Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment


Diploma in Travel and Tourism

Unit Number and Title

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations

QFC Level

Level 4


Tourism industry is the growing industry in the whole world and major contributor in economic growth. It also creates lots of job opportunities for the native individuals and render them effective source of income. Native Government also get into it in order to promote it at global level and also render their extensive support to increase the ratio of tourism in their country. The study of Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment conducted here helps in providing a lot of information on the aspects of tourism.Tourism is of three types such as domestic tourism in which native people visit different places of their nation only, second is inbound tourism in which people from different countries visit their nation and third is outbound tourism in which people of native nation visit different countries tourist destinations. For a country domestic and inbound tourism is beneficial as it help in increasing their overall revenue and make effective development in their tourism industry. There are few nations such as France, UK and many more considered as developed nation as well as leading tourist destinations on the other hand India, Thailand, etc, get considered as developing nation. There are various factors available that put both ways impact over the tourist destinations that get discussed below. Along with these different tourist destinations are having different features that attract the tourists towards them. The  development of tourism  gets evaluated in the basis of the revenue generated and the number of visitor’s visit tourist destination.

Unit 9 Tourist Destinations Assignment - Assignment Help in UK

Task 1

P1.1 Analyse main tourist destination and generators of the world in terms of visitor numbers and income generation

As the tourism is promoted at global level it also increases the number of visitors in different nations. Tourism industry shows effective level of growth in it and helps in earning revenues in adequate manner. The growth can be somewhat explained or shown in the below table that consists effective figures that also helps in comparing different nations such as:


Visitors (In Million 2014)

Revenue generated

Expenditure (in billions)



$55.4 billion




177.2 billion




$65.2 billion




$56.9 billion




$43.3 billion




$45.3 billion




$35.5 billion


As per the above shown data it is clearly concluded that tourism sector is growing at the rapid pace and the major contributor in the growth of the economy. The most visited place is France and by looking at the number of visitors it is clearly examined that they are top on the leading table as the total number of visitors are 83.7 million it means 83.7 million tourists visit the France. The revenue generated from the tourism is also effective but due to its cost effective tourism the as per revenue they attain 4th position in leading list as they earn only $55.4 billion whereas they also make minimum expenditure over their tourism after Spain as the ratio was only 47.8 Billion (Cole, 2012). The immediate competitor of France is USA in terms of visitors as they also attract number of tourists towards them and the number shown in above table is 74.8 million. It means 74.8 million people visit USA for tourism purpose only. The share of earned revenues is much higher in-fact they are table toppers in earning revenues from tourism as they earn $177.2 billion from it and on the other hand the ratio of their expenditure is also very high as they spend over 110.8 billion over their tourism sector in order to remain them attractive. They spend almost more than double of the expenses made by the France over their tourism. The tourism of France is much cost-effective as compare to USA’s tourism (Shahrin, et. al., 2014). Both of the nations are developed and make effective contribution in their economy in order to strengthen it and render effective and strong support to it. It creates job opportunities in their nation and provides adequate level of income sources.

Except these developed nations there are some developing nations that are struggling continuously in order to promote their tourism sector and enhance their tourism industry. In the above table Russia is the best and suitable example of the developing nation as the ratio of visitors in Russia is much lower than France as it is only 29.8 and it approx 3 times lower than it. The ratio of their earned revenues from the tourism is also much lower as compare to USA and France also. They are trying to improve their tourism industry and enhance the level of tourism sector at global level. By looking over the expenditure made by them over their tourism industry is that they are highly focused over promoting it at global level because the amount spend is much higher than earned revenues such as $50.4 billion (Shahrin, et. al., 2014). In order to make in-depth comparison of these destinations there are few more factors are there such as night spending or expenses made by the tourists and many more. UK, USA and France render effective night life or night tourism destinations in order to attract the tourism and in this sections these developing nations are falling because it lead to increase in the local crime activities that threaten their government as well as their tourists also. So the developing nations are also failing in this section also and they need to make effective level of improvements in it (Norkamaliah, et. al., 2014).

