Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant

Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant

Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant


Under this assignment of organisational behaviour I have been asked to discuss about a mama mia, an Italian restaurant which is facing some problems in the organisation structure. I being hired by mama mia I have discussed the importance and different types of organisational culture which exists in any workplace. Moreover I have also discussed about the different styles of leadership which exists in these organisations and which will be beneficial for mama mia. Moreover I have also depicted the different  motivational theories  and its different effects on the employees and the place of work. Lastly I have discussed the importance of group in a work place, how they can be managed and properly functioned accordingly.

Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant - Assignment Help

Task 1

Taking Mama Mia restaurants and one other organisation of your choice, compare and contrast their different respective organisational structures and cultures.


Mama mia





The structure of mama mia is formal , since the restaurant uses the structure in a formal way , where there are restrictions and codes of conduct

Microsoft being a formal company , it uses a formal organisational structure whereby  it with its 3,000 employees tends to manage successfully 

Span of control

Mama mia tends to use a narrow span of control , whereby the perspective of the employees are not taken into account .( Vashdi, et,at al ,2913)

Microsoft on the other hand it tends to use a wide span of control , where it can readily focus on reducing unnecessary costs .


At mama mia the culture which is prevalent is highly de-motivating since the concentration is only on the restaurant and not on the employees

Microsoft being a MNC , it tends to follow a caring culture towards its employees.


The leadership style adopted is autocratic where only the top management takes all the decisions.

Whereas Microsoft uses democratic style where both the words of the party are being heard to.

B In the context of Mama Mia restaurants explain how the relationship between an organisation’s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business.

Structure of mama mia : Mama mia being an Italian restaurant the structure used is namely structural where, the employees has to readily go through the tier of structures as in hierarchical order. The structure is very in- flexible where the employees are not given any freedom.

Culture of mama mia: The culture which exists in mama is very much rigid where all the decisions are being handled by the higher management without even consulting the lower level of employees. The organisation culture tends to be very slow which affects the sales figures of the Italian restaurant making it at a saturated point. There exists huge conflict between other departments of the restaurant like the purchasing department , human resource department . the lack of communication flow between the employees and employers has resulted in chaos , conflict and lowering the business to a great extent ,

The rules and regulation which is being imparted in such organisation is highly inflexible making it  more difficult for the employees to properly conduct the business and leading to dissatisfaction in a lot of employees

The relationship between the managers and the employees are very much structural which tends to effect the structure and the restaurant immensely .thus it creates a barrier or rift between the employees and leads to further turnover ratio.

C In the context of Mama Mia restaurants, discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work.

The behavior of human in this context is highly complex, since different person has difference of opinion in their style, perception, characteristics etc. There at mama mia, their exist different types of people who belong to different cultures races etc.

Age: it is often said that the more you are older the better you are at your area of work . Though this is not a mandatory, but it is often seen and noticed. At mama mia the average number ratio is about 25 years age to 50 years. So it is very important that properly plan before hiring.

Gender: at mama mia the gender ratio differs from 65% male to 35 % female, it is often felt that the male has more amount of skill in analysing the things in a better manner, this is often considered to a notion by the employers. (Fine, 2010. )

Cultural: the difference in cultural has a vast effect on the organisation. At mama mia there exist different types of person which has different types of cultures and it is sometimes difficult to identify their needs. This cultural difference affects the behaviour highly.

Values and ethics: values and ethics are considered as the most important determining factor. At mama mia , due to diversity in culture , it is important that there values are properly met . This helps to adhere a sense of reliability among them .

Attitude:  at mama mia the attitude of the higher authority tends to be very rigid which makes the employees in the lower level a sense of degrading .therefore proper attention should be taken from both the sides.


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Task 2 :

Compare the effectiveness of various leadership styles that can be adopted by organisations. Recommend a suitable Leadership style Mama Mia restaurants could deploy providing a clear justification for your choice.

