Unit 7 Research Skills on Online Shopping Assignment

Unit 7 Research Skills on Online Shopping Assignment

Unit 7 Research Skills on Online Shopping Assignment


Diploma in Computing System and Design

Unit Number and Title

Unit 7 Research Skills on Online Shopping

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Level 4


Research is the systematic approach to identify the actual data connected with the course of action. In simple terms it could said that it is the process of finding analysis, and estimating future work. Numerous definitions could be used to define the simple term of research.  It is to be understood that it is the process starting from seeking knowledge, facts evidence and ending up with discovery of nontrivial facts and insight of the matters. in this complex world research skills and use plays a very pivotal role either in business organization or in real life. Many analytical use this skillsin order to come up with the understanding result for the time being in force. Research skills should be accompanied by following intents such as logical, replicable, systematic, and empirical. In Research Skills on Online Shopping we will understand the different aspects of the research skills such as its methodology, ethicspros and cons, method to present the report with collected results program. It is being said that many organization and business environment has taken the benefits of research by avoiding unseen bad results which could have born if research was not done properly. Now it could be said that research skill is the analytical process to estimate the future course of actions and its results (COOK. & MUROWCHICK, 2014)         .


1.1 Assess different research methodologies with regard to the case study; online Shopping in the United Kingdom? 

In business there is find a consistent changes in human behaviour or market factors which are essential in driving the business in most appropriate manner. There is a company named Kingdom Royal sales in U.K. that is going to use different research methodologies in order to understand the consumers buying behaviour and their choice of actions in various fields. Data gathering is the complex set of activities and provide the collective information regarding with the market and its effective changes for the time being in force. research methodologies are the complex set of medium to collect the data at large and it requires utmost care and skills to perform such task in better manner (Apostolico & Egry, 2013). Experimental research-it is the research program which shows the real impact of the all the factors which has ample amount of impact over all the associated business decision. Kingdome royal could use this research to identify the selected target group of people and conduct a small test to understand the consume behaviour with the online shopping experience.

Experimental research

Survey research- This survey is conducted in order to gain the sample research of the data associated with the market trends and consumes behaviour. Kingdom use this survey research program to understand the rivals strategy and consumer mind set with the particular buying behaviour. Online shopping trend is at starting stage and many people in U.K. showing negative and positive impact of this behaviour at worldwide. Survey research helps management to study the sampling of individual units from the market.

Evaluative research- It is the set of research program which provides the actual impact of the social intervention. It depicts to Kingdome royal to understand the impact of their actions in the market.  This research program shows all the negative and positive impact of the company’s intervention in the market.

Observational research-This is the research program in which Kingdom royal will have slight idea of the Online shopping behaviour of consumers at large. It will help company to understand the marketing behaviour, consumer’s choice and other feelings and trends in U.K. market.

Observational research

Developmental research-This research program shows the real impact of the Kingdome royal online shopping of the market which will arise due to difference between poor and rich people in U.K. there are various examples of development research longitudinal, cross sectional and cross

This research has been very useful in collecting quantitative and qualitative data at large. These both clarify the actual meaning of the research methodology

  • Quantitative data-It is the collection of data at large in which focus is done on the collection of quantity of data regard with the matter.
  • Qualitative data-There is collection of data in small but the data collected represents the actual purpose that help researcher to come up with the good decision making.

1.2 Justify the use of a research methodology to be used for the research proposal?

Research proposal of the Kingdom royal is comprised of different data collection and depicts the different consumer behaviour regard with the online shopping this use of research methodology describe as above as helped company to understand the different aspects of buyers and their choice of action in the online market shopping(Theron, et. Al., 2015) Reasons to use of research methodology to be used for research proposal-This methodology helps Kingdome royal to describe the different theory to be used to justify the use of various research program. With the help of this research program we will understand and analyze the different factors Such as purchasing behavior and online consumer intention to make purchase and sell regard with the online shopping experience.

