Unit 4 Research Project TPC Assignment

Unit 4 Research Project TPC Assignment

Unit 4 Research Project TPC Assignment


This Unit 4 Research Project TPC Assignment is research project on Stress Management. The assignment comprises of 4 tasks. Task 1 will define and give an understanding on how to formulate a research specification. This will take an example of the research and accordingly how the research gets defined. Task 2 will consider the data and the sources from where the data collection is done. Task 3 will highlight the evaluation of the research results that are interpreted from the data that is collected from various resources. Task 4 will discuss on the way the research and its interpretations are represented and displayed. Research is really difficult to be carried out. It takes a lot of time and effort to do the results. This assignment will take the example of Stress Management within Public Sector Enterprise “Thermal Power Corporation”.

Task 1

LO1 how to formulate a research specification

LO1.1 Research Formulation:


In this research the whole the focus is being made on the various factors that are causing the stress in Thermal Power Corporation. People in TPC are lacking their confidence due to which the stress level in organization is increasing day by day due to which the workflow and the performance and skills of employees is being affected and the organizational issues are raising. (Anson, 2001) Therefore the concentration of the research will be on the verge to find out various factors that are causing stress among the people of TPC and will try to gather the information that how stress among the people can be reduced so as to manage the workflow of the organization.

  • Research Aim: The aim of the study is to avail all the possible concerns to mitigate the stress level in TPC so as to make sure that the workflow can be managed effectively and efficiently. (Anderson & Robert, 2002)
  • Objectives: This research will be done with the following objectives:
  1. To find out which department has maximum level of stress in company
  2. The factors that contribute the increase in stress within the company.
  3. To find out stress as per age group, designation, department and gender
  • Research Question: The research question that arises is how the stress factor could be found in TPC, so that the stress could be minimized and the workflow can be managed in TPC.
  • Rational of Research Project: This research is carried out to find out the level of stress that exists in the departments, levels, designations, age and gender of the people. This will help in finding out the ways that could be implemented to reduce and eliminate the stress from the company.
  • Literature Review: In this section the research is being developed from various evidences which are being taken from various industry examples as well as the information is being gathered from various literary scholars. The whole content of the research is being developed on the basis of the assumptions that are being made by seeing the behaviour of the propel working in TPC.

This section of research topic will cover various aspects of the stress that are affecting the behaviour of the employees working in the organization. With the help of the research TCP will get to know that what are the various factors of stress that are affecting the performance of the employees working in the organization and the productivity of the organization because of which the workflow of the organization is being affected. (Aurini & Kelly, 2005)
With the assumptions that are being made in regards with the stress in TPC have derived various results and the results that are being derived were very disheartening as the employees working in TPC were facing lot of burden and pressure regarding the work which they were doing.
Another matter of discussion was that the employees working in TPC were not having proper equipments and relevant resources so as to process the work effectively and to manage the workflow of the organization. (Cedoline & Anthony, 2003)And the employees working in the TPC were not being motivated due to which the stress level was increasing and they were not able to focus on the workflow.

LO1.2 Students identify the factors that contribute to the process of research project selection

There are several factors that contribute to the selection of the research project. These are listed as under:

  • The availability of the subjects in the college, university and companies with their research teams.
  • The subject level experts and faculty available for the students and interns for research projects.
  • The interest of the students in a specific area (Dunham & Jack., 2006)
  • The level of support and contribution that an individual will get.

LO1.3 3 Undertake a critical review of key references

References will be taken from the primary sources and the secondary sources of the research. Primary will comprise of developing of the questionnaire or a survey and then directly approaching the employees of Thermal Power for their answers. Secondary would be reference to the newspapers, articles, magazines and the research papers that are already published.

LO1.4 Produce a research project specifications


Methodology is the part of the research that will include various techniques and actions that are being taken so as to collect the appropriate content in the research. These techniques are being developed so as to make the proper understanding in regards with the research topic so as to make the topic comprehensive and precise. (Edelwich & Brodsky, 2009)

In this research the discussion of the Maslow’s need hierarchy is being done to make a better understanding in regards with the research topic. As the need hierarchy will help in understanding the needs of the people working in the organization and will help in understanding the stress they are having in achieving those needs.

