Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment

Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment

Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment


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Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment

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Level 5


This Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment showcases the importance of the managerial and the leadership skills that are required in the functioning as well as operation of the organization. It is important to acknowledge that no working can be accomplished by the single person so it is important that a good and effective leadership as well as team spirit exist in the organization. In this WWLP Assignment recruitment and selection process are discussed in detail to highlight the procedure as well as importance in the organization. Apart from that a  presentation is created for the purpose of highlighting the importance and purpose of leadership in the organization. A leader is the person who accomplishes the entire task in an effective manner by its supervision and guidelines. Apart from that importance of the team work is also discussed that would be beneficial for the organization in the long run of the business. So it is important that work is competed in the supervision of the leaders for better working of the organization. Another aspect that is discussed in this assignment is the motivation, delegation and all the tools that help in better working of the airline company that also encourage its working in the tough competition.

WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment

Task 1

1.1 Prepare documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff.

Recruitment is the process of identifying by the organization about the requirement of staff in the organization whereas selection is the process of choosing the best candidate for the required job. Selection is sometimes seen in negative terms as compared to the recruitment process. While recruiting and selecting the candidate for the job it is necessary that best candidate be selected with proper formalities and documentation. So in this case a cabin crew employee is selected for job (Compton et.al, 2014). For this purpose a job analysis, job description and specifications are made so that a person with correct qualification would be able to be recruited with proper formality and documents.

Job analysis of the employee:

  • First step is to include all those employees who have job analysis form competed on time.
  • Next is to conduct interview of all the eligible employees about the information and knowledge and experience in this area of working.
  • Maintain a log sheet in which all the description related to the work conducted and competed in the time period allotted to them.
  • Consult all the respected high authority that is important in the better job analysis.
  • Next step is making a comparison between the job analysis that is being prepared and all the specific of the job by proper evaluation.
  • After all the evaluation the next step is to prepare a job description and job specification (Derous et.al, 2016).

Job description

Title of Job:Cabin crew

Accountability:Cabin assistant manager

Pay scale:£25,000 to £ 30,00

Schedule for work:5 days a week

Description of job

The employee has to perform all the necessary work that is required for the job for the effective working of the airlines that would satisfy the customers and create the loyal customers for the job. Candidate would be trained with all the expertise knowledge in this field.

Responsibility of the cabin crew member in relation to appointing it as a staff:-

  • To focus on providing customer satisfaction to the passengers in the flight.
  • To helps in the situation of emergency or any other unfortunate scenario.
  • To solve all the problems of the passengers with efficiency so that no grievances mat is remain unsolved.
  • To scrutinize all the availability of emergency equipment before the flight do take off and also check whether all the supplies are available in the correct amount in the airplane.
  • To focus on providing safety to the customers and also work towards the comfort.
  • To perform all the duties whether they are of preflight or post flight.
  • To report to the crew manager whenever required.

Person specification: Assistant cabin manager


Contain diploma in travel and tourism, hospitability, human resource and any other personality development.

Graduation from any authorized university.

Management degree from any authorized university.


Arleta 1 year experience in any travel company or airline industry.

Fresher are also preferred.

Skills and knowledge

Good communication skills

Should deal with the situation in a proper manner.

Solve the grievances of the customers on time

Have a polite behavior to deal withcustomers.

Give priority to the airlines company.

1.2 Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations that are needed for the recruitment and selection process

Recruitment and selection be performed as per the guidelines and norms specified in the constitution so that no penalties may be charged that may hamper the working of the organization. All the organization is required to follow all the laws so that if any difficulty arises then the constitution and law is the best support to accomplish the task. There may be any confusion in any formality but if laws and regulation are compiled properly then there are fewer chances that any legal complication may arise to the company. In the airlines industry there is danger in many fields so it becomes important that correct legislation be implemented so that no penalties or default be charged to the organization (Zhao et.al, 2011). Act such as equality act 2000 and equality and human right commission act is implemented and followed for the better performance and safeguarding the interest of the organization and employees in the organization. in the equality act equality in payment act, sex discrimination act, race relation act, disability discriminationact and may other related act are implemented so that no problem may arise that may hamper the working of the organization and all the legislation be performed in an effective and efficient manner. Apart from that equality and human right commission act helps to determined importance and safeguarding the race, gender, disability heath age and many others associated with it.

1.3 Selection techniques being used to recruit the suitable candidate

Various methods and techniques are present that helps to recruitment and select the best candidates for the job. Each and techniques has its own advantage and merits. So the best manner to choose an employee is up to the selector so that employee that is selected is best suited for the company and the organization.