P1.2 Analyse statistics to determine tourism destinations trends and predict future trends.

The recent trends effectively show that there is effective growth is noted down in the  travel and tourism sector  and this growth attain rapid speed in it. Nations get effective benefits with the adequate level of improvement in their tourism sector as it helps in increasing their job opportunities, income sources and promote them globally (Norkamaliah, et. al., 2014).


Recent Trend

Future trend

Use of internet



Online information collection



Online bookings



Review of feedbacks



recent trends - Assignment Help in UK

Tourism industry is growing rapidly and with its increase there is effective increase in the tourism related problems. The figures shows that there is effective increase in the number of tourists visited France but in reality there is fall in the number of visitors as the rate of visitors visiting France get fallen down in effective manner. The estimated rate of increase is 2% but the actual rate at which it gets increased is only 0.1%. On the other hand UK is also showing effective increase in their number of visitors but actually they are also attaining low rate. The number of visitors in UK gets increased by 5% whereas the predicted rate was 6.1% as they are falling over it (Rajaratnam, et. al., 2015). The second major feature is increase in the revenues in France the expected rate was 7% whereas in reality the growth attained at only 2.5%. They attain growth at very low rate. On the other hand UK’s predicted rate of growth was higher than it actual rated.

By looking at the recent trends it is effectively analysed that in near future there will be effective improvement should be noted down in the growth of the tourism industry as the changes are favourable for them. There is effective increase in the usage of internet that helps in making effective promotion of the tourist destinations and their features. It also increases in the online bookings that enhance the tourism market (Rajaratnam, et. al., 2015). Increase in the recession there is adequate increase in the prices of different things that directly impact the global tourism and affect badly in the revenues generation through it. The ratio of expenses gets increased significantly and revenues get decreased in effective manner. On the basis of the above discussion it get concluded that tourism sector shows effective increase in their earned revenues as well as in their expenditure. The recent trend helps in improving the status of the tourism sector and it helps in growing tourism sector at rapid base (Rajaratnam, et. al., 2015).    

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Task 2

P2.1 Analyse the cultural, social and physical features of the worldwide tourist destination selected by you explaining their appeal to tourists.

Service industry gets enhanced with the introduction of the tourism sector in it as they get effective customers with the help of it. Tourism demand adequate support from their government for the purpose of maintenance, and many other factors. Government also get benefited with it as it increases their revenues as well as also increase the ratio of foreign currency hold by them that help them in expanding international trade (Stylidis, et. al., 2015). Different destinations having different features in order to attract tourists but below discussed features are common in all destinations such as:




Cultural feature make inclusion of various distinct features such as language spoken, religions, traditions, festivals, foods & beverages, music, lifestyle, art & literature and many more. If the nation is culturally rich it automatically attracts the number of tourists towards them. For example UK & India are two best examples of the rich culture nation that attract lots of tourism towards them. UK is rich in culture as there are lots of different groups are residing and they make effective contribution in their culture. The important aspects make inclusion of different things such as Literature, art, theatre, music, comedy, fashion, education, media and philosophy. Variety of religious groups is living in UK and their different festivals enrich their culture. The rich culture helps them in removing various different and major problems such as language, foods & beverages and support to tourists. For most of the countries their poor culture is considered as the barrier for the development of their tourism sector.


For any item its physical appearance plays a vital role in attracting customers. Like in the same way tourism also get enhanced with the help of its physical features. Its physical feature make inclusion of the different destinations such as mountains, theme parks, forests, rivers, lakes, historic places, and many more. Tourists visit the country in order to visit these destinations. It become very important for country to promote their destinations at global level so that tourists get to know about them and tries to visit them as per their accordance. For example: In Paris Eiffel tower is much popular place in the whole world as it gets promoted well at global stage. In France there are various destinations that attract the tourists towards them such as seaside resorts, beach resorts, river rafting facilities and many more attractive points. In order to promote their destinations various effective services are provided such as in Philippines they render service like campaigning at volcanoes and many more. For example: Paris is most preferred destination for the newly wedded couples.