The different types of leadership styles are as follows:

  • Autocratic: under this type of leadership style where the people has no control over the decisions nor on the rules and regulation. Mama mia , adopts this autocratic leadership style whereby , the employees are not allowed to give any decisions on their own . .( Hackman, Johnson,  2013)
  • Participative style: This is a more people oriented leadership style where the main focus is on the employees itself. Under this, the employees are encouraged to deliver its suggestions, and puts the decisions of the employees first, this helps to instigates a feeling of reliability within the workplace
  • Transactional: Under this the responsibility of the  developing manager  is to properly co- ordinate with all the team and makes them work accordingly. The manager has to review each and every task and designates each of the tasks to other employees whom he feels to be perfect.
  • Transformational: Under this it is important to bear a strong communication flow which will help in a greater involvement from the higher authorities.

At mama mia, the type of style which should be adopted is the participative leadership , where it is possible for the restaurant manager or owner to completely indulge with the employees and thereby helping them to properly function. Moreover a proper guidance followed by a great sense of reliability is very much important in these places. Therefore mama mia should adopt a participative style of leadership where employees can be happy to work in a more enthusiastically.

b From the above case explain how organisational theory underpins the practice of management at Mama Mia restaurants.

Being hired by mama mia in order to deliver and suggest certain issue which the restaurant is bei9ng facing for a long period of time. Firstly it is being observed, that mama mia who was a famous Italian restaurant, but in due course of time due to advent of other new advanced restaurant, it is losing it market, and has reached at a saturated point. In order to regain the position of a famous restaurant it is important to look into certain theories of organisation which tends to underpin the practise of management

Mama mia, has applied the Taylors scientific management, where in it has installed the modern equipments which will help the restaurant to function more efficiently in terms to looking at the training needs, helping to improve in the performance of job.

Whereas in fayols theory management, which if applied in mama mia which help in depicting certain aspects like:

Bureaucracy: under which mama mia appoint specialist people who tends to work more efficiently and based on it , the employees are divided into certain groups . this tends to provide employees with all the necessary information .( Hackman, Johnson,  2013)

Mayo’s human relations, under which the human elemen? is all in all . if mama mia adopts certain practise of management , there will be advantages like employees will feel special in working but at the same time it will start conflict and misunderstanding among the team members

Another important approach being Herzberg’s neo – human relation approach , under this it is kept in mind that the workers should be motivated to satisfy their basic need first which will help to work them more enthusiastically Mama mia can readily apply this practice of management which will help the employees in proper attainment of the goals and the restaurant will be functioning accordingly. ( Tamborini,ed at al, 2013)

C Choosing Mama Mia restaurants and one other organisation of your choice, identify and evaluate the different approaches to management they adopt.


Mama mia



Mama mia being an Italian restaurant it tends to use certain goals for its employees which are otherwise not possible to handle each of the employees. The restaurant business is highly inflexible in making certain important decisions .( Huber ,2013)

Whereas Microsoft uses the divisional structure. Whereby they re divided into certain group and sub – groups. The structure of FedEx is very much flexible and the changes are very prompt

Approach relation to culture

The culture in mama mia changes with the leadership style. mama mia has diverse culture existing in its organisation

The culture which is being adopted by Microsoft is mainly task culture. this tends to

Leadership style

The leadership style which is being adopted in mama mia is mostly autocratic leadership style , whereby the decisions are only taken by the higher management authority , the employees don’t have any freedom

The leadership style which is adopted by Microsoft is empowering, this type of leadership helps in building confidence among others.

Task 3

A. In the context of case of Mama Mia restaurants and the change of strategic direction they are set to undertake, discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation

Mama Mia being an Italian restaurant it tends to follow a very strict kind of leadership style which is fully autocratic, where the employees are not given enough freedom and deliver their suggestion or take any kind of decision. This tends to affect the employees motivation and can result in negative aspect on the employee’s .So in this case, mama mia should consider some modification and the other available leadership styles:

  • Democratic: In mama mia, since it consists of diverse cultures, it is very important to involve all of its employees under the same ground and give them proper initiative to complete a certain task. Under this surrounding it is help the employee to get properly motivated and the restaurant will be running in a very advanced pace.
  • Laissez – Faire: Under this all the responsibilities are all on the employees itself, the decision; the management so the higher authority doesn’t takes much part under such style. This kind of leadership style is not quite applied, since it can create chaos due to no authority or control.
  • Participative: Under this leadership style, the leaders tends to be very participative, they readily help the employees in taking proper  decision making , guide the, provides proper support. so if mama mia takes this kind of leadership style , the employees will be highly motivated and will work with more enthusiasm.