Techniques for the selection are-

  • CV: It stands for curriculum vitae that contain all the description about the candidate. It includes all its academic background, its area of interest, its working experiences and all other necessary personal detail that are required for the employment in the organization. This is the most used method of selecting a candidate as it is easy and fast way to recruit any person (Mügge, 2016).
  • References: This is another method or techniques that are used in many organization across the world. In this technique, already working employee or any other reputed or trusted person recommend the name of the person that may be suitable for the purpose of the job. Thesepeople are preferred by the organization as the reference helps in maintain the fidelity of the person. It is also an easy way to interview and select the employee for the organization, it is mostly effective when employee has all the specific knowledge about the working. In the current scenario an unknown person cannot be trusted but if he has references then trust level increase.
  • Simulation: it is the way through which employee or the candidate is tested for the purpose of the job.  Here a candidate is tested with their knowledge in the practical world by taking there test in that field. It is one of the effective manners as a practical knowledge about the working is given to the employee and the potential of the candidate to perform that task shows its potential that can be effective for the betterment of the business. A practical knowledge is the best knowledge for seeing the performance of the candidate.
  • Interviews: It is the techniques that are followed by most of the selector in the process of selection. A person is selected by face to face interaction with it and asking several questions in that regards so that a better and effective candidate be selected for the organization by the selector. In the airline company this is most preferred option as face to face interaction would the selector to take decision more wisely and accurately that would be beneficial for the organization.
  • Application forms: Here in this process forms are distributed to the candidate by different and suitable way so that all the eligible employees and candidates may select the best approach for the company that would be beneficial on the long run. Here many candidates apply with their forms so now human resource management only has to make corrective choice by segregating the eligible and non-eligible candidates for the job.

1.4 Evaluate own contribution to the selection process.

It is important that best process be selected for the purpose of selecting the best candidate for the job designation so that no problems may arise in the future in that respect. So accordingly I am  a human resource manager so I have made a selection process in which I create a job analysis along with job description. I chose the application forms selection method in which many applicants has applied to the post of assistant crew manager via online as well as physical forms. After that an interview was also conducted through which the best suitable candidate be selected for the job that may possess all the knowledge and skills that may be beneficial for the designation for which employee is selected. The best candidate that would be selected will be appointed for a probation period of 6 months so that their performance evaluation is conducted for the further holding of them in the company (Marie et.al, 2016).

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Task 2


Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment
Unit 14 WWLP Assignment Organisation Recruitment

Brief notes

This presentation describes the working and importance of the leadership in the organization for the effective working as well as growth of the organization. An effective leadership can only be established when there are attributes attached with the leader of the organization. It also mentions the difference that existed between the management and leadership in the organization. In the airline industry the best suited leadership style is implemented in an effective and efficient manner. Apart from that motivation techniques are also mentioned in the correct manner that can be useful for the organization.

Leadership is the actions in which a person leads the employees of the organization in a manner that these employees become its followers. There are two parties that are involved in the leadership they are leader and followers. Leader is the person who guide and lead other people for accomplishing certain task whereas followers are the persons who are the employees that follows the instruction and guidelines of the leader.

All the attributes and skills are the important aspect that is required for the better and effective leadership of the organization. These qualities can only make the leadership more favorable in terms of achieving the goals of the business. These skills and attributes are the passion towards the work, a better and effective communication with the staff. Apart from that team building is also important so that followers can follow the instructions. A good leader must possess the quality motivating its employees to work in a better manner.

It is important to understand the difference between the leadership and management. In leadership, leaders are the managers but it is not compulsory that every manager is the leaders of the organization.  Leaders always try to motivate its employees to work with full potential whereas managers always try to perform the administration to run the business enviroment smoothly.  Leadership people develops the quality to perform the task effectively whereas managers focus on the administration. Leaderships always tries to motivates and focus on the employees whereas managers focuses on the system of administration in the organization.

There are many leadership styles present to perform the leadership in an effective manner. These styles are transactional, democratic, transformational laissez – fairre and authorities. It is up to the leader to choose the best suited leadership style for the organization to meet out its goals.

In the airline company it is important that best style of leadership be selected so that better and effective leadership be made to accomplish its goals and objectives.  It is important that the best style be chose in the proper time being as if time expires then there are chances that work may not be compete on time. It ultimate solves the problem at all the level in the organization.

So it is important that leadership is selected that may reduce the risk that may hamper the growth of the organization. So transactional techniques will be effective tool as punishment shall be given to those who are at default and rewards are given to those who work with their full potential towards the organization. This also maintains the harmony and decorum of the organization at every level.

Motivation is important for the effective working of the organization as if organization wants to work properly then it can only be possible with correct techniques. Motivation may be in any form that is kind or reward. Various theories are made in relation to the motivation to the employees to work with their full potential.

