Unit 4 Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Unit 4 Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Unit 4 Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Task 1

Executive summary:This part is based on the personal conference on personal and professional development plan. In this part, the learner has planned to contribute personal values and principles to work in health and social care.


Personal values refer to the beliefs, principles or ideas which are important in person’s life. On the other hand values reflect the standard of person’s life. However, the standard of life is increased for the development of knowledge.

1.1 Compare personal values

Individual reflection

Personal values my process

Effects of values on principles of support in health and social care

Equal rights

I specially prefer to provide equal right in work place specially health and social care. It helps to gather more knowledge in health care unit.


I always prefer workforce diversity because it helps to improve work efficiency of the workforce. As an emergency unit, health care has to treat all patients in proper way and as early as possible.


I prefer to maintain confidentiality in health care organization because it helps to protect service render’s data from other service renders.


According to me faith is important for health care staffs because it will help to improve employee communication.


Knowledge is my first preference for me because less knowledge will create health risk of the patients.


I strictly maintain integrity in my professional life because it improves work environment and responsibility on patients.


I love to accept challenges because it improves the experience level and knowledge. In health care organization the staffs need take challenges which will improve treatment quality of the staffs.

1.2 Assess how values like culture and your own belief affect service users and others in health and social care settings

My personal culture and experiences

Assess how personal culture and experience impact on your role as a health care professional when supporting service users

I am non-vegetarian

I have observed that some strict Hindu Brahmin did not allow me to touch their body while came for treatment.

I prefer halal dishes because I am Muslim

However, I have taken equal care of all patients.

I culture thought me to treat every patient equally

Therefore I considered that all patients are equal. I have maintained almost no discrimination in my workplace.

I never influenced by other culture

My culture thought me that patient from any background is same. Therefore I can provide them good service.

1.3 Impact of new development

I have observed that some new legislation, policies, priorities, principles, values and research have been developed in health care organization. I can feel its impact on my role as a care worker. According to me, Sex Discrimination Act 1975 thought me to express same respect to both male and female co-workers. The career Act 1995 provides the right to ask for an assessment for the ability of my health care organization. On the other hand the career act 1995 covers my career in adult age along with other two types one who cares for other adultand another one who cares for any ill or disable adult child. The Human Right Act 1998 helps to justify my right in government health care. The Children and Young People Act 2008 help me to decide the treatment process for young patients and adult patients.

I am very pleased to follow those rules and regulation because those acts and regulation also facilitated co-operation between care workers and higher management. It also helps to improve relation among all level employees. I have observed that role and responsibility of government improves. Now UK government has developed Green paper where every public and private health care have to register their name along with types of service. On the other hand I have observed that government has planned to engage all careers, stakeholders, health safety organizations, shareholders and number of patients to collect their view and feedback for improving services of health care organization. this process helps me to share everything which is related to job with authorised persons and maintain hassle free environment.


In this part, the learner has tried to compare different personal values such as equal rights, diversity, confidentiality, faith, knowledge, integrity and challenge.  Apart from that , the learner has described the values like culture and his own belief affect service users.  Finally the learner has described the impact of different legislation on the professional life as a care worker.

Task 2

2.1 Assess your own current skills and learning style

Personal progress is very important for care workers which are related with the skills and abilities. The suitable learning style varies from person to person. There are some factors which must include in learning styles such as diverging, experience, accommodation, reflective observation, active experimentation, assimilating and abstract conceptualization. As stated by Drummondet al.(2015), learning from outside world is considered as assimilating learning. I specially prefer to learn in all possible ways such as from my work culture, work types and environment around me. As a worker of service industry, I specially prefer linguistic learning process. This process helps me for assimilating and accommodating because in can read, watch, learn and feel my activity. Partially I take notes which will help me in future.  The entire learning style will be:

Unit 4 Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment


I specially prefer linguistic learning process because it helps me to learn from activity


In want to develop linguistic learning process in my organization


In work place the employees can learn. On the other hand the employees can learn from their work field experience.


It has been observed that the employees have to take some extra workload during training period.


2.2 Holistic development of your short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals

The personal development plan is based on different type’s goals such as short term goals, medium terms goal and long term goals. The goals have been fulfilled by different skills such as:

IT skills:

It has been observed that information technology plays an important role in management and monitoring system of health and social care organization. Therefore I have spent a long time on different IT skills such as mailing, information searching, communicating, data collecting and gathering knowledge. Now all operation issues have been solved by the computers and health care units are using computers to diagnoses the problems of service user. 