B. Choose a number of motivational theories and compare their application within the workplace

Mama Mia being a Italian restaurant it had to identify certain motivational theories which if applied, can help in delivering better results.

  • Hertzberg’s two – factor Theory: Herzberg in his theory of motivation depicted certain aspects which if applied in Mama Mia the restaurant can be better. ( Bryman, 2013)
  • Motivation factors: as per Herzberg, without motivating factors it is not possible to properly work in any organisation. Mama mia, being a Italian restaurant which is facing certain issues should take into account the motivating factors like recognition, superiority, etc
  • Hygiene factors: these aspects if not fully satisfied can bring dissatisfaction at workplace. They are namely, the compensation, the perks , the polices , how the managers are being fully managed .

Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant 1

  • Maslow hierarchy of needs: As per Maslow, they are namely five needs which are required to be fulfilled, and which helps in providing proper motivation.
  • Basic needs: at mama mia it is important that the basic needs which are air, place to stay are being properly catered to. Safety needs, it is important that mama mia should look into the fact the employees are being properly protected at their workplace, government policies etc.
  • Social needs: it is important that the employees at mama mia have proper and flexible hours of work, so that they can readily balance their work accordingly. Esteem needs this refers to the factors like being confident, self esteem etc which is important in a place like Mama Mia. Self actualisation is the point where everything can be achieved but at a certain level.

C. Choosing the case of Mama Mia and bearing in mind the issues previously discussed choose a single motivational theory and evaluate the usefulness of this for managers.

Mama Mia being a Italian restaurant, it is important to take into account the different aspects. The motivational theory which I have chosen is Maslow’s theory of need. Under this it is very important to see that the employees in the work place are being not properly handled and there has been some adverse effects. (Robert ,2013)

  • Basic needs: mama mia being an Italian restaurant has to take into account that the employees working are properly taken care of , their basic needs are properly fulfilled like  air, place to stay are being properly catered to. Safety needs, mama mia should look into the fact the employees are being properly surrounded and protected with the various policies, the people or colleagues in the work place
  • Social needs: these refer to the relationships without which it is impossible to work properly. So mama mia being a reputed restaurant should look into the fact that their needs are being properly so that work life is properly balanced. Esteem needs mama mia is always competing with the other chain of restaurants but it should look into the employees esteem needs which they should be properly recognised, given superiority etc

Self actualisation at mama mia it is important to make the employees properly grounded and at the same time make them feel special

  • Mangers plays an important role in :
  • Building effective communication
  • Helps in providing effective training for the employees
  • Taking interest in their career growth
  • Aiding in their personal development as well.

Task 4

Taking food and hospitality industry as an example, Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within organisations (4.1)

Unit 3 Organizational Behaviour Assignment Mama Mia Restaurant 2

A group is a collection of two or more people who tend to work in order to achieve the common goals of the organisation. In an food and hospitality industry, there exists usually a number of groups, which helps in maintaining the proper balance between high quality of work . it is very important to take into account the how the groups works.

Nature of groups: In a food and hospitality industry there exists different types of groups, where the major aim is to deliver its service users the satisfaction. As per the view there are namely three aspects which are taken into account namely:

The first being normative: This helps to explain as to how a performance inside a hospitality industry should be carried out. The second aspect which is taken into account in this hospitality industry is the set of methods which are being used in order to train the employees and staffs in this industry.