There are many techniques of motivation that can be used by the leaders or the managers for the purpose of motivating the employees to work more hard and without any pressure. These techniques are providing incentives, recognizing achievements, profit sharing, establishing goals  and good work environment.

There are many techniques one such technique is to provide incentives to the employees in terms of kind or rewards for the contribution to the organization. This is very effective and efficient technique as all the work is accomplished with simply providing incentives for their good performance. Another is the recognizing achievement in which motivation is provided by recognizing their work and giving them appreciation for the conduction of the work. Another is the allowing them to share the profit in the projects in which they have given ideas or certain recommendation that become helpful for the organization.

Another criteria is the establishing the goals of the organizations so that employees work with their full potential to achieve those targets. With this type of motivation it also creates the situation of profitability as employees work hard to achieve those targets that can ultimately benefit them in future. Apart from that another way of motivating the employees is by creating an harmonize environment for the employees to work with their full potential as if there is confusion in the organization then working in an effective manner cannot be possible for the employees that ultimately become a bad impression for the company.

If the organization follows all the techniques of the leadership and motivation in an effective and efficient manner then there are very prosperous chances for the organization  to lead a successful life in the market. A good and effective leadership can only be possessed when there are attributes and skills in the leader to perform its task. Another concept is the motivation that should be used by the organization in a correct manner for the better working and future growth of it.

Task 3

3.1 Assess the benefits of team working for an organization.

Team work is the important concept that requires proper detailing because an organization cannot work on its own. It requires each and every individual to work in a manner that would create  a situation in which all the works are designated to each and every employee and with effective and better communication all the working be accomplished in a better manner. There are many benefits of the team work that are listed below-

  • Trust: With the effective team working employee in the organization trust each other in an effective manner that would help to solve enormous problem in the organization as it create a harmonize environment in which all the working is done in an effective manner. With no quarrels and personal and professional grudges employees would be able to work more properly with their full potential.
  • Complementary working: With the effective team work all the employees can work by overshadowing the minus aspect of one person by working on it by the other employee. It help to perform that task in the organization more easily as all the working can be made without any complication as if one employee lack n certain goals then other employee can help him and this way organization can work more profitably (Resnick, 2013).
  • Conflicts are resolved: Effective team work resolve all the conflicts that existed in the organization. Conflict may arise due to the work culture so it becomes important that those conflicts may not hamper the working and outcome of the organization. If there is team work then employees do not give its time in those matters.
  • Risk taking increases: Employees support each other so risk in certain circumstances may be taken into consideration by the organization as they all support each other and if risk taken failed the organization then no particular person would be blamed due to the team decisions.
  • Innovations and creativity: It increase the creativity and innovation in the organization as all the employees would provide their knowledge in the full capacity that would increase the scope of innovation in the organization. A single person may support only few ideas but large employees support many ideas that help to create a better business environment.

3.2 Demonstrate working in a team as a leader and member towards specific goals, dealing with anyconflict or difficult situations.

It is important that working in the organization be performed in an effective manner so that no consequences may arise that would affect its working. A team leader is the person who should possess all the qualities of the leader that can helps to accomplish the goals of the organization without creating any ambiguous situation. It is important that team leader is a confident person who possess all the quality that would make the task accomplish in an easy manner. All the followers must follow the ideas and goals of the leader with effective team work. A leader should be a person who can accomplish the goals of the organization by directing its followers about his ideas. He must also invite the ideas of the employees to motivate them in an effective manner (Oropesa et.al, 2015). A team leader should not be partial while directing and distributing the work among its employees. He must work with integrity and full potential to accomplish the task so that no complication may arise in future. All the group member will only listen and admire the working of the leader if that leader itself possess the knowledge about that area of working. Good communication skills can solve all the problems so leader must establish the best way of communication so that no confusion may arise in future. A better and effective growth and working of the organization can only be made if the leader in the organization works in anapproached manner with the employees of the organization(Mockaitis, 2015).

3.3 Review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the goals

An organization cannot work on its own and is also not dependent on the single employee. That is why there is the importance of the team in the working of the organization. A team cannot run the business and its operation without the help of number of employees who are collectively called as team that work on a single objective to accomplish its task. A leader is a person that accomplishes all the goals of the organization by the effective working by him as well as its employees. All the followers are guided by the leader that runs the team of the organization. In the airline company it is important that all the work are accomplished by following all the guidelines of the leader so that goals of the organization that are required to be accomplished can be done in an effective manner. Team also helps to take the risk on  a greater scale and there are fewer chances that risk may show any faults. It is also important that to know that a team can run task more smoothly and accurately in comparison to the individual. So for the better performance of the organization business should focus on the working of the leader and monitor all the aspect of the team so that organization run more accurately and appropriately that would increase its wealth and profit (Miller et.al, 2013).

