Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment - Assignment Help UK


This Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment is associated with providing an opportunity for developing as reflective practitioners. The current skills ability and learning style are to be assessed. Then evaluation of the effectiveness of the development plan to own development as a health and social care practitioner is to be evaluated. After that, the nature of different professional relationships in health and social care are to be explained and the roles to minimise the barriers to effective teamwork in  health and social care  practice are to be analysed.

Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment - Assignment Help UK

Task 1

c) Discuss how new developments and changes to your personal values can impact on your work.

The new priorities as well as legislation are guiding the employees having particular consideration that the area associated with cultural as well as ethical diversity is broadening with every passing day. It assists in reducing the tension as well as collision since a single general rule is being mentioned. Therefore, the different viewpoints, attitudes, and beliefs that vary between the health care worker and client should not affect the quality of care that is provided to the user of the service.

As a health care worker, I have checked my personal values, and found out that I possess a drawback related with cooperation. Every individual possess their personal challenges to abide by a specific standard of value. Therefore, slowly but surely I started learning the significance of cooperation by exposing myself to certain circumstances that helped me to newly develop as well as change my views so that I could finally consider this value as well as do its incorporation in my personal life that will have a positive impact on my work. I was also able to learn in what ways I could have better interaction with other individuals and also doing any task by considering it as my own responsibility and not just to fulfil the orders that are provided by the team leader. I realized that through the process of inculcating one value, there can be the discovery of other values as well and it will keep going on only when a person gets involved in it. (Lind, 2014)Personal development will always be the reflection of the professional development. Therefore, it is very essential for health care workers to have involvement in all the personal development programs as well as trainings. Personal and professional evaluation assists an individual to have awareness of any possibility of getting diverted from the major objective as well as purpose, overshadowing influence of other issues that put an individual’s career to jeopardy and concentrating on factors for motivation that will assist me to decrease the performance level.

Therefore, I need to learn exclusive ways for constantly developing my personality as well as avoiding the risk of getting stagnated by focusing on the aspect that I must do what I have learnt. (Boone, 2015) There always exists a possibility to learn and after I have become successful in achieving a better standard of individual characteristics as well as values, it will be reflecting on my performance related to my career.

Task 2

Assess your current skills ability and learning style by using one or more assessment tools.

I was not very much aware of the learning styles even though they had an existence for a long period of time. After I got introduced to them I realised that it was an effective step because having knowledge of different styles will definitely assist to develop my capabilities as well as potentials. The learning styles of mine are considered as solitary, logical, visual as well as aural. For me the most suitable one is the solitary since I have the preference of understanding as well as analyzing matters personally. Social learning style is in contrast to solitary learning style and this is the reason why I am unable to have a better learning when other individuals are present. Brainstorming as well as studying in a group really never helped and that is the reason why I never did the utilization of the social learning style. I found them to be unproductive and wastage of time. (Lind, 2014) Even though, I was hugely benefited through my favourite learning style to acquire knowledge, I still feel that there exist various disadvantages as well. I am prone to misconception associated with knowledge and a greater degree of relying on myself made my learning limited since there was a little chance for getting clarified.

As a heath worker in the health and social care sector, the logical learning style also provides a lot of support particularly to understand the process of disease for each disorder. It is absolutely not possible in memorizing everything and I realised that understanding with the help of logical reasoning is very much efficient. Along with having a better understanding, the duration of my understanding is much longer in comparison to plainly memorizing things. The learning styles that are visual as well as aural are general when lectures are given by the instructors and have their slides shown through with the help of the projector. (Lind, 2014). The knowledge associated with the various learning styles in the health and social care sectors assists the staffs in identifying the learning preference of their clients when there is a requirement for the health care worker in imparting information. In addition to that advantage, transfer of appropriate information is made certain.

Produce a holistic development plan for yourself with short, medium, and long-term goals.