  • Primary data collection- This data collection is used by the researchers on its own in order to come up with the good business decision. Collection of this data has helped researcher to understand the market behaviour and consumer’s taste of choice, and going on trends in the market.
  • Secondary data collection- this is the data collection process in which researcher use the data which was collected earlier for other purpose in order to come up with the good decision. It is accompanied with the collection of data from Magazine, newspaper, census and books.

There are found to be seen numerous benefits of this data collection in several ways such as

  • Experimental research has helped researcher to identify the different aspects of online shopping in U.K.
  • Survey research shows the people’s consuming behaviour and their choice of action as per the expected goods offered by the rivals in the same group mapping.
  • Development research shows the cross functional analysis which helps researcher to identify the cross need of the product in the online market.
  • Observation research program will be useful in identifying the actual need of the online consumers at large and will helps Kingdome loyal to make a good marketing  package to increasing the turnover of the business.
  • Qualitative data which has been collected with the help of only primary resources data collection process that shows the actual impact of the human resources on the online shopping trends in U.K.
  • Quantitative data which has been collected with the help of different level of secondary data such as Books, magazine and other sources that shows the interest of the public at large which may or may not be the right estimating results of the given project.

1.3 Discuss the importance of both qualitative and quantitative data in research?

Collection of data by kingdom royal has shown estimated real impact of the online consumers on the business level. Numerous data has been collected with the different level of research methodology. Qualitative data is the part of the data collectionin which only required data is collected for the particular purpose. There is seen that Kingdome royal has collected qualitative data with the help of primary data collection sources. This type of information gives the selective study of the consumer behaviour in the particular online market segment. In modern approach most businessmen try to make good quantitative data collection by using secondary data sources in order to determine the different need of online consumers in retails stores. The importance of data collection could be described with the example given that in case of collection of the qualitative data of Chai would be such as aroma, appearance. Glass cup, Qualitative data collection would be weights, showing temperature, and price of the cup. It also shows that qualitative data could be used for different purpose for making good choice of action as it is comprised of various quantities of data.

Qualitative data has been used in order to gather information which provides reliability and credibility to the different research methodology. Whereas quantitative data is being collected in order to collect the different aspects of the information in big quantity so as to collect several information. Quantitative data is useful to compute different means and arithmetical research program but at the same time Qualitative data is rich in information and poor in quantity that helps in arranging stipulated data the Kingdom royal has used different data collected with the help of quantitative approach in order to make various plans (Olsen, 2012).

  • To understand the consumers behaviour with online shopping.
  • Estimating marketing trends with the given rivals.
  • Understand the online marketing rules and regulation and other means.
  • Determine the demand and supply of the online market.

1.4 Explain the problems that can arise when undertaking research?

Research program is the critical process of gathering information from various fields with the help of different sources. But there is find different pitfalls in collecting information which could shows the hurdles in the way of gathering information (Wilfond, 2015)

Pitfalls- These are the hurdles or disturbing points in research of collecting information at large. There is find different pitfalls in this research program.Dependency of data on each other is one of the biggest barrier in collecting data as it shows the requirement of collecting other data for understanding the complete meaning of actual data collected. Time and money both are also considered to be the most common pitfalls in determining the data and its value for the business decision. Kingdom Royal is small online retails who are unable to perform the fumction of gathering information at large. Other lack of transpancies in the data at government level also shows the hurdle in collecting information. Afterward it could also be noticed that there is seen the trend of increasing insider trading cases at worldwide. Researcher has to undertake the matter of collecting data as per the point of view of insider trading cases. The biggest hurdles is that there is some time find the lack of authority to collect standard data required if this data is collected then it might results into ethical crime that may impair the image of the company.

  • Standard pitfalls in collecting data
  • Lack of time
  • Lack of money
  • Lack of quality of employees to collect the right amount of information and knowledge
  • Lack of interpretation skills
  • No proper analysis to come up with the actual meaning of collected data


2.1 Justify the use of research sources?

Online shopping in U.K. has taken a high note in the retail market stores. With the help of different research sources we have gathered a high amount of information regarding with the matter of various facts such as consumers behaviour, their inclination with the online shopping, exiting rivals in the online market share, growth of the market, responding nature of particular consumers. Various sources of information which could be deployed by the kingdom royal for collecting information such as audio mean, visual, paper based information electronic devices.