For development of tourism society plays a vital role as they provide effective support in many ways such as them make conversation with their tourists, tourists get their preferred foods and beverages and many more. When tourists get adequate level of support from the visited nation’s society they feel much comfortable and their experience get enhanced in adequate manner. Society’s nature, behaviour and other factors helps in developing tourism.

These above features get utilised for the purpose of comparing two different nations where one destination is leading destination such as UK and one is developing nation such as Mexico: -





The social base of UK is much strong and they are developed nation. The base of society is strong enough because of diversified religion. Diversified religion helps in rendering adequate level of support to their tourism as with this effect tourists didn’t face problems such as communication problems, and many more.

The social base of Mexico is not much effective because there is not so much diversity in their society. Tourists didn’t get adequate level of support from their society as they face language problems because they didn’t able to build effective communication with them. The tourism sector is not getting adequate support from their society and this is factor where they are lacking.


UK is culturally rich as their culture is much diversified in various factors such as literature, art, fashion, lifestyle, religion and many more. Diverse religion leads to different festivals and different groups of people that help in enhancing the experience of their tourists. Tourists easily build adequate level of communication with the natives and resolve their problems by making adequate level of communication with them.

Mexico is failing over the cultural feature as there is no such diversified culture with them. They are not great at culture feature as compare to UK. They didn’t attain much diversity in religion due to which their tourism didn’t get support from it. Tourists visit Mexico face language problems that create communication problem and other issues and tourists experience is not much effective.


The physical attribute attract the majority of the global tourism and by looking at the UK’s physical attribute is much effective. There are various destinations that attract the tourist such as riverside resorts, theme parks, opera house and many more. Tourism gets support from their government as they promote their tourist destination at  global business  level.

Mexico is the ancient physical feature such as Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Tulum, Copper canyon, Palenque and many more. The ancient feature attracts the tourists towards them but due to the language problem and lack of support from society creates problem for them. Their government need to promote their tourism at global level in order to promote their tourism at global level.

P2.2 Compare features of a tourist destination in a developing country and leading tourist destinations.

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tourist destination slide 2 - Assignment Help in UK

tourist destination slide 3 - Assignment Help in UK

tourist destination slide 4 - Assignment Help in UK

tourist destination slide 5 - Assignment Help in UK

tourist destination slide 6 - Assignment Help in UK

Task 3

P3.1 Compare the appeal of current leading tourist destinations with that of currently developing tourist destinations

Tourist’s destinations is having effective and unique feature that attract the tourism towards them. Different destinations is having their own attraction point in order to attract the tourists such as society’s support, behaviour and nature of locality, and many more. Below table make effective comparison among two different destinations on the bases of appeal such as:





They are attaining 2nd rank in visitors list and 1st position in revenue earning list. Majority of population attract towards the attractive and unique destination of USA and as a developed nation they make effective promotion of their destinations.

They are no-where in front of USA while comparing on the basis of number of visitors and revenue earned. They attain attractive destinations but due to lack in promotion they are not able to attract number of tourists towards them.


USA is developed nation and with this effect there are various things that are effective as compare to other countries. The most attractive point in USA tourism is their night life as it is an additional feature in their tourism sector. Majority of their tourism revenue get earned with the help of night spending in casinos, night clubs and many more. They attract their tourists towards their night life and it helps in getting effective revenues.

Philippines are lying under developing nation and the attraction point is their natural beauty as they provide destinations in the form of forests, mountains, hills, rivers, beaches and volcanoes. The positive point or attraction point is their natural beauty that attract the tourist towards their nation and it helps in getting effective level of development in tourism sector.

