Unit 4 Research Project Assignment -Jet Airlines

Unit 4 Research Project Assignment -Jet Airlines

Unit 4 Research Project Assignment -Jet Airlines


Diploma in Business

Unit Number and Title

 Research Project Assignment -Jet Airlines

QFC Level

Level 5

Task 1A: Selection of Research Topic

Formulate and record possible research project outline specifications;

Introduction: - Research study is processed for the purpose extracting effective information in context to the specific problem or issue. There are various Journals, Articles or other information sources get analysed and evaluated in order to extract the information that satisfy the requirement of the research topic. Customer satisfaction an emerging element that majorly plays a vital role in the success of the business organisation. Earlier the prime motive of the businesses is to earn maximum profits from their business but with the increase in competition customer satisfaction become essential element that need to be focused in primary basis.

Problem statement: -The problem statement that results into processing research study is that Airline Industry is (Easy Jet airlines) focused over customer satisfaction because all other factors such as prices of their services, product and others are not such different as compare to other airline industry. But the major element that create differentiation is the level of service quality rendered by them in order to satisfy their customers. With the increase in the customer satisfaction level they become loyal towards Easy Jet and avail their services as per their need (Christian et. al., 2011).

Research Objectives: -

  • Below are the set of objectives that need to be achieved at the completion of the research study as these are as follows: -
  • To measure the impact of the customer satisfaction over the performance of Easy Jet Airline.
  • To measure the benefits of the customer satisfaction in context to Easy Jet Airline.
  • To evaluate the impact over the outcomes of the Easy Jet Airline with the effect of customer satisfaction.

Research Aim: -The foremost aim of research study is to meet out the set objectives of the research study. The other aims is to answer the set research questions with the use of gathered information from different sources and complete the research question in successful manner.

Select a research topic: " Impact of Customer satisfaction over Easy-Jet Performance" Identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection

Scope of research study: -The research topic "Impact of customer satisfaction over Easy-Jet Performance" having wide range of scope as there are lots of measures get evaluated. Customer satisfaction impact the functioning of the Easy Jet in various manner. It depend over the fact that whether it is impacting adversely or favourably. With the increase in customer satisfaction there are favourable changes noted down within their overall performance whereas if there is decrease in customer satisfaction there are adverse changes get noted down within the overall performance of the Easy-Jet Airline (Wahyuni, et. al., 2016).

Transparency within services: -The major element that helps in increasing the level of satisfaction within the customers is to create transparency among their services. With the effect of the service transparency there is effective increase in the customer satisfaction as customers get to know about the overall processing or inputs and outputs made by them while rendering their services to customers (Birkhofer, 2011).

Acts & Laws: - Easy-Jet airline follows the business ethics and other laws (likes equality act, etc.) while rendering their services to their respective customers that helps in maintaining good brand image in the eyes of their customers (Birkhofer, 2011).

Feedback: -Feedback is considered as the effective tool of evaluating the progress of the research. With the help of the feedback effective analysis is made over the work done so that required changes get performed at the initial stage only before it hampers the overall process (Birkhofer, 2011).

Task 1B: Critical Review

Undertake a critical review of key references.

As per Christian M. Ringle, et. al., Airline industry find themselves in difficult position due to cut-throat level of competition in the prices and products rendered by them to their customers. Their earlier motive of earning maximum profits from customers get changed to attain huge base of satisfied customers. They focused over the fact that "Customer Satisfaction" is the major element that increases the customer loyalty and also put effective impact over their overall performance (Christian et. al., 2011). They are highly focused over rendering effective services to their customers in order to make them satisfied. In order to satisfy higher level of satisfaction to their respective customers they raise the level of services quality rendered to them that finally impact over their overall outcomes. With this effect there is adequate increase in their overall quality which results into increase in their quality production, loyal customer base and many more (Christian et. al., 2011).

As per Sri Wahyuni, et. al., in this globalised world technology plays a major role in satisfying the customers. Reliable and trustworthy information system helps in satisfying the customers as with the use of updated technology various problems get reduced and helps in knowing the customer's needs in easy manner (Wahyuni, et. al., 2016). According to them there is tight competition among the service industry and in order to increase the market share there is effective need of following attractive strategies that helps in attracting number of customers. So due to this airline industry put their emphasis over building effective customer relationship instead of getting higher level of profits for their purpose. With the increase in the service quality there is effective increase in the customer satisfaction level. So airline industry is emphasised over improving their overall quality of their services (Wahyuni, et. al., 2016).

Task 1C: Project Specification and Action Plan

Produce a research project specification

  • Research methodology:There are various sub-heads get discussed below that helps in processing and completing the research study in systematic manner. These sub-heads get mentioned and discussed below such as: -
  • Research methods: For processing research step by step mixed method is followed because it rendered combination of two approaches such as qualitative approach and quantitative approach. By following this research method researcher become much capable in getting the information of diverse nature that render adequate level of support in meeting the set objectives (Fatima, 2012).
  • Data collection: There are various tools and techniques are available for the purpose of data collection and for this research study questionnaire is utilised for data collection from the primary sources as with the use of it survey is conducted. Researcher also extract the useful information from the secondary sources like Journals, etc. in order to support the further study (Fatima, 2012).
  • Data analysis:The gathered data is needed to be analysed because with the effect of analysis researcher get the useful and quality information for meeting the objectives of the research study. In order to analyse the information gathered from secondary sources Bibliometric analysis technique is utilised on the other hand to analyse the information gathered from primary source survey evaluation technique is utilised (Fatima, 2012).
  • Recommendations:After analysis quality and useful information is extracted that further utilised for diverse functions such as meeting objectives, rendering recommendations for the purpose of resolving the problem identified and many more (Mackey & Gass, 2015).
  • Limitations: There are some limitations associated with the research study that affect the progress of the research study and it make inclusion of diverse factors such as lack of human resources, lack of finance, lack of adequate equipments to process the research study and lack of time. These put adverse impact over the overall performance of the research study and requires effective level of control in order to make successful execution (Mackey & Gass, 2015).
  • Ethical consideration: There is need to maintain ethnic flow during the research study so that whole research study get processed legally. Ethics include selection of adequate questions that doesn't hampers person's interest, permission and approvals in order to collect data and many more (Mackey & Gass, 2015).

Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification

  • Problem Identification: -There is need to identify the problem so that it helps in setting objectives for research study.
  • Implementation of strategy: - To process research study in systematic manner simple and easy strategy is made that need to be followed during the process as it helps in successful completion of research study (Kumar, 2014).
  • Data collection: - Relevant and current set of information is required for the purpose of the meeting the requirement of the research study and also helps in answering the set research questions.
  • Data analysis: - Once data get collected then with the use of suitable techniques these get analysed so that relevant information set is extracted from it in order to meet the research objectives (Kumar, 2014).
  • Findings & recommendation: -Analysed data utilised for the purpose of decision making recommendations as it further utilised for resolving the identified problem (Kumar, 2014).

The table prepared below is having action plan for processing research study in systematic manner such as: -

Action Plan:



Date of initiating

Finished date

Duration (in days)


Identify the problem

24th Sep

27th Sep



Select topic for research


29th Sep



Took approvals

30th Sep

8th Oct



Complete preparation to conduct research

30th Sep

5th Oct



Collect data from identified sources

9th Oct

18th Oct



Arrange and analyse the collected data

19th Oct

24th Oct



Made recommendations and suggestions. Submit the report

25th Oct

28th Oct


Gantt Chart: -

Gantt Chart


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