Research Project TPC Assignment

Theoretical perspective

The theory given by the Maslow focuses more over positivism as it is related to the needs of the human which talks about the changing behaviour of human in regards to achieve the various needs. And the fact that comes out with the evaluation of the theory is that people working in the organization remain in stress so as to achieve various needs as they do not get satisfied with the fulfilment of the need and the expectations of people keeps on increasing after achieving one or the other need. (Bourner & Cunningham, 2003)

LO1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for the agreed research specification

This plan and procedures could be explained in the form of Gantt chart:

Research Project TPC

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Task 2

LO2 To understand how to implement the research project within agreed procedures and to specification

Under this task a discussion would be carried out on need to match the resources efficiently to the question and hypothesis of research. As per the agreed procedures and specifications, the investigation for the research has to be carried out. (Bruhn & Breshman, 2001) The data has to be collated and recorded as when required.

LO2.1 Students need to match resources efficiently to the research question or hypothesis

Research Design

In this research project mixed method is being used as the research is all about the behaviour of the human in the workplace in TPC. And hence the questionnaire is being used so as to make in depth evaluation as a primary source and secondary resource is being developed so as to make the authenticated research content. (Huitt, 2007)
The method of design would be very suitable for the research in which the questionnaire will be developed so as to get the effective response from the target population and the valuable feedback from the employees working in TPS.

Data collection method

The method to collect the relevant data in regards with the research is filling up of the questionnaire from various employees working in TPC which will help in providing the comprehensive details in regards with the research topic and will help in understanding the challenges that are being faced by the employees relation in the TPC and will help in finding the possible solution to the concern problem. (Fredrickson & B.L., 2005) The questionnaire is being developed with the help of the experts which include the relevant questions that will help in effective evaluation of the factors involved in stress in TPC.

LO2.2 To undertake the proposed research investigation in accordance with the agreed specification and procedures

Sampling Techniques

In this report random sampling technique is being used in the probability sampling so as to address the concern issues so that the justified solution can be made to resolve the issues. The questionnaire technique will be used and the sample size would be 120 employees of TPC so as to develop the content of the research topic. (Aurini & Kelly, 2005)

Data Presentation And Analysis

The data of the research is being shown in the form of charts that are pie charts and bar charts which will represent the quantitative nature and some of the data will be provided in the form of tables so as to make the qualitative data.

Reliability And Validity

The data of the research report is reliable to as it is being taken from all the various authenticated sources and can be manipulated with the ease of access. To maintain the validity factor the privacy techniques has been approached as the information provided by the respondents have been kept secured and proper approval of various government authorities is being taken in regards with the content of the research report. (Anderson & Robert, 2002)

LO2.3 To record and collate relevant data where appropriate

In this section the questionnaires will be analysed and the data collected in terms of the figures would be listed and noted in the form of the tables as given below. They will help us in finding out the results for the stress as per the objectives of our project. This record and collation of the data would be with the application and use of statistical tools like tables, graphs and charts that will give an interpretation of the results. (Hoel, Sparks, & Cooper, 2001) The data is recorded and then analysed. This analysis should then be compared with that of the existing and already carried out researches that will define the occurrence of corrected and authenticate results.

Data from Thermal Power Project

Department Wise Analysis 


No of Employees














                                                Research Project graph

From the above table and graph it could be analysed that Finance department bears the maximum level of stress in the company. They have to handle cash and plan for the projections and company income and investment. It is due to financial nature of transactions that the stress is measured to be more. Sales is said to perform and gain business for the company. This invites more stress. Operations also has stress but lesser than Finance and Sales. (Quick, 2004) Therefore based on the parameters that figures have been obtained.


 Age Wise Analysis













55 & Above



                                                 data and graph, Assignment help

The data and graph show that the age group of 35-45 has maximum level of stress as they face the pressure to perform and present to the management. They have to perform on professional front and even take care of their families with rising inflation levels. The employees in the age group of 55 and above have least pressure to perform as they have already spent their lives (Sapsford, & Jupp, 2006).

Therefore it is with the data collation and the interpretation that the results of the research are revealed and shown to the employees. It is essential that the research person must develop, align and design the research questions and interview analysis questionnaire as per the objectives he has laid down. This will help him get the correct results. These results can then be compared with that of the already published results of other researches and authenticate and validate the research that is carried out.