The personal development plan that is produced is depending on my individual skills, abilities as well as areas where development is required collectively with its planned objectives, actions as well as results. Generally, every plan should possess a content in respect of evaluation but as because the implementation of these were not done I chose to keep it empty. In respect of discussing, I would like to provide prominenceon the plan’s evaluation part. Evaluation is that partswhere the planner will be implementing on-the-spot changes, draw inferences, evaluate developments as well  as efficiency of the plan. It has similar significance to the other sections that are part of the table where every part is playing an essential role for actualisation of the goals. When any one gets removed, it will not be possible for understanding the entire process and also get implemented. (McCalman, 2015) Therefore, prior to the development of such plan, it is required to know all the sections or parts as well as there is a significance to understand them.

The goals that I have set are depending on the areas where there is a need for improvement or the areas which are considered to be my weak areas. Having an awareness of such areas firstly requires personal evaluation. The section associated with the action plan or the interventions that I have the intention of doing are also depending on my objectives. The same occurs with the result section, where the explanation is provided in this part that I have an expectation of seeing after conducting the interventions. (McCalman, 2015)A significant aspect to be considered in respect of having a steady personal development plan is to check whether the explained sections of the plan are all focusing on a particular objective. By this, the possibility of getting the best outcome from this plan is quite strong.

Development Plan

Educational qualification, skills & abilities


Areas of development

Plans for development


Plans for development

(Action Plan)



1. Having a 2 year graduate degree course.

2. A graduate of Medical Transcription program.

3. Having computer literacy. (MS applications)

4. Having the capability of providing health education as a health care graduate and rendering basic requirements associated with care of the clients.

1. Having the ability for handling pressure.

2. Having an open mind.

3. Having the ability for handling criticism as well as observing them as a part of learning.

4. Having better interpersonal skills.

5. Having flexibility in any given circumstance.

6. Having the ability of thinking that depends on better judgement.

1. Improving the strategies for planning.

2. To meet the panned goals in a prompt manner.

3. To perform various techniques of communication

4. To observe different care values every time.

5. To have precautions related to safety in the setting of health care.

6. To improve knowledge in respect of individuals as well as in accord to the cultural and behavioural aspect.

Short term:

1. Everyday planning of activities

2.Maintainingprovision of values related with care.


1. Applying at least ten techniques of communication in a day and determining areas where improvement is required.

2. Mid care evaluation with achievable objectives as well as time frame.

Long term:

1. Improvements in the client interaction with various cultures.

Short term:

1. Keeping a small notebook that will help in daily planning.

2. Performing an end of care checking in regard to the values that needs application for seeing any changes.

3. To wear protective equipments whenever it is required.


1. Reviewing the various techniques of communication, checking and finding ways for improving the areas that require additional attention to develop.

2. In the middle of the care, checking the goals as well as involvementis done for reducing inefficiency of the plan. In this respect, realistic plans as well as time-frame are being set.


1. Performing a case study in respect of communication with other individuals in accord to the cultural and behavioural aspects.

Short term:

1. Activities for the entire day were realised without getting delayed as well as having appropriate priority.

2. Positive feedbacks are received from the clients.

3. Better health condition.


1. Improved relationship between client and worker.

2. Meeting of goals in a timely manner.

Long term:

1. Non-culture related impediment in respect of caring.


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Monitor your progress against the plan according to the requirements of a care practitioner, revising the plan as required.

To monitor the progress of my personal development plan, it can provide assistance in respect of becoming successful for the complete development of the areas of weakness that are focused upon in my duties as a health care worker in the health and social care sector. With the advancement of the plan, it is essential to be kept in mind whether the original circumstance is in relation to the plan, specific changes can be made to the plan if it is needed. Every goal that is being set must get evaluated to understand whether they were already realised or not and at when there is the need for terminating such goal. When there was partial meeting of the goal and additional revision is required, the goal must not be left hanging. The goal must continue provided that the action and the result section are re-assessed comprehensively for preventing substandard outcomes. (McCalman, 2015). Monitoring of the progress can be done as well by securing a separate plan of time frame in which it concentrates on the plan of action as well the time that is provided. This is very much helpful for the beginners who are still trying to get acquainted with the idea of planning their objectives. (McCalman, 2015) The more particular the plan is, the easier it becomes for the planner for tracing the development that is being experienced by the person.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the development plan to your development as a health and social care practitioner.