Use of primary sources-in this study kingdom royal has used primary source to collect the different level of information in order to make good amount of business decisions. It includes gathering information from the campus and seminars by connecting with different aspects of the people at large. Primary sources are self-generated sources that provide complete set of knowledge for the businessman. Client’s behaviour and their intervention collected in this could help in business proposal and could be used to align their interest with that of business plan.

Secondary sources- There is seen that for gathering the quantitative data Kingdome royal has used various magazines and interviews program and other public documents such as official gazettes to understand the different market behaviour. Secondary sources are depended upon the different collection of data and it helps to make a cross check with each other’s data so that accuracy and validity of data could be checked in timely manner. This is understood that these data provide very much helps in the critical decision making process as they are accompanied with the result of different aspects of the BDM.

For the ethical consideration- Data collected from the different sources by the kingdom Royal has been used for the various purposes. But company needs to maintain a fine line between right and wrong of the data collection process. in most of the cases there is in the collection of data different laws and regulation are attached. Research has to comply with the all the privacy or data protection law in order to keep good ethical consideration of the data.

2.2 Evaluate the importance of using primary information sources?

Primary information sources- It is the source of collection information from the various field such as conducting own research program, taking interview, making calls to relative bunch of people, walk in to various malls and home, and so many others ways (Cho, et. Al., 2015).

  • Importance of using primary information sources
  • It provides information hugely accompanied with relevancy, accuracy and determining the most of the use for the researcher.
  • Data collected from various sources may provide the different use of the several decision making
  • It helps researcher to avoid high and costly decision mistakes.
  • Sources provide different interaction with the people and helps in understanding consumers buying pattern.
  • With the help of primary data collection technique it is found that researcher finds more inner information which is hard to collect with secondary sources. Furthermore it helps in easy collection of data in right manner.
  • It is less time consuming and more effective that provides the actual use of the data collected.
  • This source provides the data which is highly dependent upon the interpretation power of the researcher. It tells how researcher sees the data in his right choice of action to make a good decision plan.
  • Primary data collection sources provide the actual understanding of the online shopping trends and consumers mark up interest in the same segment market simultaneously.

2.3 describe a recognized system for referencing

Referencing- this is the place, destination; URL of the information collected from different various sources. There is seen that internet helps many researchers to collect the information from various sources but in order to establish a good nexus between information and its collection sources different referencing is used (Lu, et. Al., 2013).

  • In the proper study of the referencing there is used following points
  • Referencing is the very material in understanding the academic knowledge of writing skills.
  • In the given project mostly Harvard system is used to write down the different referencing of the data collected.
  • There is always need to provide the referencing of the data collected in which authors name and the year in which that information published is considered.
  • Different authors name and their books name in the particular year are also highlighted for the time being in force.


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3.1 Present a research proposal to a defined audience utilizing appropriate survey techniques?

Research proposal- It is the program of collecting relevant information from the concerned persons at large. It is coupled with different questions and grievances in order to gain better understanding on the subject matter. Kingdom loyal use different research proposal to audience with the help of different appropriate survey methodologies. There is find several importance of the data collected (Liu, et. Al., 2014).

  •  It helps company to analyze past data and asset in overcome the recitative mistakes in the projects.
  • This data collection has helped company to forecast the future trend of the company in case of increasing trend of online shopping in U.K.
  • It helps company to measures the real impact of the clients on the growing stage of the online shopping in this today’s world
  • With the help of the different data company measures the actual market share of the rivals in online products selling market and increasing growing stage of the company at the same time.

Appropriateness of this research project questions- Kingdom royal is engaged is online shopping business line in which company has to understand the real attitudes and belief of the consumers at large therefore company has to prepare a good quality of Questioner in order to get the full understanding over the consumer’s behaviors. Furthermore all the questioners which are used to understand the consumer’s behavior divided into structured or semi structured questioner. This is also used to understand the attitude measurement of the consumers in various cases. In today’s world there is given following scaling technique to understand the attitudes and responsive behavior of the consumers at large. Likert scaling, Thurston scaling, Guttmann scaling, semantic differential scaling; sampling e.g. random, quota, stratified are used by many organization at large in order to cater the different responsive attitudes of the consumers with the present stocks or services in the market. They are interchangeable to understand the rating of consumers in the big level.

