Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Unit 18 Human Resource Management Assignment – Hilton Hotel

Unit 18 Human Resources Management | Assignment Writing Service


Human Resource Management is an imparted organ of the organization. Any organization seems not be completed if there is no proper human resource in the organization. High power comes with high responsibility. Similarly the huge corpus of the organization entails that Hotel Hilton is in a great need of the successful and adequate Human resource management in their organization to make the adversity eradicated at the very preliminary stages.

Task 1

1.1 Explain Guest’s model of HRM as applied to the organization of your choice.

Human Resource Management is an imparted organ of the organization. Any organization seems not be completed if there is no proper human resource in the organization. In 1987, a famous renowned scholar David provides Guest model of human resource management, concentrating four broad areas to make the organization benefitted with the proportion of using this model. These areas are as follows:

  • Organizations having strategic and dynamic incorporation
  • Responsibility and accountability of the employees and workers
  • Versatility and flexibility of the workforces and labour forces
  • Productivity and yield proportions in terms of quality

This model was recognized by many of the leading organizations like Toyota and Samsung and it became popular in erstwhile. This model provides huge dimensions in the organization with exciting potential usage and making fair and reasonable advancements and development. In the hospitality industry human resource management and the model like Guest plays a great role in growth and development. Our organization Hotel Hilton is a leading hotel and hospitality organization in the world. It has many hotel chains with the Hilton name and several associations in all over the world. This is a huge group. Applying Guest model of human resource management will successfully help the Hotel Hilton in its aims and missions. Guest model will be developing the following attributes in the organization which will finally help the organization in maximizing their revenues (Guest, 2011).

  • Guest model will be applied in all the division of the Hotel Hilton whether it is financial, procurement, logistics, transport or housekeeping. It will provide the following benefit to the organization.
  • The Level of execution will be hiking with the incorporation of the Guest model of Human Resource Management.
  • The power and responsibility of the employees will be strengthened which will influence their decision making power.
  • The objectives guidelines will be more of authoritative nature and not of autocratic nature.
  • It will control the massive disappointments from workers and also helps in reducing the workers turnovers (Guest, 2011).

Hotel Hilton will grow as they will include the Guest model of human resource management. It will help them in making their business strategic and dynamic. It will be applied by several trainings and development process for the business and making the accuracy and reliability in the process.

1.2 Using an organisation of your choice, compare the differences between Storey’s definitions of HRM, personnel and IR practices.

The differences in storey’s definitions of human resource management, personnel management and industrial relations in Hotel Hilton are as follows:






H R M primarily thinks to get the job done in the best way where they satisfy the staff needs, they motivate them with rewards and recognitions and try to advance and accelerate their skills time to time.

Personnel management is something related with the authoritative style of leadership and not of autocratic or participative leadership style. This makes the employees work under the set guidelines and instructions and the productivity is concerned.

This industrial relationship is more concerned with the job relations. Industrial relationships is also determined or termed as representative relationships.


Hotel Hilton involves HRM to manage the workforce and employees to be their best level of satisfaction.

Personnel management is applied in Hotel Hilton to make the line managers strict to the goals and aims of the organization.

Industrial relations helps the organization in maintaining their relationships with various vendors like cab facilities, tour operators, discounts in visiting places, guide facilities etc.

1.3 Assess the implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to HRM for any organisation of your choice.

The implications for line managers and employees of developing a strategic approach to human resource management for Hotel Hilton will be as follows:

  • Identifying thirst and developing desire:The H R M will develop the desire in the employees of Hotel Holton where the performance and the work flow will be handled in unique way. These will also assists in generating more revenue to business and affectivity and efficiency of resources.
  • Assistance and support: Hotel Hilton line managers will be assisted with the proper standard guidelines and instructions where they will come close to the organizational goals and visions.
  • Extending and hiking the Limits: The limits will be increased for the potential of line managers in Hilton Hotel as they are concerned with the process equilibrium and dimensions to be set up and follow up by standards (Molamohamadi, Ismail, Leman & Zulkifli, 2013).
  • Competencies and Advancements: It will increase competencies and advancements in Hilton Hotel as H R M new practices will make the organization better and fruitful. H R M practices will also help the organization in providing real time examples where they will be competent with the other available organizations and study and incorporate the advancements as available in the industry (Molamohamadi, Ismail, Leman & Zulkifli, 2013).
  • Restrictions and Obligations:There will be several restrictions and obligations where monitoring and reviewing process will be settled as H R M has several unique guidelines for process optimization and hence Hotel Hilton will be adequate and responsible after applying this in their organization.

Task 2

2.1 Explain how a model of flexibility might be applied in your organisation.

A model of flexibility is highly needed in any organization. With a business of hospitality the enormous pressure and tedious jobs are expected in Hotel Hilton and hence a flexibility model is needed much more than any other organization. In 1985, John Atkinson provides an idea of adaptability to the organizations. They have split the workforces into two different segments where one is centre workforce and another one is fringe workforce. The adaptability model also provides the workers and employees a balance between their personal and professional development life where they can feel calm and relax themselves. The two main types of workforces from adaptability model are as follows:

  • Centre Workforce: There are different kinds of workforces in an organization. But when talking to the context of Hotel Hilton they are having a huge corpus organization and hence a high and end number of workforces with different attributes and performance. Centre workforces are handling all the responsibilities and are accountable to the process. They are highly flexible and in return they are promoted and hiked very often.e
  • Fringe Workforce: The Fringe workforces are the lazy workforces who need to be motivated time to time with several kinds of rewards and recognitions to make the proper flow and productivity of the organization (Saini, 2013).

2.2 Discuss the types of flexibility which may be developed by your organisation.

Flexibility is needed to avoid the disappointments of employees. There are many types of flexibility which are needed in Hotel Hilton to relax and satisfy the employees and workforce. These are as follows:

Functional flexibility: These types of flexibilities are very important in the process of Hotel Hilton. Functional flexibility is related with the functions of the organization. Hotel Hilton needs to start cross training and making the resources flexible in other domains also. For example, a housekeeping workforce can attend the reception in times of need. This will make the process dynamic and employees interdependent. This will allow employees for unscheduled absences without affecting the productivity of the organization.

Temporal flexibility: This is another kind of flexibility where temporary arrangements are prepared in the place of the permanent or actual resource. Flexi timings or proxy assignments are the example of this flexibility. In Hotel Hilton they can use these kinds of flexibilities for the emergencies where the resources on leaves or unscheduled absences can be adjusted with the flexi resources (Saini, 2013).

Budgetary flexibility: These kinds of flexibilities are depending on the monetary values which are affecting the performances of the employees or workforce directly. This may include the compensation, incentives and time to time inbound or outbound bonuses. This will help the Hotel Hilton for improving the productivity in the case of peak seasons or massive rush. Also it helps the employees in achieving good perquisites and monetary benefits from the organization they are working for and having recognition for this as well.

Peripheral and numerical flexibility: The last but not the least flexibility is related with the vocational contracts, terms and lease under the employees are working and the set instructions and guidelines where employees needs to ponder before switching the work or the organization may terminate the employee in case they are nonperforming as well as vital. Hotel Hilton can utilize this flexibility for the ground level staff where they are finding the person non suitable or non-convincing for the work (Saini, 2013).

2.3 Assess the use of flexible working practices from both the employee and the employer perspective.

The perspective for flexible working for employer and employee is totally different. With the view of employer the flexible workings are employee could work for late, they can work more than their capacity, they need to be alter all the time, more concentration and quality deliverables are required.