The personal development plan of mine was designed for assisting in promoting my skills as well as capabilities as a health care worker. Each and every goal of it was in the direction of a single purpose and that is to completely provide the best services that will be received by the clients. In the scenario related to health and social care, an approach that is focused on clients is always the main concern of the staffs. Although this plan was regarded as ‘personal’ stating that this was in respect of the planner’s welfare, once the attainment of the personal development takes place, the professional development automatically comes after that. (Lind, 2014)In my earlier answer, I did the mentioning that everything initiates from an individual and the behavioural traits of the individual will be reflecting the performance of career of the individual. The development plans whose designing I did were in general focusing on the values that were required, also the communication skills as well as capabilities that must be possessed by a health and social care worker. (Lind, 2014) Also, to learn in what ways a personal development plan can be made in an effective manner is also considered to be better scope associated with personal improvement and personal awareness.

Task 3

Explain the nature of different professional relationships in the context of your workplace.

Professional relationship is normally followed for assisting the clients in respect of the services that they require and simultaneously to put limitations or boundaries. There have been instances in which it was found that professional relationships have turned to personal relationships. In a professional relationship, clients need to pay in respect of the services that are provided by the health care worker. The relationship with a health care worker comes to an end when the client does not require any further assistance. The relationship between client-worker occurs only in a health care setting. The health care worker is considered to be the only individual having the responsibility to maintain a professional relationship. A special type of training is provided in respect of health care workers to take part of the care in respect of the clients that have an involvement. (Lancaster, 2010). The nature of different professional relationships in the context of my place of work are explained as under,

  • Empathy – Providing empathy for a person can assist in building a feeling in respect of a person who can relate as well as trust that helps to build relationship.
  • Consistency of words and actions– In every circumstance, it allows individuals for seeing that they can truly rely on the person.
  • Having trust– Colleagues who trustme has that assurance that I have the ability to perform a duty in an effective manner when I am provided with a task or when association of care is required. (Lancaster, 2010)
  • Communication– When following of better techniques are done, communication can assist the health care workers as well as clients to have a relationship that will provide assistance in one another’s objectives.
  • Cooperation– Since a group of health care workers are required to assist one another, it is important that every team member have the willingness towards cooperation. When providing assistance, there should be simultaneous functioning of words as well as actions.

Evaluate your personal effectiveness in promoting and supporting the rights of the individual in your workplace.

Being an individual working in the health and social care sector, I am responsible to assist other individuals in seeing their options as well as promote their choices, encourage their rights in respect of personal care and safeguarding is essential. I will be considering this as my responsibility since I have awareness of the rights they are possessing and I have a belief that the clients must not be left uninformed of these. Providing information on the various choices that clients can select from takes into consideration the advantages as well as disadvantages of every options and permitting clients for deciding for themselves, allowing a person in promoting their personal choice. Clients should be provided assistance in respect of the services that they require but the major objective should not be bypassed which is associated with promoting self-reliance. Self managed assists in preserving the integrity as well as personal worth of an individual. Safeguard by any means will be preventing as well the clients from abuse as well as injustice. People who want to have the care of health care worker should always have the information of their rights since this will be providing them with a sense of security.

Discuss ways to resolve issues encountered in professional relationships.

A major problem faced by the health and social care professionals is to break the barriers of professional relationship that was mentioned earlier in the assignment. The reason being that it is challenging to provide care while drawing a line between the health care worker and the client simultaneously. At times, the line disappears and assists in making the health care worker susceptible to transform professional into personal. Before services are rendered or to enter the world of health and social care, one must primarily have the orientation and provided with the required trainings so that the person will be fully aware of the common dilemmas that are expected. (Kondalkar, 2013)One more problem is associated with over-reliance or faith that the client might be possessing after the service gets rendered. The first responsibility of the health care worker is to assist but it should be remembered at all time that the kind of support that is provided is not in respect of the dependency of the client but in respect of the development as well as self-reliance of the client. In respect of any kind of communication, all should enter the introductory stage, where the role is explained by the health care worker to the client, the type of care that should be provided as well as any other information that the client should be aware of beforehand.