Negotiation policy:

Negotiation process in the health and social care organization is important. Sometimes I have spent some extra time to check patient condition. On the other hand the team members have to negotiate with their duty schedule to monitor patient’s condition almost 24 hours. It has been noticed that only money is not an influential factor for the organization, job responsibility improves the negotiation process of the employees.

Presentation skill:

The Social workers must have presentation skills so that they can easily communicate with the patients. On the other hand the patient can easily understand their disease easily. On another hand the care workers have to present their issues and advice on the board meeting. According to my knowledge, the presentation skill is developed in short period of time. Therefore, the presentation skill is considered as long term plan for health care workers.

Therefore I have decided to draw a personal development plan for the health care organization:

Plan name



Type of plan

Information technology skill development

Minimum 6 months

Developing the knowledge of using computer, gathering knowledge, tracking and information collecting

Short time

Negotiation policy

Minimum 1.5 years

Developing responsibility in work place

Medium term

Presentation skill

Minimum 3 to 5 years

Present their opinion, communication strategy with others

Long term

Executive summary: This part is based on the arrangement process to monitor the progress of personal development plan.


The monitoring process of personal development program is considered as a monitoring process of work performance of team. It is essential to understand the effectiveness of newly developed plan.

2.3 Discuss the arrangements to monitor the progress of your personal development plan

I have critically observed each and every step of my personal development program for a week. After that I have thought that the effectiveness of my personal development program can be identifying through the monitoring process. If I take IT development plan as a first stage of my personal development plan,then I have to monitor that how many team members utilize computers for their official use purpose.  On the other hand I have to check the record keeping process and saving patients data process and using electronic devices. On another hand I have to examine the employees to give responsibility of team for small period and observe the managing operation of that employee.

2.4 Effectiveness of development plan to your own development/ practice as a health care professional

I strictly focus on the development of IT skills and team leading knowledge for my team. The main reason behind my selection process is that IT skill improves the decision making process and the employees will be more confident while they treating any patients for curing. On another hand, I can keep my medical information in electronic media such as computer, tablet and smart phones. Therefore I can access all records through internet from anywhere.

Decision making process is another important property for the health care workers. It also helps the care worker to easily detect the patient’s disease. Sometimes it has been observed that patient does not tell their problem in a proper manner. In that case a quick decision may save patient’s life. Apart from that, in high risk condition patients cannot communicate with care workers then the care workers have to make primary checking and make quick decision to save patient’s life.


This section is based on my implementation of development plan and effectiveness of my personal development plan in health care organization.

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Task 3

Executive summary: This part is based on different types of relationship in health and social care organization. The learner has tried to evaluate personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of individual. Finally the learner has planned to implement a plan to improve professional relationship in health care organization.


The professional relationship is considered as ongoing communication and interaction process between two employees (Cummings and Worley, 2014). It has been observed that maximum work place conflicts have been occur due to appropriate interaction process. Therefore the organization has maintained government ethical standards to improve professional relationship.

3.1 Explain the nature of different professional relationships in health and social care contexts

The professional relationship is considered as a communication process by which the employees makes relationship with other individuals like service user, employees of other industry, colleagues, team leaders and higher officials. There are different types of relationships in the organization such as:

Relationship with client

The employees should be respectful while they communicating with the individual who are interested to take service from that organization. In this process, the health care workers have to be much polite while communicating with patient. It crates friendly environment for the patients and patient can express their health issues.

Engagement with colleagues

As stated by Borkowski(2015), the internal relationship among the employees helps to improve the team bonding. Therefore, team performance is improved. The effective team work always ensures good outcome of work. On the other hand the experience share process also improves the knowledge level of the team members. Apart from that every staffs have shown respect to others. I have observed that cultural difference often create workplace discrimination. Therefore I have advised all my team members to show respect on other culture. It also helps the team members to accept good knowledge from other culture. The mutual understanding may decrease the workplace discrimination and harassment in health care organization. Good work environment also motivates and increases hygiene factor for the care workers. I have observed that one care worker help other care worker any bad situation.