Task 4

4.1 Work and development needs of individual

Every individual working in an Cabin Crew needs to develop itself for surviving in long run in the Cabin Crew as In today’s world where there is a lot of competition in the market and people are so updated with the use of new technologies and innovations that it is very essential for the people to develop themselves as per the need of society, as per the need of their work so that they can contribute their best to the organization.

Work and development needs: Work and development needs refers to those needs of individuals through which they can increase their skills, knowledge and capability within their work so that they can work more efficiently and effectively that they could be able to make efforts towards the achievement of organizational goals. Cabin Crew should focus on providing raining to their employees regularly so that employees are able to meet the expectations of the management as well as Cabin Crew should review and monitor the performance of the employees at regular intervals so that they can evaluate the performance of each employees who are working in the organization. This will help management in knowing the performance of their employees better as well as management also can take corrective measure for all the employees who are not performing well and separate trainings can be provided to them by the management to enhance their skills (Falola, et. al, 2014).

Training needs plays a very major role in the success of the Cabin Crew as employees are the people who contributes to the success of the Cabin Crew through their working so if employees of the Cabin Crew will work effectively and efficiently this would reflect to the success of the Cabin Crew and if trainings are provided to employees to improve their performance and skills and also they could find better ways of working in smarter and shorter way will lead to greater productivity of the Cabin Crew only and will contribute towards achievement of organizational objectives.

4.2 Plan and deliver the assessment of the development needs of individuals

Planning and delivering the assessment of development needs of an individual
In the company Cabin Crew the assessment to ensure the needs of individual can be done in following ways.

  • Motivation: The method to identify the training need of the employees of Cabin Crew is that the leader of the team should focusing on keeping its employees motivated and always positive so that they work positively and in free environment. The leader should adopt various motivation techniques to motivate its employees as well as employees should be motivated to build their confidence as well as the level of performance of employees after motivation will help in identification of further training needs (Torraco, 2016).
  • Delegation: Another technique which can be used to develop the skills of employees in Cabin Crew is delegation of authorities the leader should delegate the responsibilities to the employees so that the employees will be able to know various kinds of works of Cabin Crew as well as this will also increase the working skills of the employees. Management should arrange various trainings, seminars and workshops for the employees for increasing their skills, capabilities and knowledge.
  • Communication: Identification of development needs in Cabin Crew can also be done through communication where team leader of the company should personally interact with the employees of Cabin Crew and should discuss about their problems so that if employees are facing any problems in working environment or any other problem which is related to their work which is reducing their efficiency and effectiveness can be discussed with the leader so that he can find out the ways to solve those problems as well as enable the employees to work in a free environment.

4.3 Evaluate the success of the assessment process

Evaluating the success of assessment process
Assessment process was conducted in Cabin Crew with a view to identify the training and development need so that required trainings can be provided to the employees of Cabin Crew and so that those trainings can be resulting into increase in skills, capabilities and knowledge of the employees of Cabin Crew (Salas, et. al, 2012). Success of assessment process can be identified through following ways.

  • Feedbacks: After the assessments feedbacks can be obtained from the employees regarding the training provided to them though the management of Cabin Crew so that the positive and negative effects of the trainings can be known as well as the changes in the working of employees can be identified and also the corrective measure which are to be considered in next trainings can be evaluated.
  • Appraisals: success of the assessment can be identified through appraisals also that appraisals should are provided to all those employees who have improved their workings after the trainings and development programs this will build a confidence feeling among the employee and this will also work as a motivation mechanism for other employees to work more better for the organization (Wilson, J.P. 2014).
  • Discipline: assessment of the success of training and development can be identified through the discipline of the employees. Trainings are provided with a view to increase the skills, capabilities and knowledge of the employees and these trainings are provided by Cabin Crew to bring a positive change resulting in the success of Cabin Crew. The after effects in the working of the employees shows the assessment of the training and development that trainings has improved the discipline of the employees and trainings has resulted into bringing positive changes among the employees.
  • Promotions: promotions can also be used to assess the success of assessment process that all the employees who have improved their working after trainings and development programs should be promoted so that they can learn new variety of work as well as this will bring motivation towards work among them also this will bring motivation among other employees for improving their working for achievement of organizational objectives.

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Working in the organization is important for all the people involved in it. So most appropriate candidate must be recruited and selected with applying correct policies and strategies to accomplish the task. Another aspect is the leadership attributes that is required to be used with correct leadership style along with appropriate motivational techniques to accomplish the task. Another aspect is the team benefits that help the organization to achieve their goals. Apart from that motivation, delegation and communication in the airline company can become the most important aspect if formulated and implemented properly. If the entire task is accomplished then Airline Company can achieve all its goals in an effective manner.


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