When the stage of termination is not properly handled by the client, the care gets unproductive as because they are more interested in seeking support whenever they will fail in having the ability to get independent. (McDaniel, 2011) A remedy for this is notifying the clients at the earliest, for instance, at the starting of the professional relationship. If required, constant reminder from the health care worker can be provided so that the stage of termination will not be observed as impossible in respect of the clients.

Task 4

Evaluate the effectiveness of your personal contributions when working with others in your workplace.

My personal contribution to the team when working with others in the workplace was majorly associated with my complete cooperation. I have observed that, the effectiveness of the group is always relying on the willingness of every member to cooperate as well. Another team that I had the experience of working with was when I did the joining in respect of the program associated with medical transcription. There I got the exposure of the actual job and we were working as a team where every one of us will be getting the opportunity for leading the group. The leader must make sure that the dissemination of each and every file is done after a specific time period and this is known as ‘turn-around-time’. (Iqbal, 2011)I got the opportunity in becoming the leader of the team and it was very much challenging. To have a team leader assists the group in becoming more productive in respect of their work since constant evaluation of the members in the group assists a lot to ensure the development of the entire team.

Explain how the limits of your work role impacts on work with others.

Depending on the two work roles that I have been provided were being a team leader and the other was being a member. Both of these roles had different influences as well as limitations. Firstly, to be a member provides limitation to the capability of an individual for controlling the development of the team because there is already an acting team-leader and secondly, to be a team leader provides limitations in respect of the capability towards performing an increased amount of work as this might be leading towards overloading on the part of the leader. (Boone, 2015) Its influence is on uniting the entire group that is considered to be better determinant for success in all the programmes that are supposed to get employed.

Analyse your role in minimizing barriers to effective teamwork in your workplace.

As a health care worker, for minimizing the barriers to effective teamwork in my workplace, I will focus on the aspects which are ineffective communicationand cultural differences. Ineffective communication occurs when an individual is not listening in an active manner, het judgemental as well as is not applying better communication techniques. Impacts associated with this type of barrier is very strong because it is impossible in building as well as sustaining a better organisation or group when there is failure in appropriate channelization of information or ideas. In this respect, I can assist in improving the communication among my team members and making them aware of the different techniques of communication that they need to apply. (Bonoma, 2011) I will be setting an example for them by improving my own standard of communication with others.

Another aspect is cultural differences that are playing a significant role either in respect of developing and leading a team or creating a serious impediment towards team growth. Because of the presence of cultural differences in UK, factors associated with cultural difference are considered to be a common phenomenon. (Bonoma, 2011) In this respect, my role will be to put up a common goal that is designed not for favouring a particular type of cultural aspect but for everyone to work towards a common objective irrespective of whoever cultural background they belong from.

Discuss how to improve your personal contributions to the collective effectiveness of your team.

In this respect, my personal contribution in respect of the team will be to happily accept criticism that is constructive so that any kind of weakness that is existing can get improved. It is better in securing my capabilities first and also to focus on my weak points, prior to my personal contribution that I believe will be leading to something quite productive in respect of the team. All the other team members working in the team should be motivated in doing so as well. At present, I am performing in a better way particularly when it is related with cooperation and I am doing my work in a prudent manner and also in a timely manner as well. (Barden, 2015) Additional self awareness as well as personal improvement will assist in improving my personal qualities as well and as a result the other aspects will be following in an easy manner.


This Personal and Professional Development in HSC Assignment delves with the personal and professional development where my personal values and principles with the principles of support for working in the workplace are compared. Then personal culture and experience influencing my role in supporting clients and colleagues in the workplace are assessed. After that, new developments and changes to the personal values that will impact the work are discussed. After that personal statement, holistic development plan, skills and learning style are assessed.


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