  • With the perspective of employee the flexible shifts are they are getting very less or zero work, they are paid regularly and incentivize often, they can go early before the official timings, they can work at home, they should be recognized several times, etc.
  • Similarly, it happens with Hotel Hilton. Hence there is a great conflict of flexibility between the employee and employer. But there are certain ways which can help them both to achieve the designated goals and aims of the organization. These ways are as follows:
  • Part Time:The employees of Hotel Hilton can chose the company provided option of working as a part timer, where all the benefits and perquisites are entitled to the person on their part time basis. This means they will be paid in half, and grow as per the terms. This will help the employee relation managing their personal life as well as having time for their respective skills if they possess any (Sundar, 2013).
  • Sharing of job: They can also share the job with other resources with the mutual consent.  Management is only considered for the quality here.
  • Contracts based on zero hours and zero productivity: The contracts can be prepared by the Hotel Hilton with the resources for zero hours or zero productivity which means that the resources will be paid according to their work.
  • Compressed hours shifts: They can also work out with the compressed shifts where the resources can stretch at times when needed by the organization and else can complete their shifts early as allowed by the management (Sundar, 2013).

2.4 Discuss the impact that changes in the labour market have had on flexible working practices.

The labour market is impacted with the changes in the market and circumstances and hence it is crucial to study the market. The hiring authorities should be very particular in choosing the suitable candidate for the process as they need to focus on the extra potential and not only the skills part. As evidence, we can have an example of the ION Hewitt, where in its US office Corporation; several employees leave the organization immediately setting back the organization. This should not happen in the organization (Wilkinson, Johnstone & Townsend, 2012). Firstly we will analyse the labour market changes. The labour market has several changes with the circumstances or the external pressures. These are as follows:

  • Social: The first and foremost change in the labour market is with the labour market itself. The labourer’s forms the unions and go on strikes abandoning the work and making no productivity to the country as well as to the organization.
  • Political: The political pressure also influences in the labour markets where the labour rates and labour work times are fluctuated by the authorities seeking labourers not to work if they actually want to do and hampering the production process (Wilkinson, Johnstone & Townsend, 2012).
  • Environmental: Lastly is the environment factors, where if any other organization is paying less to its workface and other are paying good to the workforces, they automatically tends towards it.

Hence Hotel Hilton should be very particular for thus as and when developing and hiring the resources for their organizations.

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Task 3

3.1 Explain the forms of discrimination that can take place in the workplace using examples of recent discrimination cases which has made the news.

Discrimination and exploitations are severe evils and threats to the organization. They should be eradicated from the society. For this the voice and awareness should be raised to alarm the authorities to make the proper channels and legislations where exploitations and discriminators should worry about these events. Hotel Hilton is a hospitality business and it needs to care about the employees and customers for any kind of discrimination or exploitation happened. This should be properly monitors and not accepted in any case. There are several kinds of discriminations happened in the industry recently and have a possibility to occur in Hotel Hilton (Wright & McMahan, 2011). These are as follows:

Discriminations basis age: Age discrimination is often caught in the organization. This means a person having more age in male members will be promoted more often unless of their qualifications, a person male of less age will be disregarded for their promotions. On the contrary, a young girl will be appreciated for promotion more often rather than aged women. These kinds of discriminations should not be tolerated in office environment (Wright & McMahan, 2011).

Discriminations basis religion: The religion based discrimination is very often. It happens in the UK after the road roller and truck attach in Alberta, where a terrorist group attack and killed many people. After this situation the UK shuts its doors for Muslim community people and is not allowing them to even do the job. It same happens in the organization also, many organisations are not allowing the different caste or religion people in their organization rather than the skills and talent the other religion people are possessing (Wright & McMahan, 2011).

Compensation based discriminations:There are discriminations occurred in compensation and hikes as well. Some employees are provided with the enormous hikes in a mean time, and several hard working employees are disregarded with the compensation and adequate hikes.

