies all over the world that wish to increase their productivity levels. Managers know that motivation is the best way to encourage the employees to produce a higher quality work.Motivation is a  tool that works for both fronts, it is good for the employees because they receive certain incentives and it is good for the company because the level of productivity and quality of work is raised. In Harrods the employees are motivated by receiving gifts or money each time they exceed their target sales and by maintaining a good quality service(usually known through surveys amongst customers ).Another way of motivation is a that applies in Harrods as well is the good working relationship that is built between the employees and managers. This leads to a feeling of trust thus making the employee wanting to work better.( . Last accessed 21st July,2014)

3.2 Research and evaluate the process of job evaluation and other factors determining pay with special references to Harrods as your scenario.

The management of Harrods evaluate the jobs compared with the relative value of jobs within a market. The steps that are a part of this process are:

  • Job description and job analysis - is the process in which are identified the main key duties, responsibilities and qualification needed in order to perform the job. This information is then a part of a written job description.
  • Job evaluation- this process depends on the requirements of the company, in this case Harrods. If they will a need a candidate for a specific position within the company then they will advertise it accompanied by the job description and only the candidates who match the best the requirements are taken in consideration.

The way the company decides to pay their new hires is usually placed within the first quartile of the salary range put up but sometimes is goes up so it can accommodate  special recruiting needs. Like this the company can be sure of having the best candidates fitting its jobs. The salary rise usually occurs over time and depends on two factors: employees performance and the salary budget. There is a change in the salary when is a promotion or when is an adjustment to maintain equality.

3.3 Asses the effectiveness of rewards systems in different contexts with your references to Harrods.

The rewards systems is very important in Harrods and it can be considered one of the best tools though which the company maximise the input of their employees. Rewards don't necessarily have to be of a financial value, it can take other shapes as well.The rewards is considered to be so important because through it more perspectives of company are achieved: company becomes more competitive on a market, employees turnover is reduced thus retaining key employees.Having a good understanding of this process the company helps the employee improving and gaining skills that are necessary in the line of work for Harrods thus increasing the employees fidelity towards the workplace.
Another positive effect for Harrods using its reward system is the fact that it makes less difficult the recruiting process. The experience of reward of the present staff members are a good tool for attracting new employees.
From what is mentioned above we understand that the right rewards system is vital for a company like Harrods in their path towards success.

3.4 Examine the methods adopted by Harrods to monitor employee performance.

For every company is very important to have a good system though which it can monitor the employees performance. The managers from Harrods have different methods to do it and there can be as followed:

  • Watching the employees while they work- this a process in which the managers can have a much better idea of the performance of an employee rather than just looking at a spreadsheet .
  • One to one meetings- this is the process in which the managers have one to one meetings with the employees  in which they determine what has been done by the employee since the last meeting and what progresses have been recorded in the daily activity.
  • Self monitoring- this is the process in which the employees are encouraged by their managers to monitor their own activity. Like this it is more easy for the employee to realise what are the areas that he can improve so he can achieve his goals.
  • Customers reviews- is that process of monitoring the employees performance to see if they are doing their job properly or not by doing surveys within Harrods customers.

Task 4

Know the mechanism for the cessation of employment.

P4.1Identify the reason for cessation of employment with special reference to Harrods in general.

When a manager working for Harrods have to deal with the facts to tackle the terminating someone's from the contract.

There are various reasons which are tends this to happen :

  • Inadequate  performance will create the drawback upon the employees. The manager have a eye on every employees to make sure they perform to a certain standard. If it's not happened the employee will terminate by the managers from the contract.
  • Absenteeism of the staff members at Harrods have a certain Leave policies as mentioned in contract about the number of days in which they can utilize the leaves. If the employees exists the policies their contract can be terminated before giving them an official warning.
  • Behaviour of the employee and gets involved in unauthorized activities against the company policies and which lead to hampering the image of Harrods will  lead to the cessation of contract is possible.
P4.2 Research and describe the employment exit procedures used by Harrods and compare it with any other organisation at your own choice.

A employee who not followed the policies of Harrods may lose his role from the Harrods and he can't retrieve his job once he exit due to his activities against the Policies of the Organisations.

The types of employment exit procedures that are used by Harrods are:

  • The management will check if the employee is doing his work according to Harrods standards else the manager of the department will have a meet with the employee and explain about his unfair work and warn him as he can't work for longer in this company if it continues.  Even though he continues same activities at work we will be dismiss and that kind of situations Harrods is liable to pay the insurance till he gets another job.
  • if any of the employees are involved in any activities which affect the company's image then Harrods has the right to fire them because of a breach in the contract.
  • if employee doesn't have a improvement in  performance and a not a worthy asset to the company even though passed more trainings which are conducted by the Harrods experts.

Spec savers is a company that follow similar employment exit procedures. But this company only provide the pay as settlement while employee exit  according to the service in the company.

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P4.3Consider the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on employment cessation arrangements with special references to Harrods:

Cessation of employment is a process in which an employee's contract can be terminated on the grounds of inadequate performance, absenteeism, unacceptable behaviour etc. In a contract between Harrods and its employees there are clauses  in which are stated the various reason for which an employment can be terminated. The legal and regulatory framework exist so it can protect the right of employees. Harrods cannot terminate the contract of an employee on the grounds of a reason that is not stipulated in the contract that was made between them. The importance of legal and regulatory framework is underlined by the employee's relation with the common law .Therefore, termination of employee's contract on ground of false acquisition is not allowed.


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