P3.2 Evaluate how characteristics of a tourist destination affect its appeal

The pace of growth of tourism sector clearly stated that it renders effective opportunity for jobs and enhancing income sources for their natives. Nation gets benefited with it as it makes direct and impressive contribution in their economy. Developed nations enjoying this feature as it add effective value to their growth and make effective contribution to their economy. Developing nation get benefited with it as they get adequate source that helps in their development and make them promoted at global level. Everything is having pros and cons with it and in the same manner tourism also such factors that put both way impacts (Pang, et. al., 2011). The additional features and characteristics of the tourist’s destinations impact the appeal in both ways. The positive part of tourism is that it makes effective contribution in economy, create additional job opportunities, enhance their income sources, local product sales get increased (local product include mostly food products and handicrafts), enhancement in transport facilities, and many more (Pearce & Schänzel, 2015). The negative impact put by the tourism that it create unnecessary pollution mainly air pollution as increase in tourism lead to increase in transportation, it also increase noise pollution, normal wastage get increased and many more.

For example: Philippines are rich in nature beauty and the natural feature attracts the tourist over there. Their government put emphasis over promoting their tourism at global level so that their tourism gets enhanced. The promotion results into increase in tourist numbers and increase in their revenues. The increase in number of tourists lead to increase in the pollution and it put direct impact adversely over their natural beauty (Suttikun, et. al., 2016).

Tourist destination initially demand promotion and once it get reviewed or respond by the tourists its promotion get thrust out in the form of mouth publicity. It is the effective promotion and it can be done only when they get satisfied with the features of destinations. The additional features such as support from society and others help in enhancing the experience of the tourists. Once it get promoted and responded properly it provides effective benefits such as job opportunities and others. Along with the effective benefits there are few demerits are available such as increase in the pollution level, normal wastage, inflow of incurable diseases and many more. These negative factors affect the popularity of their tourist’s destinations. These demerits are part of the promotion and for once these demerits get overshadowed by the benefits that it helps in developing the nation and their economy get strengthen. The other benefits make inclusion of the factors such as government get adequate amount of foreign funds that help them in increasing foreign trades, local products sales get increased, increase in the number of new jobs, development in their infrastructure and increase in capital investments (Zamfir & Corbos, 2015). There are few more characteristics related to the tourists destinations such as: -



Local attraction

For tourism development it is much required that along with tourist destinations that their local attraction also become effective such as hotels and restaurants need to be effective in order to provide additional benefit to them.


Tourist’s get attracted towards the infrastructure and it make inclusion of accommodation, foods, beverages and many more.


Transportation services must be effective as it increase the accessibility of the tourist’s destination. It also provides safe and secure transportation to their tourists.


Culture of organisational  provides effective support to their tourism as it enhances their tourist’s experience. For example:  - UK is culturally rich and attracts lots of tourists.


History of any nation attracts the tourists the most as they keen to know about their history of their nation. UK and India is most perfect example of Heritage.

Task 4

P4.1 Analyse issues that affects the popularity of tourist destinations

Introduction:Nation’s development get adequate level of support from their tourism as it helps in making economy strengthen. Many factors are available that put both way impact over their tourists destinations. Impact can be positive or negative for their tourist destinations (Ljubicic, 2016). Below are few factors get discussed that put adequate impact over tourist destinations such as: -




The foremost factor that impact badly over the popularity of tourist destination is terrorism attack. Tourists don’t prefer such destinations that are regularly attacked by the terrorists. They didn’t put their life in risk in order to spend their vacations. For example: There is attack made by terrorist in France on 13th November 2015 that affects their tourism badly. The popularity of their tourists destinations get impacted badly.

Recession in economy

It is the second major factor that impacts the tourism destination popularity as with the increase in the recession in economy there is effective increase in the prices of goods and services that hampers the tourism program of the tourists.


The accessibility of tourist destinations put effective impact over tourist destination popularity. Easy accessible tourist destination put adequate impact over their popularity as it gets accessed easily. If the accessibility of tourist destinations is not easy then it may put adverse impact over its popularity (Dinis, et. al., 2015).

Political factor

Development of tourism gets impacted with the effect of unstable political parties. Stable political party helps in making effective development of their tourism as they pass effective rules and regulations related to it.


Tourist’s destination requires maintenance, renovation and care taking in order to remain attractive for tourists. These activities demand huge finance in order to execute the activities. Lack of finance put adverse impact over the popularity of their tourist’s destinations (Hong & Lee, 2015).


