Unit 7 The Developing Manager Assignment

Unit 7 The Developing Manager Assignment

Unit 7 The Developing Manager Assignment


Diploma in Hospitality Management

Unit Number and Title

Unit 7 The Developing Manager

QFC Level

Level 5

Credit value

15 credits



A skills or competency framework is a qualitative tabulation which allows managers to identify certain set yardsticks by which they can be evaluated, in their performance of managerial functions.

Unit 7 The Developing Manager Assignment

Ref 2.1 Assessment of management skills performance and evaluation

Management skills in the context of the Hospitality management industry may place onerous demands on the Manager, due to many different requirements, in order that a comprehensive analysis could give a full-dimensional picture.
Overall, they may be classified into 3 key categories, namely technical, human(interactional) and conceptual(creative ideas) (Katz. R, 1955). Most of these may be applied to all streams of management, while a few may be specific to the field concerned (e.g. Hospitality management).

Organisation and Time management

The tendency here is to focus more on the long term management and organisation leaving the day-to-day details to be finalised on the given morning, as short term priorities are likely to change frequently and putting a firm schedule on this leads to loss of flexibility in daily operations. Having said that, one can also argue that t, no two his opinion could be also vary as, people in areas such as financial markets, daily closure would be demanded as tasks can never be carried over to the succeeding day.

Decision making and problem solving

This is the ability managers are required to have where they need to choose the best available solution to a problem, after ensuring its appropriateness. strategic decision making is my forte and I find the creative process similar to this activity highly stimulating and demanding in my work, as in the Hospitality Industry situations are similar and what was practical at one point may require a complete turnaround, in the next .


In Hospitality, even activity demands planning to the highest degree as a mental or charted map of targets and timelines help in leading teams in a confident manner, in allocation of tasks to group members and goal setting. I think that my planning capacity is meticulous and I am challenged by deviations to them which does sometimes put a spoke in the larger picture.


Matching task to a person is all about gauging the potential of team members and as a leader of my team, I enjoy e activity, as estimating potential of human resource provided, is a constantly varying activity especially in times where there are high turnovers to contend with . However, I invariably follow-up on timely reviews of jobs done which helps in two ways : (a) In sending the right signals for keeping at the job for the employees and (b) In qualitative evaluation of work done to keep level of bar raised at all times.

Interpersonal and Communication skills

Rapport building and openness in communication are both useful skills in any managerial area. My forte lies in persuasive talk which I find extremely relevant in this industry, both to team members and to clients. As for communication, selective use of both verbal and written communication needs to be selectively used to take care of the need of the hour.

Ref 2.2 SWOT Analysis



  1. Good written and spoken vocabulary useful in presentation and persuasive skills
  2. Direct approach to problems helps solve them with minimal steps and does not lead to complications later.
  3. Critical thinking when evaluating past performance, which gives an invasive pointer to the future handling of company goals



  1. Opportunities such as this one, where personal skills can be analysed, which helps me to highlight my own strengths and weaknesses
  2. Major events that require to be hosted, as it enables me to showcase my planning and implementation capabilities.


  1. Better quality time management is always being striven for by me, as there is always room for improvement, especially just before project deadlines




  1. I feel slightly threatened by having to delegate power down the line but do recognise that it is an essential facet of any business environment.

Ref 2.3 Prioritised objectives and targets to develop my potential

I feel that a need exists for everyone to improve the area of target setting itself and most of the problems in execution could be avoided, by SMART target setting. While I have had a limited experience trying to use this tool, I am firmly of the view that its value to the final product achievement would be immeasurable.
SMART is a mnemonic standing for:
Specific objectives spelt out while target setting
Measurable or quantifiable result setting as a benchmark
Attainable/Achievable with reference to time, support and resources provided for one
Relevant as to the relationship between specific goals and the overall objectives of a program/project/or even the annual or long term targets
Time-Bound which is a final cut-off or conclusive closure to the activity being executed
In clearly defining the above, various processes such as evaluation and performance measures become a simpler exercise.

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My current function as a team leader and middle managerial staff is aiding the smaller steps towards achieving my Career Development Plan, through the following progression:

  • Presentation and communication skills I believe are the outermost expression of a personality and I hope to build on these facets of my personality to move up the career path, towards ultimately reaching a leading position within a company.
  • Decision making skills are honed only through experience and this will be built up during my next 5-7 years of practical learning in this field, so as to gather an extensive and comprehensive knowledge of the Hospitality industry.
  • My planning skills are exceptional and I am able to run the departmental functions in a skilful manner, with execution of projects speaking for the high quality planning, underlying it.
  • Finally, I have a penchant for continuing professional education throughout my life to improve processes, abilities and conceptual knowledge in my subject

All of the foregoing I am sure will stand me in good stead towards achieving my Career Development Plan in fullness of time.


I belong to an institution which invests heavily in personal development of employees and where resources allocated for HR improvement is substantial. This is visible through my quick career progression so far, from a trainee 5 years ago, having risen to the level of a Middle Manager at present.
I honestly am of the opinion that my personal skills and managerial acumen have contributed to a large extent in this career path, so far.
My future expectations are that the Plan outlined under Q 4.2, would also be taken seriously by my employers and all the necessary inputs by way of on-the-job training, institutional training and flexibility in work timings would be acceded to, to a good extent in monetary terms. This would show me that my efforts are being appreciated and that my personal potential has been acknowledged by the company and the same is found to be of value for the future of the company and its own growth model and objectives.

Ref 4.2 Personal and Career Development Plan

My Career Development Plan would be to become a CEO of a small company within the Hospitality Industry

What I may require to achieve the goal:

Management of time and resources, optimally

Critical thinking

Role play skills

Ability to analyse SWOT parameters of team members

Higher skills in Performance measurement exercises

Specialisation in at least 2 areas of Hospitality management

(e.g. Event planning, Cruise Liner hospitality management etc.)


Career skills and interests:


Research study relevant to this area

Financial planning tool familiarity or accreditation

Work-Life balance management training

Employee motivation training

Structured training in handling customer complaints (relating to legal provisions)



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