Taking into account there are namely two types of groups formal groups and informal groups. Formal groups: in a hospitality industry, all the employees are very much in an organised group, they need to follow the organised structure as per the rules and regulation depicted. The manager in this industry tends to keep a vigil check as to the code of conduct is being followed properly. There are namely two types of formal groups’ commands groups and task groups. While informal groups are referred to as the unstructured groups where they are no proper and rules and regulations. They are generally formed due to relationships closeness etc .

Dr Meredith Belbin, described groups under nine major roles, they are:      

Action oriented –

  • The shapers : they tend to encourage the teams and help them in proper productivity
  • The implementer :  they tends to put the team in proper action
  • The finisher  : he is the person who always completes its task

People oriented –

  • The co-ordinator: it tends to complete the task and assimilates with another.
  • The team worker :  it tends to provide proper sustainability in working
  • The investigator :  it tends to scrutinize each work

Thought – oriented

  • The plant: it tends to uses its creativity to help the team work.
  • Evaluator: evaluates the ideas which is being given by the individual team worker.
  • The specialist: he tends to act as a expert who is dedicated.

b In the context of Mama Mia discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organizations.  Discuss also how effective teamwork may be promoted within Mama Mia

Mama Mia being an Italian restaurant is facing lots of adverse issues in this context of proper handling of the teams. There are several factors which should be taken into account where mama mia is facing right now:

  • Size of the group: Mama Mia being an Italian restaurant, the strength of the restaurant varies tremendously; the ratio of the staff is being divided into an unequal group of male and female workers, with varies culture and is from the southern part of Europe. So it is very difficult to manage the size of the group tremendously. Therefore there should a proportionate way to maintain the size of the Italian restaurant.
  • Proper leadership: At mama mia , the leadership style which is being taken into account is autocratic which tends to be more strict , and doesn’t allows the employees to express its own ways , so this leadership style should be completely changed with a more participative leadership style , where the ideas and suggestions of the employees will be properly listened.
  • Teamwork: The employees at mama mia have different types of cultures which tend to make it difficult to properly proper handle the conflict if anything like this arises. The diverse cultures create a sense of communication gap. So it is very important to manage a team, especially in a restaurant where proper harmony among teams is needed.
  • Proper communication: It is very important that people working in a restaurant like mama mia should properly expressed their ideas, which was not being properly expressed and this created a hell lot of chaos. Therefore it is very important that the proper system of communication should be maintained in order to function properly.

Evaluate the impact of technology on team functioning within Mama Mia restaurants.

Mama Mia being one of the oldest Italian restaurants is trying hard to compete with the other restaurants that are using the modern technology for a fast and advanced service. In this context it is important to see the latest types of technologies which are being used.

It is very important to use advanced technology which will not only help the restaurant t to be much faster, but also attract lots of customers. The first and foremost is the system of using electronic mail or e-mail, it is through the advance use of email, it will be possible to properly handle the orders, the customers query, proper feedback .in modern days the use of laptops is very much essential, in the restaurant the owner or the Ceo should use laptops which is not only helpful in carrying out the necessary work anywhere but also helps in proper allocation of work. Technology is changing day by day. So in restaurant like Mama Mia it is important to devise some new and advanced machinery. The use of modern projectors in restaurants which will be a attractive feature of mama mia. Another important aspect being use of PDA, the employees should be readily provided with personal digital appliances which will help the  employee relationship  and the all people to be readily connected with each other. ( Hackman, Johnson,  2013)

Another important aspect is handling the query, so an online application of the restaurant should be launched where, the people can readily offer their suggestions, their feedback, their grievances if any. And the Ceo should make efforts to make proper solution to the problems. Technology in restaurants not only helps in proper flow of communication but also helps to balance the work culture within a team

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In this assignment of organisational behaviour it is important to note that how in an Italian restaurant named mama mia is being facing certain problems in the organisation. I have learnt about the various cultures which takes places in an organisation. Moreover I have also learnt about the different types of leadership styles. I have also learnt about the motivational theories which effects a workplace and their properly applications helps in motivating the workplace and the employees as well.


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