Now-a-days there are effective changes are noted down in the technology as it become very easy to promote the destination with the help of online portal, social media and many other resources. The increase in promotional activities helps them in getting number of tourists.


The weather or climate becomes a major difference among leading tourist destinations and others. UK and France having effective advantage of the climate as compare to the Kenya and others.

Environmental factors

Tourist destinations include the natural factors in it and with the increase in tourism it put adverse impact over it. Increase in tourist number adequately increases the pollution level and other adverse activities that impact the environment and it directly impact the popularity of the destination (Della Corte & Aria, 2016).

P4.2 Discuss the potential for responsible tourism to enhance the host community at worldwide tourist destinations

Potential features need to be emphasised by them in order to make effective development in their tourism sector. The nation needs to be adopting responsible tourism as it helps in enhancing their potential features and minimising in their negative features put over their social, economical and environmental factors to increase the level of tourism. Nation makes use of their earned revenues in order to make effective development of the localities (Oppewal, et. al., 2015). For Thailand responsible tourism become much effective as it helps in improving their job opportunities, increasing in earnings, service industry get enhanced in effective manner like hotels, restaurants, entertainment paradise increase their level of services. They become capable enough in order to promote their culture at global level with the help of tourism. When others get to know about their tradition and culture it helps in increase in the total number of tourists. Their government also get benefited with it as there is effective increase in their foreign currency to help them in making effective foreign trades (Del Vasto-Terrientes, et. al., 2015).

The tourism of nation demand effective support from their government for the purpose of improving their infrastructure by renovation, maintenance and take care of these destinations. These activities render effective job opportunities and considered as income source for the natives or residents. Government make adequate use of these available resources for the purpose of renovating these tourists’ destinations. Government prepare effective policies, rules and regulations for safeguarding their tourist destinations. They put adequate level of restrictions at their tourist destination in order to avoid various unwanted activities such as littering, writing (unwanted modification) and others. They increase the security of these destinations to maintain the popularity of the destination (Batabyal & Beladi, 2015).

Tourists whether they are domestic and international require effective support from their government for the purpose of enhancing their tourism. For the popularity of the tourists destinations it is necessarily required to enhance the level of services so that tourists get attracted easily. The attraction of tourists points get enhancement with the help of improvement in the local attractions such as enhancement in the services of the hotels and restaurants. With the additional factors of local attraction they effectively become successful in getting number of tourists more and more (Batabyal & Beladi, 2015). As a leading destination UK is considered as the best suitable example. The tourism industry of UK shows stability that helps in improving their tourism development. This stability helps in getting effective level of growth, job opportunities, and income sources and most important it minimises the negative impacts related to the tourism. There are various factors get included under negative impacts such as terrorism attacks, local crime and others. UK government and their tourism sector utilise the benefits rendered by the technology such as online portal, social media and others in order to promote their tourism. They make effective use of their potential features such as rich culture and effective heritage for the purpose of attracting number of tourists towards their nation.

India is the perfect example for the developing nation or developing tourist destinations as they are promoting their tourism over global level and try to increase tourism in their nation. Like UK India is rich in culture and heritage and by promoting these two factors they try to increase the level of their tourism in order to attain the benefits rendered by tourism. Their government put adequate emphasis over removing unnecessary and unwanted activities such as crimes, etc. to increase the tourism activities in their nation (da Silva Oliveira & Panyik, 2015).

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In the end of the effective discussion it get concluded that growing tourism industry render various benefits to their native nation such as increase in income level or increase in revenues, increase in job opportunities and make effective improvement in strengthening their economy. There are various leading destination of the tourism sector such as UK, France, USA and many more as they took benefits of the developed features on the other hand there are various developing nations that also developing in their tourism sector. Increase in tourism sector help them in increase in various sections such as revenues, promotion, job opportunities, income sources and many more. The respective nation gets benefited with the increase in their tourism sector. Along with positive measures there is effective increase in the negative aspects such as increase in pollution level, increase in crime rates and many more.


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