3.2 Discuss the practical implications of equal opportunities legislation for an organisation.

Equal opportunities in Hotel Hilton is not only limited with the management initiative of providing equal opportunities to everyone, but also to the employee engagement and employee participation to the process. Every organization wants a fair environment to deal with the employees to make the proper and adequate process for employee’s workplace to be safe and nib discriminated. This will motivate the employees to be a part of the organization and provided the organisation with adequate recognition. The organization productivity will be increased with the equal opportunities and with the organization like Hotel Hilton there will be reputation and good will benefits associated with ensuring Equal opportunities (Wright & McMahan, 2011). The practical implications for the Hotel Hilton for ensuring the equal opportunities will be as follows:

  • Firstly they need to set the policies for harassment, exploitation and discrimination and the penalties imposed on that. Further they need to aware the organization about their policies and also have a space for suggestion so that they can involve and incorporate the changes.
  • Secondly they need to make the employees engaged in the process so that they can feel comfort while working and can manage the decision making as per the requirements of the organization.
  • Equal opportunities should be fairly and reasonable spread in promotions, rewards, recognitions and compensations.
  • All the employees should be aware for the ombudsman scheme as well as the grievances redressed cell of Hotel Hilton so that in case of dissatisfaction they can reach their and can be heard with justice (Wright & McMahan, 2011).

3.3 Compare the approaches to managing equal opportunities and managing diversity. You should give examples from a selected organisation and discuss the similarities and differences in their approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity.

The approaches for managing the diversities and equal opportunities in the same organization are different. As we are concerning of the Hotel Hilton process we can understand that there are different platforms for managing the diversity and managing the equal opportunities. These are categorized in a table format and presented as we will proceed further:


Equal Opportunities


Factors associated

Equal opportunities factors are external in nature.

Diversities factors are internal in nature.


Equal opportunities arguments are landing on legal and moral issues finally.

Diversities are moreover related with the practical case studies and business cases.


Flexibility and adapting circumstances.

Mainstream and line managers.


Equal opportunities management will align the resources and coordinate them in a discrete manner.

Diversities management will involve the talent from different places where the ideas will be different and innovations happen.


Equal opportunities can be granted as a matter for cost and risk to the Hotel Hilton.

Diversities will be treated as an investment and asset in the Hotel Hilton.


Its main focus is on the process and departments in Hotel Hilton.

In Hotel Hilton the diversities will be focusing the consequences happened in the industry.


Its main emphasis is on the discrimination and employee harassments.

Its main emphasis is on the differences which are created in the individual formats.

Task 4

4.1 Select an organisation you work or have worked for, identify and compare the performance management methods used.

Performance management is an important and essential routine of organization. The organizations need to work for the performance of the employees with their different strategies and platforms to make the employees effective and efficient.

There are certain ways for performance management in Hotel Hilton which are as follows:

  • Management by Objective (MBO) – Hotel Hilton can evaluate the employee’s performance with the help of this management by objective function of the performance management. Here the objectives are pre decided with the managers and employees working on it and hence the managers analyse the performance of the employees based on the objectives if not achieved. Hotel Hilton can effectively utilize this function as hospitality industry is more over based on the services and not on the products which requires a pre-determined objective so that it can be evaluated easily.
  • Assessment Centres – The assessment centres are also helpful for performance management in the organization. These are equipped with professional trainers and are also termed as work based centres where managers and employees both are provided with the trainings and their assessments are done. This makes the employees come closer to the management and help Hotel Hilton in increasing their productivity.
  • 360 Degree Feedback –As it names suggests, it’s a 360 degree feedback which means feedback from all the directions. A personal feedback is taken from all the related parties like colleagues, team managers, officers etc. This help in successful and adequate evaluation of the exercise and making the organization grow and developed.
  • Physiological Appraisal – This technique works with the position of the employees. As it involves tactical, statistical, analytical and mental state of the employees with the various psychometric or physiological tests. This will help Hotel Hilton in choosing the right candidate for its process and making the appropriate arrangements for work and customers (?ech, Yao, Samolejová, Li & Wicher, 2016).

