Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Solution Copy

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Solution Copy

Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development Solution Copy


Diploma in Business

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Unit 13 Personal and Professional Development

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Level 5

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Learning can be done to overcome with the problem of all weakness which one has. Weaknesses make the person lack behind in the development of his profession. So it should be necessary to overcome the problem with the best solution. Later feedback / evaluation should be done self assessment/ peer assessment/ superior or expert assessment then action plan will be taken to evaluate such changes for the better results.

personal and professional Development

Task 3

3.1. Discuss the processes and activities required to implement the development plan.

Development Plan considers both personal and professional development of the person. It includes various activities and process. These are mentioned below.

a. Strategy:

My strategy is first to complete my graduation and then start working with the small Social group those help needy people. So, then I will get aware about the procedure of their work.

b. Methods of Learning:

There are various approaches that are summarized in to two. These are

  • Visual
  • Auditory

Visual option considers the examples like reading magazines, books, newspapers, journal etc. where my reading skills are use but Auditory involves hearing like taking knowledge in conference, seminars, trainings given in organizations in which dialogue & discussions can be done.

Methods of Learning

c. Feedback & Evaluation:

Feedback is given only after the evaluation on the work is done either by self or by an experienced person. Evaluation helps in giving the judgment that become very useful in the personal & professional development. Feedback generally attains by the peer group/ experienced senior staff and necessary changes should done by following useful techniques.
After evaluation my strength and weakness are:
Strengths : Good sales/ communication skills, research, Creativity & thinking Vast & exclusive.
Weakness:Time management, Team work, Leadership & knowledge of IT.
I have to learn more to make my all weaknesses as a strength which helps me in giving my best to my upcoming organizations (Kember, McKay, Sinclai and Wong, 2008). Employing me by them will only become their assets not any liability.

d. Action Plan:

Action plan means that after overcoming with the problems or weaknesses try to focus to reach the objective. Therefore, an action has taken by joining the training sessions to remove all the weaknesses. An action plan already shown in the previous Assignment that I wants to join the company as the manager and improves my limitations to make them my assets.

3.2. Undertake and document development activities as planned.

One of my peer helps in evaluating my personal skills and the professional one. My aim is to work on the manager post in one of the reputed organization. For this, I require improving my personal skills that help me in maintaining the humble relations with my colleagues in the near future and maintain the clear communication with them ((Priest, 2010).
The feedback given by my friend that I have  good qualities as a person – listening to others that help me in listening whatever my top line managers guide me or instruct me in the future organization. Research skills and the thinking efficiency help me in giving creative judgments for bringing the improvement in an organization. Research quality helps in doing the market survey that helps the company in making effective strategies to proceed further. One of my peers as a evaluator suggest me in improving my weaknesses. So, they will be use while working somewhere as one of my strengths. I am weak in managing the time appropriately to complete my whole task within the time. He observed me related with this while completion of my assignments and does a multi tasking work given by the lecturer. So he suggest me  to divide the time for completing each task and improves my writing skills. However, it is one of my strength but still i have to work little hard on this. Handling a technology especially IT- computers is one of my weaknesses. Therefore, the feedback given by him is to improve my IT skills that is a compulsory to work upon in every organization. No work handles by the employee without IT.
Foe improving the above skills I should join the various training events and attend workshops / conferences to meet my goals.
The above is the evaluation procedure done by peers and get me aware about my all weaknesses personally and may impact on my would be professional life too.
So development plan would be which is follow as per the updated action plan mentioned in the next question.


Action suggested



  • Lack in-
  • Multi tasking, computer user friendly, managing time for completing tasks
  • Various programs and action plan follow to overcome such issues
  • Vocational programs
  • Training sessions
  • workshops
  • Expects to get positive results after joining the various programs besides my management studies to overcome such weaknesses
  • Accomplish my goal ASAP
  • But definitely before getting my management degree

Personal and Professional Development

(Source: hpplc.indiana.edu)

3.3. Reflect critically on own learning against original aims & objectives set in the development plan.

My own learning is whatever gaining in academic knowledge. At present whatever the education I am taking in business management that is all related with increasing knowledge in business e.g. nature of business, strategies to make, market competition, SWOT, Buyer/ sellers demand etc. all such knowledge will get use in the future at the time of my Job (Moon,2001).

Aim & objective:

I am pursuing for the course of the Business management, as I am very interested in working with the reputed Management organization as a Manager.

Evaluation & feedback:

Feedback given by my colleagues that I am weak in decision-making, handling advanced technology that takes lots of time to complete the work and problem with the teamwork. I am bad in multi tasking. All such are very much necessary for any success in an organization. So feedback is given that improvement or focus should be need on all these weak areas so that this may not be the reason in not fulfilling my aim of life.

Critical Analysis:

Critical situation in whole analysis is that whatever learning I have gained in that certain loopholes are there which can become the drawback in the planning of the development of a person.

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3.4. Update the development plan based on feedback & evaluation.   

As suggested by my peer I should divide the tasks or my assignment as per the allotted time and try to complete in the specific time for each task. This can be done at my personal end but to improve various training sessions has to attend to gain knowledge that how to become multitasked and work in a single group too (Peters, 2007).
My future action plan is to overcome my problems those known as my weaknesses and may become the hurdle in my professional life. Therefore, it involves the below efforts that I will adopt in improving my skills.
All such above plans for the personal development can later help in developing the professional life. These developments can use in an action plan to meet the objective of the life. Now, the development plan is to join the training events either arrange by my college or join any of the vocational training institute so that I easily overcome on my weaknesses and does not face any problem in the future in my professional life.

Action Plan

Goal : To be a Manager in a leading company

Strategies for improvement : Improvement in my weaknesses that may become hurdle in achieving my professional goal

Action steps

  • Overcoming problems of
  • Multi tasking, computer user friendly, managing time for completing tasks
  • Various programs and action plan follow to overcome such issues



  • Complete my studies assignments and emphasis on overcoming my problems with getting good marks in management studies.



  • Higher degree programs
  • Learning for enhancing selling techniques
  • Attend various conferences
  • Join workshops (Kumar, 2007



  • Equally time divided for joining various programs with completion of my studies of management
  • Should try to overcome my weaknesses before getting my degree of Management

Effect on professional development:All above action taken improves my weaknesses and will become my strength that I can use in finding the job of my profession that is management.

Effect of family involvement:Family support gives in terms of finance and morally for joining various workshops and training programs.

Success evidence:Success will reveal only once I will learn to know that how to be a multi-tasked, manage time properly and handle technology confidently.

Evaluation process:  personal and peer evaluation is important at this time, those know me personally and help me in improving my deficiencies.


Various problems occurs in the organization so to solve the problem it is necessary to first recognize it by following various steps. Then after the feedback/ self evaluation certain action plan has to adopt for making changes. Communication skills (MCKI) which plays an important role within the organization whether it’s upward/ downward communication. It is the one who removes the chaos arise in the office environment.


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