Unit 1 Business Environment Sample Assignment

Business Environment

Unit 1 Business Environment Sample Assignment

Task 1

1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of Organization in England.

An organization is a type of a structure which is made of mainly three elements that are relationships, responsibilities and authorities between different individuals with the help of which the organization achieves different objectives. The purpose of any organization is to make profit in a standard way. The organizations in England are also built in order to fulfill this purpose. England is the capital city of United Kingdom and has a vast number of organizations built in the city. There are many types of organizations which are there in England and their goals and objectives and even their interests vary from organization to organization. Some of the organizations in England are built to earn profits, some are created to support mankind and some of the organizations are known as non-profit organizations which have been created to do some good cause to the society. The sole trader is a kind of a business organization in England that is owned by one person. A sole trader is a kind of a business organization that is started by using personal funds, it is the responsibility of the sole trader to decide as to what type of good or service that he would like to produce and what will be his target market in Britain. In Britain around eighty per cent of all the business organizations are sole traders. The reason for this is mainly because the ease with which an individual is able to establish this type of business. Another type of business environment is Partnership in which two or more individuals establish a business which they own. Such partners have unlimited personal liability.  The partners in such a firm have a limited liability to their investment in the partnership. Partnership firms are limited to only 20 or less partners under the law. Partnership companies have written contracts between the partners which state the type of partnership it is, how much capital each partner has contributed, and thus how the profits and losses will be shared. There are a number of partnership firms in England. Limited companies are companies in England which are registered at Companies House- www.companieshouse.gov.uk. Such companies have a legal entity with its own legal rights and obligations, separate and distinct from those of its members. In this type of organization all the property which is registered on company, belongs solely to the company and is thus not treated as belonging to the company's shareholders and directors. The benefit of a limited company is that it offers limited liability to its members. Another feature of such a company is that as per the legal entity of such a company the members and directors are not personally liable to the debts of the company unless they have acted wrongly in some way. There are two different types of limited companies; they are public limited companies (PLCs) and private limited companies (Limited, LTD).
British Airways is the most reliable and well known airlines in UK. It is an International Airline that provides its services to almost 570 destinations and spanned across 133 territories. It is headquartered at the Heathrow and Gatwick airports. In the year of 1972 the United Kingdom government established a British Airways Board in order to manage the two nationalized airline corporations, namely the British Overseas Airways Corporation and the British European Airways and two more but smaller regional airlines namely the Cambrian Airways from Cardiff and the Northeast Airlines from Newcastle. All the four companies were then merged to form the British Airways on the 31st March 1974 (Grugulis & Wilkinson, 2002).

1.2 Explain the responsibilities of the organization and the strategies employed to meet them.

BA is an aviation company with its sole purpose to give high class comfort to its passengers. Its objectives are to be punctual with their service, to reduce the number of misdirect or loss of baggage of the customers, and thus to be the best in their business (Balmer, Stuart & Greyser, 2009). The responsibilities of British Airways in terms of social, economic, environmental and ethics are as follows. 

  • British Airway’s is aiming to raise €1.5 million for an NGO ‘Change for Good’ so as to help the needy children around the world.
  • It is a responsibility which includes improving and protecting the standard of living of the citizens of the whole world. British Airways provides its employees various social security benefits like the pension, maternity allowances, etc and some other benefits like the social fund, working tax benefits, etc.
  •  The main responsibility of the company is to produce and market those products and services that will assure a long term economic benefit to the corporation. They need to create and focus on long term strategies such as that increase the share price of the company, its overall revenue, etc rather than just focus on the short term strategies.

1.3 Describe the extent to which the organization will meet the objectives of different stakeholders.

For the organizations in England their stakeholders matter a lot to them as they are the ones without them they would not have been in their respective industry. Thus for British Airways stakeholders matter a lot. First stakeholders are the customers, the passengers’ satisfaction matters the most to the organizations and their main strategy has always been to fulfill the satisfaction and comfort of the passengers so that they get their value for money (Park, Park & Zhang, 2003). Second is the share holders, they are a group of people who are really important to the company as it with their financial support that the company is able to work. Without their investments the organizations would not have been able to form. Third is the staff, they are the employees of the company and thus they are the ones who turn the decisions of the company into a reality. Fourth is the Government, when the organization does well in the market they are able to pay the right amount of tax to the government by which the government is able to provide good service to its country. Last stakeholders are the creditors and the debtors who are the financers of the company. It is very important for the organizations to take care of these stakeholders as their decisions can be beneficial as well be a big problem for the company. Customers are a very important stakeholder for British Airways. Even if a customer who is working as a part time, they are also stakeholders in the British airways. The customers who are looking to buy products or services of British Airways, they are looking for a wide range of products and services of the company. They also want to buy goods and services which are of great quality products and services at a competitive price. Customers are a really important aspect of any organization as their purchases of the various goods and services provide money for the British Airways in order to be a successful organization in the market.

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