Task 3

LO3 Be able to evaluate research outcomes

This task would reveal the appropriate evaluation techniques, methodology in place and how they could be used to actually find out the results for the research that is carried out. The recommendations will surely help in finding out the ways in which the problems could be resolved and solved.

LO3.1 Students need to interpret and analyse the results in terms of the original research specification


The limitation with the whole process of the research could be that the data which i being provided by the respondent could be wrong as they would have the fear losing their jobs if they would provide the correct information in regards with the stress at the workplace. (Selye, The Stress of Life, 2006) (Selye, Stress Without Distress., 2009)This could lead in losing the authenticity of the research content as false information will lead to reduce the quality of the research topic and the irrelevant evaluation will lead in diminish the quantifiable factor of the research content.

Overcoming Limitation

The limitation could be overcome as it is to be make sure that the data which would be collected would be collected from the experienced workers of the organization and it would be insured to them that the information that they would provide will be kept confidential and their names would not be shown to anyone and the information will solely be used in the research only.

LO3.2 Students need to make recommendations in their research and link to research findings and justify areas for further consideration


After all the evaluation and analysis of the data there are some of the findings that came into existence in regards with the research:

  • Employees working in TPC were in stress due to the pressure of the work and to fulfill their needs
  • The performance of the employees was declining due to the stress
  • The stress factor was affecting the organization in a very negative manner
  • The productivity of the organization was declining
  • There were some of the employees who were on the verge of resigning from their jobs due to the mental pressure and the stress in regards with their jobs
  • Some of the employees were in stress as they were not being appraised and were feeling boredom due to the repetition of the work that they were doing every day.


With several findings there are some discussions that are to be made so as to get the in depth knowledge about the issue that is being faced by TCP:

  • The people in the TCP were in the stress as they were running after the various needs and were taking lot of stress. The people working in TCP were ignoring everything and were just running after the needs. (Aurini & Kelly, 2005)
  • The employees working in the organization were under work pressure. As the workload was very high an were not able to focus on the workflow due to the pressure they were taking lot of stress and were messing up with the work
  • The stress level of the employees was raised up to that extent that the employees were ready to leave their jobs and wants the new start. (Edelwich & Brodsky, 2009)
  • The employees were in the stress because they were not being appraised for their effectiveness and efficiency and were not being motivated to work more effectively due to which the employees were not satisfied with their jobs.


  • With the discussion and findings in the research there are various recommendations that came into existence so as to solve the issue regarding stress in TPC:
  • It is important for the organization to appraise the employees for the effective work so that the employees can be motivated to work more hard so as to get the appraisal. (Cedoline & Anthony, 2003)
  • The organization should keep on rotating the jobs of the employees in several periods of times so that the employee does not get bored of the work he is doing
  • The organization should have proper division of work so as to ensure that no employee should have to bear the work pressure (Dunham & Jack., 2006)
  • TPC should provide rewards and recognitions so as to ensure that the employees should work more enthusiastically and should help the organization to attain its objectives
  • TPC should have the stress buster games in the organization so as to ensure that the people working in the organization could get energised and could remove their stress.


Stress Levels are observed to be high especially in the specific age groups, departments and the levels within the organization. Stress was observed in this Unit 4 Research Project TPC Assignment in the Thermal Power Corporation where the results were assessed through primary and secondary research. Primary Research comprise of carrying out a survey and interview analysis in the form of the questions. Secondary was for the literature review and authentication and validity of the results that were obtained.
The data was interpreted and expressed in the form of the tables, graphs and various other statistical tools. This helped in finding out the exact levels of stress in the company. Finally based on the research results, the data was expressed in the form of the report that should be done as per managerial and academic audiences. This report would be referred and studied even by others and the results could then be analysed and noted by them to carry out their own surveys and making of reports.
Lastly it is essential that the report prepared and presented to the faculties should also have a recommendations and suggestions in the way the stress could be reduced and eliminated from the lives of the people. This will give an impression to the faculty that you have gained and understood the solution of the problem that existed as an objective of the research. In the nutshell a project report has to comprise of all the components that are listed and noted in the research guidelines. The faculty will accordingly compare the interpreted results and format.


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