3.2 Evaluate personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of the individual

I, as a team leader always maintain personal right of the employees as well as service renders. I have discussed earlier that in have small legal knowledge about the rights of individual. I always maintain some legal framework in workplace such as:

Equal rights and diversity

I maintain The Care Act 2015 because it ensures me to meet the different people value and requirement during assessment, planning and care procedures. I maintain The Health and Social Care Act 2012 to reduce the health inequalities of all population through the partnership arrangements of the NHS.

Confidentiality Acts

I try to maintain The Health and Social Care (Safety and Quality) Act 2015 and The Data Protection Act 1998 to maintain better communication with team members and service renders. On the other hand I protect confidential data of patients fairly.

Protection from abuse and harm

The Care Act 2015 and Children Act 1989/2004 help to establish safeguarding adult’s review when a patient is neglected or abused from society.

3.3 Discuss ways to resolve issues encountered in professional relationships

I have found that lots of dilemmas may arise in professional relationship regarding ethics, behaviour, challenge, conflicts and confidentiality. I critically observe that the ethical dilemma occurs due to the misunderstanding between two employees. in that situation employees cannot understand their future activity. Therefore the decision making process delayed.

On the other hand there are two different types dilemmas occur in health care organization such as patient refused to take service and bill of those services. As a medical professional my duty and responsibility should be observed fair billing process of the patient. On another hand I suggest my team members to give priority to the patients wish.


This part is based on the professional relationships and its impact on the health care organization. The learner has discussed effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of the individual and ways to resolve issues encountered in professional relationships in a better manner.

Task 4

4.1 Effectiveness of personal contributions when working with others as a team

As stated by Fullan(2014), the performance of every professional in health and social care is important. I am acted as care workers in public heal care organization. I am tried to influence my team in different ways because I believe in team working. Team working is benefited for the organization because it improves the efficiency of all team members. In workplace, I like to share my experience always with my team members and always tell them about it. I have observed that it helps my team to track me and my every operation. Apart from that I have maintained polite behaviour, gesture, language, speech and body language in my professional field. Therefore, my co-workers can easily communicate with me. I have basic computer knowledge so I can handle basic formalities such case registering, data entry and check my team member’ schedule and monitoring team performance. I always encourage my team members to share their innovative ideas in team briefing. I always maintain friendly atmosphere in workplace and help other teams as well. I have suggested any innovative idea which improves my team’s performance.

4.2 actions for minimise barriers to effective team work in health and social care

When I have observed that one of my team members can easily deal with child patient, then I appoint him especially for child care department. This process is benefited for my team also.  It does not mean that care worker cannot treat adult patient but his child care ability is better than the adult care ability. As a result the team work has developed. Therefore, I have established effective communication to reduce the misunderstanding, ambiguity, conflict, mistrust and back stabbing which really effects team work.

I have a clear idea about roles and responsibilities of my team members. In the beginning of day I always collected the report of every patient in briefing session and suggest them about their whole day’s activities. This process increases performance of my team gradually. On the other hand all of my team members can identify their role in health care unit. Apart from that I am conscious about different cultures and values of the patients. I simply observed the type of disease of the patient and try to cure and prevent it. My simple and effective process inspires my team members to give effective performance in the health care organization.

4.3 Explain how the limits of own work role impacts on work with others


The effective ness of team has been influenced by the contribution of every team members.I have found that my contribution influences the motivation and performance of team. I have shared the legislation and policies regarding health care service. It helps my team member to provide good service to the patients. As a result my contribution has a great value to develop a team work. I always communicate with my team members in effective ways so that a good understanding develops in my team.


Sometimes, my excessive communication creates some conflict, backstabbing and confusion among the team.


My clear idea can define goal to every team members. Therefore, I can specify everyone’s role in health care unit.


I have found that different culture and values are creating barriers in my workplace. I always influence my team to avoid cultural issues to serve patient well.

4.4 Process to improve personal contributions in a team

I feel that better communication with team members increase the team performance. On the other hand I start day with breading with my team members. There I discuss the patient’s condition. Therefore, I have to discuss about the faults and gaps of my team member’s treatment policies. I have arranged the short term learning session for developing IT knowledge. I am confident that my team will start using computer for file store, customer data recording and communicating with each other. I have observed that professional behaviour of my team members is good. Therefore, in primary case the IT information & knowledge improvement will increase the efficiency of my team as well as service quality of my health care organization.

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