4.2 Assess the approaches used to managing employee welfare in your organisation

Hotel Hilton is having a huge corpus and hence with the giant size of the organization they need to effectively engage in the process of employee welfare. Hotel Hilton is having various welfare schemes for employees which are as follows:

  • Statutory Welfare Schemes – These welfare schemes provides the workers with the basic facilities like clean drinking water, proper break times in their working span, facilities to be used, medical facilities in case of emergencies, rest rooms, cafeterias, spill and smoking rooms etc.
  • Non – Statutory Welfare Schemes –There are various kinds of other facilities with the welfare schemes which are provided to the employees at the time of need. These includes the medical leaves, maternity and paternity leaves, emergency leaves, insurance, transfers, promotions etc. for the wellbeing of the workers to make them convinced and satisfied.

Hotel Hilton needs to focus on the employee’s welfare schemes more proactively to make the employee productivity and focus more concentrated towards process. The prime goals for the welfare for employees are as follows:

  • Hotel Hilton wants to provide their workers a safe, better, visionary and healthy work place life.
  • Also it wants its employees to be satisfied with the process deliverables and its requirements.
  • Hotel Hilton wants to improve the skills, quality of the process dynamics and characteristics of the employees to make the productivity and organization strengthened.
  • Also lastly Hotel Hilton wants to maintain a good industrial relationship with the unions and staffs leaders to make the organization wealthy and competitive by performing for competencies (Brewster, Gollan & Wright, 2013).

4.3 Discuss the implications of health and safety legislation on human resources practices

In UK they have a separate act for this health and safety component. HASAWA – Health and safety at work act which was passed in 1974 provides health and safety legislations to the UK persisting organization and their workforces. This act provides all basic health and safety to the employees of all the organizations. These basic facilities include safety at workplace, no discrimination, no tolerance for exploitation or harassments, etc. The implications of the health and safety on organization Hotel Hilton human resources practices have a great impact. Health is a prime requirement for human. First comfort is healthy life. Hence health comes at first and foremost priority to the organization. If there is no healthy workplace the employees will be dissatisfied. The healthy workplace means if the employees are not provided with adequate sitting, also the room temperature is very hot either very cools, hence these situations are worst and have an impact directly on the human resource practices (Al Ariss, 2012).

4.4 Evaluate the impact of another topical issue on human resources practices.

There are several topical issues which impact the organizations. Some of these are impacting the Hotel Hilton as well, these are as follows:

  • Diversity Maintenance: Lots of organization fails here. Maintaining diversity is a great challenge. It comes with problems of languages, scripts, expressions, some sort of religions and discriminations etc. The impact of maintenance of diversity on Hotel Hilton will crucial and it will definitely affect the Human Resources practices. For example, if Hotel Hilton hire a Chinese speaking person as a receptionist in UK region, it is useless irrespective of the Chinese skills of convincing the customers in China.
  • Workplace security: Workplace security is also a big challenge and can impact human resource practices. A 5 Star hotel – Hotel Taj in India was attacked vigorously by some militants. Several people were killed over there and hence it is a prime concern for the hospitality industry to secure its place.
  • Training and Development: Another important component for this is related with training and development section which is related with the organization optimization. Hotel Hilton needs to improve their process for effectively productive dynamism and efficient progress (Ahmad, 2015).


Hotel Hilton has a wide and huge corpus and hence it is using almost all the types of practices available in the market. Whether it will be related with the human resource management skills to the employees or the personnel management skills to the line managers or the industrial relation practices top the suppliers and vendors. It is engaged in all of the process somewhere and somehow. For the human resource management they have thousands of staff all over the world in housekeeping needs to manage for greater productivity. For the personnel management they have supervisor, hotel line managers for effective and adequate communication to welcome the guests and convince them with their skills to increase revenue. For the industrial practices they are soon launching their new sites in different places, they have covered almost all the regions making them highest and largest group in hospitality industry. Also with these they are engaged in several tour packaging programs, club facilities and health based programs.

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