3.2 Discuss the role of ethics in research.

Ethics in research- This is the term which is used to describe the actual meaning of good and bad data collection as per the social point of view. It is understood that data collected should be through the way which are ethically right and socially good. Bifurcation of the good and bad technique of data collection is covered in the ethical research program (Kingori, 2013).

Role of ethics in research:

  • It helps researcher to point out the real bad impact of the stipulated data collection technique
  • Ethical program is the real indicators which helps user to understand the actual need and importance of the data or information at large.
  • It helps company to keep away from the cases like Insider trading in capital market or other disclosure requirement.
  • It helps to understand the ethical issue in several ways in easy and different manner.
  • Company establishes a separate ethical committee to evaluate the importance of the data and outcome of its disclosure in the market at the same time.
  • Identification of ethical issue and comply with the data protection act with the full due diligence.


4.1 Prepare an extract from the research proposal appropriate to a seminar environment.

Research proposal is the way of disseminate the information to required stake holder of the company. It includes various research methodology, proposal plan, and choice of action and furthers more. I have come to the real short summery with the help of collection of qualitative and quantitative data at large that online shopping trends and increasing U.K. growth in this sector is very pivotal. It has provided us the understanding of the consumer’s choice of action and how they are using online portals in their daily services needs and activities. U.K. local people are adapting to the changing technology and have showing their real inclination toward the online selling and purchasing. Research proposal has helped has in different ways such as (Chen., et. Al., 2014)

  • It helps in making least high cost investment.
  • Kingdome Royal has understood the real choice of the consumers at large and developing products and services as per the consumer’s choices.
  • It has avoided very high mistakes coupled with real loss of money.
  • It has generated a good marketing image worldwide with the help of endless market covering limit.
  • Company has used various feedbacks and comments received from several numbers of consumers in order to re-engineering of value chain activities.
  • It has helped consumers to explore unseen market with variety of products and has changed their perception to shop.
  • It reduces consumer’s time, cost and their headache to bother shopkeeper so that they could see all the cloths at the same time.
  • Various faculties such as cash on delivery, free shipping refund policies are considered to be very effective in this research proposal plan.

4.2 Provide constructive feedback on proposals presented within the seminar environment?

Constructive feedback- This is the comments or after seen activities which helps company to understand the real impact of tee research proposal plan in the easy and highly manner (Briner & Walshe, 2014). It has helped consumers to adapt with the sophisticated environment.

  • This research proposal plan has provided the real understanding of the online shopping behavior and its importance to the consumers.
  • Consumers are considering this portal and have understood how importance it is in order to phase with this international trends in the market.
  • Proposal has helped consumers to gain several advantages of the online shopping behavior where they could find various kinds of purchasing stuffs and cloths at no problems.
  • Online discounts, offer packages, coupon code could also be used by consumers in order to give a good hit to purchase the goods at low cost.
  • This report has also shown that how other new rivals would be attracted to enter in these online shopping portals that will pose the real threat of new entrants in the unseen market.
  • Being the niche market it is the introduction stage and has high potential of growth and unforeseen technical challenges to the sellers
  • E-bay, Amazon, Flipcharts are some of the E- portal which is giving their selling authorization at certain amount of cost but they are also using their power to interpret in the business decision making.

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Online shopping in this changing environment is on growing stage. Many new comers and entrances are showing their inclination to enter in this marketing planning  in order to make high amount of profits and put a high grasp on the wide range of consumers. I have understood whole the research program with the help of given scenario of online shopping trends in U.K. at large. The most important things I have noticed are that peoples are still getting scared of making online payment. They are affirmed of getting deprived by someone. But U.K. Government and cyber crime laws have been developed with the time and showing high amount efforts to reduce these problems at large.


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